Days Of Our Lives Video: Espionage.

Charging Nicole.

Hope shows up at the rectory to haul Nicole in for questioning.

Take this look back at Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Miselemeas

    I have been dwelling on this quite
    a bit and I have come to this conclusion.In spite of my intense
    dislike of Sami at the moment,I will
    not be able to entertain the idea of anyone else being with Rafe except Sami. The reason for this aberration
    on my part, is that I watched one of
    the best love stories ever written for the screen written for Rafe and
    Sami ,no snorting from the peanut-gallery;; So you writer’s decide what
    you think about that for a while,and
    look at the charade you have now created. Try and make it right,if Sami can be redeemed,it would make some of us old romantic’s very happy.
    To mention a few more things ,once I’m
    on a roll,Blake Berris is a super actor, so believable ,so some people
    do not like what he is doing,so what; I would like to mention again,how much I enjoy Nicole, and I do believe
    that she and Eric still have the spark, albeit they may not know yet what is about to hit them,but I look
    forward to that romance as well;Slainte

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