Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 11-15.

A slap in the face.

Increasingly desperate, Chloe resorts to using drugs to get what she wants from Daniel and in the process creates a shocking scene that throws Jenn for a loop.

Kristen’s latest scheme delights her father since it seems to point to preventing any reunion between John and Marlena.

Rafe catches Lucas and Sami attempting to destroy evidence. But will the cop clue in to what it’s evidence of?

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  1. From dc

    i hope and wish it is chloe who gets slapped. she really deserves anything she gets. slap would be really good. as for her mother returning, i never liked nancy when she was on the show before, just like i never liked kristen. (just venting here). daniel is about a clueless as brady when it comes to chloe and kristen. i never thought those 2 men would have such a lame character role. i liked both of them (brady and daniel) before chloe and kristen returned to the show (just saying)..

  2. From Blanche

    I think Days is losing a lot of viewers with this story on Rafe, Brady and Daniel. At some point don’t these men get a clue especially the one who plays Brady he player the same type dumb character on his last soap. He should want to change that somewhat but oh well some people never learn

  3. From Marlisa Torbit

    How in the world do the writers have Dan a doctor being that dum he can operate on people but he can’t see when he is being played. Please let some one over hear Chloe or the mother don’t let this story line last long it makes him look like a idiot.

  4. From Cougar

    I’m posting this comment from the old spoiler. Thanks Gerri & Jolie for your kind words. We knew this day was coming and were preparing but that doesn’t make it any easier.

    Patti that is the flip side I also enjoythat Nick is not intimidated by EJ. I look forward to see those two joined in a battle. Nick is smart and clever, EJ has the resoures of the Dimera empire. When you have Stephano’s backing plus crazy Kristen in our arsenal thigs could get interesting

  5. From lulu

    soooooooooooooooooo happy
    Lucas and Sami working together again,,,, awesome,,,,,,,

  6. From Cougar

    WOW! Shes baaaack! Just got done watching today’s show and now we see the conving Sami we all know and love. Really. Asking EJ to get rid of Nick in the throws of passion. What can I say except they are going to be the rotten manipulating duo that we have been expecting and waiting for them to be. Delisious.

  7. From Barb

    Line of the day today was Sonny saying to Will “let’s say your mom is completely sane. . . . .”

    Not much time right now, and I posted on the other page, too. I was disappointed Will didn’t CONFRONT Nick, he nicely ASKED Nick. Maybe he will be more confrontational tomorrow. . . . maybe. Too bad Sami is sworn to secrecy and couldn’t tell Rafe what’s going on. Too bad no one can tell anyone what’s
    going on!!
    Gee, the spoilers are really short lately!

  8. From jolie

    #5 Cougar, yep, right back in the saddle. But where is Elvis,who is this guy wearing his name and clothes? He is whining to Kristen that that he doesn’t want Rafe to appear morally superior?? Then Sami gives him the go ahead. They have just become Kate and Stefano!
    But apparently Elvis doesn’t move very quickly on ending Nick’s reign of terror over the DNA testing if the guy from the prison comes into the story. But in the end, it will likely be a murder mystery…Will holding the gun/knife. That boy has no luck at all when you don’t count all his bad luck. Like Lucas.

  9. From TT

    I think that EJ and Nick are working together. Now that would be a storyline twist!

  10. From dc

    well, can’t wait to see how nick reacts when he finds out the guy he was in prison with has been released.
    and gabi knows nothing about what will did (signing those papers). i wonder how she will react??

  11. From lynn

    Why did they have a child that
    looks like Phillip be Daniel
    and Chloe’s child? It doesn’t
    make sense. I wish Daniel would
    get a brain and realize how
    Chloe is playing him. Why
    doesn’t she ever get caught in
    her lies?

  12. From Leah

    My CONCERN with people not being able to separate between fictional writing (in this case a soap opera) vs real life is….
    Where does it stop? We talk about this issue in a soap opera but what about other fictional shows? Lets face it NCIS series, CSI series, Law and Order series etc etc ALL deal with more real issues than a fantasy soap opera. How do viewers go watching or viewing these shows? How many people are writing into these actors or shows and doing the same things some of these Days fans are doing? I am CONCERNED if people are responding to TV shows this way. It makes me wonder just how many people are out here in society walking around with some serious issues or are walking around on the edge… that REALLY need some kind of professional help? I do not think it is fair to attack the actors, writers or fictional shows as I do not see it as NOT their responsibility. They are creating fictional entertainment. If you do not find it entertaining as I’ve said earlier TURN THE TV OFF OR CHANGE THE CHANNEL and watch something that will encourage and uplift you. Nobody is forcing any of us to tune into Days or any other programme. We all do it by CHOICE. So while I understand some storylines to people will be a sensitive (gay rights, homophobia, murder, divorce, rape, drinking or drug problems, blackmail, corrupt cops, swapping babies, keeping kids from their parents etc etc)… a sensitive issue because of real life events in their lives. If it is becoming a problem to separate the two PLEASE seek help.

  13. From Leah

    I haven’t minded Chloes character in the past BUT… I have to say since her return I haven’t enjoyed her at all. I would rather she didn’t return if this is all she is going to be good for… chasing Daniel. To me Chloe was always good with Philip.

  14. From gerri

    Here we go again,some of us fans get passionate on some of the S/L’s
    and characters,and we need therapy of some sort.while others get just as passionate ,but are acting real sensible…I said It before,and I will say It again what I see as a Double Standard,It all depends on what side of the fence one Is sitting on..

    Days needs both sides,or the show wouldn’t survive.But what some of us don’t need Is to be questioned,about our feelings and reactions..

    So I guess some of us have received our therapy for today..

  15. From Kat

    12 Leah… you go Lady… took the words out of my lovely Mouth, LOL…

  16. From gerri

    I hope EJ and Nick,are working together,maybe having something to do with the Inmate Eric went to see today,I think this twist,would bring on some fireworks,if this Is the case,Sami can you say,I’ve been fooled and used?…

    I wish that this love fest with Rafe and Kate,would come to an end,and he could start searching for someone to build a life with.
    and Kate,don’t know where she would land…….

  17. From Richard

    Nick was the one that said that Johnny and Ali, both, belonged to Lucas.
    If that fact came to light and a blood test could be done on Johnny, It could turn out that EJ is not his father.
    This could be a reason that EJ would be hesitant to go up against Nick.
    Also Kate tried to persuade Nick to falsify the test results.

  18. From Cougar

    This is back from the old spoiler site Thanks MAB #210 for you kind words too. You must have sent your post in the same time as I and I didn’t see yours till I went back and read more postings.

  19. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Ej ais not working with Nick, and I liked we got to see him struggle with protecting Sami the way he can and not reverting to any of those ways.As we seen Sami is the one who decides to ask him to do it,So heres another little spoiler.Sami wants EJ to get his fathas help, and he says sure but move back in, and of course This means Ejamilly will be moving back to the Dmansion if Sami accepts.She will accept btw.

    Love that Wills parents are going to as I said break into the Salem Pd, well I did not say Lucas but I did say Sami would a few weeks back.I love giving little hints sometimes, and sometimes I don’t because well some dont believe it anyway.
    Rafe and Kate wonder how that is going to go with Kate now fearing the wrath of Stefano for sleeping with the enemy.
    How long will Rafe be in the dark that his soon to be brother in law has taken away Wills rights and this wedding is going to more dramatic then the next as it will take place at The Horton home, where s many who lost family in the Daysaster will be to hear Gabis secrets Oh it is going to be good, The Hortons have long since forgot about Lucas and Will I guess who have always been in their life for convict Nick who has rarely spent much time with them.Oh the guilt they will feel.
    Tired of Eric judging people when he clearly thinks Nicole is capable of being a Saint.Nicole had it right weeks ago when she told him he thinks he is better then everyone else and kicked his brother off the committee because of his choice of woman, clearly God does not care who is doing his work, who gave Eric the right to say who can or cant?

  20. From Leah

    Gerri I am trying to seriously address the issue of people blurring or having trouble separating fictional writing with real life issues. Sorry it upsets you but I do feel these people need help PARTICULARILY when they write long essays or nasty attacking posts on the actors sites. To me that is crossing the line and taking it too far. I am concerned and trying to be caring for these people. So don’t know why you feel I need to be attacked for that? To me I’m trying to show EMPATHY. Whats wrong with that?
    The double standard I think comes into play with those who repeatedly want to compare fictional characters, storylines and writing to that of real life. Something I do not do. When I post I post my opinions on what I do or don’t like, characters and storylines I do and don’t like etc etc… simple as that! I would never compare it to real life because if I did to be honest I wouldn’t watch Days. But to me this soap opera land stuff is an hour of getting away from it all and underwinding. Its pure entertainment and fun. And for me, I am happy to keep it just that.

  21. From gerri


    you might have hit up on something,re-Johnny,and If EJ,somehow,doesn’t wish to go up against Nick,this could be the reason,if Nick was Involved,with fixing a blood test,to make Johnny.a DiMera,if found out,EJ would lose all the way If this Is the case ,EJ would have one of his hench men,to take him out,will be a wait and see.
    but again,maybe someone else knows all this as well(The inmate possibly?)

  22. From gerri

    Of course I’m a mature adult,and I know The difference,between Real Life and Fantasy Land.everyone on this board,that watches Days,comment on their likes and dislikes,But when I and some others,whom are not Sami/EJ fans,there are negative remarks,thrown back at us,even going so far,as to question,that we are watching the same show,It gets old after awhile.but I know the characters and S/L’s I like,and dislike and will continue to post my feelings,as everyone should,no need to make snide remarks.

  23. From patty

    gerri, that’s right. Just because some people see EJ’s past actions as despicable doesn’t mean they’re not watching the same show . I think glamourizing and excusing that kind of behavior is what’s not dealing with reality. The show’s reality is that EJ and the Demiras are evil people who do horrible things and get away with it. Now Sami is crawling down to their level and some see this as something to be cheered on but we all know that it spells inevitable trouble and doom for Samantha Gene. Now she deserves everything she gets but the sad part is that she will most likely be moving those poor children in that horrific house full of twisted crazy people. As always the children will pay the price for her selfishness.

