The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary January 28 – February 1.

Leslie saw a face from her past, Dylan arrived at The Underground, and Adriana stole back the money…

Leslie spotted Marcus Wheeler and feared he’d recognize her and Tyler. When Tyler approached him, Wheeler found him to be familiar. Tyler admitted they met before then suggested to Leslie that they tell Wheeler who they were, knowing Wheeler could make sure ‘the bastard never got out’. While Leslie admitted to Neil that her father was abusive, Tyler opened up to Lily about his rough childhood.

Wheeler informed Victor he knew he hired Stephanie and warned Victor owed him. Wheeler ordered Victor to stop Avery from working on an old murder case in his district. Victor questioned Avery, who shared the man she’d been helping spent twelve years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Later, Victor caught Nikki making a doctor’s appointment, which she claimed was just a check-up. Nikki got upsetting news in the mail and told Victor they’d have to postpone their wedding.

Jack returned to Jabot. John appeared, proud, and asked Jack to bring the Abbotts back together. Neil, Billy and Kyle joined Jack. Across town, Tucker and Katherine had an emotional goodbye when he left Genoa City for Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Chelsea moved out of the house, told Adam she wanted a settlement and accepted half a million dollars. Chelsea bought the Restless Style building from Billy. She and Chloe hired Gloria, who wanted in on their fashion venture. Cane looked over her designs and said Jack was impressed as well.

Sharon spilled coffee on Dylan, who introduced himself as Mac, and gave him directions to The Underground. Dylan introduced himself as Mac to Nick and accepted his bartending job. Later, Dylan eyed an engagement ring, spotted Avery and Nick kissing and left.

Lauren and Michael argued over Fen’s involvement in Jamie’s fall. After Lauren walked out on Michael, she saw Carmine, who managed to make her smile. Later, Jamie told Lauren to open her eyes about her son then announced he wanted to press charges against Fen. Lauren demanded that Jamie stop lying.

Adriana stole the money back, showed it to Noah and asked him to pack his bags. He stalled her, convinced Adriana to leave the money with him then called Alex. When Alex arrived, Noah acted as though he wasn’t home. Meanwhile, when Eden told Kevin and Chloe she mentioned where they lived to Adriana, they realized she took the money.

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