The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Liamꞌs Devotion.

In the longer term.

Steffyꞌs pregnancy is set to be revealed before Hope and Liam can tie the knot again. This is sure to put a dint in the remarriage plans. If Liam and Steffy wound up getting married again, it would likely be for the babyꞌs sake as much as anything else. But if Steffy happened to lose the baby, how long would Liam stay with her? Would he run back to Hope?

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  1. From hillbilly

    If Steffy happened to lose the baby the B&B write’s will have Liam character stay with Steffy because he would think he was the blame for Steffy losing the baby & belive he should be there for her becaues he would be blaming his self & he duse care for Steffy & she been there for him.we also dad Bill will tall him over & over it is Hope & liam are to blame for Steffy losing the baby!so we the fan’s know that ya’ll what Steffy & Liam together.yall wrtie’s still had Steffy ok after end up being push in front of a desk with her stomack so why do ya’ll what that to happen now & go on have Steffy have her baby.B&B YA’LL may what to think about that a lot of Fan’s will be mad.but I will be watching to see what happen’s Ya’ll cast work is outstanding,GREAT JOB!

  2. From Jaylee Setzer

    I do like Bold and Beautiful very much…….I cannot imagine Liam with Steffy at all, as she is so obnoxious and so in love with herself. I do think Liam needs pushing as he is one who does not want to hurt Steffy, but I believe either Hope and Liam made love and it was not shown to audience and she too could be pregnant!, or that Liam and Hope are really married. Let’s be true on this, Steffy has been trying to cause Hope trouble since she first noticed Liam after Liam’s Daddy went back to Katie. I think Steffy belongs with Bill. Both deserve each other, yucky. Jaylee

  3. From SteamSteffy

    Hope and Liam’s relationship is like a nightmare you want to wake up from and never have again and
    Liam and Steffy’s reltionship is so beautiful it is like a dream that you want to keep having over and over again.

  4. From SteamSteffyfan

    Hope and Liam’s relationship is like a nightmare you never want to have again

    Liam and Steffy relationship is passionate caring and unconditional like a dream you want to have over and over again

    Liam and Steffy together FOREVER

  5. From Emily

    Steffy and Liam belong together. They have great chemistry and are fun to watch. The interact so well with each other. They read & understand each other. Hope only cares about Hope & making sure Liam lives up to her idea of perfect. They are so boring. I fast forward through there scenes. She’s not devistated because she lost Liam. She’s upset because she lost to Steffy. True love wouldn’t have walked out on the other time & again. True love would’ve found out the the truth and asked more questions when being told stories & not assumed. True love wouldn’t have over reacted & made a fool of the other in front of family & friends. That’s teenage childish behavior by a spoiled brat. A child that has no one to blame for her life but herself at this point. Hope needs to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions and mistakes & quit expecting Steffy to pay for them.

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