The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For January 28-February 1.

Making assurances.

Hope pressured Liam to pack up Steffy’s stuff and have her move out. He insisted he still needed to sort out his feelings. When Hope puttered off to pick up her mom, she asked her if there was something happening between her and Bill. Brooke tried to fend off the question but that only made it worse. She confessed to kissing him but insisted that they would never hurt Katie. Hope was skeptical. Meanwhile, Bill unloaded on Justin about Brooke. Justin wondered if he felt like he’d married the wrong Logan.

Taylor cried to Eric about Stephanie’s death and how she picked Brooke over her at the end. She complained about what was happening to Thomas and he assured her that her children would be safe as long as he was around. They went over to Forrester. Taylor continued to vent about Brooke. Eric was called in to referee an argument between Rick and Thomas. He ordered Rick to be more respectful. Thomas decided to leave for Paris anyway. Brooke showed up and said that was a good idea. That set Taylor off. She began railing against the blond. After Taylor prodded Eric for some more support, he declared Thomas Vice-President. The shrink kissed him and then got into another bickering match with Brooke.

As Steffy flew back into town, Hope repeated to Liam that he needed to let the other woman go so they could move on. Later, Brooke showed up to say pretty much the same thing to him. Once Steffy landed, she paid her mom a visit and got caught up on everything she’d missed. Steffy insisted that she didn’t want Liam to stay with her simply for the child’s sake. She also wanted to be married before giving birth. And Maya tracked down Dayzee for news about her little girl. Dayzee didn’t have any. Maya was mad. Meanwhile, Marcus began introducing his adoptive brother Carter around to the family.

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