  24. From Leah

    Gerri lets get one thing straight… THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EJ/SAMI OR EJAM! In fact I don’t think I even mentioned them… did I? Please do not get the two confused. For all we know next week the characters Lucas, Rafe, Kate, Chloe, Jennifer, Roman, Marlena or John etc etc could do something utterly despicable or horrible that will turn some viewers into a headspin yet again. This has everything to do with people making it personal when writing into actors and attacking them or telling them their life story like they are some kind of shrink and can help. It unfair, unreasonable and just plain doesn’t work. The REASON I bought it up is week in and week out on this site and various others I see posters continually comparing storylines on Days to real life events. THEN when I saw how Alison Sweeney was personally attacked by fans on hers and other various sites I thought this is enough. Someone has to speak out. I think I’ve made my point and am now going to drop it. If you can’t see the point I’m trying to make I’m sorry. Moving on…

  25. From Linda

    I posted pretty much this same thing on the other page. Then saw what was still going on over here.

    Alison is not the first celebrity to receive negative fan mail. And I doubt this is the first time she has received negative feedback. Criticism, along with the praise, goes with the territory and is a normal circumstance. I haven’t heard about any stalking or threats on her life, which would not be “normal”, so I think she is a big and well paid girl and can handle it.

    As for the EJ and Sami pairing. It’s very simple. Some people like it and some people don’t, and for various reasons on both sides. Everyone is entitled.

    I have always failed to see how one cannot compare onscreen portrayals to real life in some cases. Especially when a story closely compares to an event or events in someone’s personal life. Isn’t that called great acting?!

    I was disappointed yesterday that Will wasn’t strong with Nick. But I think Will’s day is coming. Speaking of great acting, Chandler is absolutely terrific!!!!

  26. From patty

    Good post Linda and I absolutely agree. Critisism comes with the territory and if the role the actor is playing is that of a villain or a screw up like Sami, of course she’s going to get booed and hissed and sent hate mail. I’m sure she is used to it and I don’t think these actors take their role as seriously as some of the fans do, no matter if they love them or not. To assume the negatives remarks are from Safe fans is wrong also. Not everybody is liking the EJami storyline and it’s not because they want her with Rafe. The opposite is true, most don’t want to see Rafe with the headcase that is Sami Brady.
    I’m with you , I am also very disapointed with Will. Time for him to grow a set and for Chandler to show his acting chops. this passive act is just making him look weak. As for Nick, if anything, he is brutally honest and aside from his homphobia, he is brilliant and interesting to watch. He is what is keeping this show interesting and I hope they keep this villain around for a long time because the other ones like Stephano and EJ have long since gotten old and overused. Even Kristen has fizzled out somewhat imo.

  27. From gerri

    Whether EJ/Sami’s name was mentioned,or not,almost all remarks back and forth,have been.about their S/L.
    and I don’t think It neccessary,for any Poster to,tell anyone,that their posts “”need to be Addressed”" #20
    because they see “ISSUES” differently.and to top It off,to say SEEK HELP…..You see these relationships,your way,I will see them my way,but I won’t suggest,that you need therapy,of some kind,.
    so let’s enjoy the show.
    they may have put the Rape S/L on the shelf(If only It involved the two,but a child came to be,so I will certainly be fooled,if down the road,there isn’t a S/L ,that
    awaits,this.I think The writers will grab any topic,that will add to the ratings…

  28. From SL

    Let me just say, Rafe and Kate – ewwwwww, she is way too old – his niece will be her great grandchild – and she is just too old for him. Brady and Kristen – again, she is waaaayyy too old for him….it’s not all “sexy cougars”, it’s creepy- just plain creepy. Sami – always creepy with EJ – I hope there is a tsunami of common sense headed towards Salem soon….

  29. From Barb

    I saw it the same as SandyGram #222 on the other page that the sex between Sami and EJ yesterday was both therapy and manipulation for Sami. And in the heat of wild and grizzly passion, she whispers she wants Nick Fallon gone. Nothing in those scenes for me but I’m sure Ejami fans
    loved it.
    I think Eric was showing understandable concern for Sami and her choice to go back to EJ. Kristen and EJ’s talk showed us that EJ still has Rafe in his head.
    For me, Kate and Rafe are doing a good job together and I like them right now. “Friends with benefits” like patty says. Kate’s remark to Rafe about him telling her she is beautiful says a lot about where she’s coming from.
    Sami was at first cold to Rafe but she warmed up and then had her thoughts that Rafe has no idea what Nick is up to. Who in Salem would ever guess about this all involved plan of Nick’s?! Too bad Sasmi can’t
    tell Rafe!
    Although I was disappointed in Will with Nick yesterday, I agree Will’s day will come.
    Tee #18 from what you wrote, I take it Gabi’s secret will come out at her wedding. Will what Nick is doing to Will come out, too? Please, please tell!!

    gerri, let’s get one thing straight. lol! I always like your posts. That double standard thing is very true.

  30. From Gentzy

    They need to GET RID of Nick – I can NOT stand him!!!!!!!!!!
    And bring BO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sick of Chloe too!!!!
    I hope Nick either leaves or gets put back in jail and Gabi, Will and Sonny raise the baby!!!!!!!!

  31. From Barb

    Tee, I mean will what Nick is doing to Will come out at the wedding, too?

  32. From jolie

    #25 Linda, I closely agree with you. Everyone is entitled to think what they will and do not deserve criticism because they are not a fan of a certain couple. The writers are at fault here and they put it out there. No this is not real on the show but these are real life issues. Woman and children are still, in this age we are in, not fully valued and sometimes stories like this are hard to swallow, real or not, when a woman is shown less than strong, less than smart, making stupid decisions that will affect several people. I am a fan of each of the actors playing Sami and Elvis. I am not a fan of them playing that they are now in love and we are supposed to pretend all is now forgotten. And I am with you, I hope Will’s day is coming. I love that Sonny is so smart to really figure out that it is the gay angle that has Nick in a spin. I think Sonny may be very useful as things unfold. It appears that Gabi’s secret will come out at her next wedding. Bet if she ever does get married on this show, she’ll elope the next time! And Sami finally is keeping a secret??? I don’t buy that but I guess she thinks Will might go to jail so that might keep her lips clamped for a time. That she and Lucas go to steal evidence at the po-po station..that will have to be almost hilarious if it weren’t so serious. Those 2 are most always good together.
    #26 Patty, reckon that scallywag Stefano has ever gotten any vicious fan mail? I just bet he has over the years. It is more automatic now and actors put themselves out there with Twitter, etc so a certain amount of it is to be expected. Doesn’t make it right nor does it make it pleasant. Some actors stop using those accounts when things heat up like they apparently have for the Sami actress. Unfortunate, but the times we live in. And Nick is doing a fantastic job as villain and this is sort of like the old days… really mean mean mean. Sami sure walked into him like a brick wall. Apparently Elvis will not get his turn at Nick with the Vargas story coming at us like a freight train and soon.
    #27 gerri, you are entitled to how you feel. I feel much the same way. So no, you don’t need to seek counseling because you see rape as a crime that would be difficult to just forgot and push aside. And I feel sure you know the difference between this show and real life so no need for therapy there. I am having trepidations as well in getting on board with the pairing and the past crimes are front and center issues. So if I need therapy too, I’ll just take a couple of Miller Lites, get my dog and go sit on the porch and watch the sun set. Therapy enough for me.
    #29 Barb, such a good post. And Sandygram always has a great way of viewing things in my book. I am like you…not too much for me there. Eric was probably confused over Sami’s latest change of men. While we have been privy to it for a while, he has been beaten up a couple of times so hasn’t heard. And I guess she kept it secret for a while too…whatever. I am Ok with Kate and Rafe but since she is worried about Stefano and what he might do to Rafe, I’d say Rafe has a worry there as well or will at some point. I am glad that Sami sees that Rafe is not aware of Nick’s scheme. Rafe is seeing signs to worry about so maybe he and Kate will start putting 2 and 2 together. Sonny could help out there as well. And if Gabi’s secret comes out, will this change things much? No one really to testify since Melanie is gone and really no evidence I think. But then there really wasn’t much evidence from the Elvis shooting but now apparently there is some. Nick will have his hands full with trying to keep Gabi out of the pokey and will be busier than a cat covering up poop once Vargas gets into town and starts rubbing Nick’s nose in it.
    And I think gerri does a fine job on posts here as well.

  33. From patty

    As if EJami’s clawing and slobbering and having sex is not sickening enough they have to keep at it while they are discussing killing somebody and getting turned on by it. Yup, charming couple and they think Nick is creepy! Oh and Sami’s best line, “I don’t want you to ever stop listening to your better angels just for me” while EJ is just chomping at the bits to kill Nick. Oh and Sami saying it’s not like Rafe would risk his badge for anyone but his sister, now that is rich coming from her ungrateful mouth after everything Rafe risked for her.

    I didn’t see Will stand up for himself again today and is still letting Nick call the shots. Instead of kicking park benches Will, you need to start kicking a$$ instead of having Mommy fighting your battles. I’m having a harder and harder time feeling sorry for Will if he’s not going to fight back for this child. It really looks like Nick’s homophobia could be due to what happened to him in prison. We will soon find out what Vargas has planned for Nick but my guess is he comes gunning for him and possibly kill him and Sami or Will end up being framed for it.

  34. From gerri

    loved your Miller Litethe dog,porch and,watching the sunset,too funny,guess I might need to try that as well(to keep me from getting too stressed)
    and Is a lot cheaper than therapy….

    you know I love all your posts,you lay it all out there,and can do It much better than me.Boy, nothing like being intimate,and planning a murder at same time…….

