General Hospital Weekly Summary For February 18 – 22.

More returns, a couple of escapes and a father steps up.

After tagging along with Steve and Olivia to the Haunted Star’s Valentine’s Day party, Connie ran into Sonny. They made out and then found a room to have sex in. Afterwards, Connie told Sonny she’d never been happier, but after falling asleep, she woke up as Kate. When Kate realized Sonny slept with her alter, she left him and spent the night at Olivia’s. While there, Kate learned she wasn’t responsible for Cole and Hope’s deaths and remembered Trey was her son. Sonny came over and was forced to inform her Trey was dead.

Frisco stopped by Maxie’s for a heart to heart. She reluctantly let him in and agreed to go with him to the Haunted Star party, which he only went to because he knew Felicia would be there. Though Felicia rejected him for Mac, Frisco did make some headway with Maxie, who confessed the truth about her pregnancy and Britt’s blackmail. Frisco later paid Britt a visit to warn her away from using Maxie.

During the party, Lulu received a black rock on a stick. She and Dante went to the deck of the Haunted Star as Laura revealed herself to Luke. Lulu’s parents recognized Lulu’s gift as similar to the Ice Princess. After Lulu and Dante left, Luke and Laura wondered who from their past was trying to send them a message. Meanwhile, Scotty showed up leading Luke to learn he and Laura were engaged.

Alexis realized that Sam and Danny were missing and called Anna. They came to the jail cell and informed John of the news. In the squad room, Molly ran into Lucy who was preparing to be transported back to Ferncliff. Lucy, who started to believe John wasn’t Caleb, gave Molly the keys she stole off a cop. Molly went to the cells to free Rafe and John. As Molly faced Anna and Alexis’ wrath, John, Lucy (who created a diversion in order to escape) and Rafe went to the office of the professor Caleb killed. After a little digging, John discovered that Caleb was actually Stephen Clay, who went on a killing spree and landed in a mental institution after the death of his wife Livvie, who looked just like Sam. Meanwhile, Sam woke up at Wyndemere to see Caleb standing over her.

In other news, Olivia had a vision that Steve had been stabbed, AJ had a panic attack in front of Tracy and Scotty tried to get in Lulu’s good graces.

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