Days Of Our Lives Poll: Sami’s Next Move.

Desperate times…

Sami’s becoming desperate to get Nick out of the picture and protect Will’s claim to his baby. She will be turning to Elvis for some help in the matter and may be pulling out all of the guns to get it done. How far will Sami go?

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  1. From Melanie

    She and Evils will ask Stefano for help – becuase Elvis always needs Fatha’s help – Stefano will make Elvis, Samantha, Johnny and Sydney move into the DiMansion as payment for his help. Then the Dimera’s will kidnap Nick and lock him in the cell in the basement. Everyone living in the DiMansion will be too stupid to figure it out. Cause that’s how things roll in predictable Salem USA.

  2. From dc

    although i am not on boardc with what nick is doing, today he really let us see how sami is, as if we did not already know..
    sami will try and have nick arrested but i am not sure why or how she can do it..

  3. From jenn

    First I have to say, I love that Sami is actually in a different storyline, not the same ole love triangle. I hope Sami takes Nick down! :) Chad has to fit into this equation some how….

  4. From Barb

    Sami wants nick kidnapped or locked away. That or kidnap the baby when it comes. Sami is going to want to know the details about what gabby did and that should pull chad into this.

  5. From Donna

    I think chad needs to step up and tell the truth about gabi sonny can convince him of that or sonny should contact melanie chad cant say anything but she sure can and knowing that the two people that have kidnapped her are now trying to steal wills baby from him i think she would do the right thing but that won’t happen it sounds like this guy that is getting ready to be released will kill nick or push him over the edge mentally I still don’t get how nick can use a recording that he obtained illegaly because without a warrent or one of the people who are being recorded giving permission family court or not it is not admissible I think that ej has people all over in the police dept. so go in and steal all the evidence from the cabin then nick has nothing I hope somebody kills him i have not liked his character ever since he came back on the show

  6. From hsg

    I wish the writers would try to finish one situation up before they introduce yet another one. There are so many plots going at the same time that it gets down right confusing sometimes. Also we all know what happens in the bedrooms – try to spend a little less time there – Remember Gone With The Wind? Sometimes implied happenings are a lot more interesting then same old bedroom scenes over & over again.

  7. From Casey

    It’s been really fun watching Rafe dump Sami and start having fun with Kate.
    Now if EJ would dump her, she would have to work at the Pub and start taking care of her kids. Of course we know that won’t happen, Sami gets by with everything no matter how illegal and horrible it is! I hope Will and Sonny work together to get custody of the baby – it will need protection from Sami.

  8. From Heather

    Donna hit it on the head. Sami should dig and find out what Gabbi did. Melanie knows. Plus Gabbi is gulable and immature, wasn’t she just in love with Chad so much that she pulled that crap in the first place

  9. From babs

    I hope the show will get rid of Nick I
    do not like him at all. I also want to see Abigale with Chad he is so much more interesting the Cameron

  10. From WandaW

    Sami is straight-up crazy and will mess everything up. Rafe and Justin will have to mix the mess she will create. The woman is clearly out of control. I’ll be glad when E.J. and anybody else that she’s had her radar on will leave her alone.

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