    Will needs to listen to Lucas more,
    I hope everything comes out,before any I Dos are said.I can’t wait for Gabi to find out,what Nick has done.I know she needs to be held accountable also for what she did.
    Right now,the scene with Nick and Will,(Will needs to slap him into next week.)…..

  35. From MAB

    I don’t feel one bit sorry for Nick and his talk of what happened to him in prison. He apparently doesn’t wanna go back there, but that’s where he belongs since he didn’t seem to learn not to break the law while he was in there. Genius, I think not. He used Sami as a front, has been scheming behind Will’s back from day one, and now Will knows the truth, that Nick wants to keep him out of the baby’s life because he’s gay. So it’s official, Will is a sucker! He let a psycho criminal dictate his life, and now he’s signed away his rights to his daughter. Maybe next time he’ll listen when Sami, EJ and the others warn him about people he shouldn’t be trusting in the first place. And it’s obvious he is obsessed over Gabi and her child that he has no ties to. Like I said, any danger that comes to her & the baby will be by his hands.

    Ugh, I didn’t buy any of that malarkey from Rafe yesterday to Sami. I guess him trying to make peace w/ Sami is a way to clear the air down the road once all the Nick stuff comes out. Just a way to put Rafe in the ‘good guy’ column, and negate all the nastiness he’s dished out to Sami & Will. Well I’m not buying it. And how many more times do we have to see the cop & grandma bedroom scenes??? It’s just keeps getting more & more repulsive.

    So glad Sami made it clear to Eric that she is committed to EJ. And EJ made it clear to Kristen he hasn’t changed, just trying to be a better man for Sami. He’s proved he loves Sami & the kids, is the man for her, and although he hasn’t claimed to be someone he’s not, he has struggled not using the DiMera ways in fear of loosing her. But it looks like Sami wants EJ to retain that bad boy persona after all. So she finally has the man she’s always wanted, ruthless & powerful, who will do anything for her, and loves & cares for her. And he finally has the only woman he’s ever loved, what he’s always wanted, and he has the real Sami, like no one else before him. They are each other’s compatible counterpart, and you can tell how comfortable that makes them w/ each other. They are happy, and can be themselves w/ each other. He can be EJ, good or bad, and she can be Sami, good or bad, w/o having a significant other trying to change her, or treating her like a child. I absolutely LOVED their intimate scenes yesterday! They no doubt enjoy one another very much, youza! He apparently makes her ‘scream’, and I liked the back & forth control between them. He had it first, then she had it. And when she turned on the seductive vibe, we saw EJ as we’ve never seen him before. She turned him into mush! Wow, what great stuff! I love seeing the variety in their relationship in & out of the bedroom. They definitely have what others only wish they had, magical chemistry that melts the TV screen!

    If Johnny wasn’t EJ’s, and it was due to what Nick did, EJ or Stefano would’ve already taken Nick out a long time ago. Just sayin…

    I haven’t seen anyone call Eric a bad guy, stupid or a hypocrite. He is judgmental tho, and that is only because he’s willing to give some the benefit of the doubt, and not others. If he’s gonna give criminals from prison & Nicole the benefit of the doubt, then he can certainly extend the same EJ. He’s a priest and is supposed to be understanding of everyone. He should trust Sami to make her own decisions, since frankly it’s none of his business anyway. He needs to just be her brother and show her support. She doesn’t need his permission, or anyone else’s for that matter.

    Well it looks like Sami wants Stefano’s help, and asks EJ for it, and he suggest they move into the mansion. If they do move back into the mansion, this is gonna get interesting! I love it! At least the kids will be back in the home they know & grew up in. But we’ll see if Sami accepts the offer. But I don’t care where they live, as long as I’m entertained and EJ & Sami remain together! Oh, the drama, the suspense, the reality of those evil DiMeras. Can I get a D I M E R A, what’s that spell, DiMera!

    No one said Sami was the first to receive negative comments, or that criticism didn’t come w/ the territory to actors. Ali has been used to getting things thrown in her face for years, which is why I said it probably doesn’t bother her in the least. But some of the comments made to her by those Safe fans (and yes they were bonafide Safe fans) were beyond the normal negativity & criticism, it was down right disturbing! And that is the point! Those who would make those kinds of horrific comments to her have serious problems.

  36. From MAB

    Eric already knew about EJ & Sami’s reunion. Marlena told him.

  37. From MAB

    Leah – you are also entitled to how you feel…this just needed to be clarified.

  38. From MAB

    If Kate & Rafe were so smart, they would’ve already put two & two together about Nick. Kate hated Nick until she hopped in the sack w/ Rafe, and Rafe, well he’s been around Nick almost as much as Gabi has, but it’s Sami, EJ, Lucas, and Sonny who have been on to Nick for a while now, even tho they can count on one hand how many times they’ve been in Nick’s vicinity. Kate & Rafe’s problem is they’re too busy hitting the sheets to notice what’s really going on around them.

  39. From Kat

    35 MAB, I said in one of my post, that to me Eric was being hypocritical,when it comes to EJ, compared to others.. like Nicole, or yes the Drug addict, and I meant it, to Me, Eric is exactly what I said..
    However I Never said that Eric was stupid….etc.

    Leah, the way I read your post,
    You were Not talking about people on this site at I don’t understand why they think you did..

    You were talking about some Fans/?? out there in this big world,
    and I agree with, there are some that are just over the Top.

    Sami and EJ, what a couple, I just enjoy watching them, DOOL is lucky to have such great actors/characters IMO.

    Who knows about Nick, yes he is a Nut Job, but
    he is doing a great Job, making this SL very interesting. But if He clicks, and we get some Back Story, why he is so homophobic….
    and his problems get resolved,, we might see a big time Redemption, whatever, and all will be made right for Father Will and his family.
    But in the meantime, what an exciting story unfolding right now.

    There is No chemistry IMO between Cameron and Abby.

    I am also looking forward, when the DiMera Mansion will have a full house again… and Brady there with Kristin, wow, and Chad, EJ and Sami and the kids.
    It can’t get any better than that, what entertainment to look forward to…

  40. From Barb

    What?! gerri and patty, you guys never discuss murder during intimacy?! What’s wrong with you people?! lol!
    patty, when Sami said that about Rafe not risking his badge for anybody but his sister, like you I immediately thought of all the things he’s risk for Sami. Like covering up attempted murder! Guess all that sex clouded her memory!
    Nicole looked lovely today. She saw through Chloe in a hurry. I was laughing when she was tossing things and being so loud while Chloe was talkling her nonsense to Eric. The six/sex type-o was comical.
    Nick will probably look at Rafe as an enemy now, too, now that Gabi told him Rafe looked through his
    prison file.
    Vargas looks like he can take care of himself, and he’s obviously been building himself up. So ole’ Nick is somehow responsible for Vargas serving an additional 3 years?! Mmmm, payback time!
    Will was a little stronger with Nick, and I liked when he grabbed him, but the poor guy really doesn’t know what to do or where to go from here. Ever been completely taken in by someone you trusted? It’s a bummer!

    jolie #32 cold beer and a beautiful sunset. Count me in!

  41. From bobby

    I used to think E.J. could have the scariest look ever. No more. Nick can give a look that keeps you awake at nights. Anyone notice how pointy E.J.’s ears are? He and Sami showed us just how cut from the same cloth they are today. I think E.J. should put Kristen in charge of Nick.

  42. From jolie

    #34 gerri, I puzzle also as to why Will doesn’t listen to his father. His mother, yep, I get that but Lucas has really laid it on the line for him. It will be interesting to find out how the sequence of things will happen. They are being so stingy with the spoilers lately but there is probably method to that madness…not giving too much away for sure. Will Gabi’s secret come out during her wedding? That was sort of eluded to..not sure if by a poster or by a spoiler. So what will be the outcome? There is really no evidence to it. Hearsay but really no evidence. Not that this will calm things down on a soap. At least people will know and that might be the point. I wonder what Victor and crowd will say when they find out or if they find out that Justin knew about Melanie’s kidnapping and who kindled that fire. And the ex-con is coming to town with Nick in his sights. I suppose this all has something to do with Nick’s homophobia but is this guy supposedly gay? Or has Nick interfered with this guy’s racket in prison and that kept Vargas locked up a while longer? Nick getting out was supposed to save him as his life was in danger, right? And we know that this guy or someone stabbed Nick. Whatever happened sure did do a number on Nick the nutjob. It will be interesting to see where this all lands. Some will be knee deep in doodie.
    Sami and Elvis love scenes, plotting to get rid of someone at the same time. This is just wrong on so many levels. Makes Stefano and Kate look like Sunday school teachers.

  43. From jolie

    #39 Barb, count me in. I don’t discuss murder often at all except with you folks here. But then I am in Miller Lite/dog/porch sitting therapy. I almost choked to hear Sami say that Rafe not risking for anyone but his sister. Oh wait, I guess helping her hide Elvis’ child didn’t count either. She is the biggest hypocrite in Salem. She really makes Chloe look sane. Elvis is just dumb for wanting back in this. I am glad Nicole is seeing Chloe for what she is and is not buying in. So Nick has messed in Vargas’ playhouse in the pen. That is enough to get you killed for sure. Poor Eric will be right in the middle of this. All his do-gooder notions are getting he and Nicole in contact with a dangerous dude. First the drug addict and now a potential killer or whatever the guy is. And Will is such a little boy. Anytime he would ever have tried to stand on his own two feet, he has fallen..only time I can think of is blackmailing Elvis and while that got him some perks, it got him in with Elvis/evil. And I am now wondering why if Elvis knew this evidence was in the police station, that he had not had it removed. Why doesn’t he still do it? Guess it doesn’t fit the story but it would have been a way out for Will.

