The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary February 18 – 22.

Sharon hired Dylan, Cane wondered if Lily cheated, and Leslie worried…

Avery and Dylan shared a kiss. Avery told Dylan she’d moved on and went to see Nick. They professed their love. Meanwhile, Chelsea went to tell Adam she was pregnant but walked away after seeing Sharon at his house. Sharon left and swerved to miss Dylan’s car, which had gone off the road. She got help and called Avery, who showed up at the hospital with Nick. Dylan experienced war flashbacks and left the hospital. He found Sharon and offered to repair her roof. Avery told Nick Dylan was staying in town and that Sharon hired him.

Adam realized Mason was spying for Victor and fired him. Jack approached Victor out of worry for Nikki and shared that she had MS. Victor supported Nikki and urged her to tell their kids, which she did. Later, Billy and Vikki renewed their vows in private.

Lauren refused Carmine’s suggestion that they get a room and couldn’t believe she kissed him back. When she arrived home, Michael apologized for not believing Fen. Ronan, who was in DC, was granted guardianship of Jamie, who apologized to everyone for lying. Fen apologized to Jamie for bullying him. Summer apologized too. However, Fen was still furious with Michael, and Lauren moved out.

Adriana found Katherine on the side of the road and gave her a ride home. In turn, Katherine hired Adriana as her personal assistant. Later, Adriana found Alex, who grabbed the bag of money from her and informed he’d been thrown off the force.

Cane found Lily and Tyler on the side of the road. Over talk of cheating, when they weren’t together in the past, Cane realized Lily had been with Daniel. After rehashing their past, Lily and Cane celebrated their anniversary. Lily told Tyler they needed to keep things professional.

Tyler assured Leslie that no one would find out they changed their names and that their father’s affair started this whole mess. Wheeler warned they needed to come forward before Avery got the man released from prison.

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