Days Of Our Lives Video: DiMera Peace Of Mind.

“Time to turn this up a notch.”

Brady defends Kristen, Jenn feeds Chloe a line and Tad shows up to gossip.

Take this look back at Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

One former Salem resident will be popping up on Hallmark next week. Check out Gloria Loring On Marie for the details.

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  1. From SandyGram

    A true egomaniac and Eileen Davidson does a wonderful job portraying the devious Kristen DiMera.

  2. From dc

    you are so right..
    loved seeing “t” on friday.
    friday, it sounded like lucas and will are gonna have their hands full with what nick has planned.
    i am so glad there were no bedroom scenes of sami and ej on friday. seeing them two days in a row (in the bedroom) was nauseating.
    this coming week should be good..

  3. From SandyGrams

    I highly suspect ‘T’ is going to be dragged into the ‘who shot EJ story’ that Nick is going to try and use as evidence that Will would not be a fit father. Nick heard Will tell Lucas ‘T’ knows he shot EJ so I can only imagine Nick will do some blackmailing to get the information out of ‘T. But as we saw the other day that may not be as simple as Nick may think, when Will went to confront ‘T’ as the possible person that sent Lucas the message “I know what your son has done”, it was very clear Will changed his mind and ‘T’ reaffirmed what good friends they are and he could be trusted. So it will be interesting, what the writers come up with for ‘T’ to break that trust, that’s is if the writers are going to put ‘T’in the middle of this saga.

  4. From dc

    good point sandygram..
    i did not like “t” at first especially when he was putting will down for being gay, his character is growing on me..
    i can’t wait to see how they bring max and chelsea back (if they do), i read they might be back in april.

  5. From dc

    oh yea, sandygram, what do you think about the new picture of hope and the (2) bo’s.. i like peter reckell better.. wouldn’t it be GREAT if he could return, maybe with shawn, claire and belle in tow??

  6. From SandyGram

    #5 dc
    That’s a big maybe on Max/Chelsea, Peter and our terrific little family Shawn/Belle and Claire Bare (as Philip use to call her when he thought she was his daughter). This will be the biggest ‘hurry up and wait’ possibility we’ve ever had to go through. By the way nice to talk to you, it’s been a while.

  7. From dc

    yea, sandygram it has been awhile. i figured you were really busy. being disabled i don’t do alot of physical things so i turn to the internet.
    hope you have a good week.
    it is gonna be a wait and see thing with all that is going on with the show.

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