The Young And The Restless Spoilers February 1 – 4.

The past and the truth…

Lily and Tyler find themselves trapped in an elevator. Tyler panics, leaving Lily asking if he’s claustrophobic. She tries to calm him, as Tyler opens up about being in a bad situation as a child. He still isn’t sure how he got past it. Lily continues to sooth him. Tyler credits her for saving him.

Neil notices that Leslie seems distracted and troubled and calls her on it. She assures Neil that any issues she has have nothing to do with him. Over talk about the past, and how many people try to reinvent themselves because of it, Leslie admits her father was abusive.

Cane finds Chelsea crying at Restless Style. He compliments her on her designs and admits they are so good he has a hard time believing they are really hers. Chelsea’s offended, but Cane only means that they look professional. He wonders how she learned to draw. Chelsea taunt herself. Cane wants to make her dreams come true.

Summer confronts Fen and informs that she heard he was the one who pushed Jamie off of the roof. Fen can’t believe that Summer would suggest he could do such a thing and calls her messed up. Summer wonders if Fen ever loved her. He insists he did but says Summer used him. At the apartment, Michael and Lauren want to know the truth surrounding Jamie and the fall. Lauren pleads with Jamie to tell them that Fen didn’t have anything to do with it. Fen appears and orders Jamie to tell them he didn’t push him. After Jamie leaves with Paul, Fen tells Lauren and Michael, who want answers, to go to hell. Later, Jamie tells Summer that Fen is responsible for what happened to him – and so is she. Michael and Lauren are stunned to hear that Jamie wants to press charges against Fen.

Come Monday… Adam tries burying himself in work, but Sharon warns it won’t help him forget about Chelsea. While Victoria asks Nick where Avery is, Avery comes face to face with Dylan in the backroom at The Underground.

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