Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 4-8.

Getting together.

Nick continues to deepen how much he’s hated by many of his fellow Salemites. A few of them take breaks from sex just to contemplate how they can get rid of him. Will goes off on his cousin for being a homophobe, but Nick has deeper issues to worry about.

After her fight with Chloe, Abby trails around town until she bursts into the changing room at Salem General and spots Cameron’s willie. This manages to bring them closer together. They aren’t the only ones getting close. Roman comforts Marlena as her marriages seems to crumble.

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  1. From dc

    no, marlena and roman had their chance back in the day. she needs to stay with john..
    i can see roman, maybe with kate.
    it appears nick is gonna end up like he did before prison, possessive of gabi, remember what melanie went thru??

  2. From Stacey

    If Wayne Northrop were to play Roman I would accept it. I’ve never truly accepted Josh as Roman because he was Chris back in the day and..I never remember ANYONE talking about the resemblance!!! lol

    I am hopeful that the storyline with Nick comes to an end soon. I’m no fan of Gabick – pointless and annoying storyline. However – it gave Chandler the opportunity for more onscreen time which was nice to see. He’s such a good actor.

    Does anyone else notice that the actor portraying Sonny lost weight? He seems to have slimmed down or something??? Looks great!

    Also – Hope needs a story line people….

    I am VERY happy that Ejami are together and think he’s just dreamy to look at :):):):)

  3. From Mouse Fan

    #154 Jolie, on previous Spoiler thread: I loved your comment about the mess in the playhouse! Too funny! :)

    I think Kate and Rafe make good friends with benefits. They’re enjoying each others ‘company’ and that will definitely set off fireworks with a few other Salemites! Grrrrrr Cougar Kate! You go girl! :)

    I thought they might have paired her with Roman again, since they were a hot item during the Salem Stalker SL. It seems Roman has always had Marlena in his heart though. Didn’t she end up pregnant by him (losing the baby) after they were locked up together on a ship or something? I forget.

    Although I don’t believe Sami is the only reason Gabi ended up in the hospital, couldn’t she have sent flowers and an apology instead of sneaking in and being the first face Gabi saw when she woke up? Oh wait, then it wouldn’t be all about Sami… never mind! :)

    I remember Nancy pulling some shady stuff previously when she was in Salem, but I hope she comes back and gives Chloe what for about putting Parker in the middle of her little games to get Daniel back. It’s her grandson, hello?

  4. From

    Stacey: You wrote exactly what I was going to write. If it was the original Roman..absolutely. Still weird that Chris K. who was Kayla’s boyfriend at one point is now her Brother? Love Sami and EJ together and can not stand the Nick story line. End it now PLEASE!

  5. From MAB

    Nancy is gonna be back supporting Chloe is her attempts to get back w/ Daniel. I don’t know why a mother would want to help their daughter win back a man that loves someone else. Reminds me of what Kate did w/ Billie in trying to get her back w/ Bo when he obviously loved Hope. I think that scarred Billie for life.

  6. From Barb

    Mouse Fan #3, I don’t think Sami was the only cause of Gabi’s premature labor, either, but I do think she was a big reason for Gabi’s stress, which Cameron said played a big part. Like you, I think flowers instead of sneaking in the room would have been much better!
    I like your friends-with-benefits characterization of Kate and Rafe. Exactly!

    I think we’ve been there/done that with Marlena and Roman.

    Nick really laid it onto Will today, in his slow, stready, this is how it’s going to be voice. Nick’s done being nice?! What?! He hasn’t been nice ever, just that we viewers were the only ones to see it. Although hints of it have been coming out here and there toward Will for a long time. When Nick was done today, poor Will looked as if he had been hit between the eyes, dazed and a little confused by what he sees as a complete turn around from Nick. A WTF moment for Will! A parting homophobic shot from Nick when he told Will “prison’s not fun, especially for somebody like you”. I couldn’t help but notice when push came to shove, Will defended Sami to Nick, although at the same time saying he would try to keep her under control. Glad Sonny is going to be there for Will.
    Tee, I’m thinking the moment you wrote of, (other page) with Sami and EJ in bed deciding what to do about a situation, will be what to do about Nick. Although I read Will goes to Lucas first about Nick.
    And there was Lucas, Nick being the first one he thought of who could have sent the text!

    I wondered if the way Brady lit into Kristen had to do with him starting to wonder about her and some of what people have been telling him was sinking in. But now she’s going to tell him something that will reel him in once again. Although I think what she’s going to tell him might be the truth this time.
    Stefano started out with John really rubbing it in about Brady and Kristen moving into DiMera mansion, and also John’s strained relationship with Marlena, but he was all jovial about it. But then suddenly Stefano turned nasty, or something . . . . . nasty is too nice a word.
    Abe was good with Marlena.
    The scenes with Eric and Kevin (the junkie) were very dramatic. Tense at first, then turning into what I found to be very emotional scenes. Great job, Father Eric!!

    Yes, I did notice Sonny appears to have lot weight.

  7. From MsBoulderCO

    I’m sitting here thinking about Nick blackmailing Will. Will was a minor so he would be tried as a juvenile correct. Also, what if EJ decided not to press charges. After all, he got his revenge when he blackmailed Will into working for him. Not sure about perjury charges against Lucas for confessing to a crime to protect his kid. He did time as well regardless if it’s perjury or attempted murder.

    Can’t wait until this person gets out of prison to see how it’s gonna shake Nick up though. Gabi is already starting to have doubts about his over-obsessiveness(sp) behavior.

    Guess it’s not gonna be long before everyone knows about Kate and Rafe.

    As far as Abigail, so tried of her story being a virgin. If she truly believes what she believes she should not be embarassed about it, case done. If Cam is truly the guy let’s start the romancing, etc he’ll use to get her.

  8. From Barb

    My number 6 Should have been yes, I did notice Sonny appears to have LOST weight.

  9. From Just_me

    This is just my opinion of these lovely people on the show:
    Nick – psycho – probably will end up in jail again before the baby is born
    Sami- love her but I don’t like how she’s handling the situation with her grandchild – little does she know Stephano is coming back which means that EJ will turn bad AGAIN!!
    Rafe – love him – him and Kate won’t last but they’re having fun.
    Will – love him and Sonny together, liked how they stood up for each other today against Nick
    Hope should either get a story line or leave
    Gabi – is so innocent – hopefully either her or Rafe see Nick for the psycho he is and get rid of him
    Jennifer and Chloe – both annoying
    Abby – who cares if she’s a virgin why are they focusing on this

  10. From jenny

    Boy the weekly spoiler section sure has gotten short!

  11. From Donna

    Be glad when this gabby/ Nick is over with, getting boring. Hope Gabby dosen’t marry Nick

  12. From hospitalitea

    No way can I see Marlena with Roman again…..John and Marlena a true soulmated since 1986 and they will be again one day, once they get past Kristen scheming

  13. From Frances

    I still think someone is going to be murdered and probably Nick and Will will be charged with it.

    We haven’t had a trial in along time and it will be interesting because it will be Sonny’s father that will defend him.

    Also the Horten family will be torn apart by that.

  14. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Nick makes me sick and the comment about Abby and Cams willie have me laughing so hard.

    As some were discussing i n last weeks blog Jamison ie Alison and James did a interview and they made the cover it is 5 pages long. I will summarize some good stuff for you guys and also tell you some other days stories in there.Lots of good stuff.

    So It starts out discussing how long they knew about EJAMI coming and their reactions to it.They said they knew last year and they had to be sure this was for real this time as the New Years Eve stuff threw them off.They went and asked Lisa a producer on show and she said yes this is real.She also told them This was Samis choice and would be played as such.James said if fans thought they were being teased they been beig teased 7 years.Ali said it had been 7 years and it was important to her to know if she was going to be moving towards Rafe 2 weeks later as that seemed to be what they had been doing lately with her.She was then told No your choice is EJnot Rafe.She is super excited and said her character has been fickle over last few years and that is not what sami is really like.She said if you look at her character on past 20 years she has always been about one guy a 1 guy woman and she is super excited that is where it is going.Ali said she is totally fan girling right now.James said Since EJ came to Salem he has always loved Samantha and this love has always been the cause of all his breakups and for good reasonAt the end of the day Ej has only ever had eyes for Samatha and that has been how he has always played it he said.Ali said James always says with the horrible things they have done to each other they always had to be in each others orbit and sometimes that is why they did these horrible things to each other and thaat it justifies it.They then talked of the horrible things they did to each other in reaction to what the other did.As they jokingly go back and forth on what each character has done to one another in reation tot he other.Ali tells James she was on her eay to tell him she loved him and was pregnant and wanted to be with him when she seen him with Nicole, James reiterates she got with Rafe.Alison said when they did the scene where she was point blank shooting EJ she thought to herself There is no way to come back from this, But Days made it possible by EJ taking some blame and not hating her for it.
    Part 2 next

  15. From Tee

    Continued summary sorry guys this is a very long interview and I am only summarizing it to read it all get the latest SOD

    Part 2
    Her reasoning ofr thinking what she did was because when she shot EJ they did not play her crazy she was calm and showed in her right mind.
    Ali mentions when they were in Arianas apartment a scene she will neevr ever forget, as she has a scar from it.They were searching for evidence that she shot EJ and they began to fight and somehow almost kissed and she said that was a prelude to the grief sex scene really.She also said she has a scar form this scene and says It is because she never does a scene half way she went all in.She says it is permanent a scar from EJAMI a reminder and James says it is not going anywhere.The front part of the article first page says A quote from Alison she says she is different when she works with James then anyone else.They had a scene the other day where they were fighting and she dont worry she is going to push him to far in a scene(EJ)The grief sex really set the tone for these two.James chimes in saying their characters have fewer boundaries then most.James says he has been a huge advocate for this relationship and one reason also is because they are good people they are just nefarious, reactionary and sometimes show poor judgment.They dont have to pretend they are something they are not.Alsion said exactly and says for a long time she feels Sami was trying to be someone she was not and show her best side all the time and contain herselfShe said but with EJ she dont have to be and said in last year her and EJ have had their disagreements but they dont hold onto it, they move on.That will be aprt of their dynamic moving forward this whole non judgmental and not holding onto things.She said it is not going to be lost in soap cuole happiness.Asked if they will be soap couple ahppy she said they will be very happy but in their way She does not see them as a traditional couple anyway.
    James says his sense and feeling is what makes them so great is they have no boundaries there is no need to worry you will be judged or make someone mad.He said not to dismiss the relationship Sami had with Rafe but her charcter had too many boundaries in that relationship.
    Alison says Sami has finally found someone who thinks like her the ends justify the means and she has never had anybody who sees her that way and appreciates her skills.James says EJ is charmed by it and enjoys helping her and not judging her for her actions(Ends justify the means)Alsion also says that people worry you will see a watered down version of them She said it was important to them they not be and they worried about that, they are proud to say they will not be and the writers will write them in character and how they should be together.They said so fans should not worry.James said over past 7 years they have had to answer many questions about this relationship and says the EJamis yes he said Ejamis lol, Have been incredibel and have shown a tremendous amount of support and he is happy he can finally give them what they have supported all this timeHe has always been impressed by the Ejamis support and he said they have been relentless and have grown stronger and stronger despite the fact that it looked like it was so far away for them, he said it did not seem to deter them though and he thinks because of this support dedication it was finally able to come about.
    Alsion chimes in saying She has a tremendous amount of respect for how long they hung on and waited and believing there was a story and a wonderful romance hereShe said something the Ejami fans can hold onto is the fact that EJ is the only guy not tainted by Carrie and that is very important to Sami and a huge thing.
    James said Everyone else has slept with Carrie?
    Alsion said Rafe did not actually have sex with her but it was worse he had real feelings for her.
    James would love to see a Bonnie Ckyde tyoe relationship and jokes some on that.Alsion said she loves they both have a dark side and for so long she was muted She fell into playing someone who is not the real Sami she knows and had to clw her way back to being who she is and so did the writersShe said Sami and Ej can be true and in love and vent and she dont have to worry and get super angry and not worry and be afraid of him walking away from her. Lots more in full article in Sod.
    Guess this article answers somes questions and confirms what I was saying already about them being grey together and building foundation

  16. From Tee

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes above was typing it fast.Forgot to add also James said he wants this story to have legs and feels it does they are referring to It building a foundation and Them staying grounded together and not worrying They will be tore apart he said they are so used to that blow coming and it is getting safer and safer
    Alsion then tells James not to use that word Alison said when ever her or James read something that sounds questionable they go straight to Lisa and she says don’t worry read the next script.She then shares in fact the script she had got today(The day she did interview)She had seen something and said Wait till James sees this,James says I just read it downstairs the Scene with Kate?She says OMG yes exactly and dont think she is not aware that James is watching her every move in that scene.She says it will be interesting to see how the scene plays out.

    I take it based off what the conversation is during this conversation she is reffering to them being used to the past where Sami was so back and forth, and They dont want that.the writers/Producers are reassuring them to read on it is not what they think, and indeed all is stil well with Ejami.
    Graet interview loved that Alison basically said what many of us have thought she was not really being her true self with Rafe and also the Whole Ej is the only one not tainted by Carrie was right on as well.

    Next in sod is John Surprised Brady.
    Looks like Brady is moving to Dimansion and He and Kristen are having sex and John walks in(Yes he walks in like doesnt anyone knock lol)
    John is not happy with this but does not want to keep fighting with Brady over it.
    He wants to talk to Brady alone but Kristen is thereJohn has a gift for Brady and has to give it to him in front of her.Will Kristen turn Brady against John?Forgot to add Brady tells Victor and Maggie of his new home and she is concerned meanwhile Victors reaction is surprising.

  17. From Leah

    I agree with you James and Alison are enjoying being able to bring to Ejami fans THEIR LOVESTORY at long last. And it shows in their scenes and the way they are with each other. Magical!
    Should we be surprised? Well no I believe James has been an Ejami shipper all along. You only gotta read his interviews to see that. James expressed his frustration along with the fans whose number 1 question to him was “When are EJ and Sami getting together?” James said it was frustrating for both of them because he’s never been able to give them an answer. Also remember James saying in another interview if Ejami broke up he would miss working with Alison as he couldn’t think of a better way of spending an afternoon than kissing Alison Sweeney – LOL. And think about it, it shows on the screen. Since 2006 we’ve seen the actors fliratous with each other. Touches here and there, eye staring, kissing of the hair, head, neck, ear, cheek or hand, checking each other out, hitting each other in laughter, being humourous and playful, being sassy, sexy and up in each others faces. Of course there has to be a CERTAIN CHEMISTRY with the actors for it to click, something James Scott hasn’t denied. As for Alison she’s always said James is sexy! KABOOM!
    As people I think James and Alison have alot of interests in common hence the triathlon thing etc. Anyway it all makes for good TV, acting, storytelling and viewing. Go Ejami and Ejamily :)

  18. From Leah

    In relation to article about Ejami above… us fans realise Ejami (at the moment) are in their honeymoon stage. They are just enjoying themselves and each other AND after years of drama why not for a while? Sets a better foundation for them to have this time. Just them together without too much outside interference. BUT of course we all realise eventually the fun will begin. And we Ejami fans don’t mind that one little bit. We don’t want our beloved couple to be boring, mundane and another version of Safe 2! As long as its Ejami against the world I’m happy with that. Pity anybody who even thinks about taking them on now they have each others backs. Yes we Ejami fans love the grey, love their faults, love their struggles, love them not taking anyones garbage, love them up and in everyones business etc etc. So bring it on. I know I’ll be glued to my seat.
    PS: Lets hope the writers have it in them. I have high hopes after watching the Ejami scenes from the 31st January onwards.
    PPS: Can’t wait to see some family scenes. The Ejami family going on a picnic, to the park, beach, swimming. Playing cards or soccer, jumping up into bed talking about the day ahead and having loves and cuddles. Johnnies hand drawing of him and his parents framed and up in the house, the portrait EJ arranged to have taken with him, Sami, William, Allie, Johnnie and Sydney up and framed in the house also. With Ejami together Days can certainly bring it all. The adventures, love, mischief, romance, chemistry/passion and family. Woo hoo!

  19. From patty

    I bet you Johnny’s hand drawing still include Rafe.
    EJami fighting against the world is the exact reason why they will stay the town’s pariahs and those children will be the ones to pay for it. Two wretched people teaming up to wreak havoc is not exactly a sound environment for small children. Those poor kids, I hope the sleepovers will continue so they won’t be around to witness their “grey ” parents team up to plot and scheme. Better yet I hope the rumor is true that Sydney is Nicole’s and that Johnny is really Lucas”. Then they can become Bonnie and Clyde and hopefully suffer the same fate they did. Watching Sami and EJ become badasses again is not exactly new and exciting, it’s just more tedious repetitions of the past that will show what kind of twisted people they really are, not how grand their love is.

  20. From barb

    I didn’t like Nancy before and don’t think I will this time, either, since she will be helping Chloe with her schemes.

  21. From Maryl

    Tee, thanks for all the wonderful info you posted on James and Ali! It is so nice to know they understand and want the same sl for EJ and Sami as we, their fans. Those two are magic together–I have always recognized their hidden love for each other and their need to be together–no matter what horrible things they did to each other–you always knew why it was happening. They are two forces of the same caliber deeply in love with each other and that kind of love will not stay in denial forever–it has to be set free. Now it finally has.

    Leah, I’m with you on seeing the family together! I can’t wait to see Sami and EJ interacting with those precious kids! I love seeing EJ with those kids–he is so tall and seeing the little ones around him is so sweet–I want to see Sydney wrapped around his leg and begging for something with soleful eyes. lol! My money would be on Sydney to get her way!

    Sami and EJ definitely need to remain true to their characters–grey. As long as they protect the children and keep them happy in a stable home filled with love, I don’t care how they deal with people who try to mess with them. Most of them will probably deserve what they get. Sami and EJ don’t
    have to be a part of an “admiration society”. That will probably never happen. It would be nice, however, if at least a few of Sami’s family members could see the love that EJ and Sami have for each other and their children. Right now, I’m not sure any of the unforgiving, self-righteous, hypocrits are capable of that–the only one that may open her heart to them is Caroline–I think she will understand where Sami is coming from.

  22. From jolie

    #3 Mouse Fan, I always liked Roman and with Marlena. I like the Roman we have now and I liked the actor who played him previously. I liked Roman with Kate as well but like her better with Stefano as he is devious enough to keep her good company and Roman was just too squeaky clean for her. Nancy did pull some shady tricks when she and Craig were in town before. Then the writers seem to have rehab-ed them rather quickly and turned them into a couple who was in love, had fun and whom you hated to see go when they did. I guess we’ll be back to the Nasty Nancy if she is helping Chloe pull dirty tricks. But then does Chloe really need any help. I think Nancy will be a welcome shot in the arm to this dull storyline. The actress is wonderful.
    #6 Barb, Will has finally learned a lesson and told Sonny the truth then Nick turned it back on him, telling him that Sonny would have to testify against him. I think we can see where this is going. Nick is going to become late on this earth or will be injured terribly. Will is going to be right in line to take the fall. I am glad that Will has Sonny and Lucas on this little caper to give him some advice. If not, Will would just sit and spin as he tends to get stuck and then just circles himself when in a crisis and his whole life has been a crisis. Brady seems to be catching on to Kristen and then she’ll reel him right back in. I tell my grandkids that when everyone who loves you is saying one thing and then other people say something else…take a clue. Listen to the people who love you. Not too young to learn that lesson.
    #7 MsBoulder Co, I think you are right, if this went to court, Will could be facing charges as a minor even though he is now an adult. Elvis could go to court and speak up for him but this is a crime against the state statues and he has no say in pressing charges or no. And Sonny does seem to be slimming down. Good for him. Most of us know it is a struggle at best and he is out in front of a camera so we all see his.
    #11 Tee, Nick makes it hard to find any redeeming features in the character so the actor is doing a tremendous job. And Abby’s eyes must have popped out of her head. I bet everyone is giggling over it. I agree with #7 MsBoulderCo that if Abby really believes that she should save it then be proud of it. If Cam isn’t the guy, he’ll go on down the road. Hang tough Abigail! I appreciate the typing you had to do to get all of that down for the posters here. Kudos to you. I am glad the actors are all into this but it just doesn’t do it for me. And they both rationalize all that has happened to the characters and how they can still be together…still hard to swallow but I am looking thru ration eyes. And I am not the only one who’ll say it and I’ll likely be criticized but that is how it is for ME. Maybe when the real Elvis comes riding back into town to give us someone to really gnash our teeth over his latest escapade, then I think I will start enjoying his character more. But there are aplenty here who do enjoy it so good for them! I laugh about it but I don’t criticize them for their feelings. And who knows, maybe the couple will eventually grow on me. Never say never.
    #14 Tee, Sonny is rather savvy and a good ally for Will to have. I think Sonny needs to get into school and become a lawyer like his dad. If he sticks with Will long enough, it would pay off as Will might constantly need a good lawyer!
    #16 Leah, “Lets hope the writers have it in them.” True words for us all!

  23. From Just_Me

    One more thought about Nick trying to declare Will a bad father, is Nick that clueless to not see/know that Will has both EJ and Justin on his side?? EJ’s family can make Nick “disappear” quite quickly. What a moron, can’t wait till his former jail buddy shows up and turns his world upside down….hahahaha

  24. From MAB

    Well now maybe Will will listen when his family/friends try to warn him against people like Nick. I just wish he would stop playing the victim and get a backbone like his mother. You’d think w/ her genes, and his experience working for EJ at one time would make him a lot stronger…and make him realize he can be the one in control here, not Nick, because nothing is gonna change the fact that he’s the father of that baby. OMG, Nick’s smugness is just wretched!! Nick, AND I REPEAT, Nick threw out the first threat of court yesterday, not Sami or anyone else. Too bad Sonny didn’t bring up Gabi’s secrets and threaten Nick w/ that. I don’t care what kind of agreement was made between Nick & Chad, Sonny doesn’t have to abide by that, and then Nick wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, not that he really has one now. Once again, everything out of Nick’s mouth was BS. He lied about being on board w/ the 3 of them raising the baby when he’s been against Will from the beginning, even before everyone knew the truth. Then saying he would declare Will as an unfit father when there is no way anyone would agree that he (Nick) would be w/ the crimes he’s committed, regardless of whether he served time for them or not. Ugh, then there was the subtle gay remarks about Will & Sonny being free to be together, and what would happen to someone like Will if he landed in jail. Well he must know what that’s like…been there done that huh Nick! Then he remarks that Will demanded a paternity test. Uh, NOT! There were no demands. It was suggested Gabi have one so Will’s rights would be protected, and now Will’s gonna realize his mother’s suggestion is a good idea after all. I’m glad Sonny stuck up for Will, and I’m glad Sonny & Will also stuck up for Sami and her not being at fault for Gabi’s premature labor because she wasn’t. They duly noted the cause, dehydration. In fact, Gabi’s problems indicate she is not taking care of herself or her baby. Hey someone could claim she is an unfit mother just for that. And last but not least, I literally busted out laughing when Nick threatened Sami. First off, he just got thru saying no one could control her, then said if Will couldn’t control her, then he would. WHAT??? What planet is this idiot living on? It’ll be a cold day in hell before someone like Nick controls Sami. Nick had no idea who he’s dealing with. He will feel Sami’s wrath, and worse, after his threats, he will feel EJ’s! I will be SO elated when Nick gets what’s coming to him. Tick tock, Will, I think it’s time you use that lawyer EJ retained for you.

