The Young And The Restless Spoilers February 15 – 18.

Storms and passion…

A severe blizzard rocks Genoa City and passions ignite… Nick takes a call from Avery, who informs him that she made it home safe. He wants to go to her, but Avery asks for time alone. Nick urges her to come back to him when she’s ready. Dylan arrives and asks Avery if they have a chance at a life together. He realizes Avery needs more time and turns to leave – but the power goes out. Avery insists he stay. They reminisce about a special night.

Sharon arrives at Adam’s, who is also without power. Adam promises to keep his distance, as Sharon brings up their friendship and admits Adam made it possible for her to get her life back. They exchange Valentines. Adam gives Sharon one with a wishing star on it. After she makes a wish, Adam questions what she wished for. Sharon thinks Adam already knows, and they kiss. Across town, Chelsea takes a pregnancy test, which comes back positive.

Lauren shares the news surrounding Fen with Carmine. Once his shift ends he asks Lauren to have dinner with him. Though she walks away, Carmine goes after Lauren and kisses her. Back at home, Michael tries to apologize to Fen, who refuses to forgive him. When Fen tells Kevin that he hates his father, Michael overhears him.

Jack and Nikki talk about her having MS. He wonders how Victor will react. Nikki thinks Victor will try to throw his money around to make it go away. She assures Jack she’ll fight to control the disease. Jack urges Nikki to tell Victor. When Phyllis arrives, Nikki heads back out into the storm.

Come Monday… Abby asks if Alex is flirting with her. While Michael worries about Lauren’s whereabouts and safety, Lauren pulls away from a deep, long kiss and gasps at Carmine.

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