The Young And The Restless Spoilers February 26 – 28.

Punishment and truth…

Over talk of Jamie, Paul tells Christine he informed Phyllis of Summer’s part in the bullying. Christine doesn’t think Summer has had the best example in Phyllis and is determined to make her nemesis pay for her own crimes. Michael arrives at Paul’s and asks Christine if she has found a job yet. He offers her one if she’s interested – to become the new District Attorney. Michael plans to step down and shares what’s going on at home. Paul and Christine reassure Michael before he leaves.

Carmine finds Lauren in the club dining room and asks if she wants to share a nightcap. Lauren reminds him she’s married then goes to her room. Abby appears and wants to start over. Carmine refuses, which leaves Abby to question his sudden interest in Lauren. He warns Abby his life is none of her business.

Katherine and Jill begin to bicker over Adriana and Katerine’s forgetfulness. When Adriana arrives home, she appears upset and privately tells Katherine that her brother hates her. Katherine gives Adriana advice. Later, Jill can’t find her watch and accuses Adriana of stealing it. Adriana doesn’t know what Jill is talking about then spots the watch. After Jill leaves, Katherine apologizes to Adriana and admits she forgot she moved Jill’s watch. Adriana promises not to reveal Katherine’s ‘senior moment’.

Wait, there’s more… Chelsea plans to keep her pregnancy a secret from Adam. Nick wants to find out what Dylan’s motives are. Victor and Nikki go to see the newly rebuilt ranch, and Leslie finally confides in Neil about her past.

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