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Characters were acting strangely across the board last week, doing things we never would have expected. On “Y&R,” Kevin made crazy threats one minute then doled out sage advice the next, while on “B&B,” Brooke and Taylor couldn’t help but bring up old stuff. Caleb was back in Port Charles, making people think John was a criminal. And on “DOOL,” Nicole warned Jenn about Chloe.

B&B Breakdown:
Forrester Creations had been plodding along since Stephanie’s death, but Rick finally spoke up to Eric about his feelings. “I wasn’t surprised to see Rick confront Eric about his decision to promote Thomas – just wondered why it took so long,” Candace said. “Honestly, it’s amazing this company hasn’t gone down the tubes with the amount of in-fighting and dropped lines.” Read more about the triangle and Taylor and Brooke’s rekindled rivalry in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
It seemed there was more passion between Sami and Rafe during their fight last week than between Sami and EJ in the bedroom, despite the buildup. “Rafe finally showed how much he’s truly hurting,” Christine said. “This was a very real bitter and venomous battle – really well done. It has to hurt that Sami moved on so fast with EJ when he thought they’d be together a few short weeks ago. Rafe assured her his anger doesn’t stem from jealousy but because he fell in love with a woman that doesn’t exist. This may have been the best line of the week and he’s right. He did.” Find out what Christine thought of EJ and Sami coming together in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
After a number of comings and goings in Port Charles last week, one arrival left much to be desired for Hollie – Frisco. “Well, of all the vet returns this one has been the most antic-climactic yet, and it has to be chalked up to the total lack of fizzle there has been between Mac and Felicia anyway,” she said. “Can we get some heat people?” Read more about the tension that grew between TJ and Molly in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Scheming was no one’s strong suit last week in Salem, save for Kristen and possibly Nick. “Nicole’s plan to break up Brady and Kristen crumbled faster than crackers into a bowl of chowdah,” Matt said. “She was hauled down to the station by the bored and Bopeless Hope. Eric went along to give her spiritual advice. Kristen and Brady didn’t want to press charges. Victor felt differently. He enjoyed making her squirm so much that he brought candy along for the show. In the end, he admitted he was just wasting police time because there was nothing better to do. Hope easily persuaded him to drop it, but she wasn’t impressed that she actually had to do some work for once.” Meanwhile, Cameron and Abigail’s date was kind of a dud in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
While the show continued to get more enjoyable for Candace, she thought it might be time to focus on saving the businesses in town too. “Things may be getting too casual at Jabot,” Candace said. “On Jack’s first day back he was impressed with Chelsea’s designs when Billy showed them to him, and pretty much said she was in – but didn’t tell Neil. Meanwhile, Neil’s too busy making time with Leslie to do much with regard to the fashion division, other than put Cane on notice for overstepping. At least he was working! It’s also a concern that no one in charge at Jabot knows much about fashion.” Are Chelsea’s designs really all that? Find out in the Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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