The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary February 11 – 15.

Jamie confessed, Abby returned, and a storm hit Genoa City…

Summer asked Jamie to drop the charges against Fen. Jamie refused and warned Summer would pay too. After a fight with Lauren, Michael tried talking to Fen, who refused to forgive him for believing Jamie. Michael admitted he worried Fen would turn into the man he used to be and later heard Fen tell Kevin that he hated his father. Lauren confided in Carmine, who shared a tale of tough love gone wrong. Later, Kevin caught Carmine bringing Lauren home. Paul found Jamie contemplating jumping off the roof. After Paul talked Jamie down, Jamie admitted Fen didn’t push him. Lauren warned Michael he let them down and didn’t know if she could forgive him – then was later stunned when Carmine kissed her. Paul told Phyllis about Summer’s part in the bullying. Summer broke down in front of Phyllis. They shared a close moment, as Summer admitted what she’d done to Jamie.

Nikki told Vikki that she was sick then shared with Jack that she had Multiple Sclerosis. Abby returned to Jabot to support Jack.

Wheeler told Leslie he had been concerned for her and Tyler and couldn’t believe she’d changed her name. Leslie thought some things were better left in the past then told Neil she once drew up a contract that Wheeler wasn’t happy with. Leslie covered when Victor asked why Wheeler referred to her as Valerie. Later, Lily sided with Neil over Cane about not hiring Chelsea and told Tyler she didn’t understand why Cane was so adamant about defending Chelsea. While giving Tyler a ride home, Lily and Tyler got stranded in a blizzard.

Chelsea felt sick and threw Chloe out of her room when she suggested Chelsea was pregnant. Chelsea took a pregnancy test, which came back positive. Meanwhile, the power went out when Sharon arrived at Adam’s, due to the storm. Over talk of them being friends, Sharon admitted Adam had given her her life back. They kissed.

Nick and Dylan warned that neither would step aside for the other in regards to Avery. Nick wanted to see Avery, who asked for more time alone. Dylan arrived and wondered if they had a chance. Though he moved to leave, realizing Avery needed more time, the power went out. A warning came over the radio about the storm, and Avery insisted Dylan stay. They reminisced about the past.

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