  44. From MAB

    Why would Rafe be Nick’s enemy now just because Gabi brought up Rafe looking thru his prison file? Rafe already looked thru Nick’s prison file a while back, and Nick already knows about it because Rafe told Nick that day at the Horton Square w/ Kate. Nick is gonna make an enemy out of everyone eventually because he’s insane! And I can just see the scramble in the SL being done to let Rafe off the hook of how badly he acted & treated Sami & Will in all this, not to mention how he blamed everyone else for things Gabi was also responsible for, and the fact he’s hiding his sister’s crimes. I didn’t buy that making peace w/ Sami yesterday, and she shouldn’t either.

    As for Will, there is no reason he should’ve ever trusted Nick. He should’ve trusted the people who warned him about him. Stupid is as stupid does.

  45. From MAB

    Kat – well I say, if the hypocrite shoes fits…LOL! For me, I just find him judgmental.

  46. From jolie

    #42 Bobby, Elvis is an elf. And putting Kristen in charge of Nick. That is genius of you. Especially since Elvis doesn’t seem to have it anymore.

  47. From Barb

    It was that Nick had such a dark look on his face today when Gabi mentioned Rafe looking through his files. Guess it was because he knew from what she said that she and Rafe had been discussing him while he left for a few minutes. I think Rafe was sincere with Sami yesterday, and Rafe and Will cleared the air a long time ago.

    jolie and gerri yes, Will has had enough experience with Sami so I get that, too, but how different it could be now if Will had listened to Lucas when Nick was the first one Lucas thought of who had sent the text. But the writers didn’t want it to go that way. Like the evidence still being at the police station!!

  48. From Kat

    45 MAB…
    Well, I guess he is both, LOL

    I am sure he means well, but he should treat all sinners,.. Nicole, EJ, Sami, Kristin, Brady… the convicts… the same..Have an Open Heart for everybody, no matter what..

    My DVR was off, so can’t watch today’s episode….

  49. From patty

    Whether some buy into what Rafe says or not, the fact is that there is nothing to blame Rafe for in this baby drama so now it’s come to whatever he says is malarky. Besides being there for Gabi which is completely understandable and to be expected because he loves his sister , Rafe has done nothing wrong to be accused of. Even Sami’s accusations and assumptions about his role in all this were put to rest yesterday because she knows that just like with Gabi, she was wrong about him teaming with Nick. The old Sami of about two weeks ago would have known that about Rafe. He cares for Will and is not trying to keep him from his child, period. He doesn’t know what Nick is up to and never did. He doesn’t pretend or plot against people or talk malarky, that’s EJ’s thing and part of his new act to keep Sami from going back to Rafe as he admitted to Kristen.
    As for Rafe and Kate, they are just sexual partners but their scenes are a lot more tastefuly done than the kinky tawdry display we were subjected to by EJami. As for Sami’s screaming, doesn’t she always? Girl needs a muzzle on that loud mouth of hers and not just when she’s having sex. Rafe and Kate may be mismatched in a lot of ways but what they share has turned out to be lighthearted and carefree and there is nothing cheap or tacky about it. It has brought out a fun and happy side of Kate that we’ve never seen before and that makes her surprisingly almost likable. Better than when she was with that dreadful old geezer Stephano who tricked her into cheating on him. I can’t wait for him to find out that Kate has found herself a hot young stud to replace him in her bed. He’ll probably figure it out the minute he sees her walking around with that dreamy smile on her face.

  50. From Leah

    Thanks MAB and Kat and thanks for your support! So easy to be misunderstood or have your words twisted on you. Yes you were both right. I am entitled to my opinion MAB and Kat no I wasn’t talking about anyone on this site. I think my posts were pretty clear. It was purely in response to the awful things being said to Alison Sweeney because her character Sami and EJ at long last had been put together. But the statement I was MORE trying to make was in general. That may have been what prompted me but it was never to be an exclusive statement about Days or Ejami/EJ/Sami. In fact I never mentioned them at all. I mentioned the actress. Some think its all fair game and acceptable I just DON’T happen to share that point of view. Again thanks MAB and Kat :)

  51. From Leah

    Anyway back to Days….
    Wow, wow, WOW! How HOT was Ejami? I loved every delicious, devious, exciting, naughty, seductive, passionate, grey second of it! Welcome back Samantha Gene Brady. You’ve said it yourself many a times you are an “anti-Brady.” At long last you are stop trying to please everyone else and are just being yourself. All power to ya! Sami has shown us time and time again she is more than happy to get down and dirty as the next person when it comes to looking after and protecting her family. Something she and EJ have always had in common. As another poster said on another site Sami has always been more Dimera than Brady.
    Was great to see Sami weave EJ around her little finger and have him eating out of her hand (personally I can’t wait to see that the other way around either. I’m sure that time will come). Sami was so turning EJ on in every way, shape and form. So EJ go for it boy… time to put a ring on it (Samantha) oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh… LOL!

  52. From Leah

    You KNOW Ejami scenes were HOT when even other Days actors are talking and weeting about those scenes!

  53. From patty

    gerri, I also want to add that you do a fine job posting and you get your point across very well. Love reading your posts. You too jolie and I hope I can join you on your porch for a cold one and watch the sun set for therapy.
    Barb, I know Rafe was sincere with Sami yesterday. Rafe doesn’t have underhanded agendas and is not looking to cause trouble for Will . He never did since day one, he was pissed at Sami and thought Will didn’t want to be part of his child’s life but they’ve long since cleared the air and Rafe never teamed with anyone to keep Will from his child as some might like to suggest. He never did anything to hurt Sami, she’s the one who treated him like dirt. He is there to protect his sister and that’s it. As for him not knowing what Nick is up to, nobody did until Nick played his hand and got Will to sign the papers. Lucas was the only one who might have suspected him when they first got those texts but Will dismissed it. Sami didn’t figure out zilch, all she did was go around shooting her mouth off making wild accusations to the wrong person and scaring the living daylights out of Gabi, putting her grandchild at risk.
    As for Rafe covering what Gabi did, he is only doing what they are all doing, covering each other’s crimes , they are all guilty of that. He’s also covering Sami’s attempted murder so maybe he’ll have to come clean about that. What Gabi did is no worse than what they all did and I wonder who will expose her without implicating themselves because there are a lot more people that know about it than just Rafe so they are witholding imformation also. Nobody has clean hands here, they’re all guilty of something, some worse than others, like planning a murder during sex. No Barb, never tried. lol!

  54. From SandyGram

    Today’s show….gerri, patty,jolie, barb… covered about everything and very nicely. I did think Nicole look especially beautiful today and thought her pounding things on the desk while Chloe was talking to Father Eric was a hoot. She couldn’t have been more obvious. Now that’s a good friend for you and she caught on to Chloe’s real reason for being there, glad she didn’t fall into her trap.

    As I mentioned yesterday Will’s only out to all of this is to confess to shooting EJ. The writers can always come up with a reason that he gets parole or the case could be over turn because the evidence has been tampered with or such. And all the others that may have known it was Will and helped conceal that fact….then they should just have to take there punishment. Isn’t that an anomaly just tell the truth. Then any custody battle that Nick may want to start to show Will as being unfit it would be even Steven….Nick did kill someone and Will attempt to kill someone. But now that Will knows Nick is wanting him to stay away from Arianna Grace when she is born is because Will is gay, this would only work against Nick showing how irrational and homophobic he is. Tell the truth Will, I’ll stand by you!! Can’t wait for Grandma Kate to find out all this stuff…then she can fire Nick’s butt. She may have to buy him out of his contract with Mad World since he has a clause that says she can’t fire him with in a year, but the pay off could be worth it. Or she can just bring in Brownie’s to work!!

    Sami and Eeejjjj….Oh Yeap….that’s it for me on that subject.

  55. From sharon

    I do hope I don’t miss the day when Sami finds out about Kate and Rafe, and Stephano finds out Kate is now with Rafe!!!! Bet ya Sami gets the ole Jealous bug!! She can’t stay true to anyone. For some strange reason, Kate is even half way likable now!!

  56. From Kat

    55 sharon,,,that should be fun to watch…
    and about Kate, Super Killer/Villain, now as you said half way likeable…maybe EJ should “sleep” with Rafe, LOL, joking, and some on here might learn to like him,
    I already do in a big way… funny.

  57. From Cassie

    Even though Stefano and Kate are over, Stefano is going to get jealous of Kate and Rafe. Kate is not going back to stefano. Why should she give up a ham for dry bones.LOL!!!

  58. From cassie

    I fastforward through yesterday and today’show. I didn’t find EJ and Sami’s moment exciting. Same old dirty looking sex acts. Boring. I sure miss the old Days. A rich thug and a psycho b….tch. Nothing thrilling about watching a rapist and his ho. I prefer watching a dog poop.I also ff through the ho Chloe talking to Nikki. Chloe is dumber than a sack of rocks.

  59. From cassie

    Sharon#55, Sami was jealous of Autumn, Chloe, Nicole, Nicole’s sister and her own sister. She want to be the center of every man’s attention. She is not wired right.

  60. From Clear

    Richard, it seems like what you said would be a good reason for EJ to neutralize Nick if it were true.

    I’m wondering if Nick will get into it with Vargas, and EJ will set Nick up for attempted murder so he is back in prison?

    Meanwhile, it’s time we got a clue where Bo is and what is going on? The Hopester isn’t even talking about him much.

  61. From Karen

    Jennifer and Daniel need a backbone, while Rafe needs a shrink. I want Nick to be blasted off of this show. His acting is great though, I don’t like his character. I think I like Sami and EJ together. Sami was boring when she was with Rafe.

  62. From patty

    Ha! You tell cassie! :)

    Karen, why would Rafe need a shrink, he’s the only sane person left in Salem. He might be having sex with Kate the Snake right now but at least he’s not getting his jollies by plotting murder at the same time. And he’s rid of Sami Brady which is the sanest thing he ever did.
    I don’t want Nick blasted off the show, he’s the best thing that happened to it in a long time. I hope he outsmarts EJ’s and Sami’s plot to get rid of him and that Will fights for his child on his own. BB’s acting circles around all of them.