    John & Stefano, classic stuff, doesn’t get much better than them 2 on screen together. And wow, Stefano seemed to make several points to show he is still in control as much as he ever was. He definitely rattled John a bit. And the Days of Our Lives pun by Stefano…loved it! I’m happy these 2 are on their way back to Salem. Let the games begin!

    Bravo Eric! He was great in talking that guy down. Also, nice of Roman to acknowledge Nicole for being there for Eric and thanking her.

    Brady looked hot yesterday! But will he ever learn where Kristen is concerned? It’ll be interesting what she tells him about her time away from Salem. Makes you wonder how much control she really does have, and how much control Stefano possibly still has over her???

    Leah – ditto about James Scott being the best male actor on the show. If I had to choose one male, it would be him. His character is not one dimensional and that is why his character always shines no matter what, never boring, always interesting & exciting! Before him, it was Joe Mascalo for me…which is one reason James is as good as he is, as he has credited Joe for what he’s learned from working along side him. I think Joe made James better. As for female, if I had to choose one, it would be Ari Zucker. Also, if you ask any actor what role they prefer playing, 99% of the time they all say the bad guy. Why? Because there is always more substance to those characters and more interesting & fun for them to play.

    There is too much sex just thrown around on this show like it means nothing, so I find it refreshing that Abby is a virgin and if done right, I like them working this into her SL. I just hope when it happens for her, it’s Chad and not Cameron.

    Tee – thanks for the info about James & Ali. They get it, just like their fans do, and I think they have for a long time. They know how epic EJami is, and can be. It’s just now up to the writers to continue to make that happen. Thus far, they have done a fabulous job!

    Maryl – ditto, who cares how EJ & Sami deal w/ the people of Salem. Their only concern is each other, and their kids. As long as they stay true to that, then to hell w/ anyone who tries to interfere w/ that. I say EJ & Sami will treat people like they get treated. If you come at them, they will come right back at you.

  25. From Starlyte

    Bring back Shawn D and Belle and Claire.

    Nick won’t get exposed but I bet Sonny says what’s up with Gabs and her part in the Melanie kidnapping.

    What’s DOOL turning into cougar-town??

    Nicole and father Eric….pppfffftttt

    What is happening with Hope? New Bo character?

    Time for travel on DOOL IMO

  26. From gerri

    wow!you can describe averything that I see as well.
    Sami and EJ would make a great Bonnie and Clyde,they wouldn’t need any training,both their past actions have already done that.

    I have always hoped that Johnny wouldn’t be a Dimera,just thinking that this sweet little boy,would be the next generation,of this bad family,so hard to think about.
    he loves Rafe and would bond with Lucas,so he would be ok.

    and Nicole could take Sydney (hopefully will be her child),and free up Sami/EJ,to really do their
    damage,to whomever gets In their way.
    If the writers go this way,then Sami would become Sydney’s step-mother,if she and EJ get married.,and step-aunt if Nicole and Eric end up a married couple.
    Bottom line If Sami wants to be like the DiMeras,then It needs to be legal..
    I think Sami Is in for lot’s of fun,down the highway,why would the writers turn EJ into a MR. Rogers type?he was brought onto Days,to be the next Stefano,not to become some nice Guy.and the sweetest revenge would bring a Brady into the fold……

  27. From Barb

    I don’t know if I put much stock in the Sami/EJ interview (they please the powers to be) or in what the writers supposedly want right now. New writers are brought in so often, and writers are also fickle and change their minds. Heck, it was just about 3 months ago Corday did an interview in which he said he liked the EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle, ratings were good, and that there was a strong fan base for both couples.
    I’m like jolie and can’t get with the la-la land some are living in because Sami and EJ are together. I don’t see it or feel it. You would think since I don’t especially care for either Sami or EJ that I would think they are good together and deserve each other but that’s not how it shakes out for me. I liked Ejami when he first came to town but have long since put that out of my mind. And now to think of a Bonnie and Clyde-like pairing for them – EEEgads! But to all the Ejami’s, enjoy all that super-duper-nothing-like-it chemistry that YOU see shining through!!
    One thing about EJ (James), I think a person’s personality effects their looks and since EJ has been playing nicer I think he is more handsome than he was. Oh, I know I’m going to get hammered for that one, since many will say he’s the best eye-candy ever no matter what. Just my opinion! As I’ve said before, Rafe (Galen) is MY guy!! (but I no longer want him with Sami)

  28. From Jenni

    I love your thoughts Barb!
    Could not agree with you more! About Nick and Will, Lucas, Gabi and Sonny, EJ and Sami, and Rafe! Ahhh…. Rafe….

  29. From Jodi

    Hell No to Roman and Marlena,Deidre and Josh have no chemistry,watching paint dry would be more entertaining

  30. From Cara

    So I just thinking aboutthe history of John/Brady and Stephano/Kristen SL. Are Brady and Kristen cousins???

  31. From Brittany

    There should be a Hell no option. Roman and Marlena have never worked together and they never will again. TIIC need to realize that any time these two get near each other the viewers want to vomit. And Marlena leaving John for Roman would just be stupid. Roman’s a stick in the mud and John’s a good guy. Last time they had a love scene Dee had to use a double. When the actors can’t even stomach the scenes, there’s a problem.

  32. From jolie

    Did everyone love, I mean big love, that Stefano told John he’d be the daddy figure to Brady now that he was moving into his house? Of course John will see it all for himself according to the reported spoilers here but he really needs to be gobsmacked into next week to get back on the right path. I thought I’d fall out of my chair. I had to roll it back and watch that a time or two.

    #23 Just_Me, that is the beauty of being a nutjob. You fear no one and you see nothing standing in your path that you can’t knock down. And it must be fun being Nick because he thinks he has it all on the run now.

  33. From Kat

    Wow, what a show today,,,
    Marlena and Kate,…
    Nicole with Rafe….
    and Kristin…
    later, needs some time to absorb all that stuff I saw and heard today.

  34. From Kat

    Well, it’s later…..

    31, Brittany, Roman and Marlena did work together, they were on the Island, and Marlena even got pregnant with Roman’s child, but lost it…

    I like the first Roman better, can’t get to attached to this Roman.
    I enjoy so much, watching John and his Brother Stefano inter acting..
    who knows, in time, a little something “brotherly” might develop. Never know.
    Wow, did Kristin ever throw Stefano under the bus…
    the scenes I saw in Paris, or wherever it was..
    Stefano had to do quite some hand twisting to get Kristin to agree to go to Salem…I saw no Force at all.
    He did Not want Brady to move into the Mansion At First, but then I guess he realized it could be “Fun”.
    At least Stefano made John think, and Go Home.
    Nick “coming finally out” LOL, putting his cards on the table..
    my fav. saying, let the games begin..I love a good SL.
    Today, Marlena cackling along with Kate, when Kate was mocking her daughter Sami… no wonder Sami has problems with her Mother..
    Looks like EJ is the only One standing up for Sami…and she needs that, she knows that Man does love her, always has and always will, just like she finally admitted to herself and EJ, that She does love him…Finally..

    Sami is Marlena’s daughter, and no matter what, when others mock her daughter like Kate, Kate that had Sami “put” on death row, along with Lucas’ help…
    And of course, Kate has done a lot of things to Sami in the past,
    today… I lost it even more for Marlena, who needs a Mother like that..
    A real Mother stands up for her Child, No matter what…especially to a Snake like Kate..
    Loved when Nicole pointed out to Rafe about Kate… that was a good one.. but of course, Rafe’s Little Head.. is in charge right now, need I say more..
    Fine by me…I guess he needs to s… his brains out right now, Kate is being theraputic for him right now….Go Rafe….I have no problem with that..
    EJ did it in his time also… so what…

    I am glad .. that Dr. Dan realized, that little Parker is more important than Even Jennifer.
    Like he said, Parker needs to have good memories and moments with both parents getting along..

    I have not seen Chloe and Dan hating each others guts,as was said today…
    just what can Chloe do, if Dan does not want her for real….

    A lot of bad stuff was done to Chloe, and Dan and of course to Parker as a result of Salem’s busy bodies meddling in their lives..
    I think Chloe is bitter about that, she wants her husband back, and of course the father of her child…
    and hopefully Nancy will help her see ..that she is going about it in the wrong way..

    No matter what, let’s face it,,, Brady is not a little kid anymore, let him live his life, without making him feel every step of the way, that he has to choose between his love life or his family.

    So he has been told about Kristin, but now
    step back, and let him make his own mistakes LOL.

    John and Marlena both have lived at the Mansion…
    so what, Brady is going to break bread with Uncle Stefano.
    I love where this SL is going…excitement ahead, good Job writers.

    I only wish, that Father Eric, could be so understanding and forgiving towards Brady and Kristin…as he is with the guy that tried to kill him twice now.
    Having said that, I did like the scene and Eric being willing to help this lost soul…he is a Priest after all.

    But he is to judgmental with everybody else, except Nicole of course…
    Picky, picky…be kind and understanding to ALL, Father Eric. Will could use your help and understanding very much, and so could your sister Sami…

    Actually, the stress in the pub, caused by Sami and Rafe, might have been a blessing in disguise…because of the De-Hydration, premature Labor would have happened anyway… and getting Gaby there right then and there, when she was not alone or whatever,might have saved that little girls life… One never knows, but it would be nice, if some would back off a bit and not blame Sami for the whole mess.

    Stefano will be back this Friday, can’t wait…Him and EJ are just my absolute favorites..Those two can act so well together…
    to not make them Father and Son, (like the old writers attempted to do) would have been the biggest mistake made ever.. IMO.

    When Victor finds out about Brady moving into Casa
    DiMera, he will prob. say, hey it’s your life…
    and “what is the difference, living in one Gangsters house or another gangsters house…after all.. Brady is a DiMera by Blood, and a Kiriakis by Blood… Comes down to,
    Whose Blood is Better or Worse… Kiriakis or DiMera.. LOL
    After all, Brady has done a lot of evil stuff, while under Grandpa Vic’s watch…
    tried to kill Vivian, with a lot of Salem’s finest help…tried to kill his cousin EJ…

    You just got to love all those Fine upstanding people in Salem, always Judging Each Other…thinking They are Better than the next one…

  35. From Lisa

    Isn’t anyone else wondering why the writers bring couples together (FINALLY) only to break them up and torture them? Why on Earth do Chloe, Kristen and Gabi get the upper hand? No one knows what Gabi did to Melanie, except silenced Chad and obsessive annoyer Nick?! So she just gets a free pass?! And why does homophobe Nick think he gets to be the only Dad of the baby?! But as far as Brady and Kristen–How whipped can he be?! She is deranged and he falls for her schemes over and over?! Sorry…Just had to vent!!! Why does John get to play the martor about Doc not trusting him when he believed KRISTEN over his WIFE for months?!?! She should be the upset one…This writing is so sloppy and yet I watch!!!! Nancy Wesley might just do me in. Bring back Bo!!!!

  36. From Leah

    #26 Gerri… in regards to Johnnys changing paternity. IF anyone is going to change paternity I think it will more likely be Allie than Johnnie. Just watched the voo doo scene between Celeste and EJ last night actually. When Celeste did her thing it came up that EJ was in fact the father of BOTH of the twins. How would that work for Allie? Ok as EJ has always considered her as a daughter and has been in her life since day 1. Sami has had to remind EJ several times Allie is not your daughter, she is Lucas’s. Whereas Johnnies had little to nothing to do with Lucas. Lets not forget Lucas character wasn’t even on the show for a couple of years. About as much as Johnnie knows Lucas is from Lucas brief fling with Sami again last year. And that didn’t last too long.
    As for Sydney… yes I know other fanbases would like her to be Nicoles but Nicole miscarriaged her child. As the actress herself said the child wouldn’t have survived. Why oh why do you want little children to change paternity anyway? Its one thing when they find out older… eg: Chad or Melanie BUT a completely different thing when they are young and have known EJ as their dad all their lives and Sami (as Sydneys mom) since she was a year old. Too much water has passed under their little bridges for that. Talk about sending a child to nutsville, world upside down, rug out from under their feet. How confusing for them, let alone expecting young child actors to be able to convey the emotion this would send a child into. NO I don’t desire to see that kinda storyline with young kids.

  37. From jolie

    #34 Lisa, here’s my answers to your questions and I hope this helps:
    1) The writers believe in torture and enjoy it. Not only are they torturing couples on the show but there is an added bonus of torturing the fans. They are rolling in the aisles right this minute about today’s episode and planning the next moves to torture someone, most probably us.
    2) The mean gals get the upper hand due to the torture fetish of the writers. These gals are meanies with ALL CAPS. Slowly their crimes will come out and only if the writers can build in some type of torture for someone as it does come out.
    3) Rafe knows about Gabi and Justin knows. Elvis knows something happened and Sami knows something happened. Sonny knows it. Everyone who does know feels slightly tortured with said knowledge. I feel very much that way just knowing it will come out some day.
    4) Gabi will not get a free pass forever. She is after all marrying the resident nutjob Nick.
    5) Nick is very intelligent so he worked out a spreadsheet and did the numbers and somehow figured out that he gets to be the babyDaddy.
    6) Brady could not be more whipped, or wait, maybe he can because it gets worse each time he blows his chest out and says no to Kristen. She comes back at him bigger and better and gets him right back in line.
    7) John is playing it very stupid because only a dumbaxx would fall for Kristen’s tricks…well, John and Brady. He most certainly did not trust his wife and did certainly believe that wacko Kristen over Doc. So I think this is just a torture scheme of the writers. Drive a wedgie between John and Doc, make him leave town because he is mad over something that his wife was afraid of and indeed it has happened at least in the family. Yep, it all makes sense.
    8) Marlena is upset but she needs to find John and beat his axx in the middle of HTS with her doctor briefcase for his being a big old dumbaxx.
    9) I must agree that the writing can be very sloppy and yet I too watch. I am scratching my head over that one.
    10) Fancy Nancy Wesley will be just the breath of fresh air that you need to keep you hooked on this show…and tortured while you watch. She will make Chloe’s scheming look like the amateur attempts of man-catching that it is. She’ll up this game to heights that Dr Orange will be clamoring to remarry Chloe and have 4 more little mouths to feed that will allow for much DNA tampering around the hospital and again inroads into torturing of characters and fans.
    Sorry, I could not resist. Lisa you seemed stressed so I hope I made it a bit less stressful for you..while I tortured you a bit. It was all in fun. Have a good day.

  38. From Leah

    Wow, wow, wow! Ejami certainly have it all. Last night I decided to go back and watch the Santos and Colleen storyline… and Ejami reading the letters together in the hosptial (September 2007). What a great foundation for Ejami… there was so much Santos and Colleen vs EJ and Sami lovestories had in common. And there are some great lines in there as well. Heres a couple I jotted down but you could write nearly the whole month down. Enjoy….
    Santos to Colleen about family expectations and doing what others wanted versing what you want. “I never knew I was imprisoned til you opened the door.”
    EJ to Sami “Love my dear is often the greatest cause of pain.”
    Santos to Colleen “I know you are torn between doing what others want and what is expected. Your torn between duty and what your heart wants.”
    EJ to Sami “As much as they tried Santos and Colleen couldn’t fight destiny.”
    EJ to Sami “As much as you might not like it Samantha Santos and Colleen are part of us. Part of our souls. We cannot fight destiny either.”
    This months scenes were powerful and certainly do explain alot of what we have seen with Ejami for years. Bravo to those writers! Lucas was mad as hell because he knew EJ wanted Sami, Lucas knew Sami knew it and as he said to her “I think your afraid, afraid something on the inside of you has EJs initials on it. And the thought of you and EJ together, it frightens the hell out of you.” (You were spot on Lucas!) Then we had Marlena telling Sami it is possible to have feelings for two different people at the same time. Marlena told Sami you’ve certainly seen that my girl. You witnessed and suffered first hand because of my dilema between your father and John.
    Nothing like going back and watching reruns sometimes. Reminds and refreshes you and gives you a good base and better understanding of the characters. Might go for a trip down memory lane again soon.

  39. From MAB

    #35 Leah – about the children, you asked why some want the paternity changed? Simple, anything to make EJ not the father of any of Sami’s kids.

  40. From MAB

    #33 Kat – is that you…are you back? If so, I just wanted to say I missed your posts!

  41. From rita

    Show used to have stable couple. Alice and Tom. Thought Bo and Hope could be that but Bo left. Then we have to watch nonsense of same repeat story with Daniel Jennifer and this Chloe this time. Do writer have to ruin the actor since they have so little imagination. Good writing moment though was Rafe saying after Kate brought up trust and Rafe said he would be moving after she left. Funny Show does not warrant the watching that it used to though. Sad

  42. From Tee

    Hello all
    I guess Will is gonna think he was dreaming Nick showed up, Lucas comes and wants to talk privately with his son, but is informed He knows already they discuss Nick and what he knows.Will is still being gullible and Sonny knows it.

    Brady tells his stepmommy he is moving to the Dmansion.Kristen tells Brady the truth she had a bad time on that island and owes Steffie a debt and she admits it has to do with him, and she could lose him.Brady decides to move in with her and he can deal with Steffie lol.Marlenas head will roll when she finds out it is the mansion, she was happy it was not marriage he was going to tell her about.Her and Kate are dicussing how Kate looks so good, and Kristne delivering her divorce papers,Marlena likes that she is anti Kristen as well.
    Rafe and Kate exchange a moment and Nicole is oblivious to it.Eric approached Abe on a prsion outreach program and makes a joke about Felon Sami, Abe thinks he should think about this.Abby is still a virgin.

    This whole paternity thing has been answered not sure why people are holding on to it.James said Ali is not his he is absolutely sure.Johnny is though.Ariana has said that Sydney is not planned to be hers either.Eeleen said she dont have the dead baby, stressing the baby is dead that Nicole had.Over and over these actors tell us all and still people say but I think its true lol.
    Ken Corday 3 months ago said we are getting EJAMI lock stock and barrel.
    Safe story is done no plans to revisit it anytime soon.That is confirmed by many of interviews.Ej s not Mr.Rogers they like Leah said are in a honeymoon faze especially EJ who has wanted this for so long.
    I also guess Since Ejami are not going to put up with Nicks threats it makes them pariahs now lol.

    I will post some more spoilers later for everyone I have to take my son to his uncles.

    Great posts guys enjoyed the many comments on the articles in Sod as well. I love trips down memory lane Leah.

  43. From Tee

    Wanted to add this comment from Alison on the wedding to EJ where she was trying to end the vendetta.She said you think my family would be grateful I am marrying the hottest guy in Salem for them.She has such a great personality and love she thinks EJ is hottest guy in Salem

  44. From gerri

    why would marrying the hottest Guy In Salem,have anything,to do with having a lasting and stable relationship? looks only last so long………

  45. From Mouse Fan

    #43 Gerri: I agree! Now, if Sami said she was marrying the nicest, kindest, or most thoughtful man in town, that would have sounded much better. Sometimes, no matter how hot someone looks on the outside, the ugly from the inside overrides.
    And why would she say she’s marrying him for her family? She shouldn’t marry anyone, unless she’s marrying him for her own happiness.

  46. From patty

    I have to agree with Barb, actors are only doing their jobs on those interviews and say only what the ptb want them to say at the time and what they think the fans want to hear. If one wouldn’t know better, you’d think they read EJami fan sites to answer those questions. Especially the remark about EJ being the only one who didn’t sleep with Carrie, now that is just pure Sami shallowness. Sami sure did sleep with all of Carrie’s men and EJ slept with all of Salem so what difference is it suppose to make in their relationship if he slept with Carrie or not. I’m sure that given the chance he would have but he probably knows she wouldn’t have given him the time of day, she has better taste. Saying her family should be happy because she’s marrying the best looking guy in Salem as a joke proves those actors are just repeating what fans want to hear and are just having fun with it. Those actors are given scripts and they play them out, they are not the ones to decide what their characters do and who they’re with.

    Now are we suppose to be feeling sorry for Kristen? Whether what she says is rue or not, I don’t feel one once of compassion for the bad karma she brought on herself in the past, she sure didn’t learn from it. Now if only her father and brother could get theirs, all would be well in the soap world.
    The words spoke to John yesterday shows that Stephano is still the same hateful and vengeful man that he always was and I don’t think we will be seeing that brotherly love you all wanted anytime soon. Not looking forward to having Gargamel come back to town to roost over his brood of unruly spawns , encouraging them to destroy the few decent people left in town.
    jolie, Barb, gerri, keep the good posts coming ! #28 Jenni, you said it girl!

  47. From patty

    Leah, the Santo/Coleen storyline was so boring that I quit watching at the time. I get a kick at how those old storyline are revisited but EJ’s and Sami’s past sins must be left in the past. We were even told to move on from them and talk about something else.

    Loved it when Eric said his only experience working with a felon was with his twin sister.

    tee, no one is holding on to the paternity thing. Some of us would just prefer to see those children belong to someone else that would put them first than to be brought up by two selfish parents who are just hell bent on wreaking havoc and teaming up to plot and scheme. Even worst, to be moved into that house of horor with the big bad monster and auntie nutso. Now if anybody is willing to think that is a good thing, there is really something wrong with this picture.

  48. From Leah

    Of course the actors are going to tow the company line… they are the one paying their wages for goodness sake. But you can’t deny ALL of what they say either. In amongst all of that we do get to see personal glimpses from the actors. For example James Scott said that remark about he and Alison when he knew full well Ejami were going to break up. He obviously enjoys kissing and working with Alison. Alison has said over and over again James is sexy… and Ejami as we all know have been written apart more than together. So while the actors will tow the company line it doesn’t make them immune to their own (secret) opinions, likes or dislikes. And they know their characters well, why? Because they helped create them, bring them to live. Hence James Scott saying “I’ve always had to play EJ as being in love with Samantha.”
    PS: And lets not forget from time to time they do get to have input as well. Galen was a classic example of that. When the new writers took over he told them he didn’t like the way Safe had broken up. That Rafe and Sami had no contact and that was that. They just got both on with their lives. Hence the whiole revisiting of Safe etc etc. The new writers revisited it briefly so they could move on both the characters on from there.

