The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary February 4 – 8.

Wheeler startled Leslie, Avery saw Dylan, and Fen was arrested…

Wheeler acted concerned about the innocent man imprisoned for killing a woman on his campaign team and asked Avery to keep him updated on her case. Tyler and Leslie worried about ‘him’ getting out of prison. Leslie ran into Wheeler, who called her Valerie.

Nikki convinced Victor to postpone their wedding and later appeared to have trouble moving her hands. Victor took a call and told Nikki’s doctor he’d relay a message. Across town, Katherine experienced memory lapses and obtained memory enhancing pills.

Dylan left a rock, that Avery had given him, on The Underground’s counter. Avery saw it, heard ‘Mac’ left it there and was stunned to find Dylan in the backroom. Avery slapped Dylan, who explained his injury and how he couldn’t find her in Chicago. Avery cried, rushed off and told Nick Dylan was alive. Nick confronted Dylan and warned him to give Avery her space. Dylan shared how he and Avery met, how he promised to come back to her and how he bought her an engagement ring. Later, Avery told Nick and Dylan she needed time to think.

Neil scolded Cane for overstepping in talking to Chelsea about her designs. Cane reassured Chelsea. Meanwhile, Kieran approached Jack, who admitted he was clean. Kieran left a few pills anyway. Phyllis saw the pills. After Jack told Phyllis about Kieran, she took the pills. Later, tempted to use again, Jack asked Neil to be his sponsor.

Victor ordered Mason to replace Sharon’s medication with placebos. Mason had the chance but didn’t go through with it. Sharon joined Adam for dinner at his place and urged Adam not to avoid his feelings. Adam kissed Sharon.

Fen admitted to Kevin he bullied Jamie – but Jamie had been fine when Fen left him on the roof. Michael and Lauren argued over Fen. Jamie appeared, explained how all the bullying started, including Summer as Britni, and claimed Fen pushed him off the roof. Lauren screamed as Fen was arrested.

Noah ordered Adriana to take the money and leave town. Adriana found Alex and threw herself into his arms – glad ‘this was over’. She then pulled a gun on Alex and handcuffed him to a railing. Later, Alex told Noah Adriana was his sister and asked Noah to help him find her because there were guys who wanted the money- ones who didn’t play nice.

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