Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For March 25.

EJ’s Idea Of Breakfast.

Kate and Rafe lounge in his bed when her phone starts ringing. He won’t let her out of bed. They start doing it as Stefano calls. The phone keeps ringing. She finally checks her messages and pulls a face. Reluctantly, she tells him Stefano is back in town. He offers to talk to her ex but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to rattle his cage. She assures Rafe that she doesn’t love Stefano anymore. What they had was like the Stockholm Syndrome. “Does this mean I have to make you my prisoner?” he jokes. They make out. When he jumps in the shower, she calls Stefano and tells him to leave her alone. She’s moved on. He chuckles about that.

Abby is at home thinking about what she saw Cameron do. She calls and wakes him up. He tells her he’ll be over soon and shoves a bunch of cash and gun into his bedside table. Once he’s dressed, he heads to Horton house with some flowers. She has brunch prepared. He turns on the charm. They yap about Anne and she worries about him living under the shadow of Lexi. He tells her how comfortable be is around her… except when it’s awkward. Now she feels awkward. He knows how they can ‘bust through that’ and starts sucking on her face.

Sonny tracks down Will outside the square. William notices that something happened to his boyfriend’s hand. Sonny admits he got into a fight with Nick and explains why. They debate how to deal with Fallon. Sonny heads to work and his mom drops by with a gift for Will. It’s a little pink dress. “Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” Sonny asks. She explains it’s for his kid. Her son tells her she can’t give Will that. He explains. Adrienne doesn’t understand how Will could give up the right to his child. As she says this, Kate just happens to walk by. “When the hell did that happen?” Kate queries. She is not pleased. The ladies get into it. Kate storms off. Sonny calls Will to warn him.

Sami brings some bags to Casa DiMera and gives the couch a tap. Stefano pops up. “Welcome home!” he says. He’s super friendly. EJ joins them and his father talks about how happy he wants them to be. He refers to Sami as EJ’s ‘future bride’ and strolls away. Samanther wonders what that was about. EJ claims his dad just wants them to be together permanently. She’s creeped out by his father being nice. EJ carries her upstairs. After sex, she says, “I like your idea of breakfast.” Will calls his mom and says they need to talk. After she runs off, EJ goes down to see his father and informs him that he is not engaged… yet. Meanwhile, Will meets with his mom and tells her to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way, even if that means going to Stefano.

Nick wakes up in Gabi’s bed. She’s still worried that she doesn’t know him. “What do you wanna know?” he asks. Gabi quizzes him about prison. He admits that he got another con stuck in the pen for an extra three years. With difficulty, he explains the alliances he had to make in the prison hierarchy. He flashes back to Vargas beating him for ratting him out and then offering to be his protector. His stabbing was just a warning. He thanks Gabi for saving him when he came out and giving him the family he always wanted. Later, she calls her brother over and tells him that Will gave up his rights. Rafe’s confused. She says it’s been made legally official. He’s still confused. She confuses him some more when he explains that she and Nick are moving into the Kiriakis house today. After she wanders off, Kate shows up and slaps him across the face. He’s even more confused.

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