General Hospital Weekly Summary For January 28 – February 1.

A shift in power at ELQ, Kevin and Alison returned and Patrick saw Britt’s true colors.

After AJ and Michael presented Tracy with proof she used mob money for ELQ, she stepped down as CEO. As AJ made himself comfortable in his new position, Tracy took her story to Connie to publish in The Sun. If she couldn’t have ELQ, no one would. She regretted her decision though after Ned called with news there was another Q heir, so she still had hope. Tracy tried to retract the story, but it was too late. However, Connie covered for Tracy and told a furious AJ and Michael that Sonny leaked the story. Tracy later turned to Luke for help finding the mystery heir.

Sabrina found Emma on the docks and returned her to a relieved Patrick, Mac and Anna who were still at Kelly’s. Britt played dumb regarding why Emma would have taken off. After hearing from Emma how nasty Britt was with her, Sabrina warned Britt against hurting Emma. The women later got into it again at the hospital, which Patrick overheard. When Britt called Emma a brat, Patrick ended things with her.

Lucy and Todd agreed to help each other with their individual plights in Ferncliff. However, Starr showed up and promised to expose Todd if he continued to pretend he had DID. Kevin also came to town, revealing that he left Lucy because she was obsessed with her vampire fantasies. He didn’t recognize John or Sam and declared he didn’t even have a daughter. He made it clear to his wife he was there to help her get well, not escape the hospital.

Alison Barrington returned to Port Charles with her teenage son Rafe, who Lucy revealed was the son of Caleb the vampire. Fearing they were in danger, Alison gave Rafe an arrow to protect himself while she went to seek out Lucy. As Rafe befriended Molly, Alison stopped by the police station and ran into John and Sam, who she mistook for Caleb and Livvie. She took off, but when John later found her on the pier, she was dead. Rafe was leaning over her holding a bloody arrow.

In other news, Kristina was arrested for attacking Connie, AJ hired Duke, Ellie took Spinelli back and funding for the Nurses’ Ball fell through.

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