  49. From Leah

    Ejamis check these youtube clips out…. awesome!
    Ejami: What does Sami really want?
    EJ & Samantha: Destined Soulmates
    EJ & Samantha: Give Me A Reason

  50. From patty

    Mouse fan, you’re right but there is no way Sami could have said any of those nice things about EJ because nothing could be further from the truth. Not saying he is not a good looking man but like you said, the ugliness from inside overrides the good looks.
    The difference between Brady’s foolishness and Sami’s, turning their backs on their family to be with the enemy, is that at least Brady knows he’s hurting his loved ones and feels bad about it. Sami is just spiteful and thinks she doesn’t need them. She will find that alienating her family , which is playing right into the Demira’s hands, will end up hurting her in the end. I don’t care what any interview says, there will be trouble in paradise, and lots of it. EJami is doomed from the start. Like Marlena said, they won’t last, they never do.
    Jolie, as much as I agree with your post about torture, I swear if this is just going to be another round of the Demiras toying with people’s lives and getting away with it , I am tuning out. No way am I going to sit and watch Stephano’s ugly mug laughing his sick head off over and over for pulling another one of his dirty stunts. We’ve had enough of that, it’s not even entertaining anymore.

  51. From Leah

    #46 Patty regarding Santo and Colleen storyline and you being bored with it. Doesn’t surprise me one little bit.
    But for the rest of us Ejami fans it is where it all begun for these two. THE foundation for them and their relationship was laid. BUT then again you don’t like Ejami or Sami so I suppose again you don’t care. I get it, enough said.

  52. From Leah

    One VERY TELLING quote from Alison who plays Samantha Gene Brady… I got use to playing Sami a certain way. I really had to dig and claw my way back to her and claw her back to herself. Admission from the actress herself… the writers were writing Sami a particular way that Sami and the actress playing her lost their way. Alison sounds really happy Sami is back with her SPUNK! Interesting to note to Alison said she loves working with James and at long last being able to tell this story. As Alison herself said in working with James “I am different working with him than anyone else.” There’s alot to be said for two people who can work together, get each other, and totally get their characters. Yep James and Alison have that “certain chemistry” together.

  53. From Kat

    Whatever happened to my post, should have been 49,because 48 was the last number I saw when I posted…Strange….

    49 patty, I am really starting to feel bad for you…
    really, I don’t want anybody to suffer watching the DiMera’s…
    I know, Soaps can be hard on a person,
    but soaps are what they are, they will Not/nor have they ever Made Everybody Happy at the Same Time..
    I truly believe, everybody watches at their own risk,
    maybe, and I really mean this.. Soaps should put up a “Disclaimer”, you are watching this “Stuff at Your own Risk”we are NOT Responsible at anybody’s happiness or Un happiness, or whatever bad feelings our writings of the Soap may evoke…
    Fair enough… now I am looking forward to all the SL’s coming our way…Kristin and Brady in Casa DiMera,
    Marlena getting knocked off her little Ivory Tower, “Lousy Mother”,,
    Jenn, give me a break, her and Dan have nothing going for themselves… there is No chemistry…IMO
    Chloe, if you want you Man/father of your son back…. change your tactics ..let Mother Nature take it’s course..

    and Rafe, enjoy your Romp with Kate, just as EJ did once upon a time..

    Maybe some day soon .. you will find real love again.. or something…
    but in the meantime, you can solve some of the Crimes Kate has committed while you are happy Bed fellows..
    like trying to kill Chloe, having Her blackmailed by Quinn to become a Call Girl, and then trying to kill Dr. Dan on top of things.
    I know, Kate is not the only criminal in town, but Rafe could start there, and work his way through town…

    Hope this post will make it..

  54. From gerri

    I will say,I don’t want any child to belong to that evil and dimented family,known as the DiMeras,no child deserves that,so bring on the DNA tests,and If the tests aren’t tampered with,and It’s proven 100% that EJ fathered any of Sami’s kids,case closed.

    Children don’t stay children forever,they will become adults,then they will want the complete truth about who they actually are.

    EJ was supposed to have came on Days to be the next Stefano,not the nice guy next door,and what better revenge to the Bradys,than to bring one of them into the fold.

    all I can hope for,Is when the Show
    finally ends,that this bad and evil family,gets what they deserve,doomsday…I don’t know what it would take to give them the payback,they should get….

  55. From SandyGram

    What I’m most anxious to see is Will’s reaction to Sonny when it comes out he is keeping Gaby’s secret that Chad didn’t do such a good job at keeping!

    Now if Nick found out Sami shot EJ he would have a double barrel tale of whoa to convince a Judge Will was not a fit father. I sure hope the writers don’t go down the road to have Rafe start exposing, or even threatening, the many things he helped Sami cover up and some with Will’s help. But then maybe he can’t use any of it to get Sami to back off Gabi since it would also have to expose himself.

    Did I read there is a little sympathy for Kristen…Not for me! Everything she whined, cried and whimpered to Brady over the last couple of days is exactly what she told Stefano today…when all else failed she just told Brady her truth. And we can all see how Brady took the bait and folded. She just left out one important factor in her data dump, she forgot to tell Brady her intention is to pay John back for leaving her at the alter.

    Spending a lot of time on my Family Tree, who knew searching Cemetery records could be so interesting.

  56. From Kat

    40 MAB, of course it’s Me..
    the one and only….

    Lost a few of my posts here, but I figured out, it was my fault,
    I think I start to typing at times, and then Submit,
    without having put in my NAME AND E-MAIL…. Lol.. Me, big Dummy….
    Happened twice tonight…

    but no matter, I got good Test results back this Late Afternoon… all benign…thank you God.

  57. From Frances

    I love EJ and Sami together. They do play well off of each other and they do have chemistry together. Its about time we have one couple we can really be happy about.
    They are both great actors

    Still say Will will be charged with the murder of Nick somewhere down the storyline. EJ and Sami will fight to prove him innocent. Just because EJ and Sami are a couple now doesn’t mean they will be having it easy all the time.

  58. From Clear

    Daniel and Jennifer are so wishy washy and blow whichever way the wind blows! Why didn’t he move in with the saintly Jenn so Chloe couldn’t get to him so easily! If he lets Chloe get him drunk and in bed in his hotel room, he is more than stupid!

    It is time Nick went down, though he wants to protect Gabi and the babe, he is getting too controlling!

  59. From Amanda

    The writer’s have been dropping some not so subtle hints as to why Nick is such a homophob. It’s pretty obvious he had a bad experience in prison. So the idea that Gabi’s baby daddy is a gay man is just something he can’t accept.
    It will be revealed and I think that when Gabi finds out Nick’s true feelings she will look at him differently. She loves Will in a special way and even though she loves Nick I don’t think she could accept the fact that Nick could be so intolerant of her baby’s father because he is gay.
    When she discovers what Nick wants to do to keep Will away from the baby and why, he is going to lose her.
    For a smart guy, Nick is acting like a dummy.

  60. From Barb

    Ali’s remark about the hottest guy in Salem was a scripted line if I ever heard one. And a poor script at that. Throwing the other great looking guys on the show under the bus to appease Ejami fans. Not so cool! It seems to me Ali and James are riding a high right now that could do them in if they’re not careful.
    No matter what any of the actors say, there is the element of the fickle writers, and the turnover of writers, and the children’s paternity could turn around anytime, or lost babies could be found, if it was decided it would make a good story.
    The way Corday changed his mind about s/l’s several times just last year tells us nothing is for sure on Days. But we all know that, don’t we?!

  61. From bobby

    Yesterday was pretty boring. So sick of the Kristen/Brady story. Just when you thought he’d come to his senses-some tears yanked him right back into her web.
    #55 Clear-Jen and Dr. Dan just got back together. To soon to be moving into one place. Not to mention Chloe would probably deny him the right to see Parker. What is it with Dr. Dan that none of his ladies can give him up?
    I have to say-Nick can really turn on the creep factor. Still not sure why he wants Will’s baby so bad. What happens if Gabi decides to call it off with him? Wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. If she thinks Sami is bad-this guy is going to make her look like an amatuer.

  62. From jolie

    #53 Sandygram, now that is a very interesting point and I had forgotten about it. Sonny knows Gabi’s secret, Nick knows, and Will does not know. I could see Chad taking a hit for his friends and allowing it all to come out. It would take months to find all those with culpability in this caper due to the blackmail etc but the family court judge would have one thing in mind..the baby. Nicole is the only one in Salem who has confessed her sins and is trying to atone so she’ll be the logical choice to take care of the bambina until things are sorted out and all those involved get out of the pokey. I agree with you on Kristen. Brady is a dunce and should wear a sign that says ‘Kick me’. John too needs his axx kicked for his part in all of this…being stupid and not protecting his family including not believing his wife. Brady says the same thing that John was saying when he was dreaming about Kristen…she has changed. She changed her shoes but she didn’t really change. She looks like she is coming apart. Maybe in using the truth, she has dug too deeply into her own mind and is not liking what she has found. In the end, she is Kristen and is crazier than Stefano and not near as charming. And his ranting one minute and all charm the next…he isn’t far from going off the deep end. It will be a race for looniest Dimera by Fatha’s Day.
    #56 Barb, you said it. Nothing nailed down on this show.
    #57 Bobby, apparently Nick wants a wife and baby to prove to himself and the world that he is not gay. He must have had some gay experiences in jail or maybe had to do such to gain protection from some gang of tough guys. Maybe someone pimped him out in prison. Whatever it was not pleasant as he has told Will. Dr Dan must be the man. I think he is such an emotional mess that they just can’t help but think they can make it better for him. Chloe wants a firm meal ticket and babydaddy so she can have a nanny in a very small apartment and no job. Yes, I know she says she has a job but she doesn’t seem to have lifted a finger since arriving. Dr Dan is so blind that even when he is telling her to knock it off and that he is on to her and she is acting all innocent and he appears not to believe her act…I think he is buying it. Really I still wonder what Nicole ever saw in the man. It just didn’t mesh for me. But this is DOOL and who knows who will be paired up next. I used to cringe each time Chelsea would run and slam into Dr Dan and start smooching him. It was always just a body slam. Then it got to be funny. So I went from the ick factor with them to it being hilarious and quickly.

    Where is Maryl this week?

  63. From Barb

    I just watched yesterday’s show. Not exactly jam-packed, was it?! But I did enjoy Nicole going off on Kate to RAFE, of all people!! Funeee!!
    Marlena and Kate were amusing,
    I thought Abby had a right to call out Chloe on being misleading about moving into Dan’s apartment but then I think Abby went too far. Now Chloe has her dander up big time so I guess today she will go after Abigail about Jack’s memory and that will also be going too far.
    Daniel started out strong trying to lay down the law to Chloe but then it turned into just more yada-yada.
    Kristen tells the truth when it serves her purpose and she can be the victim. When she told Brady she was a different person after therapy, well yes, she was a different person who came to Salem Hell bent for revenge.

    Like some others, I think there is some kind of Gay connection to Nick,maybe from prison, that makes him over the top about “Gay boys” (his words) Will and Sonny.

  64. From Jenni

    Since Kristen has been talking here and there about how Jennifer and her used to be friends… They should bring back Peter! Peter Blake… he was a bad egg of Stefano’s and now that Dr D and Jenn will probably be throwin in the towel anytime soon… it might just be a good S/L for her… Maybe Dr.D get jealous… maybe Jenn struggles with the decision to even be with him again… Remember the Circus S/L? So fun…! I mean I know she ‘died’ and Peter turned himself in, but he might be surprised to find out she is actually alive. I think Kristen would gain from having another family member at her side… even though she is evil on the show it makes it interesting… come on he went to jail… but he could convince some people that he has changed… ;)
    Jolie: I always thought something happened to Nick in prison that has something to do with being sexually assaulted but to think that he had to gain protection somehow from a gang in jail and he was getting pimped out!?! That’s awesome… that’s an even better story. Absolutely hate when he refers to them as ‘gay boys’ but it makes sense especially after the whole ‘prison isn’t fun especially for a guy like you’ comment.

  65. From Mandi

    Jenni I totally agree that they should bring back Peter and even if it has to be a different actor from the Melissa and Jason afair that supposidly happened. BUt I really liked Peter ( but I think he died or had a deadly illness in the end) and I hope with all the truth telling Kristen is doing maybe she will not be so much about the revenge and become the woman she was when she was intoducded to the show. I could see her like EJ grey, I really like Kristen.
    I don’t know what the stylists are trying to do with Jen though it looks like she stole some clothes from her daughters closet to try to pass herself off as someone younger. And again she was not at work I really can see why Ann doesn’t like her other than her attitude thinking she is better than anyone I don’t know if i would like “sweet, innocent” Jen.
    Still really excited to see Sami and Nick go at it and with EJ in her corner she will at least have support.
    Sonny and WIll are amazing together as well he is so good to let Will keep his mouth shut and all that when Will was attacking him.

  66. From voiceofreason

    #39 perhaps some people just want Nicole to be happy for once when it comes to kids and since she was basically Sydney’s mom at the beginning it’s not a huge stretch. Not everything revolves around EJ and Sami or people’s “hatred” of them.

  67. From jolie

    #66 voiceofreason, there you go again, being the very voice of reason. Kudos for your post.

  68. From Barb

    Oh, wow, how to draw a crowd at Salem Town Square!! I know how Abby feels but today she really put herself out there for Chloe to stomp on and Abby got the worst of it. Chloe was brutal! Then Abby’s physical attack only set it up so Chloe could twist things and look like the victim. Quite a scene, with Daniel comforting Chloe on one side and Jen comforting Abby on the other!
    So Nicole is in confession and Eric is the Priest?! Why wouldn’t Nicole make sure there was another Priest around, or snag Father Matt, since he was there, to hear her confession. But maybe Eric will stop Nicole before she really gets
    Not Sami’s overactive imagination this time, and Lucas was afraid it was not so he went right to Will. Will is correct that Sami has not helped matters but what he doesn’t know is that Nick has planned to keep him out of his baby’s life all along.
    I don’t think Sami should have gone to Nick but I’m glad she laid one across Nick’s face and I was rooting for her, for once, to come out on top of their
    Does Sami know Will shot EJ? I’m thinking she doesn’t. If she did, she might not have been so quick to make a threat of her own about what Gabi did. I couldn’t tell if Nick flinched at that or not. He’s so confident that he has everything going his way so maybe it didn’t phase him.
    I wish Sami would talk only about Will and the baby and keep herself out of it. Enough with the “me” and “MY grandchild” references that only antagonize Nick all the more because he hates Sami so much. And Gabi doesn’t like her either, for obvious
    Going to shake Nick’s world up a bit, according to spoilers, when that guy gets out of prison. Just sitting in his cell crossing the days off his calendar. I can’t wait!!

  69. From MAB

    I made my daily post hours ago, and still do not see it. What is going on???

    Not all posts go through without moderation. It takes time to moderate posts. Admin

  70. From Barb

    voiceofreason #66 good one, and I totally agree!

  71. From Nancy

    Sorry To all but this kristen brady storyline is poor at best.

    Her botox and dye is shining through and Brady Black deserves better than her. He is Isabella’s son after all thus should have some class. And john letting him be as is —is poor!

    Sorry but the storylines have grown boring for they are stuck!

    I am quite aware that my comment may not make it—but Jen too deserves better than a horndog!

    Nickie, oh my what weaves he webs! The guy doesn’t even know that he built his own web but is the fly in that web.

    Curious where or what has happened to Chad. He seems to have disappeared from the script yet holds the secret for many!

    Lastly while I am ranting on a roll, can we please get past all the sexual inuendos, and get back to a storyline!

  72. From Steph

    DOL sucks. Corday nd his perverted fantasies have ruined this show. No longer care if I see it or don’t. DOL is filled with nothing but hatred, vile, bitterness, anger. There is no part of the show that’s any good. Listen/watch the news. We’ve got enough of this in real life. We don’t need it in reel life. Hope the ratings drop and the show is dropped. We’d all live a calmer life. Yes, I know I can chabge the channel and believe me I have more than a dozen times. Corday, go home and live out your perverted fantasies.

  73. From Kat

    64 Jenni, I agree, I would like to see Peter Blake come back also.
    Stefano is not Peter’s Father, so “Bad Egg” does not come into play.

    I know Stefano adopted Kristin, but I don’t know about Peter.. .Don’t even remember if Peter is still alive…

    Jenn’s real husband.. Scott Reeves.. I hear is leaving GH, maybe they could bring him in.. as Peter Blake, or whoever, to work with his Wife.

    Doubt they will bring back the orig. Peter, since the trouble him and Melissa got in…

    Nancy 70 .. I agree, Jenn and Dan just don’t click for me…
    Brady with Kristin, well it his choice and he is a big Boy…
    and has quite a bit of Dirt on his Stick…
    Did not like Abby today, she went a bit overboard with all the Name Calling etc..
    played right into Chloe’s hand..
    Abby should remember, What She did to Austin/and Carrie, was more horrific, than what Chloe has “so Far” to Jennifer, LOL.
    Not taking Chloe’s side, but I try to look at the whole situation up to this moment with Jenn and Chloe with fair eyes, and Abby Does have a Bad Mouth..yikes.

    Stay out of your Mother’s love life, it does not seem to help one bit…

    Loved the scenes between Nick and Sami, that was great and exciting TV. The war of the Titans…
    great stuff writers.
    I am sure it will get much much worse, after all the Baby is not due, till late Spring.
    Lots of drama to unfold, loving it. But in the end, I hope it will all work out for the good people and the bad… and most of all for that Little Baby Girl..
    I think they might name her after Gaby’s sister .. Ariana… any suggestions out there..

    Poor Will, he needs a Reality Check pretty soon. Nick is not, nor has he ever played nice and fair..
    Listen to your Dad and Sonny, and get a lawyer, do it for the Baby, and don’t ever even think of giving up on your child, and Leave Her at the Mercy of that Lunatic Nick,and let’s face it, Gaby is Not the Most Stable person either, facts are facts.
    Will, stand up, be a man and fight for your rights, do it for your Child, look at your Mother and Father, they are Fighting for You, and they won’t give up, ever.

  74. From gerri


  75. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    I am so glad Sonny and Will are together again. I also love that Sonny knows Gabis secrets.Someone wondered or said Does Sami know Will shot EJ yes she does remember when Will and EJ were blackmailing each other?She found out and went and asked Lucas why he his it from her. I think EJ was the one who told her and also told her not to waorry he had no intentions to send him to jail, She learned then.Lucas was forced to admit it to her.

    #66 Voice I hear you about Nicole not being able to have kids, and losing 2 now.But think about the damage done to that little girl if her paternity was changed.She knew Nicole mostly as a baby, sure she has seen her some on her toddler years and such but, I could never find myself wishing a kid would learn their mother is not their real mother.I could reverse it and say I wish Ali was EJ’s but I don’t She knows Lucas as her father and It would be devastating and traumatizing to have to go through that.So sorry If I put those children above Nicole’s feelings.

    Lucas may have not been involved in most of Alis life as he loved elsewhere but they spend a lot of time together now and regardless that is her father.I don’t care if I ship one couple over the other I am not a advocate for screwing with kids like that, Sure it has been done many times when a child is a baby but they are not babies anymore.It will be bad enough if Sydney ever learns what Nicole did when she was a baby, or even EJ granted he is her father, He made her mother believe she was dead.Yes I am a EJAMI but I know things like that should never happen on a soap as they become able to comprehend what is happening, too tramautic.

    I cant believe how Some spin Alisons words to what they want or chalk it up to this or that.The comment made about her marrying the most handsome man for her family was made during a discussion about that story line, I guess it is more understand if someone read the whole article and what was discussed for her to make that comment.It was fine she marry him to end a vendetta but not fine to marry him if she was in love?So basically I see it as her family saying You can marry him if it benefits us but not to make yourself happy.That’s my opinion anyway The comment is being spun and spun so thought I would comment on it.It just went with what was being discussed at that point in the article which is her ending the Vendetta for her family, and of course we know how they feel about her marrying him because she wants to.It was a sort of playful comment.

    Sami trys to appeal to Lucas about what Nick is up to, he seems naive and wants to deal with it.Sami flashes back remembering her conversation with Rafe about Gabis crimes.She decides Nick wants to threaten her and her son she now ememebrs she has a card to pull as well.She also knows Nick has something and trys to tell Lucas who seems Naive especially since He just talked to Will.
    Sami tells Nick he and Gabi will allow her son to be a part of this childs life and if he tries to stop him he best not forget about Gabis own crimes She said this after Nick tells her he paid for his crimes and alludes to the fact that someone else may not have meaning Will.She tells him she has her own stuff she can use.Sami before going to hospital to speak to Nick calls EJ and leaves a message for him to meet her there, She tells Nick she went to apologize to Gabi and dont mean her harm, and wants to know why he wants to cut Will and his family out.Go Sami I enjoyed the scene.
    Abby and Chloe and all that ughh no comment

    I already posted yesterday what was going down on today’s show with Will/Sonny/Nick and kinda spoiled everyone in case no one even noticed that just happened today lol Cant wait till tomorrows episodes

  76. From Tee

    Hope my last post goes through I wanted to add I hope Chad gets some good stuff soon,Casey did say Chad Cam and Abby are in a triangle so I am assuming we will see that be more prominent soon.
    Some juicy stuff here Spoilers below

    Gabi and Nick race to the alter But is Will going to stop them?

    Kristen invite brother Chad to move into the mansion.
    Chad visits his fatha and tells him he is considering moving in.
    As already been spoiled Brady is moving In.

    National Enquirer spoilers

    National Enquirer

    Stefano returns to the Dimera mansion

    Jennifer is devastated when Chloe answers the door to Daniel’s hotel room

    Will is determined to stop Gabi from marrying Nick

    Gabi is thrilled when Rafe agrees to attend her wedding

    Sorry looks like a few of my spoilers are covered in the Enquirer

    And a big Yay to Days who is up around 52% from last year and reached highest in last 15months.The date of last time it was this High was Grief sex.Great article on how they have been climbing up in ratings over last few weeks or so.

  77. From patty

    #66 Voice of reason, well said!
    Barb, I am also curious if Sami knows about Will shooting EJ and I wonder if Nick will be the one to tell her. Contrary to what Sami says, I don’t think she really knows what Gabi did last summer but only that she did something that EJ blakmailed Rafe with. I’m thinking maybe Nick will tell her what Will did after she threatens to expose Gabi.
    Anyway, this storyline is all kinds of screwed up with all the backstabbing and blackmails and threats over this poor baby who belong with his mommy and daddy, no one else. I have to agree with some of what Steph says that this show is so filled with hate, bitterness and anger that it takes the fun out of what use to be good entertainment.
    And Abbigail today just acted like a lunatic. I’m not crazy for Chloe and what she’s up to but if Jen can’t take care of her own business with Dan it shouldn’t be up to her daughter to fight her battles. Didn’t Abby just go off on Nicole like that just a short time ago? Time for the girl to get her own life instead of fighting women off her Mom’s boyfriend. For some unexplicable reason, the guy is a chick magnet so she might as well get use to it.

  78. From Clear

    Hate to see Daniel so gullible! Doesn’t he understand how ruthless Chloe is yet?

    Go Sami! I was happy to see her push Nick’s agenda for control back in his face!

    I bet Eric won’t tell Nicole he is in the confessional and there will be even more angst and mental pine backs ahead!

