The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For February 18-22.

Pushed into action.

While Brooke and the priest were setting up for the wedding, Oliver was admitting to Hope that he still cared for her. He urged her to go after whatever she wanted. Meanwhile, Rick tried welcoming Liam into the family and suggested that he start thinking about the long term. Taylor was annoyed that her daughter still hadn’t informed Liam about the baby. She insisted that he could never make the right decision without that piece of information. Steffy got a call from Madison warning her that Brooke was throwing a surprise elopement.

Liam arrived at home and was startled to find the priest there with Brooke. She explained her plan. Hope arrived and Brooke led them outside for the ceremony. Hope was a bit miffed and didn’t want to pressure Liam but then settled in for the ceremony. Before he could slip a ring on her finger, Steffy arrived with a yell. She took him aside and spilled the baby news. They split away, leaving Taylor, Brooke and Hope to argue. Steffy explained to Liam why she delayed telling him for so long. She said that if he married Hope, it would break her heart, but sheꞌd live. Hope joined the conversation and it turned into an argument. The blond didn’t see why he couldn’t be with her and be a father to Steffyꞌs baby. Leaving Liam to try and use his brain, Steffy wandered off to join Taylor and Brookeꞌs argument about the issue.

At Forrester, Rick bickered with Eric about Thomas. Eventually, Eric went off to help out at Dazyeeꞌs and Caroline came by to pick up Rick. He decided to take her down to Dayzeeꞌs to help out. She was not impressed by this plan and stormed out. He stayed behind and was mesmerized when Maya performed for the patrons.

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