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Moving on was a common theme on the shows last week, except for Hope and Liam on “B&B.” Moving on is just not in their DNA. But on “Y&R,” Chelsea tried to get past Adam while on “GH,” Patrick let Britt know there was no future for them anymore. And on “Days,” EJ and Sami moved on together, without Rafe.

B&B Breakdown:
Does anyone know who they are anymore in LA? Many actions of the characters over the past week have kept Candace guessing. “Hope seems to have undergone a veritable personality-transplant since finding out ‘the truth’ that she was ‘robbed’ and ‘lied to’,” she said. “Brooke thinks she’s more mature, and if that means more obnoxious, she’s right on the money. Neither girl is acting like herself and Liam is further away than ever from knowing who or what he wants. Such a big tiring repetitive mess. It was too much like work to make it through Taylor and Brooke arguing their daughters’ positions again this week, as well as to endure all the Italy references on Friday. Not entertaining.” Could Eric and Taylor be heading toward coupledom? Find out it in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
While Will struggled to find his way back to Sonny, EJ and Sami finally made things more clear in their own partnership. Kind of. “Ejami fans everywhere are doing a collective happy dance,” Christine said. “After years of waiting, they finally got their wish. Sami gave up on fighting her feelings for EJ. She put it all out on the line except she didn’t tell him she loves him. What gives? When will she finally say those three little words and what comes next for these two?” Meanwhile, was Rafe really over Sami? Read more in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
It was not a good week to be a single lady looking for love in Port Charles, especially if your name was Liz. In fact, Liz still has yet to find her footing in town after Jason’s departure. “Has her existence in Port Charles really been reduced to checking moles and boosting Sabrina’s morale?” Hollie asked. “Give this girl a storyline please, and one that goes on beyond the ball.” Also, find out what could be next for Molly’s new friend in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
One of Salem’s own decided to end her days in town, with very little fanfare or emotion. “Billie decided her days in Salem were over,” Matt said. “She explained this to her mother by reminding her of when she was a heroin addict. That logically led to her being attracted to Babs and things continued to go downhill from there. She’d finally pulled herself out of that leathery pit to be whatever she is now, some kind of secret agent presumably. But since the ISA hasn’t actually given her any work to do and CW doesn’t seem to do anything at all, she found some other job. Both ladies showed some pearly tears and Billie left in a cloud of psychedelic business attire.”  Meanwhile, Hope went out of her way to listen to everyone’s marital problems in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
A new character arrived in town and so far it has lived up to the hype for Candace. “Well, this Dylan-coming-back-from-presumed-death storyline has been pretty good so far,” she said. “He seems like an awesome guy, so it was kind of sad to see him witness the kiss between Avery and Nick. I can’t help but wish there was a more exciting female character at the center of it all though. Avery has turned out to be wishy-washy and fairly dull – unless you count her cheating on her husband and sleeping with her sister’s man, of course – odd things for someone with her personality to do. Anyway, hopefully it’s emotional seeing Dylan/Mac and Avery come face-to-face for the first time.” Then find out what is brewing between Chelsea and Cane in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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