  79. From Gentzy

    I hope they soon write Nick out of the storyline – I can’t stand him!!!!! He’s too creeper and weird!!!!
    He’s a convicted murderer and wants to go after Will as an unfit parent!!! Also, Nick keeps talking about ‘our’ baby! He has nothing to do with this baby – he must have forgetten while in prison how babies are made!!!! His whole attitude and personality as just too strange and weird and the show would be a lot better without!!!
    Glad I record the shows so I can fast forward all the shots with Nick in them, I can’t stand to even hear him talk!!!!!!!
    All the GOOD actors they fired and let go and yet they bring Nick back! UGH!!!!!

  80. From Mandi

    Patty we agree on something :) lol I think Abby went off like a crazy person too maybe even more so than her cousin Nick. I do think Chloe was a little harsh but poor little Abby shouldn’t try to play with the big girls and call them trash if she can’t take some retaliation. She is acting just like her mother when she was after Nicole for being near Daniel as well. Jen was just all over Nicole when she had really no right to be imo.
    Did my ears fail me today Hope actually somewhat stuck up for Sami lol I had to rewind the DVR lol.Marlena can’t even do that she just chuckled along with Kate and kept telling Kate how hot she looked what is up with that!
    Will is really that gulable to think that Nick who from day one has tried to get Will to deny his rights thinks this just started, how dumb can he be? does he even remember before their almmost wedding? Sonny is great for him and I love how he told Will to stop sticking up for Nick. As much as I hate Nicks character gotta say it again acting is amazing you can see him unravel a little more everyday love it. The show is so good right now love all the drama is that not why we all watch soaps to get away from out daily lives?
    oh it was great to see Abe out and about as well i thought they were going to try to get him with Kayla? why not get rid of jen and daniel, don’t really like Chloe but she will be a better fit for him than Jen. Jen and Abe would be great together though. or bring back peter whether it’s the old actor or not would be great for Jen. anyhow big brother canada is on can’t wait til it gets all fired up and full of drama too :) have a good night everyone :)

  81. From Kat

    79 Mandi,,
    I wrote pretty much the same things you did, I so agree with you…but my post … is where,, I don’t know.
    Even talked about Peter, and that he is not Stefano’s bio son, don’t even know it he was adopted like Kristen…
    And Abby, not good,… I don’t think Jenn and Dan are good, to complicated, looks like there is always another woman in the way… Nicole,now Chloe, who knows maybe Chelsea will come back, a little older, Or even Kate.. never know.
    well I am not going to post more..
    don’t know if it will go through..

    69 MAB, looking forward to your daily post, once it’s been moderated.
    I so enjoy reading your stuff…Good Luck

  82. From Leah

    I agree Tee about people twisting Alisons words. Whats to twist? Whether its an interview on Days behalf or little personal videos clips Alison herself does… Alison repeatedly says James Scott is very sexy! So get over it people… He is super duper and many a females testify of it too otherwise why would he win Mr Adonis 5 times out of the last 6 years? Alison just happens to agree with us :)

  83. From Leah

    I don’t know about you but I’m bored with Dr Dan/Chloe/Jennifer storyline. Chloe has lost her spunk, I reckon she was always good with Philip. As for Jennifer I think they would have been better to rewrite Peter back into Days than pair her with Dan. But then again they would probably have to recast Peter knowing the actress had a “thing” with the previous Peter actor.
    As for Kristen and Brady… how dumb can one boy be? I think the PTB are over compensating. I mean how many times do we see them in bed? Do either of them have a job to attend to? Really! I get the family dynamics and reason for writing them as it is kinda fun but hope they will not be end game. I’ve always loved Brady with Nicole but the boy now has some competition in Eric or maybe even Lucas.

  84. From janecake

    Marlena idea: Have Stephano come home a few days (or more) before John. Have him be delighted with Brady and Kristin, have Ejami over with kids, may as well have Marlena. Have them make pasta or something together, children playing. He and Marlena can do something else just for fun, like going to a winery or something. Then have John come home, Marlena tell him Stephano is nice now, nothing going on between them.

    Me too, was wondering what Sami was alluding to with her great scene with Nick (loved the face slap!). Didn’t think she knew about Gabi’s crime with Melanie and resulting explosions that killed two people. Don’t think EJ knows either, does he?

    And I agree, Nick probably has ‘gay tendencies’ that were discovered in prison and he is fighting this with his sort of hatred toward gays.

    I must be the ony one who likes Jen with Dan. Chloe looks pure trash to me. Wish they could bring in Phil a bit.

    Ok this is my 2cents worth.

  85. From bobby

    #71 nancy-agree with the Kristen/Brady storyline. Gone on way to long. No point-and boring.
    Looks like Marlena is going to turn to Roman soon. We’ll see how John likes the turn around. So much for Marlena being the “love of his life.” If that’s how he treats his love-she deserves better.
    And Sami-so sick of her lying to the people she “cares” about and causing Nick to persue his blackmail scheme. She’s going to send her son to prison, lose rights to her granddaughter and become more hated than Kristen, Kate, Chloe, and Nichole combined.
    Grow up-you’re going to be a grandmother. Set a good example for a change.

  86. From Mandi

    Janecake I would love love to see a relationship with Marlena and Stefano they might as well start to get along they are going to be inlaws soon lol. ( heres to hoping lol)
    I think Hope is starting to get onto Nick as well, When she was talking to him at the hospital she looked concerned for him and did the lingering stare thing when he went back into Gabi’s room. How many times have I seen Hope tell Bo her gut was telling her something and she’s a good cop and all that stuff, she should see something in him I don’t know if she’s just worried about his dream he had or if she is noticing how obsessed he is being about the baby. Sami doesn’t know about Gabi’s crimes but she does know she did something Rafe covered up, so she is bluffing just to try to get more info out of Nick and try to get him to back off. I’m pretty sure EJ knows correct me if I’m wrong.

  87. From Barb

    Nancy #71 never fear, Chad will appear. Salem Spectator for the week of March 11 says
    “Chad visits Stefano and admits he is considering moving back into the mansion.”
    So we will see Chad then if not before.

    patty #76, no I don’t think Sami knows the whole story about Gabi’s part in the Melanie kidnapping. In fact, I don’t think anyone knows the whole story because Gabi hasn’t been completely honest when telling details of her side of it. Maybe to Rafe but I’m not even sure of that.
    Now that Tee refreshed the s/l in post #74, yes, Sami does know Will shot EJ. But she doesn’t appear to have realized yet that it’s what Nick eludes to when he says he paid for his crimes but some people haven’t.

    But Lucas got it right away when Sami told him what Nick had said. Lucas played dumb, trying to keep Sami calm, but went right to Will, and of course found out Nick had already been there with his threat.
    Ironic back when the text was sent, Nick was the first one Lucas thought had sent it. But faithful friend Will dismissed the idea.

    janecake #82 I like Jen with Dan, too, and especially when they are like they were at her place yesterday, BEFORE they went to the town square. Their s/l line is quite a hash mash, though, so I think it’s been poorly written.
    The actress is quite pretty but the wardrobe, make-up, and hair departments don’t do her justice most of the time and, instead, seem to play down her looks. Waaay overly invested in the PLAIN Jane/hottie doctor love story!!

  88. From voiceofreason

    #75 – It’s a soap opera. I really don’t think changing Sydney’s mother is going to scar her for life. She’ll probably be doing the same thing 10 years from now when they’ve SORA’d her. :)

  89. From jolie

    #88 voiceofreason, I actually spewed V8 juice outta my nose on that one. Not a pretty picture but it was worth V8 on my shirt because your post hit me so funny! Again you are right on the money.

  90. From Mandi

    I felt so sorry for Will today looking around like a little puppy. I don’t understand why Lucas refused to let Sonny call his dad alot of this could have been avoided. I really hope Will doesn’t sign, I’m not thinking he will but I really hope not.
    I’m also wondering why Cameron was in his underwear in the storage room lol, and what he was doing and why Abby is allowed to have free range at the hospital.

  91. From fancysmommy

    No one is going to like this post, but here goes. I realize Will is gay, but WHEN is he going to “grow a set” and quit all this sissyfied cowtowing to Nick…I do not like the way Will is being portrayed here as a 100 lb weakling. Hope he will stand up for himself SOOON !!!

  92. From Kat

    It is one thing, for a mother to say, that she understood what her daughter did, physical attack..but after the fact telling her, You did nothing wrong, that IMO is another.
    One thing I have always taught my sons and now my grandson… No matter what, how provoked, DO NOT lay a Hand/Finger on another person, you will be arrested, period.. it is wrong, period. but Jenn telling her daughter, You did Nothing wrong, I have a problem with that…

    And to tell her that Jack would be proud of attacking Chloe… I don’t think so.
    High and Mighty ABBY should remember, what She did to Austin and Carrie,
    more disgusting, than what Chloe has done so far, IMO. I am not standing up for Chloe, Abby and Chloe both provoked each other, Abby does have a bad mouth…
    Jenn should tell her daughter to stay out of her Love Life.

    Wow, I called it a few weeks ago,,, Ariana Grace, good one Kat…

    Just what is there to think about …GrandMa Nancy coming to visit for a few weeks….

    Nick asking Will to give up His Rights to his daughter, so She can have a stable life,
    LOL, with NICK and Gaby, what a joke that is. Nick really is a bit of a mental case.
    If Will signs His Rights away, and agrees to let that “Black Mailer” Nick raise His child,
    He will regret it for the Rest of his life. My God, Will, look really good who you are willing to hand Your child Over. Think… it’s your child.
    I would take my chances in Court, and still get that Name as a Father on the Birth Certificate,one way or the other… Any Father should have the right to establish legal, Bio Fatherhood, no matter what.

    What Nick is doing right now, isn’t that Black Mail, I think so, and in front of all these people…
    Something is not right here.

    Like the way EJ handles Sami, so calm and rational.
    And to think, all this baby stuff started in the first place,
    when Nick was the one, asking Will to bow out of his child’s life…
    and the snow ball started rolling down the mountain… Great Story Line, I am enjoying it,
    all the mounting tension etc.

  93. From Evelyn

    Gabi to name her daughter Arianna Grace! But will her last name be Hernandez, Horton, Brady, Fallon, or all of the above?

  94. From jolie

    #91 fancysmommy, actually I think most here will agree with you. Not sure why Will is always depicted as someone who can’t stand up for himself. Same with Gabi. Both have done some big stuff but they have yet to really have to deal with it themselves, always someone to jump to their defense. This will be interesting in how it all plays out because Nick is as good as a nutty bad egg as they have shown us lately.

  95. From gerri

    Nick Is so mentally unstable,to think he can pull his plan off.
    Will Is acting like he Is just entering puberty,too late,you done the deed,now time to man-up(as Judge Joe Brown says)and put Nick In his place.

    all this said,Ironic for a short time,Sami Is feeling somewhat helpless,on the other side,having to deal,with things,she’s put others through.

    But we know EJ Is there to,put the brakes on,Nick’s intended plan.
    I sure can’t figure out,why Days,brought him on board,and some of the favs,got their pink slip…all I say crazy,crazy,move.

  96. From jolie

    #93 Evelyn, I haven’t seen the episode yet but is the Grace name from Mia’s daughter Grace? If so this was Chad’s daughter as well. Of course, Sami and Rafe loved her as well, having raised her. So wonder how Chad will feel about her name being used by Gabi?
    And now since Gabi has not had the paternity test, I am really wondering if there is a surprise waiting on us when the test is finally done. Yes, the testing is a big point of contention for all to argue over but looks like it would just be done as Gabi should be going to the doctor often and did spend time in the hospital. I am surprised Sami didn’t go in this a hypodermic and get some blood and have it tested. This is too convenient to allow the writers much leeway like was done with Bo and Hope when Hope thought the baby was not Bo’s but then we see scenes past in which the baby was conceived. Lots of things happen in Salem that are not really what they seem.
    Would it not be so strange if in the end the baby is not Nick’s, not Will’s, but maybe Chad’s and some kind of murky memory comes up between Chad and Gabi. Sami has been pushing to get Will in on this, Nick is all over claiming it as his, Gabi seems to think Will is the father but wants Nick to be so what if it is neither? Too funny!

  97. From haycam

    Just wondering if Will gives up his rights (which I hope and don’t think he will) that doesn’t mean Sami and Lucas will have no rights to the baby right?

  98. From Debbie

    Why didn’t Jennifer fill Daniel in on Abby’s version of what was said between her and Chloe instead of just wanting to take a break from their relationship? Daniel’s only heard one side of what went down between them and should want to hear Abby’s side as well. There’s no justifying Abby’s attack on Chloe but I would think maybe Abby herself would want to speak with Daniel to clear the air.

  99. From patty

    Wow! Blake Berris abslutely rocked those scenes today. He owned that room and everybody in it . As crazy as he is, he had the whole lot of them squirming . I hope they keep him around for a long time, he’s one great actor and is the shot in the arm the show needs.
    Will needs to step up his game if he wants to fight for his daughter because so far he always looks so wimpy and about to give up with that blank, scared look on his face. I think Nick was right about one thing when EJ stepped out of the room and he said he was going to deal with this Demira style, I think he did and those papers Will is about to sign may not be the real thing. EJ is acting way too laid back and I don’t think it was a coincidence that the notary walked in two seconds behind him. Something is up with Sami’s phone too, not sure how but I’m almost sure it is tied to all this.
    Loved Rafe’s and Gabi’s scene, Arianna Grace is a beautiful name.
    Little Parker seems to be coming out of his shell and he was quite fun to watch today. What a cutie!

  100. From Barb

    EJ tells Sami she’s done enough for one day. Ya think?! How about for one month, one year even?!
    I hate it that Nick actually can justify some of his thinking, and as for how he feels about Sami, I have always thought it would have been better for Sami to have kept a low profile in all this. And we see from Gabi’s nightmare today how afraid she is of Sami.
    But it is sooo beyond wrong for Nick to be blackmailing Will into giving up his baby. Nick really hit everyone in the room with both barrels. Didn’tcha love Lucas putting his 2 cents in that it wasn’t right to punish our son just because we happen to be screw-ups every now and
    then?! Haaa!!!
    The only person Will defended was Sonny. Will didn’t even defend himself. But, then, I think he still feels like he’s been hit with a ton of bricks and can’t quite react yet.
    Arianna Grace is a lovely name and very sweet of Gabi to think of it. And Rafe was touched! Oh, those twinkling eyes of his! But I wonder, too, how Chad will like it.

    Abby had quite a day, what with going for Chloe’s jugglar in the Town Square to walking in on Cameron in his undies. Chloe wanted to get a rise out of Abby, that’s why she called for her to meet her, to gode her into something. And Chloe may have been surprised at just how well that went with Abby actually physically attacking her. Abby shouldn’t have done that, for sure. She’s lucky Chloe didn’t press assault charges. But also it gave Chloe the perfect chance to play victim, as well as the nice guy by not pressing charges, and then the hurt arm bit that required so much attention from Daniel. Big time puke factor on that one!!

    Debbie #98 I agree Jen should have told Dan Abby’s side of the story and the things Chloe said to her. Or better yet, right there on the spot at Town Square, Dan should have asked Abby for her
    Glad Nicole recognized Eric’s voice before she said too much. Confessing she wants to rip FATHER Eric’s clothes off would have been the mother of all confessions!!

  101. From Leah

    EJ is being laid back because he wants to let Lucas and Sami (Wills parents take the lead with this one. And thats the way it should be they are Wills parents.) BUT as we will see next week when Sami asks EJ for his help, EJ will step up to the mark.
    #91 fancysmommy… totally 100% agree. I’ve been saying that for weeks now. Seems ever since Will turned gay he has lost himself. I mean lets not forget this is the kid who took on a Dimera, blackmailled him and won. And now? His character is weak and pathetic. I’m with you grow some ….!
    Wonder what Chad will think about Gabi wanting to add the name Grace in there? I would have thought Gabi would have stayed away from anything Dimera. Is it a way of putting the boot into Chad and reminding him of what he and Mia lost? Gabis a ding dong really. A kid having a kid.

  102. From Leah

    SoapOperaFan… just wondering about the picture on your front page. The one about Bo. It has the original actor on it and then changes picture to the other actor who stepped into playing Bo for a while. I’ve been meaning to ask for a while what’s with that whole thing? Is Bos character coming back to Days? Is the other actor replacing the original Bo again?
    My wishlist for some of the original characters I would like to see added to Days… Philip, Nathan, Mia, Melanie, Peter, Patrick, Shawn, Mimi, Rex and write in the character Emily.

  103. From Barb

    I meant to say how great I thought Blake Barris performed his scenes. Terrific job!!
    patty #99 I think part of EJ’s holding back is to keep Sami in tow. He obviously thinks she needs to calm down about things. But I can’t imagine he doesn’t have a plan brewing. Like you, I noticed the mention of Sami misplacing her phone and then later how the camera went to it when Sami picked it up. I won’t be surprised if it comes into play.

    We can only guess how Chad will react to the baby’s name but I don’t think Gabi gave the connection to Chad a thought. I think, like she said, she was thinking of Rafe’s time in Grace’s life. I would also think Sami would like the name.

  104. From frances

    Ok, Maybe I have it wrong about Nick being killed and Will being blamed. Maybe its chloe being killed and Jennifer being blamed. Someone is going to have a fight of their life in court with Days bring in a new Prosecutor. Why bring her in if something isn’t about to happen. No one has made acommentaboutwhat I have said but I think this is whats going to happenwhat I

  105. From Barb

    #104 I think you are right, frances, and something big will happen. Not only a special prosecutor is being brought in but also a gun store owner and a physical therapist. At least according to spoilers.

  106. From Michelle

    If EJ doesn’t stop Nick on Monday, I will be so disappointed, but I have a strong feeling that he has something, but it won’t be known until after Will signs the document.

  107. From Kat

    I think Abby will not tell Dan what went down, let’s face it,
    Abby’s mouth started running away first, with all the Names she called Chloe, not nice, not right,
    of course then Chloe came in for the slam dunk…
    And then Abby got physical, should never have happened, and never,ever should Jennifer, the Mother, have approved of that.
    Jennifer, the next time,your daughter will end up in jail for sure. And Abe saw the whole thing, and did call the police…
    Otherwise, I think Abby would have lied herself out of ever having touches Chloe.
    Look how she got herself involved with Nicole, that got pretty hot…
    and remember Jenn, your constant involvement with Nicole, almost landed You in Jail..

    I agree, something is up with Sami’s phone, maybe it is recording things…whatever…

    The papers that arrived, we heard Nick earlier talking on the phone,
    and he was Expecting those Papers. At least Will was not alone now, when Nick put the papers in front of him…
    I really think, that Will will Not sign them.
    But it is getting good, full of twists and turns, the way I like it.
    Nick, kudos, he is playing his role as the bad guy so good,
    maybe he can become one of those Grey guys like EJ is now.
    He does not have EJ’s looks, but he could turn into a great
    good/bad guy, we can learn to like, just like we like EJ, at least I do…
    EJ makes the show,
    and right now quite honestly, Nick is Fascinating in his potrayal of the twisted Nick persona… MO.

  108. From patty

    Michelle, I think EJ could be up to something but I wouldn’t count on him to save the day. It’s taking all he’s got to keep Sami under control and to stop making things worse. For now Nick is one step ahead of them all but it is up to Will to grow a set and fight for his daughter instead of letting his whole clan run the show. Again, the guy is willing to give up the rights to his own child. The only one he defended to Nick today was Sonny. As crazy and manipulative as Nick is, he sure told a lot of truth today.
    As for Abbigail, she has no room to talk about Chloe after what she did to get Austin not that long ago. She didn’t act like some innocent little virgin when she faked having sex with a married man while he was drunk.

  109. From Tracey

    I wish they would leave Jen and Dan together! Why can’t they just let them be happy. Would love for them to get married and be the next super couple. The next Tom and Alice. Chloe should leave Salem and get back with Phillip. I hated Nancy before why bring that character back she was a witch just like her daughter. Meddling in everybody else’s business.

    Nick is such a creep wish they would get rid of him and he can take Gabi with him!

    Why are the men of Salem so stupid? The list is endless! They are letting the women of Salem mislead them. You know who they are!

  110. From Kat

    107 patty,
    wow, we so agree, I just wrote pretty much the same about Abby and what she did to Austin not to long ago, and that IMO was worse than what Chloe has done to Date…
    Innocent little virgin, with a bad mouth, and a loss of control.
    However, my post has not gone through yet, just posted a little while ago.
    I also agree, that Nick did hit the nail a few times, LOL
    but he is still a sick little puppy IMO. Now that guy does have big Time Obsession issues, and I think it will get worse as time goes by.

    I like the name Ariana Grace, and I did mention that name a week or two ago,
    I don’t think Gaby was thinking about Chad, but more about Rafe/Sami.. who knows.
    Wouldn’t it be something, if the Baby turned out to be Chad’s, like somebody mentioned on here…
    after all …Gaby was still living with Chad in his Apartment after Melanie had already left.
    Maybe both of them were sleepwalking one night…who knows, I am sure the writers could spin it pretty darn good… and there we have a little Grace again… Chad will have another daughter.
    Gaby might end up a DiMera, you just got to love the soaps…

  111. From Michelle

    Yeah, Will is so weak right now, he really needs to get his priorities in check. It’s hard to believe that this guy who was able to read Sami and EJ like a book last spring, can’t see Nick for who he really is, especially after all of Nick’s slip ups. It’s really disgusting. I appreciate Sonny being there for him and being the grown up in the relationship, but this spineless “let’s blame everything on my mother” guy really needs to get his head out of his …. the sand.

  112. From Michelle

    I am so over Jennifer, Abigail deserved everything Chloe said to her. She really shouldn’t be so invested in the messes her mother gets herself into. Instead of grieving for her husband, she starts chasing a man she didn’t even know she still loved. Her phony a.. Man… days has really ruined this “beloved” character.

  113. From Evelyn

    Arianna Grace is being named after Gabi’s late sister Arianna Maria Hernandez and Chad & Mia’s daughter , whom Sami and Rafe “adopted”, Grace Raffaella DiMera.

  114. From Arlene

    Jennifer makes no sense. She tries her hardest to have Daniel and in a blink of an eye, she is ready to take a break from him. Whatever happened to “working through” problems instead of running away from them. Jennifer should have told Daniel how Chloe was speaking to Abigail, so that he knew the whole story and not just Chloe’s side. But,this is the kind of stuff soaps are made of, dragging out storylines, keeping things from each other, the list goes on and on.

  115. From dazedviewer

    I’m not a big fan of EJ or Sami so they could get married and move to Europe. That would be nice. I don’t get how Sami could attempt to kill him, if she loved him so much. She’s always been a whack job in Salem and makes trouble where none exists.

    As for Chloe, she’s evil and the horrible things she said to Abigail about Abby’s dad were unforgiveable. If Daniel is so stupid to go back that that loon, he gets what he deserves. I never quite understood why, if she loved Daniel so much, she would sleep with Phillip. If Daniel had any balls, he’d set the boundary with Chloe. He may be nice to look at but the good doctor is a dweeb.