  63. From Maryl

    Cassie, I just have to ask–why in the world are you watching this soap if your opinion is so low and the sls disturb you as much as you say??

    Karen, I agree with you!! Good blog!

    Leah, Kat,Tee, Mab and Michelle–keep up the good work with your blogs! I don’t have time to blog much right now during tax season, but I try to keep up reading the good blogs you girls write!

    Jolie–Our EJ, now an elf? I always noticed his ears were a bit pointed, but I always thought that perhaps Stefano had Rolf implant his sperm, when he planned EJ’s conception, with some genes from Dr. Spock or Valdimir Dracula (sexy)! No wonder all the young girls like EJ–he has the right stuff–pointy ears and all! Vampires are a big thing with the young crowd these days you know. Now, if we could just manage to justify Rafe’s bushy, hairy eyebrows and that awful snarky smile, we could put this subject to! An unfrozen Neanderthal sure does seem to fit his description. Just give him a club and a woman to pull by the hair! lol! Actually he has that part down real good–he likes being boss over someone.

    Patty, hang in there girl, maybe Rafe will fall in love soon and you can concentrate on him more than EJ and Sami. Maybe you can give them some rest as well as yourself.

    And now, on to work–ugh!

  64. From Maryl

    I have to add–I’m simply loving EJ and Sami together!!! You can already start to see that they will not be the typical boring soap supercouple like a lot of others have become. EJami fans have always known that those two characters have a background for great sls. The reason being that their characters have no boundaries. The writers can do so much with them–bad, good, evil, romantic, dangerous, scheming, and at the same time loving each other and their children–what better material for a good soap sl is there. That’s the kind of stuff that soap operas are about. For those who cannot stand to see this kind of stuff perhaps the inspriation channel or something similar would work better for them.

  65. From jolie

    #60 Clear, good idea there. That Vargas gets himself killed and Elvis sets Nick up for it to go back in the pokey. Nick will try to drag down as many as he can and use whatever is available so Elvis might turn this around and Will still has to own up to shooting Elvis. And I am missing Hope’s mysterious sideways glances when Bo is mentioned. And he hasn’t been mentioned in a long while. Something’s afoot but I guess the writers are so invested in the baby drama lately as it really pulls in lots of characters and the Dr Dan Den of Love being taken over by Chloe which also pulls in lots of characters that they can’t seem to spend a couple of lines on Bo. Gone and apparently forgotten!
    #62 Patty, Rafe is the only sane person left. He is gullible but sane especially since he is not under the influence of Sami. Poor Elvis but he is acting very stupidly. How will he ever please her? He wants to act like he is a better man than Rafe (Rafe isn’t playing in their sandbox but they can’t seem to leave him out), he can’t do the Dimera thing because he’ll lose Samanther, then they end up plotting in bed about taking Nick out?? Yep, that ought to really make a better man out of Elvis. And this is what Sami’s family always was afraid of. That she would be tainted by the evil of the Dimeras if she got too close to Elvis. Well Marlena, things have changed. Sami is now tainting Elvis.
    #63 Maryl, hey there gal! Loving the unfrozen Neanderthal reference. Can’t say it would not explain some stuff! But snarky smile…I think that is a prerequisite for all on this show. Snarky smile…sign on up. And I am not complaining about Elvis’ elf ears and just thought it was too funny to pass on. Pointy ears are very common if you start looking around. Well then, so are Neanderthal eyebrows! Darn we are surrounded! And I am liking Rafe and Kate as friends. I am just not sure how they will end the sexual side once one of them moves on. The writers have gotten us into this now they’ll have to get us out. I would like it if they remain friends. They both care about Will and the other kids so they do have something in common. Kate does seem more human now than before. Her concern for Will, Sonny, Gabi, the baby seems more genuine and less filled with sinister motive. In the wonderful words of that great troubadour Merle Haggard…”it ain’t love but it ain’t bad.”

  66. From jolie

    #64 Maryl, I wish I could see this couple as others do and appreciate them together. Maybe I’ll get there but I am not feeling it now. I just feel that if you have no boundaries, you will reach the edges really soon. And if this is not just a bit like real life then we’ll be watching one of those shows with vampires and werewolves and I am just not up to that!

  67. From patty

    Maryl, I am super well rested , thanks anyway, but I’m not about to give Sami and EJ a rest if they and their sick twisted romps are going to be shoved down our throats . Talking about cave men ways, that would describe the strange , rough, kinky stuff that went on between them yesterday. I agree with Caissie, EJami knocking boots is ff worthy and actually filing taxes sounds like more fun. MR Bushy Brows(waxing is for sissies) could show them a thing or two about how it’s really done, in a considerate, gentle and tender manner, minus the murder plotting. The gorgeous eyes and chisled torso is just an added bonus. Lucky Kate, no wonder she has that happy dreamy look on her face nowadays and Sami’s walking around with a permanent frown.

  68. From gerri

    Good Blog Cassie,
    I think pairing Rafe with Kate,was for the only reason,she would be the one,that would get biggest reaction from Sami,she doesn’t know
    yet,I hope It’s happens soon,tho,time for some fireworks!!

    Can you imagine,what DiMera mansion,will be like,once all the Clan moves In? should be loads of fun,but stefano
    needs 2 maids, poor Mary will be dog tired,and could get brain damage,being around all the drama that’s ahead.

    I don’t think Days will ever bring back any Romance like In the past,It seems like It’s only all about sex,now.

    what part will the Inmate be in the S/Ls? I’m thinking It is too
    obvious,to us,that it will be about,Prison life with Nick,but I think the writers,will go farther,with this character maybe a (DiMera connection)you know with that family,no crime Is off limits.
    will be a wait and see.

    since Sami and EJ’S reunion,where has the kids been?haven’t saw them for what 10 minutes total?so much talk,about them prior.

    waiting for A relationship for Nicole,what’s the delay?I don’t think she wants Daniel back,I loved the scene with nasty Chloe
    yesterday,Daniel deserves her,She deserves someone else said,for him to be cast as a Doctor,he might have some brain sense,but totally no common sense.her plan Is staring him right In the face,but can’t see It.

    They need to send Jenn out the door,or either give her a relationship with someone,that can made her their choice….

  69. From MAB

    Wednesday’s show:

    EJ & Sami = HOT enough to melt the screen, loved it all, and loved them planning against psycho Nick!

    Nicole = glad she told Chloe off and I hope that ends their friendship…and Nicole was funny slamming things around while Chloe spewed a bunch of BS to Eric.

    Nick & Will = glad they finally somewhat had it out and Will knows the real truth, but he should be feeling SO stupid now. I wonder if Will will apologize for how he’s treated everyone, especially his mom, for trusting a psycho criminal over his own family. Nick is gross and sick, and if that daddy’s girl outfit didn’t give Gabi a creepy vibe, then she is even more clueless than I thought. About time Rafe is finally figuring out what everyone else already knows. You better hurry tho, or your little sister is gonna be in grave danger from the hands of the one who claims to love her. But then, maybe she’ll realize what Melanie went thru because of her actions. What goes around, comes around.

    Vargas = scary! Nick is dead meat!

    Other comments:

    As for the scariest look ever, Stefano wins that hands down…no one better!!!!

    Yeah, Rafe cleared the air w/ Will alright, then dogged him behind his back. Will still doesn’t know the horrible things he said about him and blamed him for. Also, Will listening to Lucas would’ve still been too late because Nick already had the evidence. Will should’ve listened all the way back to when Justin warned him about Nick…then Sonny, then Sami & EJ, then Lucas. He had plenty of warning, he was just too stupid to listen to the people who cares what happens to him.

    #48 Kat – oh no, you didn’t get to see EJ & Sami yesterday? It was such great stuff. Maybe you can catch it on SoapNet. They run all the episodes on Sunday night. Oh, and as for Eric, I agree. If he’s gonna be a priest, he needs to treat everyone the same w/ compassion.

    Nothing but malarkey spewing from Rafe’s mouth as he tried to ‘bury the hatchet’ w/ Sami. Up until Gabi’s release from the hospital, Rafe was still blaming Sami and being his usual nasty self. No reason for her to accept his olive branch after he degraded her & the kids over & over. And now he’s all of a sudden he’s suspicious of Nick? What about all the other times Nick has acted weird? How come Rafe didn’t catch on back then, especially being a cop, you’d think those instincts would kick in. I mean this is his sister’s life after all, the one he protects at all costs. And there’s never been a question for Rafe protecting Gabi, he should. The problem is he still refuses to admit Gabi was at fault for anything that happened. She was a part of all the lies & deception, that Rafe blamed Will (& Sami) for. If Rafe ‘cares’ so much for Will and ‘thought’ he didn’t want to be part of his child’s, then why didn’t he just discuss it w/ Will and get to the truth? If he is so sane, he wouldn’t act like the neanderthal he looks like. Even after Rafe & Will ‘cleared the air’, he still trashed Will, like the day he trashed Will in front of Caroline. Not cool!

    As for them all being guilty of something, I agree, and that includes Rafe as well. He is not exempt from it.

    When did Sami, or anyone else think Rafe was teaming w/ Nick???

    Rafe & Kate’s fling is the epitome of tawdry, tacky & distasteful, but more than anything, it’s a joke! The cop & the grandma…almost sounds like a porn movie title, and that’s what it displays, if you’re into that sort of thing. As for Kate being happy, it’s just because she’s had a bed buddy. She’s always said that Stefano is the love of her life, and she was truly happy w/ him, no denying that. She still admits to that, and I bet if Stefano came calling, she’d run right in his direction.

    #50 Leah – everything you said, all true!

    #51 Leah – I loved every minute of EJami too! EJ told her he loved everything about her. She finally has the man she’s always wanted, and knows now she doesn’t have change her true colors. I liked how she wrapped EJ around her finger too, and I’m sure we’ll see the vice versa of that eventually. They obviously turn each other on in every way!

