General Hospital Weekly Summary For February 4 – 8.

Blackmail, an escape, a change of heart and hope for ELQ.

Furious over Patrick dumping her, Britt enlisted Maxie to help her destroy Sabrina. If she didn’t, she’d tell Lulu the truth about Maxie’s baby. Maxie reluctantly agreed. Maxie then went to The Floating Rib to see Mac and Felicia. She was surprised to find that her estranged father Frisco had returned.

Heather encouraged the Ferncliff staff to strike, creating an opportunity for her, Lucy and Todd to walk out. Kevin found them, but Heather knocked him out. The fugitives headed for Wyndemere where they found a change of clothes. Todd took off to see Starr, while Heather left to find Steven Lars. Lucy fell asleep and dreamt about Caleb, who staked his claim on Rafe. Elsewhere, Todd said an emotional goodbye to Starr and then went to his office, but discovered that his safe was empty. Carly arrived to tell him she had his money and passport. He asked her to run away with him. Though tempted, Carly declined.

After being brought to the police station for allegedly killing his mother, Rafe told Anna he saw John do the deed. Despite his claims of innocence, Rafe was booked and put in a cell. Caleb came to the PCPD and, pretending to be John, convinced a cop to free Rafe so they could all go to the scene of the crime. While on the docks, Caleb killed the cop and told Rafe they were father and son. Rafe ran, but Caleb knew he would find him again. Back at the station, Lucy overpowered a cop and took his gun. When Anna came upon the scene, Lucy turned the gun on the police commissioner, who led her to Rafe’s cell. It was empty, so Anna locked Lucy inside. Anna then watched a surveillance tape of “John” taking Rafe out of his cell.

At Kristina’s arraignment, Connie recanted her statement that Kristina tried to kill her. Kristina got off with community service. Connie’s good deeds extended to Michael, as she told him she lied about Sonny planting the story about Tracy’s shady dealings with ELQ. She then went to Tracy and helped her out of a jam with the SEC.

In other news, Carly told Luke Franco might have had a child, who would be the secret Quartermaine heir, TJ became jealous over Molly’s interest in Rafe and AJ and Tracy both realized Lila’s Pickle Relish could save ELQ.

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