  116. From patrick

    I’m so pro Sami&EJ. They should be an unstoppable power cpl in Salem. Enjoyed Sami revisiting her spirit and going to toe with Nick. She has to one up him. Nick acting holier than thou with his and Gabi’s sociopathic tendencies. Couldn’t Melanie make a surprise visit and persecute Gabi for all her injustices finally putting Gabi and Nick in their rightful place? An institution. Grossed out by Rafe & Kate’s coupling. That will solidify the permanent finality of the relationship between Sami and Rafe being terminated. Rafe is slime and Sami belongs with the dashing EJ.

  117. From bobby

    #111 Arlene-I think Chloe dragging Abby into this mess was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She’s protecting her daughter from nutsy Chloe. Wouldn’t Chloe and Nick make the perfect couple? Not to mention, when Jen was consouling Abby, Dr. Dan is holding Chloe in his arms. I’d be dumping him too.
    Hadn’t thought about Chad being upset about Gabi naming the baby Grace. But, yeah, that would strike a nerve.
    Loved Nick (although I’m not for him)going one on one with Sami. Have never seen her almost humble like that. Wonder what would have happened if she didn’t have back-up with her. Again-poor Will. I think some of you are right about Nick gone. And of course, who are the main suspects? Sonny’s dad will finally have a job to do.

  118. From janecake

    I think Will is in such a state of shock since he was totally fooled by Nick’s earlier acceptance that he is dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe EJ leaves the room to make a call right at that time. Maybe he’ll do something with Sonny’s father getting that odd document he had Chad sign somehow negated, so they could have something to counter blackmail Nick with.

    I agree Jenn should have told Daniel the story but he could have said he wanted to hear everything that was said. I would have had Abigail write it all down, especially the way Chloe kept grabbing her arm, maybe she has a bruise. Chloe will never hire a nanny of course. She’s starting to make Kristen look tame.

    Thanks to everyone who reviews the history on here, I don’t know Nancy but expect this to be good.

  119. From Linda

    I hope that guy who is supposed to get out of prison and rock Nick’s world comes to town soon!

    I sympathize with Will. This from Nick is all out of the blue from someone Will thought he was on the same page with about the baby. Will hasn’t even digested what’s happening yet. Sami was wrong, too, making her focus all on Gabi who she felt was betraying Will. But NOW Sami has confidence in Gabi and that she won’t go along with Nick’s plan. What a difference a day makes! I wish Sami would stop making herself front and center.

    I don’t think Abigail would have gone physical if Chloe hadn’t brought up Jack. Daniel needs to know everything Chloe said but so far, he hasn’t ask and Jennifer seems to have had enough of all this. I’m not so sure Jennifer was that far off, thinking Jack would have been proud of Abigail for defending her mother and him.

  120. From rickie

    i think they should put daniel and jen together let will and sonny raise the baby and nick should leave

  121. From Linda

    From The Salem Spectator:

    “According to SOD, Will gives in and signs away his rights to the baby. Sonny tells Will this had nothing to do with Sami and everything to do with Will being gay. When Will confronts Nick, he admits it. Nick thinks he wants the baby more because he was willing to do whatever it took to get the baby.”

  122. From jeff

    Since 2004 there have been four(4) total A-Holes on Days
    1-Dr. North
    2-”Faux” Rafe
    3-Dr. Trent Robbins
    the first three met a violent death. Time for Nick to descend to one of the rings of hell

  123. From chloe

    I love everyone’s point of view on here it’s quite entertaining. I believe Nick Fallon will end up dead or go missing. The inmate that he keeps having flashbacks about, will be released soon. Now here’s the twist, I think it will turn into a “who done it”. I think Sami will go down for it. I think everyone will have their motive to off Nick but I think all evidence will point to her. It’s going to get wild because Nick is bat shit crazy. I think Gabby will catch on to him at some point but then again she’s so dizzy. With Nick dead that will open up the possibility of Gabby going to jail for her involvement with Melanie.

  124. From Leah

    Observation…. I love Alison Sweeney. She has a incredible body BUT I think what the wardrobe department need to rethink. They have been dressing her in super clingy/tight clothes for a while now. And what happened on Fridays show? How short was that dress?

  125. From Leah

    Who reckons Sami has picked up Nicks phone by mistake? Wonder what will happen if she has. Won’t his plan go to pot? But then again by looking at the above spoiler he has already got what he wanted. Will signed the piece of paper.
    All of the storyline aside the actor playing Nick is doing a great job.

  126. From Leah

    Wonder what dear Julie, Jennifer, Hope and anyone else who went to bat for Nick are going to think when they learn the truth about what he has just done to his cousin William.

  127. From Vivian

    I hate what they have done to Nick’s character..far from what he was when he came to town the last time. BUT I think he is going to end up dead and then we will have to wait a very long time to find out WHO KILLED NICK!ergo the new prosecutor. Justin and EJ are the only lawyers in town and they will probably be on the list of suspects :-)

    I don’t think that EJ and Nicole’s first baby died…I think the dear Doctor sold it.Because he was in that business at the time…

    I also think Will, Allie, Johnny and Sydney all belong to Lucas.

    And I have been waiting for Taylor to return with EJ’s child in tow from their little fling !!

    Think it is about time that Susan Banks returns :-) What would she think of Sammi? :-)

  128. From Leah

    I don’t know about you but I really don’t even know why Abigail is on the show. I don’t think much of her character at all and don’t think she brings anything to the show at all. Maybe if this Dr Cameron thing gets going I may change my mind. Days have tackled the gay storyline why not a bi-racial one?

  129. From Lissa

    Gabby is such a weak preggo. Kayla went through a plane crash when pregnant with Joey for Pete’s sake. And yes I’ve been pregnant twice. I’m not knocking that stress can affect pregnancy but there are lots of people who unfortunately deal with much worse than having a paternity test performed you already know the results to. It is actually a good thing for Will to have done because they want to marry. Gabby should be more understanding. Will has never said he wanted to his daughter to not have her mother in her life. They get married, that could affect Will’s rights. It works that way in my State anyway. Nicks attempt to blackmail, Will probably wouldn’t receive a real harsh punishment for his crime all those years ago. Especially since he was a minor and having EJ’s support. Not worth giving up a lifetime privilege to know your child over. As for Gabby’s crime and Chad’s gag order, what about Melanie? Doesn’t apply to her. Someone could call her in France and she had somewhat of a friendship with Will to acknowledge the truth about Gabby. Whole storyline is annoying. Can’t wait for her Nick to get his when Gabby gets tired of him and his underhanded ways behind her back. I’m counting down the days to when Nick’s convict nemesis gets released too.

  130. From Lissa

    As unhappy as I am about Nicole’s miscarriage and more recent stillborn, I can’t see how the rumor of Sydney being her daughter working. She miscarried earlier in her pregnancy the first time busting out fake baby bump wear for months. It was Mia and Sami who carried to term. It would be much more believable that her son survived and was taken. That would be more of what I would hope for. Just would also hope she’s gotten past that lame Rafael Daniel Hernandez(or whatever) name she picked out and it would be something more original and authentic. She carried to like 37 weeks or something which is considered full term although three weeks before a scheduled due date..

    Won’t utterly surprise me if they go there with Sydney, but it’s a harder sell. I don’t get it.

  131. From Barb

    Leah #123 I agree it could turn out Sami picked up Nick’s phone by mistake.
    patty and I mentioned before, and I think Kat did, too, that the phone will come into play somehow. There was the conversation about Sami misplacing her phone and then the camera focused on it when Sami picked it up. Seems that subtle attention to the phone could mean something.

    bobby #117 Chloe and Nick? I like it!

  132. From Ninnie

    Oh this show is going off the deep end and sinking fast. I havent watched in so long because of the hideous story lines and all. I know the last time I watched was a SEX scene (of course) and my 6 year old Grandson walked in to the room (out of school for a teacher work day) and I couldnt get the remote clicked quick enough. He had been in his room playing his WII. He got a glimpse of something he shouldnt have. How do you explain to a 6
    year old about two guys making
    out??? So until things can change……….

  133. From bobby

    #123 Leah Really agree with the tight, tight min-skirt. Chloe shops at the same store. Couldn’t be shorter or tighter. Even Jen decided do a little Taylor Swift look.
    #124 Not sure how that’s going to play out. Especially when Hope is involved in getting Nick’s prison enemy out. We might be in for a new version of Family Fued.

  134. From patty

    I am disappointed in Will if he ends up signing those papers. Really, is Nick right and does Will really want to be in his child’s life? Why does he let everybody else fight his battles? I always thought that Will should face the music about shooting EJ. I don’t suspect that much would happen to him because of it and he would be free of people trying to use that crime against him for blackmail. But to give up his rights to his child, that will only come back to bite him in the butt down the road if he ever tries to get her back. His only hope is for Gabi not to let this happen,which I don’t think she ever will deny him his child.
    #127 Lissa, if Gabi is a weak prego, it is probably because she is just a scared young girl going to college and working as a waitress with a bunch of people putting stress on her, mostly Sami who is causing her nightmares instead of helping her to take care of herself and her unborn grandaughter.

  135. From Barb

    IMO Sami looks slimmer in clothes that aren’t quite so tight and not quite so short.

  136. From Clear

    Sami looked really good several days lately, except the topknot balloon. I did not like Nicole’s hair bump it up in the crown either.

    With Chloe’s mom back, who will help Jennifer? Maxine maybe? Kristen maybe?
    Dan needs to wake up and call Chloe for being the devious diva she is! I still think he should give Jennifer back the engagement ring and move in with her.

    Didn’t Peter die in the end of his SL as Kristen’s brother? Of course this being Days he could be resurrected? As I recall he was Stefano’s adopted son too.

    The paper Nick had drawn up an be contested somehow I’m betting with EJ plotting against him he doesn’t have a chance. Too bad They had to make Nick’s character a villain.

    At one time he was so funny! We never saw Nick and Billie talk again did we? She is gone down, so guess there won’t be any funny post Cougar scenes.

  137. From Mandi

    Clear I always thought Peter died too but he didn’t. I had to google it lol. He is apparently in a good prison and has a ” good chance of parole in a few years” lol that was at least 15 years ago now, Nick didn’t even do that much time lol. But he did get a cure for the jungle fever as well. I would really like Peter to return.

  138. From Kat

    I am a bit puzzled, and I know it’s a Soap…
    But what right does Nick have to try and enforce a contract by Blackmail, to have Will give up h is rights as a Parent.
    First of All, He is nothing to the Baby, he is so far only a Boyfriend to the Mother of the Baby…

    I would think a Judge would not like what Nick, an Ex-Con out on parole is doing, using blackmail to keep a father from his child, and the Mother.. Gaby, has No Idea what he is doing.

    And EJ, is he just going to let this happen.. he is an attorney, an officer of the court,
    and he is allowing for Blackmail (ha,ha…) to happen right there,
    by a Man that has No rights to the Baby at all….

    Curious how all this will play out,
    and still think, Will should turn himself in,… do it for your child,
    because whatever time he might get, is not as long as his child’s life..

    Establish Paternity, no matter what..
    and like somebody above said… What is Gaby’s problem about a paternity test, it’s not like she doesn’t already know that Will is the father, or Is HE???!!!
    Gaby is Will’s friend, why can’t she make very sure, that Will’s rights are protected, you would think she would want to do that for Her and Will’s Baby….

  139. From Cassie

    I think EJ and Sami are boring than they have ever been. They are riding on other storylines. They are not on the frontburner anymore. They are best when they are fighting. They are just together, nothing romantic and nothing supercouple-ish.

  140. From steffie

    I really hate that Gabi got mixed up with crazy Nick. I have a feeling that he’s going to kidnap that little baby.

  141. From cassie

    Ricki140, I disagree. I don’t think Will and Sonny should raise that baby. Yes Gabi made a mistake, but so have everyone else in salem, most of them never did time. Gabi should raise her own child. She is not unfit.

  142. From Leah

    Ha, ha Cassie… Days is more than one couple! Its not called the Ejami show (although I do think if they left Days and did a spin off it would be successful with the huge fanbase they have!). Don’t know if Days would survive without EJ/Sami/Ejami though – LOL. If its annoying you tune into the other characters and storylines on the show… or do you think theres nothing much happening there either? Maybe thats more the point!
    PS: See Alison Sweeney caved into Safe fans pressure after their ridiculous ranting and raving at her for posting Ejami pictures and talking about their romance etc etc… She did it on her site for the Ejami fans who she said have waited for so long and so patiently. Safe fans attacked the heck out of her accusing her of playing favourites. How pathetic and sad is that? At least we Ejami fans went to bat for them “as a couple” but we never attacked personally the actress herself like Safe fans have. I think they should be ashamed of themselves for the things they have said to her. Its despicable!

  143. From Pretell

    142,If Days survived without Bope, Jolena, Steve and Kayla they can survive without EJami. No one person or couple runs Days. Bope fans out numbered Ejami fanbase, its not as large as you think compared to theirs. I am not a Safe fan, but used to be a Lumas fan. I doubt thats true about AS being attacked by Safe fans, something the EJamis made up. Ali S is not TPTB. She can’t change who she is paired with.

  144. From pretell

    142,If Days survived without Bope, Jolena, Steve and Kayla they can survive without EJami. No one person or couple runs Days. Bope fans out numbered Ejami fanbase, its not as large as you think compared to theirs. I am not a Safe fan, but used to be a Lumas fan. I doubt thats true about AS being attacked by Safe fans, something the EJamis made up. Even though I am not a Safe, I certainly am not an EJami. I wouldnt wish the rapist on my worst enemy.

  145. From Pretell

    142,If Days survived without Bope, Jolena, Steve and Kayla they can survive without EJami. No one person or couple runs Days. Bope fans out numbered Ejami fanbase, its not as large as you think compared to theirs. I am not a Safe fan, but used to be a Lumas fan. I doubt thats true about AS being attacked by Safe fans, something the EJamis made up. Even though I am not a Safe, I certainly am not an EJami. I wouldnt wish the rapist on my worst enemy.Dispicable is the made up stuff and over the top obession of the Ejami fans. It’s a soap.

  146. From Densie

    Jennifer and Daniel are rocking it. Nancy is going to be a big bully, I can’t wait for daughter and mother to be booted out of Salem when they get caught.

  147. From cassie

    Sami and Rafe is over thank goodness. Now Rafe need a young girl not an old one.

  148. From cassie

    Safe fan, but used to be a Lumas fan. I doubt thats true about AS being attacked by Safe fans, something the EJamis made up. Even though I am not a Safe, I certainly am not an EJami. I wouldnt wish the rapist on my worst enemy.Dispicable is the made up stuff and over the top obession of the Ejami fans. It’s a soap.

  149. From cassie

    Safe fan, but used to be a Lumas fan. I doubt thats true about AS being attacked by Safe fans, something the EJamis made up. Even though I am not a Safe, I certainly am not an EJami.

  150. From cassie

    I am not a Safe fan, but certainly is not an Ejami fan. They can keep that sick kind of love. Nothing pretty about them being together, nothing special at all. I doubt the Safe fans did that to AS. Made up by the Ejami fans I’m sure. All made up. I love Lumi but never got angry at the actors. Trust me, the show will last without them. it did without Bope, Jarlena and others. This is not the Ejami show I do agree.

  151. From Raquel

    Hey 143 and so on, ROFL…HOW many times are you going to post dude. I hate Safe, Lumi,and Ejami. I don’t like Samantha and wish she would turn into a nun. My fav couple will always be Steve and Kay, Bo and Hope and Shawn and Belle. I miss them.

  152. From Nancy

    Wow, strong accusations there. First time I heard that also. I like Sami with all of her guys except Franco. She’s my favorite. I like the switching, it gets tiresome watching the same storyline.

  153. From ToostieR

    Love Ejami, no more of their crazy stuff I hope. Both should grow up and raise their kids. I don’t think any actor will stop the production of DOOL, I do know people would be angry just like when Marlena and John left. As we know it didn’t help us getting angry, they still left.

  154. From Leah

    Unfortunately it is true Cassie as I read many of the posts others posted on her site myself. Whether she has chosen to leave them on her site now or not… I’m not sure. To be honest I found it really hard to believe as you would have to assume its main adults who would be posting. It really did bewilder me and I was rather embarrassed for these people and felt like I wanted to apologise to Alison on their behalf. Yes I am an Ejami fan and love them and will fight for them in an arena like this but I would never go to the extreme of attacking the actor or getting personal with them in that manner. I know this is not the first time this has happened to Alison. She herself has said she likes to keep her opinions and preferences to herself as she has learnt the hard way how fanbases can attack you for it. Anyway I just think its all rather sad really and I don’t condone any fanbase doing something like this whether they be Ejami, Safe, Lumi, Ejole, Jarlena, Bope, Ericole, Bricole, Racole etc etc etc.

  155. From MAB

    Well it’s been days and NONE of my comments have been posted, so I’m done…not worth wasting my time here if my posts ‘about the show’ are gonna be deleted, removed, or ignored.

    This probably won’t make it thru either, but if it does, hey to my fellow EJami’s.

  156. From Barb

    So many of the posts to Alison that I read a couple of weeks ago had nothing to do with being Safe fans. They were from women who are former rape and abuse victims. They are disappointed in the show putting the female victim and her abuser together and for Alison coming out in such a big way to support the s/l. I won’t criticize those women because I’ve never gone through any of that at the hands of a man. It must be a terrible memory that lasts all your life. And I can only imagine it would be uncomfortable, at the very least, to see it played out onscreen, with the victim and the abuser setting aside everything that happened and ending-up as
    And then there are also messages to Ali from other women, like myself, who are far removed from any violence in our lives, but think this s/l is questionable.
    It’s fiction, yes, but a great many viewers are young impressionable women who look up to Alison. Some wrote that she is sending a mixed message with the Days s/l, while on Big Loser she promotes women being strong,independant, and taking care of
    The messages to Alison show there is a significant segment of the viewership that are not happy with the s/l and I can understand that upsets some Ejami fans.

  157. From jolie

    Friday’s show. I am a bit confused as to why Elvis isn’t making a move or is he? He left to make a call but was it only to a lawyer to see what can be done legally? I don’t see it. This story could not be more stupid. Nick thinks he holds all the cards…of course Sami thought the same thing just minutes before. One thing I agreed with Nick about…could Sami and family be any more dysfunctional. Every time one of them opened his mouth…Nick helped him shove his own foot right in. But that doesn’t make Nick and Gabi good parents. That part I get. I just see that Nick is right also. And I am sorry but if I were Nick and Sami slapped me when they were trading insults and names, I’d have slapped her back. I don’t agree that one sex should be all clear to hit the other. This poor child that they are in the dog fight over! And about Sami’s phone…there appeared to be something going on there. Just like Elvis leaving and coming back with really nothing to say…I don’t buy that and I don’t think Elvis will let Will sign something that can’t be broken. Jennifer and Daniel…look on the wall for the clock that says it is over. It is time to pee on the fire and call the dogs in. Time to go home. Chloe is such a liar and I am over caring what happens to her. But I do think Dr Dan is sort of getting what he deserves. And that is Chloe. They got together by breaking up Lucas/Chloe. Chloe helped Phillip break up his marriage to Melanie. This is ridiculous. No way should Jennifer have anything else to do with Daniel. Where is Hope? Bring your gun and pistol whip Jennifer into having some self respect. Nicole and Eric. I think the story is going this way to push Nicole into a relation-aster with someone else and we were thinking and seeing rumors of Lucas. This would only lead to Lucas being more angry so I don’t want to go there.

  158. From gerri

    I agree with your entire post,as we” all know,this Is a soap,not real life,but lot’s of young people are impressionable,the same as In violent movies,how many criminal acts have taken place,by crazed fans?
    I have asked all along,why would the writers put a victim,with their,abuser?I would have thought,there would have been so many angry fans,that the show would have been boycotted.

    I like Ali on Biggest Loser(Real Life)but I can surely see,the 2 sides of her.My biggest gripe has been,she was raped,before EJ would step up,and save Lucas’s life,I wonder how Allie will feel,toward EJ,when she Is old enough,to understand,how these events came to be…

    What advice would Sami be giving Allie,when she’s an adult,and gets Involved with someone like EJ.

    I’ve not seen anything but physical attraction,between Sami/EJ,no substance,and physical attraction does fade over time….

    Oh well.we will see where the writers take this S/L..

  159. From haycam

    The problem is that these people are harassing an innocent actress for a story that other people have come up with. It is gross and kinda creepy

  160. From Doris

    Alison did receive a lot of posts attacking her for the Ejami storyline. I know because my 14 year old daughter follows her on twitter and couldn’t believe how angry SAFE fans were toward the actress. The venomous words should have been directed elsewhere, surely the actress isn’t at fault for her storyline. Maybe they were just upset that Ejami had been trending on twitter the week before. Alison was clearly happy with all the positive Ejami response that she posted pix of her and James on her site with their many gift from the Ejami fan sites, which then spurred a flurry of hateful comments from the SAFE fans. They happened in two different social mediums, which is probably why everyone didn’t get to see the backlash towards Alison.

  161. From Linda

    #156 Barb, excellent post concerning the mail to Alison.

  162. From gerri

    writers please speed up the Nicole/Eric S/L,if there Is going to be one.Nicole Is so sad,best Actress on Days award,goes to her.
    Anxiously awaiting Nancy’s return,to help Nasty Chloe,hopefully win,Daniel back.
    Jenn needs to kick his sorry a___,to the curb pronto.

    Nick needs to go quickly too.
    he came back,and has made a great S/L,but he’s done his damage,so bye-bye Nick,If It’s not In the cards,for Chloe and Daniel to reunite,Yes It would be interesting to plant him,with Chloe,of course Parker would need to go live with his Dad,or Nick would be trying to claim him.

  163. From Kat

    155 MAB, please do Not leave this site. I enjoy your posts so much, all your thoughts about the SL’s and the characters….great IMO

    159 haycam, short and sweet, but right on the money… I agree.

    I say, let the writers do their job, and I know, that they can never please everybody.
    When actors and actresses get attacked personally, there is something wrong and out of hand.. IMO.
    Authors write their books, good,bad or evil, if we don’t like them, we don’t read them…

  164. From jolie

    #158 gerri, I think there will have to be a rewrite of some kind for this to work between Elvis and Sami and for Allie and Sydney…that the rape didn’t happen or some such BS. Writers got us here and they can get us out if our imaginations are big enough and our memories are not.
    And I haven’t seen the ugly emails that this group or that group of ‘fans’ have left for the Sami actress. What kind of people are out there?? This is a soap opera. Daytime drama. Nothing real. But I guess it ain’t ringing any bells due to all the bats in some of those noggins.

  165. From Steffie

    I remember posting on another board and this lady wrote a long message saying she was a fan of Days for many years but stopped watching because DAYS slapped her and her sister in the face when they returned an abused woman back to her abuser and called it love What kind of a message are they sending? EJ let a con man in Sami’s bed. Who does that then turn around and tell the woman he loves her. I love your post #156.

  166. From cassie

    I missed that one Leah. I agree they should be ashamed of themselves. Aly is dong her job. I never saw the chemistry between Safe and I think Ejami’s relationship is disgusting. Abuse is abuse no matter what anyone says. EJ being goodlooking does not exempt him.