    #52 Leah – I’ve seen some of those tweets too! Even the other actors recognize.

    #56 Kat – TOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #63 & 64 Maryl – don’t be a stranger too long, we miss your posts! I love your neanderthal comments about Rafe because they’re SO true. EJ’s ears may be a little pointy, but I love them! Otherwise, James Scott has no physical flaws IMO, perfection at it’s finest!!!! And EJami together, no doubt not the typical couple, but never boring, and always entertaining! And they definitely have no boundaries, which can only enhance all of their SL’s. They have what most couples only wish they had. But to understand it, you have to get it w/o it being explained to you. James & Ali get it, their MANY fans get it, and it’s truly amazing!

  70. From MAB

    If they wanted to get a reaction from Sami about Rafe sleeping w/ someone, it would’ve been Nicole, not Kate. Sami has no reason to be jealous of Kate, but she’s always been jealous of Nicole, and rightfully so. But Sami is fully committed to EJ now. I highly doubt she will feel anything but pity for Rafe once she finds out about him & Kate. In fact, she should feel sorry for Rafe for lessening himself to that kind of action.

    I like the idea of Vargas getting killed and EJ setting Nick up for the fall. But to set Nick up would only happen if they decide to put a DiMera henchman on the job. But EJ might not have to do anything. Nick is so sick & twisted, he just might kill Vargas all on his own.

    I’m glad they are taking their time w/ Nicole & Eric’s relationship. He’s priest, and she is still reeling from the disaster w/ Daniel and loosing another child. I see no reason to rush it. Let it develop instead of just throwing them into the fire.

  71. From gerri

    those remarks made to you,about rest,you responsed right back,and laid It on the table.go girl.
    It seems advice is plentiful.
    but I’d rather have the miller-lite,and the sunset.

  72. From Richard

    They could also send EJ to prison for withholding evidence and obstruction of justice, allowing an innocent man(Lucas)to go to prison for a crime that he knew that Will had committed.
    Any way that you look at it, Will was willing to let the baby be aborted. He even got the money together to pay for it. It was only after everyone had found out that the baby was his, that he wanted any part of his child.
    I still think that Rafe has only recovered a portion of his memories. The rest was put there by Stefano and he sometimes acts upon those memories.
    John still does not know his whole story and still lives the life that Stefano built for him. Maybe that was the reason that he hooked up with Marlena, in the first place.

  73. From MAB

    A couple of spoilers – followed by my comments:

    Chloe drugs Daniel and sets up a shocking scene for Jennifer to find – really, nothing original came to mind that Sami hasn’t already done (to Austin)?

    Nick and Sonny get into a fight – about time someone punch Nick, again, by the way, where’s Chad when you need him?

    Kate wonders if she and Rafe should end things before Stefano finds out – too funny, is she afraid Stefano will do something horrible to Rafe or she’ll never get back the DiMera prestige she so dearly loved, or he’ll never want her back? I say all three!

  74. From MAB

    Also forgot one more spoiler:

    EJ tells Sami the conditions for seeking Stefano’s help with Nick – so it’s not EJ’s idea for them to move in the mansion, but Stefano’s. EJ would just as soon as live on a deserted island w/ Sami, so if things go awry, this will be Sami’s doing, if she agrees.

  75. From Kat

    I can see the groundwork being laid out about Nick..the bad boy right now..
    Sooner or later, it will show, what time in prison can do to a person, and why he is they way he is now, and of course, why he is so homophobic…
    And then he will re-deemed etc. etc. and Will gets his rights back,
    and Vargas will be the Real bad guy in the SL.Going to interesting to watch how all this will unfold. Of course Father Eric will play a Big part in all this Drama.
    Think … it will be Eric that will Save Nick of course…
    As long as it is good entertainment, full of suspense etc. that’s all that matters to me.

    I hope, going through all this, Will, will finally become a Man, and leaves the little whiny boo hoo boy behind.

    Just Love Sami and EJ… Sami, could become the New “Mafia Wife”,
    EJ and Sami, are just great together…now to me, that’s what I like in a soap. Never a dull moment, never boring.
    Now with Stefano coming back, it will be even better, this show can always use a shot in the arm.

    This “Book” is getting better, with Every page I turn….

  76. From Mouse Fan

    Maybe Vargas gets a hold of Nick and Will happens by just in time to rescue him! How would Nick feel about Will then?

  77. From MAB

    If you blame Will for willing to let the baby be aborted, then what does the say about Gabi???? It was HER idea, and hers alone, any way that you look at it.

  78. From Just Moi

    Well I don’t know about the rest of ya’s but I certainally need therapy after witnessing, what some call a love scene, between EelJ and Sami but I will take the Miller therapy and hopfully drink those memories away. It would of been ok if they were just lying there in the aftermath and planning and plotting but to witness EelJ’s thrusting hips as they plotted was just too much. No I am not some prude and yes I like a little action just like the next person but that was just creepy and oh so wrong.

    Speeking of Creepy (an no Nick’s creepyness does not hold a candle to EelJami’s love scenes)Good thing Mr. Creepy is on the show, he is keeping things interesting. I hope they don’t kill him off to soon as I am enjoying him give the citizens of Salem something to do. I am having a hard time feeling sorry for Will, I want the Will that blackmailed EelJ back!! It was about the only time I liked Will. Will you’re a big boy now time for you to be a man and a daddy. I don’t blame him for not listening to Mommy Dearest, with her always yapping and causing dodo where ever she goes I wouldn’t listen either but when has Lucas steared you wrong? Please change and quickly before I start rooting for Nick lol.

    Great blogs Patty, Jolie, Gerri and Sandy. You girls always know how it goes!

  79. From patty

    Hi Just Moi! Good to see you again. It does get skanky again today with Kristen and Brady moving into the DiMansion and deciding to christen every room in the house , starting by having sex on Stephano’s chess table . PUKE! Bet they’re reserving fugly couch for EJami. When there’s a knock on the door ,Kristen is annoyed and says” my family should know how we roll”. Of course Kristen pulls the shoulders of her dress back down when she realizes John is at the door. It should get interesting when the house is full of people ,servants and children how they’re going to pull off having sex all over the place and walking around half naked. I just hope no one wants to play chess. I can’t help remembering what SandyGram always said about them all moving in the DeMira place and have a free for all. I think TPTB have heard you SandyGram.

  80. From MAB

    I’ve sent 5 different posts thru earlier this morning and don’t see even one of them. There’s no way it can take this long to moderate them. WHY does this keep happening when others seem to be going thru w/ no problem????????????

    Some posts are moderated automatically and some sit pending, waiting for someone to manually moderate. We just caught about ten posts now. If you or anyone finds they are awaiting posts to be moderated, don’t repost or worry. They’ll show up when somebody has the time to moderate them unless from time to time there is an issue with the post. Admin

  81. From MAB

    #80 – thanks Admin

  82. From Kat

    MAB, I saw the episode the next day, On DooL – Full episodes…
    Great stuff.

    About Dr.Dan, here is my confusion..
    Dan was ready and willing to leave his job, his Mother, his whole life in Salem, and most of all His Great Love Jenn behind,to move with Nicole and EJ’s son to Hawaii..

    Now his former great love and mother of his Son are back,
    but now Jenn is more important…
    why was she not as important when it came to Nicole and EJ’s child….

    Something tells me, that he Is Not as much in Love with Jenn, as he thinks he is,
    and I believe Jennifer Can sense that,
    her insecure acting is giving that away.

    So Dr.Dan, maybe you need to do a lot of real soul searching, because your track record with women is not the best… you change your mind to often…
    Something is off with you and your love life. I don’t think .. Dan knows what he really wants….

  83. From gerri

    Hey,Just Moi,
    Good to see your post..yes a few of us think alike.
    Today Kristen and Brady,were sickening,why so much,of this has to be aired?the S/L will end,and Brady,should bury his head In the sand,for falling into Kristen’s trap.Patty,so funny with your Chess and reserving the sofa for Sami/EJ comment.I can just see It now,with the Full house.

    Today,Nicole looked so sad,wish TPTB would speed up some happiness for her,but they tie up the time,with those repulsive” Love Fests”Which needs to end,now Kristen will have to move faster,with John back In town.

    I don’t care for Jenn’s hairstyles,some changes need to be made,unless they are planning,on her becoming involved with an older man,then she maybe will look the part,Kate and Maggie are older,but they are making Jenn look older than they are.

    Well IT’S 5PM,here,so time for My Miller-Lite and ready to watch the sun set(my therapy for today) is cheaper than seeing a Doc,wonder tho If Marlena makes house calls,or If she might do her magic ,by Web Cam”"

    maybe with some help,I can throw my rose colored glasses away,and begin to see things a little different>>>NOT<<<..

  84. From patty

    Kat, I could see Nick getting redemption at the end of all this. I mean nothing is too far fetched for this show. If Sami can end up in bed plotting murder with the man she shot in the head and kept her children from because of the horrible things he did, then psycho, homophobic , controlling Nick can be redeemed if only because BB is brilliant in his role and should stay on the show.

  85. From SandyGram

    #79 patty
    Not to much worth mentioning on today’s show:
    - Loved Victor being Victor when hearing Brady was moving to the DiMansion. And I was glad to see Brady hadn’t lost all his senses when voicing his concern about how it may affect his and Maggie’s relationship. The first time in a while he showed real concern for someone other than his Queen of Mean.

    - Kristen’s on going neurosis and her little show at the DiMansion before and after Brady arrived was predictable. Her telling line was when she was talking to Father’s picture and said “If it wasn’t for your invitation I wouldn’t have been able to start the ball rolling on exacting revenge on those who wronged me”. No conscience on what she did to others, just what was done to her. Would she have fallen so deep into revenge if for not being held captive in the smarmy harem, isolate several years before Stefano apparently bought her freedom? Just another detail that will be on a long line of ‘itches to be scratched’. Then not a worry one that Harold would walk in on them and very pleased when John came a knocking.

