The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For February 18-22.

Wedding surprise.

Eric continues trying to keep the peace between the families as he encourages Thomas and Rick to co-operate together for the sake of the company. Rick has other issues nagging him. He gets on Carolineꞌs bad side when he decides to change some of their plans. In spite of a few bumps, things start turning out better than heꞌd expected.

Oliver comes out of the woodwork to remind Hope that he still has feelings for her. He makes it clear that heꞌd like to be more than friends with her again but she still has her mind and body set on settling down with Liam. Oliver wishes her good luck with that. She may not need luck, not if her mother has anything to do with it. Brooke putters along with her surprise wedding plans for Liam and Hope. She encourages the Italian priest to pay the prospective groom a visit and suggest a reunion with Hope. Rick also drops in to encourage the beard to come back to the family. Liam starts to feel the pressure, but he and Hope are particularly shocked when Brooke reveals she has a wedding ceremony prepared for them.

While Taylor and Steffy are at the doctorꞌs office for her scan, the pregnant lady hears her babyꞌs heart beating for the first time. Taylor repeats that she needs to tell Liam about this now. That becomes even more urgent when they hear that the bearded one is being marched down the aisle. They rush off to stop it. Everyone is shocked when it is finally revealed that Steffy is pregnant. It doesn’t exactly go over well. Steffy does her best to justify why she has been keeping this information a secret from Liam. This leads to her getting into a bitter argument with Hope while their mothers get into an even more bitter bickerfest.

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  1. From hillbilly

    come on B&B ya’ll know Liam character willn’t marry in one at that time,but Liam will end up marry Steffy beacuse of the child like he was going do befor untill Liam find out it wasn’t his child,come on ya’ll are not going change Liam character to be cold,Liam character is bad as it is were he can’t make his mind up & it take him good time befor he can make his mind & he is week man. but I still like Liam character it just hart for him to hear his heart&make up hjs mind.

  2. From hillbilly

    come on write’s,use the fan’s know how Liam character is, that he will end up marry Steffy, because he know’s right thing to do,he has done it be for, but it willn’t be went Steffy tall’s very one but litter later,I still like Liam character its just hard for Liam to hear his heart& make is mind up.

  3. From prettyyoungb

    I will the writes would end this its getting boring. Come on get some new stuff.

  4. From sue

    i dont like steffy at all or her mother. steffy has never let hope and liam be , sheand bill are always putting their nose where it doesnt belong,and tylor is just useing eric to get over on brook and the others , i dont like cry baby thomas his sister or their mom i wish ridge would come back from paris and take all three of them back with his now four.

  5. From Debra

    I would live for Hope to lose it
    And become selfish and hard
    For Brooke to become involved and search for a rich husband for her husband
    Ridge will find this replusive

    Hope should freak out at Bill
    And this should cause brook to run to thr house
    To calm her
    This causes bill and brook to spend hours almost days calming her
    Allowing them to grow close
    Hope will notice this and push thr relationship.
    As revenge on Liam
    Hope decides power is thr only way to get even with Liam for choosing steganie
    Stefanie snd Liam should be the calm on the storm
    Eric and Taylor will drive everyone nuts
    Ridge and brook and hope
    Only Liam and Steffens are

    The affair destroys bill and Kate
    Ridge and Katie as he helps her heal
    The relationship becomes stronge
    And bill gets enraged and vows to destroy the company

  6. From renay

    I think Liam should b wit steffy Cus the logans has been taking everything. Taylor n her family has been put on the back burner enough. Let steffy be happy for a change. Stop making Liam out to b a ponies. Brook infleuenced him n so did hope. Let him b wit steffy.

  7. From lisa

    People who write that the Logans have taken everything from Steffy and Taylor are crazy. I am so sick of hearing that and I am so sick of this show I am about done with it. Hope was with Liam first and he is hers not Steffy’s and no one including Bill or Steffy has ever had to pay for anything they have done. Liam is an idiot for ever being with Steffy after all her lies and manipulation. I cannot believe the writers would do this when the majority of rational viewers would want to see Hope and Liam together. It is not Hope or Ricks fault what there mother has done in the past and Rick for sure deserves to be in the position he is in at forester because Eric is his father. I mean common people how does the grandson think he has more rights than the son. I understand they have to keep things worked up to keep it interesting but after all the viewers have been through with this show I think we at least deserve to see Hope and Liam together!!!! I am sick of hearing Taylor and Steffy whine get your own life you pathetic idiots.

  8. From Dennis

    I am 70 this year and have not watched a soap since 50 years ago in high school when that was on when I got home from school and with one tv, that was it. Bold and Beautiful has captured me, how strange is that? hahaha

  9. From Dennis

    I am 70 this year, haven’t watched a soap since high school when I got home from school and had no choice cuz that was on our only tv. The Bold and Beautiful has captured me, strange at this age and a male. haha

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