  167. From Kat

    So many SL’s on a soap are bad, evil etc. and yes Rape is a bad thing, but it has been done on soaps, incl. DOOL before, back in the 60′s, Bill Horton raping, with physical force, his Brother Mickey’s wife, and yes she got pregnant with Mike….
    Soaps will Never be a Role Model for anybody, as I said before, Soaps should come with a Warning Label… Beware, you are watching at your own risk….
    I understand how victims might feel, terrible, I agree,
    but just about anybody, that watches a soap, can get hurt and upset…
    When murder occurs, attempted murder, child kidnapping, beating people up, keeping children from their parents, Blackmail, locking people up in basements, poisoning people, cheating, and now the Priest and the “Woman”, and worldly temptation…etc…Killing off little children, like Zach, that must have been very hurtful to watch for some people, or Johnnie loosing one eye.. the list goes on…
    Viewers might have experienced situations like they see on screen,
    and it must be very painful, I totally agree…
    But it is a soap, and they use things that happen out there in life, and Yes,
    “Rape Victims” have ended up with their Attackers and married them.
    At least, if it helps or not, EJ never layed a finger on Sami, he gave her a choice, not a good one, I agree, but he did not hurt her physically, yes emotionally of course, but like it happens in real life also, Sami got over it..
    She shot him, Will shot him… and looky here, EJ got over it… You got to love the Soap World, that’s why I, and I assume so many out there watch it….
    Again, I do not in any way mean to minimize what Rape Victims in this world have/and are still going through, and I am sorry for sure.

    But we see it in Movies, read it in books, and yes, people have ended up together, circumstances are never the same in all cases.

    Poor Will, He put everybody First today, incl. his Grandfather and Father, But His Baby…it’s about your child Will, that should come first.
    Sonny is right, now after the deed was done,
    Nick played Them ALL, it’ all about Will being GAY.

    But I do enjoy the SL.. it’s good and of course everything will get so much more worse,before
    things will look up again for Will. Sure, he will get to be his Daughters Dad, sooner or later.

    Just My Opinions, not claiming to be Right in any way, shape or form…..
    Don’t know if I worded everything alright, English
    is my second language and sometimes things get a bit lost in the translation…

  168. From Debbie

    Wow, great acting by everyone on today’s show. Loved how quickly Nick called out Sami on how genuine she can be when she promises something, but will go back on her promises when the opportunity arises. Sami’s impulsivity kills her every time and even she said to EJ that she played right into Nick’s hands. I also liked how EJ confronted Nick hoping to scare him but again, Nick called him out this time. His craziness has made him a formidable foe to anyone who crosses him and I’ve been loving Blake’s acting. He’s rocked every crazy scene he’s been in. I never thought I’d say this but I’m not even missing Kristen when Nick’s onscreen. He’s a different kind of villain and coupled with Chloe’s personality change since she’s been back, both of them seem to be the new brand of villains now. I’m enjoying the drama both are bringing to the show and it’s a welcome relief from the usual villains. Speaking of Chloe, she may promise to geographically avoid Jennifer and Abby but that doesn’t mean she can’t bully them some other way, like through cyberspace. Wouldn’t put it past her, especially now that Nancy’s back to stir the pot.

    I agree that Will’s being depicted as too weak, but I can’t help but feel sorry for him. My maternal instinct just wants to wrap my arms around him and hold him close. Chandler portrays his character with such sensitivity and angst and I’m glad Sonny’s there to offer support and give him some perspective on what Nick’s agenda really is.

    Ugh, I don’t know why they keep showing Kate and Rafe hooking up. He reminds me of a gigolo and she his female client who’s paying him for sex. She needs to be with an older man and he needs to be with someone a lot younger than Kate. Although I always enjoy seeing Rafe make out with a sexy woman, Kate just isn’t the right one, IMO.

    And I don’t think EJ’s not thinking of some way to help Will. Just because he didn’t dispute Nick’s contract with Will, doesn’t mean he won’t do something to help him. I see the wheels turning in EJ’s head and I’m sure he’ll find something on Nick.

    And lastly, a shoutout goes to Lucas for saying how ashamed Tom Horton would be to see what Nick’s doing, and to add that Nick’s “not a Horton”. Go Lucas!

  169. From jolie

    #165 Steffie, we have bantered all of this around on here and there is a definite line drawn…those who want Sami and Elvis together whatever has happened because what happened is in the past and those who can’t get past what has happened. Yes, and all of this has happened on soaps in previous years. Rapists who later get together with their victim. But this is a different age I think. Women have more choices than they had 20 years ago. I think this is at the center of the matter.
    #166 Cassie, people are so volatile on their thinking and not sure all know the difference in the real world and Ali’s job. But you are right, abuse is not right and good looks are like money…don’t come anywhere near making it right.
    #167 Debbie, you are so right, Nick is rockin’ his crazy. I hope you are right, that the writers are going with something new here and this didn’t just happen by chance that we got 2 nutjobs in different storylines at the same time. Chloe is so obvious that I am thinking she isn’t crazy-sly like Nick but rather that Daniel is just dense. The mother of his son would not do anything like that and he told her not to and she said she wouldn’t…end of story. I think things will rise to new heights of bad taste once Nancy arrives! She was good the last time around…good and nasty. And bully they will. Meanwhile, Nick is so nutty that he doesn’t back down from Dimera?? Got to love him for that. And that he shoves it back on Sami…I am loving that as well. I hate that it is over the baby when none of them deserve to be parents or have enough morals to raise a child. I do feel for Will but he is a bit wishy washy and needs to step it up if he wants to be a dad. I think that Elvis will be there in the end and make sure Will’s interests are taken care of…one way or the other. In the spoilers, Sami tells him to take care of Nick. She is stepping over a line that she can’t step back once done…what am I saying. She shot Elvis in the head which is much of his problem as it gave him a lobotomy and he hasn’t been the same since. And poor Lucas, is that the best he can come up with…invoking the name of Tom Horton. Time to really take a stance here…go public or sign over your rights and go home and keep your mouth shut…I don’t think either will happen.

  170. From Barb

    Debbie #167 I agree with all of your comments except that the fun of Kate and Rafe’s sexual encounters works for me for right now. Leave it to me to enjoy two unattached people having sex whenever possible!! lol – as long as it isn’t hurting
    anyone else.
    You are so right about all the terrific acting today. It was great how Nick stood up to EJ. Those evil DiMeras don’t scare our crazy Nick! And I also loved how Nick called Sami out. Sonny has this all figured out exactly right what Nick has been up to, but Sami is also right that she played right into Nick’s hands. Not only today but every time she blew her top and went on the attack. She gave Nick the justification he needed to do what he’s doing.
    But I also agree with you that EJ will probably come up with something, and then there’s that guy getting out of prison who wants revenge on Nick. That’s supposed to cause Nick to unravel in
    some way.
    I loved what Lucas told Nick about his grandfather and Nick not being a Horton.

    We see now that Chloe and her mom are up to absolutely no good. . . . together! I was bored with the Abby/Cameron scenes. Too much good going on with the baby story I guess.

  171. From MAB

    #163 Kat – it’s not my intent to leave this site, but I’m not gonna continue to waste my time commenting if they’re not gonna put my posts thru.

  172. From bobby

    Why didn’t Will, or anybody else find out if Gabi wanted Will out of the baby’s life before signing the papers? Rafe is a cop. Why isn’t he questioning Nick’s obsession about being the baby’s father? Can’t even say adoption would have been an option to keep her away from all the disfunction. After all, look how Chloe turned out.

  173. From Leah

    #156 Barb… I wouldn’t say the majority that posted were against Ejami. In fact the majority were Ejami fans as what Alison posted was in relation to Ejami. I notice though you didn’t deny it happened. I just think its all rather sad.
    #160 Doris… thank goodness there is another poster on here who has seen the garbage written to Alison to back me up. Thanks for confirming my posts! :)
    Barb I also understand why people may have their issues with Ejami. But I do think it is DANGEROUS to compare a fictional written soap to real life events. James and Alison are wonderful friends and they themselves (as stated) are happy to be bringing this Ejami lovestory. IF actors themselves are happy, comfortable and at ease with it then that is what is important and matters. I really do think if this type of thing upsets people because it reminds them of something that has happened in their real lives… then they should well and truly TUNE OUT! But leave the actors alone and don’t get nasty or personally attack them for goodness sake. Case closed!

  174. From jolie

    #172 Bobby, that is a good question. Why has no one told Gabi what is going on with her nutjob almost husband? Why would Will not tell her? Or Sonny for that matter? And Rafe has Kate on his mind…he doesn’t have as much free time on his hands when he and Kate are playing as he did when he was trying to figure out what the heck he saw in Sami and where she would come loose next. And you are right, adoption on this show is not a good prospect for a good upbringing as opposed to real life.

  175. From Kat

    Barb, why do you think that Rafe and Kate are keeping their relationship so secret…
    Are they ashamed to show their feelings openly….
    and I agree, they are two un attached adults, just like Sami and EJ, and they can do whatever they want…

    171 MAB, I am glad to hear it…
    maybe you should ask, why your posts are not showing….
    it should Never hurt, to ask a question….IMO..
    Straight forward question and then answers…and One will know where they stand…
    Good Luck.

    Dan and Jenn, right now for me … don’t have words,
    however, there are many on here that enjoy Jenn and Dan, and I will respect that.
    Chloe and Nancy, wow, can’t wait, let the games begin.

    Abby and Cameron, sorry, but IMO, No Chemistry at all…boring.

    Still don’t understand, how Nick,now for the second time, gets away with Blackmail….
    I only wish Chad and Will could get together, with the help of Melanie,
    and bring Nick down,
    and of course be ready to face their own consequences.

    But then again, we would not have this SL right now, so I am ready to hang in there with Nick getting his way for now.
    Hope he will get his in the end…

  176. From Leah

    #167 Kat… GOOD POINT! That is only one issue on a soap that people want to harp on about. As you say there are many, many issues and storylines fans could get all bent out of shape over and over again IF they chose too. I really think if people can not make the clear boundaries between fictional writing and real life THEN a soap is definitely not the place they should be visiting or watching. I hope Days writers proceed with caution in relation to Nick. Imagine what will happen if they write that he was raped in prison… hence his hatred and dislike towards gays. It will stir up another hornets nest. JUST think about all the crazy storylines we’ve had on soaps in general for years and years and years. If fictional soap land is not for you… turn it off.

  177. From Barb

    Maybe we will see a stronger Will when he confronts Nick about him not wanting Will to have rights to his daughter because Will
    is Gay.
    (A spoiler says Will is going to confront him.)

  178. From MAB

    Gonna try one more time. Let’s see if this gets posted…

    Nick finally admits the ‘real’ truth to Will. Spoilers say “Sonny tells Will this had nothing to do with Sami and everything to do with Will being gay. When Will confronts Nick, he admits it”. Nick has lied all along, and everything out of his mouth has been BS! He has wanted Will out of Gabi & the baby’s life from day one just because he’s gay. This has nothing to do w/ Sami at all, and everything to do w/ Nick. Nothing Nick said to any of them at the hospital holds any water, and I can’t believe they all just stood there and let him get a way w/ it. Of course, I can already see EJ & Sami thinking about their next move, but Will just stands there looking pathetic. I can’t believe Will can’t & won’t stand up to Nick. I don’t care what Nick says, he hasn’t a leg to stand on. I don’t see how anything Nick has can be admissible in court when he is blackmailing Will into signing the papers to give up his parental rights. Will has a lot of ammunition he can use if he’d just stop acting like a victim. He only seems to stand up to Nick’s garbage when it comes to Sonny, yet still goes around blaming his mother, when it is Nick who’s the cause of everything happening. And Nick, well he may be “getting his way” for now, but it won’t last. He isn’t a formidable foe, he’s a psycho that will either expose himself, or get exposed by someone else. And I’d say that will either be EJ & Sami, or his prison buddy who is on his way to Salem for revenge against Nick. Spoilers also say Gabi starts to wonder about Nick’s obsessive behavior. Ya think??? She shoulda thought about that a long time ago. He wants to isolate Gabi & the baby. That is scary!! I still say any real danger that comes to Gabi will be by Nick’s hand, no one else’s.

    EJ has been great w/ Sami…supportive and reminding her she’s doing nothing wrong. And she isn’t, just trying to protect her son and his rights. Sick of everyone blaming her when all she’s doing is speaking the truth, but I guess telling the truth is frowned upon when you’re an outcast of Salem’s elite citizens. I mean, just ask Chad how that went for him. Spoilers say EJ & Sami are gonna be scheming against Nick! Can’t wait to see them work together, instead of against each other. They should be unstoppable! Besides, someone has to take psycho Nick down, and who better to do that than the 2 best schemers on the show!

    Alright, Stefano is BACK this week! About time the real villain returns to Salem! And John is back too! I don’t expect to see “brotherly love” between them, I expect to see 2 foes going at each other. So if that means Stefano toying with people’s lives and getting away with it, I’m all in! I don’t care who ends up living in the mansion, if we get drama out of it, I’m all for it.

    Chloe accomplished what she wanted, she got Abby there, provoked her. Daniel only knows Chloe’s part of the story, and Jen didn’t bother to tell Daniel what Chloe did to Abby regarding Jack. Chloe had no right to say the horrible things she did about Jack, so I don’t blame Abby for attacking her. But with that said, Abby is acting too cocky. She is acting the same way she did w/ Nicole. She needs to stay out of her mother’s relationships. And Daniel needs to get a clue!

    Funny to see Rafe actually being a cop. I almost forgot what his profession was! He was on the case about the guy at the church, and the altercation w/ Abby & Chloe. Wow, aren’t there any real crimes to solve in Salem? Oh well, I guess it’s to give Rafe something to do, other than yelling at Sami. Hey Rafe, if you wanna really solve some real crimes, check out your bed-buddy’s past! She is loaded when it comes to breaking the law!

  179. From Barb

    Kat #175 so far there has been no reason for Kate and Rafe to reveal anything. The way I see it, it’s nobody’s business.

  180. From MAB

    #167 Kat – ditto, soap operas and their characters are not and should not be role models for anyone! In fact, that also goes for most of the entertainment industry! People take things way too serious when it comes to celebrities.

    #173 Leah – nope you’re not the only one who saw the garbage most definitely Ali Sweeney got slammed by a lot of Safe fans over EJami. She & James are excited about EJami, and some just want to bring her down! It’s horrific behavior, and those who took part in that tirade against her should be ashamed of themselves…over a fictional character nonetheless. Makes NO sense! And I’m with you about comparing a soap opera to real life. I’ve always said it can’t be done, because there is NO comparison period!

    I agree, why isn’t anyone talking to Gabi about this? Nick has NO right to speak for her and her baby that isn’t his! It’s down right idiotic that anyone is allowing Nick to have any control in this. He is no one, nobody! And yes, Rafe should be questioning Nick since he’s a cop, but he’s too busy thinking w/ his other head these days as all he seems to want to do is jump in the sack w/ Grandma Kate!

    #175 Kat – oh believe me, I have asked and got no explanation!

  181. From Kat

    177 Barb,
    Will now confronting Nick is a bit late,
    he should have listened to Sonny before, and take more time to think this over, and yes talk to an attorney…
    What can I say, the story will goes as planned, and give us a lot to write about…
    176 Leah, thank you,
    yes, we agree, Soaps are not the best thing to watch, when you have terrible issues in your life, and some of these issues become the center of a SL.
    It can be very hurtful,
    I do remember very well, when little Zach got hit by a Car…
    I could hardly watch it,
    my own little brother got hit by a truck and died. I was only 6 years old, but I remember it all my life.
    Watching Hope and Bo, I did remember my own Mother and Father, heart breaking..
    I talked about it when it happened at the time. However, I never said that the writers should Not have written that story, there are lots of people like me, that have suffered through one or the other ordeal, that we see on the screen.. such is life…
    When it gets to bad, tune out, I did a few times….and then came back…

    Sorry about my story, but Writers can not be sensitive to everybody’s lot in life, or they would never be able to write any SL’s at all..

  182. From Kat

    178 Barb,I so agree,
    and IMO, the same goes for EJ and Sami, but all those “Nobody’s” in Salem don’t seem to get the message. So, yes, Rafe and Kate should keep it a secret, for all the “Somebody’s/Nobody’s” in Salem of course will make it their business for sure….

    Still wonder though, once it does come out, and it will come out for sure,
    will Rafe stand proudly besides Kate..
    I hope he will, he chose to be with her, knowing all about
    HER, just like he did know all about our Sami…
    Just curious, ok…

  183. From haycam

    MAB there is no reason for them not to post your thoughts! I look forward to reading your posts every time I come on this site! If u leave so do i

  184. From Kat

    MAB, Lordy, I had missed your posts, so glad you are back.
    I agree with haycam, I always look forward to reading your posts,
    but I would not leave, ….LOL,
    somebody has to stay and defend Sami and EJ, LOL…
    Haycam, I do not think that MAB would want us to leave…

    MAB, having said all that, I do not agree, that it was Right for Abby to physically attack Chloe, and her Mother approving of it, even after the fact.
    I know Chloe did provoke Abby, abut Abby’s Mouth was pretty bad too, IMO

    Abby should stay out of things, didn’t she learn anything from the Nicole situation….
    Dan, has a lot of women problems, doesn’t he…

    I think the reason nobody is going to tell Gaby, or anybody else,
    Nick made them promise, that all that happened will stay in that room, or Else…

  185. From Leah

    Ejamis…. Check out Days 3/4/13 Soapnet Promo on youtube…. EJAMI ARE HOT!
    Also like way Days is promoting Tuesday (5th March 2013) show as well. They say in regards to Ejami scenes…. scheming seduction, scheming demise, scheming lovers who use their scheming acts as an aphrodisiac. Woo hoo, bring it deliciously on! This is the Ejami I’ve been waiting to see. Them together taking on the world :)
    PS: Notice it is Sami leading and wanting to take EJ back over to the dark side. Ha, ha. You go Sami girl!

  186. From Michelle

    You know, I have a big problem with the outcry of what happened between EJ and Sami in that car….
    Storylines change so quickly, attitudes of the characters change, the focus changes…. so I would understand about their outcries if the show chose to focus on EJ raping Sami and Sami loving him FOR it, but that’s not the case. Their story is bigger than that. And as someone who was molested as a child, and raped as a teenager and another time couple years back, I know some would attack me and ask how can I support a couple like that, but I’m able to support EJ and Sami because they are characters and not real people, just characters with complicated personalities. Characters whom I very much enjoy. I don’t look for Kooky DAYS OF OUR LIVES for life lessons. The same soap that kills and brings back to life the Evilest man in Salem. The same soap that rapidly ages children just to advance a storyline, the same soap that created alien twins (Rex & Cassie anyone? LOL).
    No, I know that I need to seek PROFESSIONAL help for what I went through, not a show.
    And another point… a few weeks ago, I read this very very very long blog about Rapes in Soaps, specifically GH, and it’s crazy how many rape storylines they were able to show. And yet most of the Rapists are current very popular characters on the show. I’d say GH has DAYS beat on the amount of rapes written and yet, they have more viewers. I just don’t get it. Not saying Rapes are attractive, just saying Rapes on Soaps aren’t that big a deal in soapland, if that was the case we wouldn’t be last place every time.
    I’m not saying this to get attacked, but these are just my opinions on the issue, and I really don’t want a full blown debate about it either, but it has just been on my mind.
    This soap has touched on so many things, and honestly the most offensive thing that this show has done lately is let Gabi off the hook for starting the DAYSaster without showing any morsel of remorse for all the people that died in that explosion. She looks Abigail in the face everyday without a twinge of regret for what she caused. Just disgusting.
    Well… those were my thoughts.

    I loved today’s show by the way. Will is lucky to have Sonny by his side, soon he will get his mojo back! {I hope!!}
    Lucas, he is not my favorite but he is growing on me, being such a protective father, I wish he was smarter though.
    Sami, she broke my heart today. I cannot wait for her schemes. I wonder how long it will take for Will to let her in on Nick’s homophobic confessions…
    EJ, he broke my heart as well. I really hoped he had something up his sleeve, but he was blindsided by all of this, he couldn’t prepare, and you can tell he was hurting for Sami and Will, knowing he couldn’t stop Nick. But you bet your a** that I was cheering him on when Mr. Dimera showed up. A lot of people have been saying “where is EJ” and I think he’s back. He needed that push, so thank you Nick!
    I’m glad Chloe is not backing down on her fight, Jen is ridiculous and annoying. I think I’m beginning to hate her. It’s not like she’s a character “you love to hate” But I just can’t help it. I just hate her. I can’t wait till she fades to the background, she doesn’t deserve all this airtime.
    The chemistry between Abby and Cameron falls a little flat, but I did see improvement in Cameron’s character today. So that’s a good thing.
    Kate, I don’t even recognize this lady anymore. But whatever, her ex is coming back home to shake things up so I’m ready for it.

  187. From Michelle

    I found that long a** blog

    and here are other links about GH and their rape-a-thons.

    Now what must be wrong with the GH viewers who stuck through these storylines?

  188. From gerri

    I find It baffling,to some that watch Soap Operas,being accused,as not realizing,It’s not real life,while on the flip side,others,are very passionate,as well,but have their own favs,and their words,sound the same,but they “”know”" It’s only a soap.


  189. From Michelle

    I guess my gripe is that, people hold on to a storyline that happened and was resolved 6 years ago. I don’t know if your response Gerri, was too my long post, but I’m just clarifying.

  190. From Kat

    186 Michelle, good stuff, and I so agree about Gaby, and No remorse, that I can see, only the poor, dah victim.. give me a break.
    I agree with you about Jenn, she is almost a Mini Nick, trying to “Force” Dan into breaking all ties with the Mother of his Son…
    She is withholding Herself from Dan,
    until He does as she asks…
    Nice, and just like Nick, they are not married yet, they are just Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
    OK, Jenn is Not a Nutjob like Nick,
    but they both want it their way….
    never considering the Babies, little Parker or little Ariana Grace…

    Chloe might not have to do anything, Jenn might just mess things up all by herself, putting to many Redic. demands on new Father Dan.
    Michelle, I read some posts the other day, from way back in 2010, and you were on…
    Is that you, even back then, you mentioned that there are two Michelle’s/michele,
    lots of old names I saw, and many that are still on today… like Leah, Clear, patty,

    and others, like BoandHope forever, Boulder something,patsy, Latrice, MAB,Kass, Maryl…

    It was fun to read some of the old comments..

  191. From cassie

    #186 nice long post, but rape is rape and abuse is abuse. We understand that the storylines changes. Television holds great messages bad and good. They should never put a woman with a man that raped her and treated her like crap. EJ and Stefano laughed knowing Sami was sleeping with Faux Rafe. Ej told Sami to tell her own son she didnt want him. I am sorry, I hate the EJAMI characters. I understand how woman could be angry on how they handled rape and abuse.