    - Spit it out or move on Nicole! But it would be nice for once if the writers did take her down a different path, realizing Eric is forbidden fruit. One can dream! But I can’t blame her, when he stands there looking at her with those puppy dog looks. And didn’t you love little Ciara wanting to marry Eric someday. I hope the show is on long enough for her to grow up into a lovely young lady and someday it is Father Eric who performs her marriage ceremony. I can see it now as they are about to say their “I Do’s”, she will look over at Father Eric, smile and flashback to today when she said she wanted to marry him and much like Nicole should be saying, “it wasn’t meant to be”.

    - Chloe, Nancy and Ann….now this is going to be more than convoluted, conniving, catastrophe of wrong doings for this trio of maniacal, dysfunctional felions. Looking forward to a comedy of failed scheme’s that will be comic relief in the end.

  86. From Michelle

    Ok so I liked Chloe with Nicole and Chloe with Abigail, when she dished out that cold plate of truth…
    but Chloe with Nancy, can’t really find the word, but I guess ‘cheesy’ will have to do. Yes, Nancy please get Jenn out of the picture, not that I care at all about Daniel, I just hate Jenn.
    Kristen was so loony today, I just had to laugh at her lol.
    It’s funny hearing Victor call the Dimera Mansion the house of horrors next to his wife who was trapped in a coffin on his own property. lol. I wasn’t really excited about today’s show, but it was enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to Steffie and John. Kristen’s expression when she was taunting John at the door was hilarious. She’s really going to regret it all soon. lol.
    So I think I read a spoiler or a rumor, or a comment {I don’t know, i’ve been reading non stop lately} that brady accuses john of still having feelings for Kristen, that could explain why he cuts J&M out of his life permanently which then prompts him to propose to Kristen after telling her he’d never want to get married.
    I am so glad that this Bristen storyline is picking up, Kristen is a little 2 dimensional right now, while Brady is a lonely one.

  87. From Clear

    Gerri– they had Jen looking good and then they frump her up again with granny hairstyles and clothes. Her clothes have been a little better than they were at first. Too bad she can’t have Maxine with her finding Dan passed out at Chloe’s mercy, pull his eyelids up and pronounce him drugged and call 911! Then they might charge Chloe or her mother with trying to poison him and give out the orange jumpsuits. Mags can come get Parker while they look through the bars, scream, and rant!

    I want to SuperJohn back now! Doesn’t he have clout being Stef’s half brother? He’s there first, let him move into the mansion again and take charge. He has been to Europe, so he should also be full of ISA intel ready to use on Stefano. How about that?

    Meanwhile, did Stefano get the other coin? Does it have anything to do with Alice Horton, or the African Connection? Tie up all those loose ends writers.

  88. From Leah

    So Brady is going to move into the Dimera mansion… and then pop the question hey?

  89. From Barb

    Chess anyone?! Where does Mary keep the Lysol?! Some don’t like Kate and Rafe but, for me, they’re a Class Act compared to Kristen/Brady and Sami/EJ!

    Pretty predictable scenes with Kristen and Brady yesterday. I was glad Brady at least gave some thought to his relationship with Maggie. Nancy’s return leaves me cold.
    So we know Chloe’s time in Salem is short lived but do we know how and why she leaves? Just wondered if Nancy’s comment about Chloe being so thin and that when she hugged her she could feel her ribs could be a lead in to Chloe ending-up sick? Those pills of Nancy’s are probably what they drug Dan with.
    I guess the sole purpose of Anne being on the show is to hate Jen and be there to help Chloe with her schemes.
    I always enjoy Victor! Seeing Ciara was a breath of fresh air!

    patty #67 an absolutely great response to the sarcasm directed to you!

  90. From Cougar

    Sandygram I though it was cute woo when Ciara wanted to marry Eric. It reminded me of a conversation about I had with a Catholic co-worker when Pope John Paul died. He was so popular especially with the young folks. She said her daughter, when she was about 8 years old, said that she wanted to marry the Pope. We bth chuckled about that one.

  91. From Barb

    I love Maxine and loved her yesterday!

  92. From Leah

    I hope when John comes back he has grown a pair! I loved him back in 2008 when he said whatever he wanted and didn’t care what anyone thought.
    As for the possiblity of Roman and Marlena again? Yeah nah don’t like it. Mind you I thought I read a spoiler somewhere that say the original Roman was coming back to Days. Does anyone know if thats true?

  93. From jolie

    #68 gerri, yep, fireworks will be in order when Sami hears about Kate and Rafe. This might be the tie that binds Sami and Stefano. And poor Mary, running after his royal badness, the small royal badnesses in training, Elvis, Sami, Brady, Kristen, Chad. Mary, get the leaf for the dining room table and quick! I too am puzzled over the Vargas story. How will Elvis’ plans and the Vargas story play out without running right thru the middle of one another? Nick has been so good in the scenes and he is all about control. Well, Nick babe, that is fixin’ to go out the window! Maybe Vargas will have a Dimera connection. I just hope poor Will is not drug right into the middle of it and gets another murder accusation on his head. Things are just not working for the boy. Good thing Sonny is rather smart.
    #71 gerri, it is the Dimera influence. When it is in the air, it invades your senses. Best to kick back and relax..that is what Miller time is all about.

  94. From MAB

    Pretty dull show Thursday, except for Nicole & Eric, and Brady at Victor’s. Victor again so comical and I loved Maggie’s talk w/ Brady. She made it clear she disapproves of him being w/ Kristen like everyone else, but also made it clear she is there to support him. Sometimes that’s all you can do. Kristen talking to Stefano’s picture yesterday gave me the impression she’s still somewhat under his control, and maybe a little scared of him too. But I guess I’ll wait to see how things are between them once Stefano is back…and dare I say in control!? Nice to see John, and excited to see what happens on today’s show!

    I loved Nicole’s hair yesterday! She needs to wear it like that more often. She is so pretty, and I think Eric just gets more handsome everyday! I like the fact that she has realized she never got over him, and I’m certain he’s never gotten over her. You could tell that the first time he laid eyes on her when he returned to Salem. I think their love story will be epic, like EJ & Sami’s, when it does happen, but as long as Eric is a priest, I don’t think their relationship should be rushed. He will have a big decision to make once their feelings finally surface, and one that he won’t be able to make quickly. They had a great love story once before when they were young (when Jensen Ackles, who I adore, played Eric), but they have changed so much over the years, they need to get to know each other again, and who they are now. There are always debates over some couples moving too fast, and others not moving fast enough. I think it depends on the couple, their history, and current situation. And as far as Nicole & Eric are concerned, I think their relationship needs to build. They have been apart too many years just to jump back into it this soon. It think it would be unrealistic.

    UGH, and Ann, Chloe & Nancy, how old are they??? They were acting like junior high school girls over the class heartthrob. That was a poor display of actions from 3 adult women. And Nancy has only been on for 2 days, and is already annoying.

    Rumor has it that Drake Hogestyn (John) is leaving the show. I hope this is ONLY a rumor!

  95. From MAB

    I bet if there was a chess board in range, Kate & Rafe would’ve already done it there too. The only reason they aren’t public is because they are keeping their tryst a secret.

    I said months ago that I believe Chloe would get sick and leave the show, and Parker would be left for Daniel to raise. Why would she leave otherwise? But that’s just my opinion, we’ll see what the writers come up with.

    Leah – I agree about Marlena & Roman. Their time has past, but the only way it would work is if Wayne Northrup reprised the role of Roman. I haven’t heard that he is returning. Even tho I’ve never been a huge John/Marlena fan, I do think they belong together (unless Isabella was to resurface and I doubt that will ever happen).

    No one knows what Sami’s reaction will be when she finds out about Rafe & Kate, but my “guess” would be her laughing her @$$ off! Why should she care, when she has the man of her dreams finally? I think the only way should would show any kind of emotion over it would be if she thought them being together had something to do with Will and his baby.

  96. From Linda

    Don’t you know everything that’s happening and is going to happen is Rafe’s fault?! LOL!!

    Can’t stand Anne but it was funny her watching Jennifer and Daniel and giving Chloe the play-by-play. Guess it’s Nancy who will ruin their night.

  97. From jolie

    #76 Mouse Fan, now that is a novel way to look at the story. It would make sense and maybe redeem Nick a little if he has to eat some crow and back down and be indebted to Will. I am lovin’ your suggestion.
    #78 Just Moi, hello! Love to see you here. As for the therapy, my front porch at 5:00 this afternoon. Millers are already cold, babe! Yep, I thought the love scenes were not much about love and creepy and disturbing come to mind. So Elvis is trying to be a better man. What the heck about Sami? She just gets to be as nasty as always because that is how he loves her?? How stupid is that. Yep, the writers are making a wuss out of Will. He might be gay but he ain’t dead. He needs to step it up. And Nick the actor does a wonderful job of getting on everyone’s nerves with his creepy controlling ways.
    Did anyone else think that little Ciarra looks very much like Gabi? She is a pretty little girl.
    #79 Patty, Kristen will have to push Elvis and Sami off the couch so she and Brady get their fair share of time when all are moved in. And think of the outdoor furniture that they’ll all abuse this spring… get the Lysol.
    #85 Sandygram, I thought Victor was at his most cantankerous when ranting to Brady. I guess he hasn’t learned that it doesn’t work. And gee I had to read back to see if you were describing Sami or Kristen, either name could have fit the no conscience part. I guess I keep thinking do these people have no decorum about them at all. Not everyone wants to walk in a room and see that going on. Poor Harold better get blinders for what he might be witness to. And I am with you on the Wicked Witches of Salem..can’t wait for the comedic relief of their less than stellar schemes. Or that would be the best way to write it…funny and lamebrain.
    #87 Clear, we’ve bantered the coin and what it actually meant, the Alice bank account and the African connection..maybe it was only a Nigeria phone scam that Alice was sending money to…how sad is that. I can see John moving into the Dimera manse and raising all manner of cain with the family. I’d like to see super John back.
    #92 Leah, original Roman..I am not absolutely sure so when I am proved wrong, forgive me, but I seem to remember some poster asking that the original Roman but used if he and Marlena were to get back together. Don’t recall that there was a real plan for this. But who knows?
    Eric needs to take Pope Benedict’s picture off the wall til the Cardinals get the new one appointed but I guess he is too busy running around town doing everything but talk to Nicole for 2.35 minutes at a time about what is bothering her.

