The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For February 4-8.

The second Ridge.

Taylor optimistically told Eric that things would work out for her daughter. He was happy for her. She went down the hall to taunt Brooke and Hope, warning them that things might not pan out like they were expecting. They bickered about their daughters until it turned into an argument about their past. Taylor urged Brooke to start looking at her as an enemy. Down the hall, Hope congratulated Thomas on becoming Vice President. He started lecturing her about how much she’d changed and become two-faced.

Liam was glad that Steffy was back. She was eager to start the next chapter of their lives, whether that meant they were together or not. She didn’t want to repeat her mother’s mistakes. He said he loved her but asked her to move out. She went home and cried. Her mom showed up. Steffy told Taylor that Liam obviously wasn’t prepared to commit to her and she didn’t want to trap him with the pregnancy. Taylor insisted she tell him anyway. Steffy didn’t want to live on scraps of love like her mom.

Bill had sex with his wife and then wondered what Liam would do with Steffy. They went to see his son. Bill was not happy when Liam informed him that Steffy had moved out. Bill lectured him and urged him to call Steffy back immediately. Liam didn’t want to turn into the new Ridge and told his dad that this mess was at least partly his fault. He called up Steffy to repeat that he still loved her but was trying to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Katie ran off to blurt out the latest development to her sister and Hope. The sisters urged Hope to rush to Liam.

Taylor dropped in on Liam and urged him not to lose his last shot with Steffy. She went over to Forrester, where things were tense. Eric assured her that he wouldn’t let her children be marginalized. Meanwhile, Thomas advised his sister to walk away from Liam. Hope cornered Steffy. They bickered about Liam and then their mothers. Hope ended up shoving her. Steffy hit a desk and fell.

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