  192. From Patricia

    Well I left a board because the Ejami fans were so cruel. They got angry when you voiced your opinion. I do not believe a word of it that Safe fans bashed Alison. ———–. Sami and EJ are boring and they look like two skanks in heat. I fastforward through them.

    Removed part of the post as it was seen as baiting. Please feel free to keep posting but we think you will find posters are not disrespectful as in the past. If there are any issues, posters can contact us at with the poster’s name, # of the post, the link to the infraction and we will look into it. Admin

  193. From Michelle

    #189 – Since I don’t have the patience for my laptop, I’ll just leave this conversation at : I’ve seen this argument before and everything to be said about it has been said, and no one ever changes their opinions after such conversations. So thank you for respectfully disagreeing. It shows civil communication can still happen even with volatile topics. Good night.

    I cannot wait for tomorrow, I need to know how Sami transitions from being depressed about Will’s situation to amorous and calculating. And I’m also looking forward to see Will’s light bulb turned on.

  194. From LadyLumps

    Thanks Sonny, for clueing Will into what is really going on in Nick’s twisted mind.
    My sad moment today was when Cameron put his shirt back on :-)
    My grossed out moment was Kafe in bed together once again swapping spit – ugh!

  195. From Richard

    It just could be that the Dimeras are behind Nicks actions.
    What a perfect way to pay Sami back for keeping Stefano’s Grandchildren away from him.
    What a perfect way to prove Sami unfit to raise the Dimera children.
    Seems to me that EJ is helping Nick more than he is helping Will and Sami.

  196. From bobby

    192 Richard-Don’t count E.J. out. First, he has to protect Chad. Then he can go after Nick with a vengance.
    Poor Dr. Dan. 3 women trying to control his love life. No wonder he goes drinking. Glad he’s not operating on me until he gets things resolved.

  197. From Barb

    gerri #187 couldn’t be it depends on which side a person is on, could it?! lol

    Some have said ones offended by Ejami should just not watch. Let’s hope not too many do that for the sake of the show! But on the other hand, if ratings go down, as some have said they already have, maybe the s/l will change.
    Like I wrote in #156, I can’t judge or criticize women who are coming from the place of being raped or abused because I’ve never been there.
    Must be awful!
    I’m not an Ejami fan but for me it’s not due to one incident. It’s the piling on of all their uglies over the years. It’s turned me off. I’ve said before I thought they were really hot when EJ first came to town.
    I’m one who finally gets to the point where I say enough is enough for a couple. It may take a while but I get there. I got to that point with Safe. I’m a big time Rafe fan but not Safe anymore.

    Kat #181 Sonny didn’t know before. Like he told Will yesterday, he figured it out after thinking about it for a while.
    Kat #184 I agree nobody is going to tell Gabi, or anybody else, because Nick threatened them that all that happened will stay in that room, or else…
    And also it would incriminate Will in EJ’s shooting years ago. Nick has everyone over a barrel for now but it won’t last.
    I think bobby may be right and EJ has to first figure out how to protect Chad.
    But there is the attorney/client privacy so why couldn’t Will take Sonny’s suggestion to talk with Sonny’s dad, Justin?

  198. From Barb

    Michelle #186 I felt the same as you that EJ was completely blindsided by what Nick has done. There isn’t much EJ is not prepared for but this was one of the times. But EJ will get to it in a hurry!

  199. From barb

    But,then, no one was prepared, not just EJ. Sami’s been hamnmering away on Gabi all this time and it hasn’t been Gabi at all. Now Sami is convinced Gabi wouldn’t want Will cut out of the baby’s life. And she’s right but where was that faith in Gabi before?! I hope EJ is able to keep Sami at bay while he’s putting forth any plan he comes up with. They may work together but I hope EJ is smart enough to give Sami only a minor role! lol We do want Will to end-up with his child,- right?!

  200. From MAB

    I can’t believe Will stood there yesterday and actually tried to reason why Nick is doing all this, and still blamed his mom for what happened??? OMG, Will stop being so clueless!! Kudos to Sami for what she was willing to do for Will, but the truth is, her sacrifices meant zilch to Nick, because he’s played Will from the beginning, and used Sami as a front as to what his real intentions are, and have been all along. And that is to keep Will from the baby because he is gay! Thank God for Sonny being the voice of reason w/ Will, but why didn’t he bring it up in front of Nick and everyone else instead of waiting until Will signed those papers??? Also, what Will should’ve done was walk out of the room and go straight to Gabi and tell her everything! I’d say things would’ve gone down differently if Gabi was clued into Nick blackmailing Will. Least of all, he should’ve consulted a lawyer, the one EJ retained for him, because no matter what Nick has on Will, getting Will to sign those papers was blackmail! But instead of Will using his brain, he just stood there and continued to let Nick control the situation as he always has. Nick has NO claims here, he is not the father, and he is nothing but Gabi’s boyfriend. I highly doubt any judge would grant Nick any kind of rights after blackmailing the father of the baby. And no matter what, Gabi still has her own secrets that could come to light at anytime and discredit her as a mother. Nick’s plan is full of holes, yet no one seemed to know how to stop him??? I’m so sick of Nick saying “our” baby! Where do these guys get off claiming kids that aren’t theirs??? Guess he got some tips from Rafe. And the abortion thing was brought up again too, and Nick once again blamed Will for something that was all Gabi’s idea, and that’s a fact! So sick of how the really important details are left out!

    Go EJ! Like I’ve said all along, EJ hasn’t gone anywhere! You cross him, and he will retaliate. And so will Sami! EJ got his point across to Nick, issued a DiMera warning, w/ the additional factor that his affections for Sami & Will is a very dangerous game for Nick to be playing. Nick has no clue who he’s dealing with, as EJ duly noted. He acts like he’s not scared, and that is his first mistake. He actually thinks his plan is solid, but that just shows how clueless he is. He may be a genius, but in the common sense dept., he’s stupidity looms. He will feel the wrath of EJ & Sami…that is unless his prison buddy gets to him first. I say whatever bad ends up happening to Nick, he deserves!!

    I loved EJ’s support of Sami. So glad she finally has a man who lets her be herself w/o judgment and is there for her 100%. He let her vent at the office, but didn’t try to negate her feelings. He was just there for her, w/o prejudice. I just love their relationship! It just keeps getting better & better! They are SO good together, and I can’t wait to see them take this Nick dilemma on together! Go EJami!

    I don’t agree w/ Jen’s demands of Daniel cutting Chloe off completely, but everything Jen said about Chloe is the truth. Jen finally told him what Chloe said to Abby, but Daniel didn’t reprimand Chloe for what she did. He’s still letting Chloe control the situation, and she will until Daniel wises up and take control himself. Also, why does Nancy have to be their substitute nanny, what about Maggie? And why does Nancy want to help Chloe get a man back that doesn’t love her? As a mother, she should want to save her child the heartache. It reminds me of what Kate did for Billie, and we all know how that ended, Billie got hurt because Bo chose Hope, the woman he was in love with.

    Not surprised Rafe defended Kate to Gabi. I guess as long as he’s got grandma in his bed, she gets a pass for everything. He can overlook Kate’s devilish past, but can’t get past Sami’s…how twisted is that??? I’d sure like to know what Kate would think if she knew what creepy Nick was doing to her grandson. Maybe if she wasn’t so self involved and only thinking about her next sexcapade w/ Rafe, she’d be privy to what’s really going on here. Kate’s fling w/ Rafe is clouding her natural instincts, otherwise, she’d be in her grandson’s corner where she belongs, and not giving Nick the benefit of the doubt.

    Abby & Cameron, boring! When is the triangle w/ Chad gonna start? I hope soon!

  201. From MAB

    #181 Kat – so sorry about your little brother, but thanks for sharing that story. I agree, the SL’s can remind you of real life, but to me there is still no comparison. I’m sure everyone has related to one SL or another, as they are based off reality, but it boils down to how it’s perceived. The writers shouldn’t have to go around defending what they write (the same goes for other TV shows & movies), just because someone doesn’t take it too seriously. They can’t please everyone, never have.

    #183 haycam – thank you, I also like reading your posts. You always make good points! I’m not leaving this site, but to get my posts thru, it seems I have to be meticulous in what I say.

    #184 Kat – we often disagree on Jen/Abby/Daniel/Chloe, and that’s ok. We’ve always been able to disagree respectfully. I agree Abby needs to stay out of her Mom’s life! And I’m not defending what Abby said to Chloe, especially since it was a rerun of how she treated Nicole. But Chloe planned what happened and provoked Abby. If I were Abby tho and Chloe started running her mouth about my deceased father I would’ve attacked her too, maybe not choke her (which was a bit overboard), but I would’ve slapped her for what she said. Chloe could say what she pleased otherwise, whatever, but for her to desecrate her father’s memory the way she did, she deserved what she got IMO.

    #186 Michelle – I’m so sorry for what happened to you, but thank you for sharing something that personal that I’m sure is difficult to talk about. But you are right, and like I always say, soaps in no way compares to real life. Also, I agree the writers resolved that SL between EJ & Sami. Time to move on…

  202. From patty

    Michelle, what is wrong is that viewers have been desensitized and made to think by soap operas that rape and abuse is romantic and acts of unrequited love instead of acts of violence, control and cowardice. Not a good message to send to impresionable viewers imo. I always said that EJami reuniting would cause outrage and would be a slap in the face to real victims out there.
    gerri, I am also baffled at how some people are so appalled by what Gabi did in her past and what Nick is doing(brilliantly I may add),which is no worse than what EJ and Sami have done in their past and yet think that it is hot and sexy that they will be plotting and scheming Nick’s demise . Again, I fail to see the romance or the attraction in that.
    I think it’s time for Will to man up and fight for his child on his own without Mommy , her boyfriend and everybody else screwing things up for him, Gabi and their baby.

  203. From MAB

    #181 Kat – I meant to say “the writers shouldn’t have to go around defending what they write (the same goes for other TV shows & movies), just because some take it too seriously”. They can’t please everyone, never have.

  204. From Cougar

    Been a while since i have had much time to post or even read the site. My mother-in-law is now in the final stages of alzheimers. She went down hill fast after a stay in the hospital for a stomache virus and now are getting her settled ina nursing home and taking over power of attorney for health and finances.

    Cant wait for Nancy to start the meddling. It will be like watching a train wreck or a house fire. It some thing you shouldn’t watch but you just can’t take your eyes off. Kristen was a much awaited returning veteran because of the insane havoc she reeks Nancy brings the same to the table.

    Jen, Jen, Jen. Why do you ask the impossable? Expecting Dan to parent Parker with out contact with Chloe is just plain nuts. We get why you want as little exposure as possable the toxic waste Chloe is creating. It still takes two unless your a deadbeat parent.

  205. From Cougar

    Meant to add, loved when EJ got in Nick’s face yesterday and told him that he may not be as smart as he looks if he wants to take on a DiMera.

  206. From gerri

    Heartfelt sadness for your family.
    this disease is so horrible.
    My Mother-In Law,was diagnosed at Age 54,and lived until age 79,so I know,what you are dealing with.God Bless you all.

    Michelle,When Is rape ever resolved?yes my response was to your post.

    Barb,and Patty,we think alike.
    whether you live in the real world,or living In fantasy land,depends on which characters,and S/L’s ,one likes and pulls for.
    just saying again…double double standards here.

    Yes It’s hard to forget,how Stefano and EJ
    laughed and laughed,at Sami being In bed,with Robot Rafe,whom they put there.
    I say,Sami,Is finding out how the other side feels now,I think Helpless Is the word,but never fear,The DiMeras will take care of Nick(unless they are behind him,In some way)In this case This would be big time revenge against “The Brady Bunch”..

    Hard to believe That the writers have turned Any DiMera into a decent human being forever,I think
    trouble lies ahead,around the next curve.
    Sounds like lot’s of fun ahead for,
    Jenn/Daniel/Chloe,when Momma Nancy,gets there.

  207. From patty

    Cougar, I loved how Nick didn’t back down from Elvis and his Demira threats. If EJ was so smart, you’d think he could have prevented what was happening instead of having to resort to plotting Nick’s demise with Sami. I thought EJ looked bored with the whole thing and couldn’t care less one way or another. Like Richard said, he seems to be playing into Nick’s hands more than he is helping Will.

  208. From jolie

    #188 gerri, I find that baffling as well. It makes me think of Rafe going to lengths to protect Gabi which is wrong and Sami going to lengths to protect Will which is correct. I see both as the way it would actually play out in real life but it doesn’t seem to wash here. I think it goes along with how some characters don’t show remorse over what they have done…Gabi…while others have crimes that have never seen any kind of remorse..Sami would seem to fit this category as well. I am not just picking on her…she just fits herself into so many categories.
    #191 Cassie, I am not a fan of the coupling of Elvis and Sami, mostly as Sami’s character needs some rehab before I can support anything she does (the actress is a favorite though and wonderful) but I get what you are saying. I wish some of the stuff had not happened between these two so I could enjoy the story better as it progresses between them. Things have been so ugly and the crimes they have committed and the abuses they have heaped on one another are ridiculous when it now comes to a time that it all should be seen as the past, over, done. Even if Elvis had never raped Sami, the other things would warrant her shooting him in the head…oh wait, she did that and now they laugh about his lobotomy which has made him rather bland. I hope I can find a way to enjoy their story but right now, I am not on that wagon.
    #197 Barb, good post. Sonny is a good ally for Will because he is more of a thinker and less quick to jump in with both feet. I am a bit puzzled as to why Will is adamant about talking with Justin but Justin might have to excuse himself due to his drawing up the paper for Nick to use against Chad about Gabi. And yep, no one will tell Gabi and she’ll get deeper and deeper into the nightmare called Nick (who by the way is one of the best actors on the show right now). I liked Elvis getting into Nick’s space to threaten him but Nick is so high on control and his own power here that he ain’t buying in! Also I can’t imagine a notary who would be a part of this kind of scenario. The guy was just a witness and stamped off on the signatures and does not necessarily know what is going on as he doesn’t need to know what is in the paper but rather that the signers are who they say they are by some kind of identification. I am a notary and the one thing that you are not to do is be part of something illegal. Blackmail is illegal but maybe the guy was just dense and thought everyone was just always that exceptionally tense. If I walked into a situation like that, I’d have walked right back out. But then there would not be a nice legal turnover of the babydaddy rights so that is why Nick didn’t ask me to notarize his documents.
    #199 Barb, too funny but too true. So far all Sami has done is made things extremely worse by running her yapper. She can’t help herself and Elvis is getting to be like Lucas…telling her to keep her mouth shut and she no more listens to Elvis than Lucas. Oh no, now Elvis is becoming Lucas!
    #202Patty, good post. It does appear that Will should go to Gabi and tell her as one of her oldest friends and the father of her child about what is going on. I don’t care what he signed or what Nick says, spooky guy that he is. Man up and go talk to Gabi. But I know it isn’t in the cards. I hate the story has strung Nick up on this high wire and now he will have no safe place to jump off. The character will likely have to go after this since he now has most all of the town against him and out for his head on a stick (except Julie who is off watching HSN to get some pantaloons for her next cruise, Jennifer who is having custody issues of her own-custody of Dr Orange, Hope who is in a time warp and was getting to look all strange when Bo’s name was mention but now he is forgotten again.)
    #204 Cougar, bless you, your family, your mother in law for what you are going thru. Good to hear from you. I too can see Nancy as a train wrecker but was surprised when she called Dr Dan then Chloe and it appeared that Chloe was calling the shots. That sure hasn’t worked so far. Jennifer, time to move on!
    #205 Cougar, let’s just hope that Elvis is still as Dimera as he was. Nick is crazy and smart so a deadly combo and he doesn’t take no…just not in his vocab. And I think he is truly crazy enough that Dimera will not scare him. Maybe going back to jail would be a threat. Right now, he is so focused on being married and being a daddy that he is not seeing anything else. He’ll find a way to plow thru anything in his way.
    #207 Patty, Elvis seems disengaged with what is happening. The old Elvis would have called in the heavy artillery and taken care of business. So now does he have to wait for Sami to tell him to do it??

  209. From Kat

    Hey MAB, great post, you addressed everything very well IMO.
    Thanks about my little brother, but if you remember all talked a few Christmases ago about our Losses, like you with your Mom.We lost our little brother shortly before xMas… Never forget…

    but I would never blame a Soap for bringing up memories in me, like with Zach… It’s a story, and even in real life, you see tragic Stories about children being killed just about every day.

    How could Will go to Gaby, after he signed the papers, that would defeat the reason why he signed them in the first place.

    He should have refused to sign them and Go To Gaby and tell her what Nick is up to.

    Still say Will put his Family/Grandfather Comiss..First, before His own child.

    I think Roman would never have let Will sign his Rights away, in order to be Protected. None of His Family would have wanted that Kind of Protection for themselves.

    He chose to give his child over to an Ex-Convict out on Parole… Nick, you did not Serve all your time yet, you are out, because Your family etc. put their Reputation on the line, to get You Out Of Jail.

    But of course, I enjoy watching this Plot going on…that’s is why I am watching to watch all these wacky SL’s unfold.

    About the Sami/EJ Rape story…
    IMO it does and never has compared to what Some women out there have gone through, when Raped by a brutal, disgusting Human Being, in fear for their life.
    At least Sami made a bargain to save Lucas,
    with a Man, that she Fell in Love with, the moment she laid eyes on him… she has lusty feelings for him, and he never physically forced her. … And after she had Johnny, she still loved EJ, and she willingly and lovingly went to bed with him… I watched the video there is no doubt about it..

    Now after all this, Sami and EJ finally admit to each other, and the world now, that they have always Loved and wanted each other….
    so who is to say, that Sami really did not mind to much, giving in and accepting EJ’s bargain…
    She sure never did press charges…
    The writers could clear this whole debacle up with the stroke of a pen….
    I am going to move on from this subject,
    it’s a soap, and I watch sort of every day, AT MY OWN RISK.
    If there is a problem so big, fans should contact TTPB/writers, but Not take it out on the actors. IMO

    I don’t think there is anybody on this site,
    that personally condones “Anything Bad or Nasty going on in Salem”, we all know it is fictional and meant to be entertainment, A Little bit for Everybody…

  210. From MAB

    It’s not only time for Will to step up, but time for Gabi to step and take control of her & her baby’s life and stop letting Nick run the show.

    I for one as a viewer do not allow soap operas or any other entertainment outlet to be control my way of thinking of real life situations. And I don’t think soap operas glamorizing abuse or disguising it as love. Every SL & situation is different, no one is the same, and no 2 are gonna have the same outcome. And what happened between EJ & Sami that night is still perceived differently…some think it was rape, others don’t. But the fact still remains this is not real life, and no TV show or movie can ever compare to a real life experience. There is a huge difference.

    Ali definitely got a backlash from some Safe fans over the reunion of EJami, but she got even more support from the large range of EJami fans that more than likely cancelled out the outrage she received by those few indecent Safe fans. As horrific as some where to her, she had many more supporting her. I’m sure the flack doesn’t bother her in the least.

    #204 Cougar – so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I’ve never dealt w/ Alzheimer’s, but the rest of it (going down hill fast, nursing home, etc.), well let’s just say I’ve been there and it’s very hard. God Bless!

  211. From Cougar

    Thanks Gerri & Jolie for your kind words. We knew this day was coming and were preparing but that doesn’t make it any easier.

    Patti that is the flip side I also enjoythat Nick is not intimidated by EJ. I look forward to see those two joined in a battle. Nick is smart and clever, EJ has the resoures of the Dimera empire. When you have Stephano’s backing plus crazy Kristen in our arsenal thigs could get interesting

  212. From MAB

    I still say Chad beating up Nick was not worthy of agreement papers being drawn up between them. I mean, what judge would throw the book at Chad for fighting? I’m sure he would’ve been reprimanded in some way, but I highly doubt he would’ve served time over kicking Nick’s @$$. Besides, Chad’s crime, if that’s what you wanna call it, pales in comparison to Gabi & Nick’s crimes.

    I think Blake Berris is doing a great job as Nick, but I certainly wouldn’t call him the best actor on the show right now, or anytime. For me, his smugness negates his popularity, much like Rafe. I can’t find anything to like about them, or feel any kind of sympathy for them for any reason. Characters like Nick eventually fall by the wayside. Nick will serve his purpose, and cause turmoil for Will & Co. for now, but he’ll soon get caught, get what’s coming to him, and hopefully disappear. Villains like Nick have no staying power, which is why he’s limited as to what kind of damage he can really cause. He’ll soon be yesterday’s news, and on to the next. So for me, I’d much rather watch the cunning Stefano wreak havoc for all of Salem, because no one does it better, or more consistently. Villains like Stefano can cause chaos, but still has the likeability factor. Now that is what I call staying power!

    There is no doubt Nick is disturbed by what happened to him in prison, it scares him, and from that experience, he’s learned how to hide his fear. So I didn’t find it odd that he acted like he wasn’t scared of EJ. I think it was just an act. He should be scared of EJ tho, especially if it presents the potential for Nick to return to prison. I think it would scare him to the point that he’d end his own life rather than going back there. As for EJ, when has he ever just jumped into going after someone? EJ never exudes that type of stupid behavior…that isn’t the DiMera way of doing things. You plan, you plot, then you go in for the kill. And I’m sure EJ & Sami will come up w/ something to stop Nick in his tracks. But if the duo of EJ & Sami doesn’t get revenge on Nick, I’m sure his prison mate will. And we’ll see who flinches then when the threat of his old prison mate rears it’s ugly head in Salem. We’ll see who is scared then!

  213. From LouLou

    Hi writers,
    Could you please end the romance between Kate & Rafe. Find him someone his own age and return Kate with Stephano or Roman.Its only sex for them there is no love there…

  214. From Barb

    Line of the day today was Sonny saying to Will “let’s say your mom is
    completely sane. . . . .”
    No time to post much more right now but it was a great show. Except that Will didn’t confront Nick. He nicely ASKED Nick. But maybe he will be more confrontational tomorrow. Nice scene between Sami and Rafe but it was too bad Sami is sworn to secrecy and couldn’t tell Rafe what’s going on. Too bad NOBODY can tell ANYONE what’s going on!!

  215. From MAB

    #209 Kat – yes I remember talking about our losses, but since the subject came back up again, I just wanted to express my sympathies to you. Yes, never forget! I agree, why blame a soap opera? If that’s the case, everything on TV could be blamed. They create SL’s, and yes people can relate to them, but in no way do those SL’s compare to what someone went thru in real life. Also, you’re absolutely right about Nick. He keeps claiming he served his time, but fails to remember the only reason he is out is because of Melanie…you know, the girl who almost died because of Gabi’s schemes. How ironic! Not to mention all of his family that went out on a limb for him, and EJ who defended him and ask for leniency. Also, ditto on what you said about the EJ & Sami story. None of us personally condone abusive behavior although we’ve been accused of it. We are intelligent enough that we watch it for entertainment purposes only

  216. From jolie

    #211 Cougar, I think Stefano will have his hands full with Kristen and he surely won’t have time to worry about Sami’s grandchild and who’s the daddy now. And you are so right…Nick is not intimidated by Dimera. But you know he has a chink in his armor so it will be the ex-con in the outreach program. Oh please do not tell me that Eric will have him placed at the Pub to stir chowda! Well, could happen as that is where Nick landed.

