General Hospital Weekly Summary For February 11 – 15.

More vampire trouble, a couple of arrests and a big return.

Sabrina found Caleb on the pier holding the arrow he used to stab the cop. Caleb, who Sabrina assumed was John, took off as she tended to the lifeless Carlson. Once at the hospital, Patrick and Sabrina worked on Carlson, but he died. As part of her plan to destroy Sabrina, Britt ordered Maxie to do her bidding. Later, Sabrina was accused of giving Carlson the wrong medication.

At the station, Dante and Anna watched footage of “John” releasing Rafe from his cell. They also got word about “McBain’s” involvement in Carlson’s death. John was arrested. Sam was the only one who readily believed in John’s innocence. While John was in jail, Caleb killed a professor who was helping McBain with vampire lore.

In midst of all this, Luke came to see Anna, who ended things with him because she couldn’t trust her instincts. Laura lurked in the shadows and witnessed a close moment between them. Laura immediately made a mysterious call to push forward with her plans and then paid Lulu a visit.

Rafe showed up at the lake house to ask Molly to hide him. She obliged. When Molly left him alone with Danny in her bedroom, Heather showed up and snatched the baby. Alexis came home demanding answers from her daughter. Rafe revealed himself, explaining that Danny’s kidnapping was his fault. Alexis took Rafe to the PCPD, where she convinced Diane to represent him on Molly’s behalf.

With little Danny in tow, Heather arrived at the docks ready to take off with Todd and a boat captain they hired. Caleb intercepted her. He grabbed Heather by the neck, threw her in the water and took Danny. Todd showed up and got the baby away from “John” as the cops and Sam arrived. Despite Todd’s explanation, they assumed he was kidnapping Danny and arrested him. At the station, John tried to use Todd’s story as proof he had a doppelganger who was the one going around killing people. Anna was still suspicious. Back on the docks, Sam and Danny ran into Caleb.

Before being shipped off to Pentonville, Johnny gave Starr his share of The Haunted Star. Once at the prison, he ran into Kristina, who was starting her community service there.

In other news, TJ was upset with Molly for lying to him about Rafe, Frisco told Felicia he wanted her back and Sonny and Connie shared nice memories of Valentine’s Day.

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