Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 7 & 8.

Cunning plans.

Sami continues to plant herself right in the middle of the potential paternity battle over her granddaughter. She advises William to get a paternity test the second the kid comes out. Rafe’s worried about how far she will go. He warns his sister that Nick’s past in prison won’t help matters. Nick just happens to hear this and launches the next step of his plot to keep Will away from the child. Using an untraceable phone, he sends Lucas a message stating that he knows who really shot EJ. Lucas immediately freaks out and calls his son. They meet up to discuss it, clueless to the fact that Nick has planted a surveillance device on Will. The father and son give Nick more than enough evidence of their guilt.

Jenn and Daniel plan to head out to Chicago with Brady and Kristen for what is sure to be a night of laughs. She also wants him to give her a different kind of tickle. To make sure that isn’t interrupted this time, she turns to Nicole for some advice about how to be devious when dealing with Chloe. The diva catches a whiff of what’s going on and does her best to cover up her simmering rage. She tries to stay on top of things but Jenn throws her off by feeding her false information. Chloe attempts to use this to get between the couple but it flops. She goes home grouchily and then panics when she discovers that Parker has a horribly high fever. She calls Dr. Orange to sound the red alert.

Nicole has to face the fact that her old feelings for Eric have resurfaced. Now that he’s a priest, she’s facing a barrier she’s never had before. She tries to keep him at arm’s length, but doing so hurts his feelings. And Kristen continues trying to get closer to Brady, using booze as a way to help convince him that marriage sounds like a good idea.

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  10 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    although i do not want it to happen, i hope the brady/kristen wedding will not happen. maybe john will return in time to stop it.
    glad daniel and jennifer finally get away, but hate that the writers put into the scenario that parker gets a high fever and chloe freaks out. and daniel getting mad at jennifer for not giving correct info on where they will be..

  2. From dc

    oh yea, love the new picture with hope and bo (missing). hopefully the writers will bring back bo (peter reckell)..

  3. From Tracey

    The fact that Daniel has to tell Chloe where he is going in the first place is pathetic. They are not married, they are not dating he doesn’t even love her. They have a child together which I am still hoping is Philip’s. The kid is 2 years old you would think Chloe would know how to deal with him if he has a fever. Daniel shouldn’t get mad at Jen for wanting to spend time with him by giving false info to Chloe. Who the hell does Chloe think she? So the kid gets sick, so what if Daniel is not around. He hasn’t been around for 2 years big freaking deal!!! What Daniel can’t have a life because he has a child He is a father he is not dead! I think he is going to over react over the situation. I don’t blame Jen at all for doing what she did. Chloe is a manipulator. Go team Dan and Jen!!!

  4. From Kim

    I hope Chloe & Daniel get a 2nd shot… Jen needs to back off, just like Daniel eventually did when Jack came back, because of people manipulating test results and Vivian using Chloe’s vulnerability and planting doubts about Daniel & Carly is what pushed Chloe over the breaking point… not to mention Kate there afterwards ready to push the knife in Chloe’s back even deeper and get Quinn to do her dirty work. Chloe deserves to be happy, she and Daniel are way better together than clumsy Jen who can’t even walk through Horton square without falling down and spilling something… any time Daniel & Jen are together their awkward & clumsy… and Im not talking in a good way! jmo

    Ohhh and Nick needs to take the next bus out of town I am so sick of him all together, maybe Will & Sonny will get custody of the baby & Nick and Gabi will accept defeat and ride off to go see Dario… or I will be fine with Nick heading back to prison where he belongs. He’s a waste of space, drop him and bring back Melanie! :(

  5. From Paula

    NICK NEEDS TO GO WHAT A LOSER. Why did they bring that character back. He sucks!

    Jennifer and Daniel are so cute together I love their pairing hope they stay together. Best pairing ever! Daniel does not love Chloe so I think Chloe is the one that needs to back off. She is the one that blew it with him. Daniel loves Jennifer not Chloe. Chloe should have trusted Daniel when they were together instead of running and sleeping with Philip. I think her and Philip make a much better couple ever since she was ghoul girl. They were the perfect match just like Jennifer and Daniel are the perfect match! Jennifer looks hot in the picture (above).

    Brady needs to wake up and smell the coffee and dump the bitch Kristen. What an idiot he is. BORING!!!

  6. From Damian

    I’m not really understanding where this story is going. Doesn’t EJ already know Will shot him and not Lucas? Will and EJ are on good terms now so its not like EJ will pursue anything. Even if the Salem PD did, at most won’t that just put Will at an even level with Nick in terms of who is the most fit to care for the child. Even that doesn’t work because Will was a minor when he committed that crime and Nick was an adult. None of it really adds up.

  7. From carline

    Nick is cray cray and by the way will is a Horton and a Brady and a black if push come to shove more people will back him up he is so desperate to be the father to a child that not even is what the point and poor Jen she is so boring this sweet can never do wrong act is over play she is to old and am over it she and nick and gaby can take the next bus out of Salem bring Phillips that would be one hell of a party

  8. From Pat

    I am with you all on the whole storylines. They need to get rid of Nick (bad actor); Gabby doesn’t have a brain in her head and is so clingy; tired of Brady and Kristen, but I guess that is the kind of woman he likes; wish Stefano would return and bring some life back into the plots; and Sami needs another shade of lipstick (you see her lips before you see her). Daniel and Jen are not good together. They need to bring in a new woman on the show for Daniel and a new guy for Jen. Hope Will and Sonny get back together.

  9. From Sue

    Jennifer is too good to be true. Don’t like her or the story. Her and Lucas definitely are bro & sis, both are irritating,lol
    Shame their making Nick a lunatic, I was hoping he would trun out ok but appears he will fall off the deep end AGAIN! Can’t wait til Kristen gets what is due her.

  10. From Mary

    I love the Dan and Jen pairing. Hope Chloe rides out of town sooner rather than later. Don’t like her! Can’t stand her desperation attempts. Would love to see more dates with J&D.

    Nick is creepy and I hope he does some thing stupid so he will end up in prison again and take Gabi with him. They are boring and there is no need for them!

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