  217. From jolie

    #212 LouLou, I sure don’t see Kate and Rafe participating in romance but rather sex. I agree that Kate would be better suited for Roman or that scallywag Stefano. Rafe, time to find yourself a gal!

    I am amazed that no one plans on talking about what happened with Will signing the papers. The room was full. Yes, they were told not to talk and that it would be better that Gabi not find out…blah..blah..blah. Well when has that stopped anyone on this program from talking?? Especially Sami. She loves to spout out. Someone could do the requisite soliloquy in Horton Square for a dozen people to overhear as they press each other into the cold stone walls to have illicit sex. I guess I just don’t believe these people have finally found someone (Nick) to shut them up.

  218. From Michelle

    To those who responded to my posts, I will reply after work.

    P.S. Sami and EJ were something else today, Oh Em Gee…..

  219. From Leah

    My CONCERN with people not being able to separate between fictional writing (in this case a soap opera) vs real life is….
    Where does it stop? We talk about this issue in a soap opera but what about other fictional shows? Lets face it NCIS series, CSI series, Law and Order series etc etc ALL deal with more real issues than a fantasy soap opera. How do viewers go watching or viewing these shows? How many people are writing into these actors or shows and doing the same things some of these Days fans are doing? I am CONCERNED if people are responding to TV shows this way. It makes me wonder just how many people are out here in society walking around with some serious issues or are walking around on the edge… that REALLY need some kind of professional help? I do not think it is fair to attack the actors, writers or fictional shows as I do not see it as NOT their responsibility. They are creating fictional entertainment. If you do not find it entertaining as I’ve said earlier TURN THE TV OFF OR CHANGE THE CHANNEL and watch something that will encourage and uplift you. Nobody is forcing any of us to tune into Days or any other programme. We all do it by CHOICE. So while I understand some storylines to people will be a sensitive (gay rights, homophobia, murder, divorce, rape, drinking or drug problems, blackmail, corrupt cops, swapping babies, keeping kids from their parents etc etc)… a sensitive issue because of real life events in their lives. If it is becoming a problem to separate the two PLEASE seek help.

  220. From Kat

    204 Cougar, I so can sort of relate with you. My Grandson’s Maternal Grandmother, started signs of Alzheimer’s about 1 1/2 ago…. little by little….symptoms ..
    since last summer she is in a Assisted Living Apartment .. especially for Alzheimer’s.
    I go see her there and also take her out for lunch with our friends…
    So far she loves it there very much, is hardly ever in her room, compared to when she was at home…she did not go anywhere…
    My Grandson and I have good talks about her, and we go see her together…

    So, Cougar, I am very sorry for you and your family and your loved one…

    Question… does the Caroline story Help you, or make you sad…

    215 MAB, thank you … good stuff, I agree..

    Again however I am going to post the same question I did before…
    Will signing away His Daughter, to protect His Family and Grandpa, the Commiss..
    If Roman Knew what Will did, how do any of you think… Roman would react….

    and If Kate knew, what was done to her Grandson Will, how would she react….

    Another thing, Kate’s Fling with Rafe … right now it looks like she is the ONLY one, that will have access to the Baby, LOL…look how she is already buying Gaby… and of course sleeping with the Uncle Rafe does not hurt at all…
    Who would have thought that the Mother In Law from Hell, (ok, hold it, Sami is not
    yet a Mother in Law)
    would end up being the big Winner, and how will Kate react that her beloved Son Lucas is also out, out…not just Sami or Will….
    Now this will be when Kate might turn to Stefano….

    Have not watched today’s show yet…. so no comments available…

  221. From Richard

    Nick was the one that said that Johnny and Ali, both, belonged to Lucas.
    If that fact came to light and a blood test could be done on Johnny, It could turn out that EJ is not his father.
    This could be a reason that EJ would be hesitant to go up against Nick.
    Also Kate tried to persuade Nick to falsify the test results.

  222. From Michelle

    #198 Barb – It looks like not only EJ was not prepared, he wasn’t ready to go straight Dimera on him, but I did appreciate the threat he issued to Nick.
    #190 Kat – Yes Gabi’s complete non-emotions about what she did to her “best-friend” kills me. And now I’m being judged because I can gripe about a CURRENT storyline that hasn’t been resolved yet. Gabi has not been outed, Abigail does not know and she has not had the time to process the information to either forgive Gabi or cut her from her life. P.S. unfortunately I was not that Michelle back in 2010, I only knew about facebook at that time, I wish I knew about this place sooner. As annoying as it can be sometimes, I do love the differing POV.
    #201 MAB – Thank you, after I posted it, I felt very vulnerable and unable to revisit the site the whole day because I was afraid of what would be said against me and my feelings towards EJAMI knowing what I went through. But after today’s episode, I was put in such a great mood, I was able to come back.
    #202 Patty – I understand that, but looking at current storylines, those impressionable viewers wouldn’t have ever known it happened. Because they closed that chapter ages ago. Only way they would know is if a) they witnessed it when it happened, b) they saw the YT clip c) Friend or family member caught them up to speed d) they read only what others post about it. But EJAMI wouldn’t be such a popular pairing if the Soap did not do a great job of leaving the situation iffy, there are people who watch the same scene and experience something totally different. One side sees Sami as a helpless victim that EJ preyed on, the other side saw Sami in a tight bind forced to make a decision she did not want to but had to, to save another’s life. There are a lot of victims out there who would have LOVED having the choice to go along with it or not. The opposition will say, being forced to have sex is still Rape, yes that’s true, but that doesn’t make what the other viewers saw any less true. Frankly, it’s a slap in the face of the victims when people who never experienced anything close to rape cry Rape over a woman agreeing to have sex with EJ. Now if a real victim wants to take up the fight, more power to them, they’ve earned the right. I’d still say they should seek help.
    #206 Gerri – Well in the context of the story, they resolved it in 2008 and did not look back. In the context of life, you just have to move on from it, either by going through the justice system, making sure the perp is put away for his/her crimes, seeking professional help and ultimately moving on. Holding on to this one event {or in my case, many unfortunate events} for the rest of your life will only cripple you. I was three and four years old when two different neighbor boys of mine, [we all lived on the same street, they lived across the street from each other], teenagers ranging 15-17 years old, had their way with me and I remember it vividly. As a child, I did not know what they were doing to me was wrong so I went along with it and I wasn’t scared. But they always stayed in my memory, but when I became a teenager I began to realize what was done to me. Not only them, when my family moved from that home to another, I was five by then, my father’s friend had his way with me in our shed in the back yard, I remember those memories and every time I smell the cement floor of a garage, I go back to that day. Still at that time, I thought nothing was wrong about it. Then in high school, a cousin of my sister’s boyfriend forced himself on me, and I finally understood while it was happening that that was NOT what I wanted. I felt broken, helpless weak, and just sad. I was beginning to think why things like that constantly happen to me…. And the very last time.. just two years ago come June, someone I knew for a long time, someone I thought I could end up loving, showed complete disregard of my saying no and made sure I knew he was going to get what he wanted. Out of all the times I had to experience it, this was the worse for me. But I found my closure. Yes it still hurts having to rehash every experience, but I don’t use what happened to me as an excuse to not let myself live.
    So Gerri, Rape is resolved on a personal level, NO ONE can tell a person when it’s their time to let go, they just have to do it when their ready. If not, they are giving their life to someone else.
    And really, I don’t understand your implication that I am some kind of hypocrite, I am not the one going back to ancient storylines to justify my opinions on a current storyline. Especially if the show has not shown any implication that they will re-visit that storyline. I would understand completely, if EJ was CURRENTLY taunting Sami about what happened between them, making her feel small and worthless and that he’s the only one she should be with because NO ONE ELSE LOVES HER, now if that was the situation, I would be totally against EJ and Sami and the writers for making them go there. But the fact is, they are not going there and they are never going to go there. If they ever do go back there, which I doubt, it would only be to show MORE remorse than he’s already shown. But not to make EJ her abuser. I don’t understand why the attitude has to exist in your response to me, when I try my hardest to stay as inoffensive as possible. Yes my views may be offensive, but I don’t attack others for thinking differently than me. Just a thought.

    I love all the grey characters on all the shows I watch… EJ Dimera, Adam Newman, Damon Salvatore, John Ross….etc, so I will never be the person to look at just one situation and make a conclusion on a character, especially if that situation has not be resolved. And I really hate the holier than thou hypocrite characters.

  223. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday March 5th:
    Great show with the exception of Kate and Rafe. Even trying to keep an open mind, I’m not warming up to this pairing. Kristen and EJ and Sami and Eric’s conversations were good brother and sister stuff. With the best line being Eric to Sami after the ‘company’, on behave of EJ, gave the Church School fund a big check was “We’re going to have to name something after him, maybe the gym. The whole EJ DiMera Chapel thing won’t fly”.

    Then EJ and Kristen where he doesn’t want to deploy his DiMera ways for fear of losing Sami. It makes it sound like him becoming this better man, the one that has enticed our vixen Samanther, is dependent upon him forsaking his father which at best has always been ‘if-ee’. Let’s see what is it that I read over and over, they except and love each other no matter what. Except when that big ‘what’ is called Stefano? But Kristen nailed it with “the DiMera’s are born struggling with the concept of goodness but personally, I think that’s what makes us interesting.” But that in itself was strange since she is not a born DiMera.

    Will has finally seen the light about Nick, but a wee bit too late. His rock is still in its hard place and other than confessing, which I would like to see him do or we will be talking about Will shooting EJ forever. I am anxious to see what our Pollyanna’s Hope, Maggie and Julie say about their sweet Nick when this all comes out. Not to mention Marlena since she contributed to his release and the fool Nick has made of everyone is portrayed against her family.

    Sami and Rafe’s run in turned out interesting. He wants to clear the air now that Gabi and the baby are Okay. Sami is at first contrary but then shows some level of feelings. Maybe even sympathy for him because she knows what Gabi is getting herself into with Nick, what Nick has convinced Will is best to do and what does she do? Yes what does she do? For what was intended on being a very romantic, sultry moment between her and the Eeeggg, turns out to be a manipulative therapy session before she drops the big bomb, as Sami reminds him he said he would do anything for her and what she wants is Nick Fallon gone. I guess some green split pea soup spouting from her mouth would have been too costly to include in the scene.

    It looks like EJ being this all powerful lawyer, or putting Will in contact with an all-powerful lawyer isn’t enough. But then Sonny said it best “My dad says EJ is a lawyer the same way Snookie’s an actress.” Oh my this still has me laughing!

  224. From Michelle

    Today’s episode had to be the best of 2013 so far. Sami went to Eric to find comfort about the situation but the conversation immediately changed to EJ and Rafe. What Eric said, was annoying, but he hadn’t seen her face to face in a long time and they never got to talk about her sudden change of attitude towards Rafe, so I understand his point of view. I guess Eric is being a concerned brother and just wants to make sure she knows what she’s doing. No amount of explaining her feelings would change the minds of her family who built a shrine for Rafe. They will just have to witness it for themselves how serious she is about EJ, especially now that Stef is back.
    The Rafe and Sami scenes, I appreciate that he stopped being agressive towards her, now that Gabi is out of the woods. And I appreciate the olive branch he handed her. I wonder how quickly he’ll take the olive branch back once he finds out Sami is not done shaking things up for Nick and Gabi {since they are together, she will be affected either way}
    Will…. your light bulb wasn’t really on today, but I’m still hoping that tomorrow is more promising. He finally admitted that your mom was never the issue, and the fact that you’re gay is. How will you react, what will be your next move? I can’t wait to find out. Will you ever apologize to Sami and will you ever tell her??? Hmmm…..
    I loved EJ and Kristen’s conversation today… EJ was able to clarify for me why he did not do anything to stop Nick. He’s been surpressing that Dimera side of him for Sami, because he doesn’t want to lose her. Well fortunately Sami wants that side of you as well as the sweet caring side, so it’s safe to come out now EEEJJJ. :)
    I saw Chad today!!!!!! And I will see more of him soon, so I am a happy camper.

    And I’d just like to say…. I love that Jennifer was not on today. Thank you DAYS.

  225. From Kat

    221 Michelle, bravo… are a brave and strong Lady…and I am sorry for all you had to go through being an innocent little girl, that didn’t know any better….I totally believe you, that is the way it you…
    And what I like about you, you are not holding the writers responsible, for evoking bad feelings inside yourself again….

  226. From Leah

    Ha, ha Michelle I agree! To be honest Sami has moved on past Rafe and is enjoying being herself and showing the world she is in love with EJ. There is no remorse, no apologies, no hesitation… Sami FIANLLY decided to be true to herself and the way she feels and to hell with everybody else. Good girl Sami! And by the looks of today Sami has always said EJ was a great lover, looks like shes making the most of it and making up for lost time – ha, ha!
    As for Eric or any other family member bringing up Rafe. Whats with that? Does Eric have a man crush? I think the Brady family is in love with Rafe… maybe some of them should make a move on him now that he is Sami free. Oh hang on, Carrie has already done that! Oh well nothing like keeping it in the family I suppose. Rafe certainly doesn’t seem to have an issue with crossing family boundaries so who knows who could be next.

  227. From Leah

    PS: I also agree Michelle… Erics not been around for years and years. He needs to remember EJ has been the MAJOR MAN in Samis life from the moment he walked into Salem. Salem knows Sami has been in love with EJ… I think nearly every one of its citizens that we see on our screens has pulled her up on it at one stage or another. Sami has 2 children with EJ and she is happy. Sami finally has what she has wanted all along. Someone who loves and accepts her for who she is. Warts and all. EJ doesn’t want to change her, in fact he embraces every part of her. Sami finally has the man who has put her number 1 and been willing to change and do whatever to have her in his life. Eric wake up! These are things you know… being a priest doesn’t dumb or numb you from the truth does it? Poor Eric is he as stupid and hypocritical as the rest of the Brady clan? Looks like it… Sami tow the family line! Nah, Sami run for your life. Be true to yourself and be you. I know I love it when you are your sassy, sexy, confident, go after what you want, take no garbage, nonsense woman you ARE!

  228. From Tee

    Hello all!! I seen next weeks spoilers was up so I posted there but lots of good convo over here.

    I will say it as Days said it They are not going to revisit a story line they settled and moved past, just because a miniority of fans want to see them do it.That is in reference to the Ejami “Rape” stuff. It has been addressed years ago by both and moved past, They have many ways to gage what fans think and feel about it and most feel its a soap and has been addressed and over with.

    Heres one quote on it

    QUESTION: One item that kept popping up in some fans minds is that EJ did rape Sami, and how could she be with her rapist. What are your thoughts?

    QUOTE: JAMES: “I think I have answered that question enough. And frankly, regardless of what a small number of the audience may think, the show has moved on past that and is not going back to it.”

    So there you have it Not sure why anyone keeps pushing the show addressed it, and moved on from it.Are we gonna keep all babies and kids from Marlena because she was once possessed and burned people on fire?No that was done and over with,If Sami, EJ, Jack, all were so called rapers then logically they should not be with anyone real society.Ironic its ok for Sami to be with Rafe after she raped a man, and Jack to be with Jennifer after he raped Kayla.It is a soap and all those storys are past done by different writers and already addressed.

    Some good tidbits for ya all
    Sami needs Stefanos help and he would like his son and family to move in to the mansion.

  229. From patty

    Ok, now Eric is the bad guy for wanting his sister with a decent man sooner than with a Demira criminal. I’m sure Eric has been in touch with his sister through the years and that she kept him up to date with all the horrible things EJ did to her and her children. Do you guys really expect everybody to just jump up and down with joy that she’s going to be with a man like that, knowing how fickle hearted Sami is. Like Eric said, only a few short weeks ago ,Rafe was the one she wanted.
    Sami turning into the badass seductress today was way over the top . The sexy vixen role is not her thing. The clawing and panting in bed was nothing short of grotesque imo. The Rafe and Kate sex scene were done with more taste and they’re only friends with benefits.

  230. From Michelle

    Lol Leah, yea Sami is confident and secure, I love it. And the amount of control she had over EJ was so crazy! lol. EJ is like puddy in her hands lol.

  231. From Michelle

    Who called Eric the bad guy? I don’t think anyone did. But I do find it funny that when Sami went all Anti-Nicole on him back in December, he was *open* to the possibility that EJ can change just as much as Nicole, Sami and himself. But now that Sami has actually made her choice it’s “are you sure you want to be with a guy like EJ”. Which one is it Eric? Can people change or not, or is that mantra only used for Nicole justifications?

  232. From Kat

    Eric, what can I say,,,,
    he forgives and overlooks everything our criminal/etc, Nicole has ever done….LOL
    but EJ gets no redemption from him.
    I would call that hypocritical….
    Most of all for a Priest..

    Is Eric the priest thinking with his head, or LOL, since it is a soap, with the other little guy…
    Eric the priest, has not been fair about Brady or Kristin…or Sami or EJ… where is the Love.. Eric.

  233. From patty

    Well, Eric is being called stupid and hypocritical as is everybody else who doesn’t jump for joy because Sami and EJ have reunited. Sami can tell them all that EJ has changed until she’s blue in the face but they all know that together they bring each other down to that dark place and that can only bring about bad things. Already they have crossed over to that dark side and are about to “get rid” of someone and will be getting chummy with Stephano by enlisting his help and moving into his house of horror. That can only spell doom for Samantha Gene Brady , she will inevitably find trouble and again her children will suffer . And you wonder why her family doesn’t want that for her?

  234. From Kat

    What is going on with my perfectly good posts…
    this is getting real strange, IMO

    Even the “Captcha” is going crazy on me……

  235. From Kat

    228 Michelle, what can One Say,….
    EJ is a Man in Love with his Woman…What else is new…
    I am sure you have heard of Man turning into puddy, but don’t worry, Our EJ, will Always, be The Man, and still be the man and Love His woman.. Sami .. all the way…
    EJ and Sami together, finally, will do just fine..
    they will be ready to take on the World… Together….LOL,
    and it will be so much enjoyment to watch them together finally…
    What great SL’s will lay ahead of us,,, I can’t wait, it could be great, if the writers get with it…

  236. From Summer

    I’ve started watching DOOL again. I’ve been enjoying the entertainment and I think that the current story lines are good. Also, my brother is an extra and so I must watch for his 15-30 seconds of silent screen time. Both he and I have watched this show since the late 80′s early 90s and I for one have always loved the grey characters on the show. I’ve never really bought into the good vs. evil mantra. What is evil anyways? Who decides? As a longtime viewer with a love/hate relationship for the character of Sami, I must say it is nice to see her comfortable with herself. I’ve always considered her a good actress and I happen to love her onscreen pairing with the character of EJ. It is FIRE (I’m speaking from an appreciation of the art of acting standpoint)! I also appreciate the character of Nick. Although I loathe his actions, I appreciate his delivery…it’s refreshing to watch. Now if they can just make Dan’s character have a bit more common sense and give Nicole a proper storyline that wold be excellent! Toodles…

  237. From Leah

    You are right # 226 Tee the show had the characters address that issue and put it to rest for good… never to be discussed again (and it hasn’t) in May 2008. Gee, thats nearly 5 years ago.

  238. From Linda

    One would think Alison is the first celebrity to receive negative fan mail. She is not! And I doubt this is the first time she has received any, either. It goes with the territory, getting the criticism along with the praise. I haven’t heard about any stalking or threats on her life so I think she’s a big well paid girl and can handle it.

    The EJ/Sami storyline? Well, it’s simple. Some people like it and some people don’t. For a variety of reasons on both sides. Everyone is entitled!

    I was disappointed yesterday that Will wasn’t strong with Nick. But I think Will’s day is coming.

  239. From jolie

    #219 Leah, valid concern. But some here are concerned that while yes, there is crime, dastardly doings, all manner of killing, kidnapping, general mayhem on most other shows, most of these shows deal with it. Snuff it out, sniff out the perp, slap on the cuffs. They don’t pledge undying love to the goon. I personally don’t have a problem with it as I am not invested in the couple in question with this history that is disturbing. But I find it insensitive that some here think that if some others find fault with this storyline, they need to seek help because now they can’t tell the difference in real and TV shows? Not so.
    #221 Michelle my heart goes out to that young girl in you who lived thru these attacks and has dealt with it. Some can never deal with it so you are right it is on a personal level. I would say that you are amongst a very small percentage of people who can feel as you do. Some will never get to where you are now. I think this is the whole argument. In this age with women still fighting for a voice and children still used as chattel, this is a valid concern.

  240. From Leah

    Yes I understand your point Jolie… but lets face it IF most citizens of Salem got what they deserved we would either have no Days or a rotating, everchanging cast. LOL

  241. From patty

    Good post Linda and I absolutely agree. Critisism comes with the territory and if the role the actor is playing is that of a villain or a screw up like Sami, of course she’s going to get booed and hissed and sent hate mail. I’m sure she is used to it and I don’t think these actors take their role as seriously as some of the fans do, no matter if they love them or not. To assume the negatives remarks are from Safe fans is wrong also. Not everybody is liking the EJami storyline and it’s not because they want her with Rafe. The opposite is true, most don’t want to see Rafe with the headcase that is Sami Brady.
    I’m with you , I am also very disapointed with Will. Time for him to grow a set and for Chandler to show his acting chops. this passive act is just making him look weak. As for Nick, if anything, he is brutally honest and aside from his homphobia, he is brilliant and interesting to watch. He is what is keeping this show interesting and I hope they keep this villain around for a long time because the other ones like Stephano and EJ have long since gotten old and overused. Even Kristen has fizzled out somewhat imo.

  242. From patty

    Excellent post Jolie! And I agree 100 percent!

  243. From patty

    Summer, I don’t see where Sami is comfortable with herself. She’s a hot mess as usual. The only difference is she’s with one man for now and not bouncing back and forth but I fail to see where she is more herself than before, she’s still the same irrational, volatile, self absorbed Sami she always was.

  244. From Summer

    #243 Respectfully, we can agree to disagree. However, if she is still the same irrational, volatile, self-absorbed Sami as she always was, then she is more comfortable with being herself. I view her character as multidimensional, with a great deal of depth and struggle between conventional “right vs wrong”. I also view her character (sometimes, not always) as pushing against gender roles and social constructions of what women “should be or do”. That happens to be interesting to me. I suspect that it will not be interesting to others and I’m okay with that.

  245. From Kat

    240 Leah,
    I have said the same thing before,
    and you are so right…
    And Your One Sentence.. says it All..

  246. From Michelle

    Yes the comments are a little crazy right now, you don’t know when they’ll show up, posters will reference one number, but it ends up being a completely different number. I actually refresh this page on my Google Chrome, My EI and my phone browser and they show different results.

    Todays show was hotter than yesterday, I did not think it would happen but it did.I loved everything about. I even like Chloe’s interactions with Nicole.

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