  98. From jolie

    #94 Linda, Rafe is a sinister character…way worse than anything the Dimeras ever thought about doing. He is at fault for all crimes including late paper delivery, coffee not hot enough at Sonny’s shop,jaywalkers cuttin right in front of your car outside HTS, anyone who licks the red of Sami’s candy.

  99. From Linda

    jolie #98, I know, don’t you love it?! But you forgot doggie doo accidents! I mean Rafe controls EVERYTHING!

    Ciara reminds me of a little girl Liz Taylor. Not exactly like her but reminds me.

  100. From Shirley

    I like days have watched it for over 40 years. I agree the old romance is gone but really like Victor and Maggie.

    I really do not like how they have made the guys all out to be bimbo’s. Really Dan and Brady are not that stupid I don’t like the storyline making them look stupid.

    Chloe and Anne are fun, but I hope she gets found out. Do you think it is possible that she faked the paternity results in Chicago?

    I miss Vivian I liked her she was a good villian.

    Don’t especially like all the sex scenes, but that is like nowadays I suppose.

    I do like Sammi with EJ, They really do appear to like each other and they accept each other as they are with all their faults. I never saw Rafe doing that with Sammi. Yes he did a lot, but he never accepted her for herself. I don’t like the way that he said the Abortion was all Will’s fault when it wasn’t. That was kind of mean.

    I like that Will and sonny are together. Gay people have a right to their life and with what is going on in the world it is a modern day story.

    My hubby and I both watch Days and he really dislikes Nick, but he likes Stephano.

    I liked it when Stephano and Victor were villains and had the whole feud thing going on. It was good then.

    I liked Marlena and Roman together in the past, it looks like John could lose, but than maybe he wants to lose so he can be with Kristin.

  101. From Shirley

    I just finished reading posts. I think that most of us realize this is just a story, and the actors only do what the writers given them to do. So if anyone is rude to the actors it is most unjustified.

    I do not always like the storylines, I love the show. But we don’t have to like every storyline to love the show.

    It is diversified with different plots because different people watch and have different thoughts on things and like different things.

    Some like one storyline and others hate it.

    Everyone has their opinion and all should be respected to have their opinion as long as the post is in a respectful manner.

  102. From Barb

    Linda #96 and 99, and jolie #98 really comical back and forth between the two of you about that dastardly scoundrel, Rafe!

    If Chloe treats Anne many more times like she did today, maybe Anne will turn on her. Nancy’s provacative talk with Jen was perfectly timed. Jen is not playing her cards right, Maxine is correct, but Jen’s up against Nancy and I think Nancy’s been a schemer all her life, hasn’t she?!
    But I guess this scheme in Dan’s hotel room may not turn out like Chloe wants. A DaysCafe spoiler says “Chloe slipped him drugs. But she and Nancy were
    Nice talk Chad had with Abby and he said all the right things she needed to hear.
    It was sweet and sensitive of Cameron to realize the spot where he asked Abby to meet him was not a good choice.
    Also a nice talk Roman had with Marlena but then a big hug and, whoops, John walks in. But I really doubt John will think anything of it. If he does, he’s stupid!
    A stroke of genius, though, of John not to get in the weeds with Brady or Kristen and to have the Isabella/gondola story and plaques for Brady. Kristen looked like she had eaten something sour!!

  103. From Penny L.


    *Admin please post this comment. This woman needs someone to tell her how ridiculous she’s being. The way she is treating people on here in uncalled for.*

    Penny we had to remove your entire post as it was considered bashing another poster. We could not find fault with any recent posts from said poster and ask that you contact us to let us know where the issue lies instead of taking it to the comments. Contact us at with the link, poster’s name, number of their post and a copy and paste of what was said. We will look into that. Admin

  104. From Leah

    You KNOW Ejami scenes are – were HOT when even other Days actors are talking and tweeting about those scenes themselves!
    Some of their banter… Can’t retweet alot of the other actors comments about todays show (blushing), Alison and James were HOT, crazy, sexy and on fire. And from the actor who plays Nick… I didn’t realise I was such an aphrodisiac. Ha, ha… I liked that comment I thought it was thats classic! :)

  105. From cgb4562

    Days is losing me. I HATE the storylines with Nick and Will, cant stand Chloe and Nancy or Ann. Do the writers not see how BORING this is? Nick may improve with the prisoner getting out, but Daniel is dumb as a rock if he can’t see Chloe for what she is. SICK of it. I missed it 3 days this week.

  106. From Kat

    101 Shirley, your post is a Breath of Fresh Air, I so agree with you about everything you said…

    Can’t please everybody all the time, so it’s a Give and Take situation.

    And as I have said so many times..
    If you take away all the SL’s, and all the different characters, that This one or That does Not Like…
    We all would have Nothing at all…

    and NOBODY WOULD BE HAPPY, and we would not need this blog site anymore…
    And I think, we all agree, we really don’t want that to happen…. do we now…

    Have a good weekend, and count your blessings.
    It the Worst Things in your lifes are EJ, Stefano, Rafe or Nick etc.
    you got it pretty good.

    Have not seen today’s episode yet..

  107. From Leah

    Wow, wow, wow Kat what a great reminder to us and how true IS your statement… “Have a good weekend, and count your blessings. It the Worst Things in your lifes are EJ, Stefano, Rafe or Nick etc. You got it pretty good.”
    PS: Have a good weekend too :)

  108. From bobby

    John is so obvious that Kristen is going to see right through it. He deserved to see Marlena with Roman. He should learn a lesson on how to treat a wife with compassion and love. His arrogance will split him and Marlena up if not careful. Anne and Chloe-are you still in high school?? Their scenes have been childish with a little sense of humor. I too am glad Nichole’s story line with Eric is going slow. Maybe she’ll realize she’s not used to kindness and that’s all Eric is trying to be. Although, he does follow her around like a puppy in love. I’d like to see her and Rafe back together. They clicked and were fun.

  109. From Barb

    I like Rafe and Kate right now. I think they’re just having a sexual fling, both trying to put past romances behind them, and I’m OK with that. Kate is happy and even the actress looks more beautiful these days. But I agree Rafe and Nicole click together big time and would make a terrific couple. I would be all for that.
    Nice new picture on this website of Nicole and Eric and the temptation message. Nicole looks lovely! As she always does!! Especially on the show this week.

  110. From SandyGram

    Episode Friday March 8th:
    It would appear the character Ann’s only purpose on the show is to make Jennifer’s life miserable. She has been nothing but a mean mean mean force since arriving. And to think there once was a spoiler that said Ann and Daniel would end up on the top of some office desk. Then I disliked what the writers did to Chloe when she became a prostitute, but turning her into the wicked witch of the west is not my favorite story line either. Just look at the way she is even treating what is suppose to be her friend Ann. But now that I’ve said that….Jenn was so right “Apple – Tree” Chloe is certainly being portrayed as her mothers daughter. I so wanted Jenn to snatch that fake smile right off of Nancy’s face or at least put a sock in that mouth.

    I would say it’s nice to see Marlena and Roman are still close friends who can share in each others misery and happiness when it comes to kids….but with the rumors Drake Hogyesten (John) is leaving days we may have seen the first step in reuniting Doc and the Cop.

    Oh My….Kristen, Kristen you little vixen? She was laying it on so thick to John when Brady wasn’t looking, like a kid on the play ground ‘nanner nanner nanner’ I’ve got something you want and I’m not going to give it back. But the look on her face when John gave Brady the plaque from the gondola when he and Izzy B were in Venice, she knew that was a very special moment that could reconnect father and son. And her behind the back sneers and jeers, she was sure working it. Like the Dimera story lines before this current revenge plot….it has been the intentions, through out the years, of the DiMera clan to break apart the Brady family and destroy their relationships with each other, of course excluding some of the good DiMera’s like Lexie, Benjy and Chad.

    Finally, Cameron looks like he’s got a little something going with what appeared to be a suspicious phone call. And loved Chad and Abby’s meeting and talk in the Town Center. I still like them as a couple. And I’ll hold off on commenting on Chloe’s lip lock on Daniel, it was only a matter of time before she went from psychological fore play to full force frontal assault. And of course Jenn, Jenn is going to show up at the door. I hope when the door opens Jenn shakes her head so hard that braided bun thing she’s got going falls apart. Jenn needs a vision to appear from Grandma Alice this girl is in dire need of some help!

  111. From gerri

    I had said before,that there was something strange,when Cameron came to town,being a Doctor like Lexie,and both being Celeste’s kids,so I thought,possibly,he also belongs to Stefano,which we know,he has children showing up all the time.So the door Is open,for this mystery to become a S/L.I also think something happened with Nicole’s baby,and he was involved with that as well,so The suspicious phone call may start,to unfold as to why he really came to Salem.

  112. From Clear

    Gerri, if you are right, I am looking forward to the SL.
    Nicole needs to convince Eric that he can have her, leave the priesthood and still serve God, but does he still feel what Nicole does? I think that Nicole looked really good with the new hairstyle too.

    Hate that Daniel is so stupid that he would even open the door of his room to Chloe when drinking!

  113. From Kat

    111 gerri,
    I agree with your thoughts, about Cameron and Stefano, maybe being Fatha and son…
    That would be the only interesting solution, to Who is the Daddy of Celeste’s son….
    Sort of a replacement child for Stefano, since Lexie/the actress decided to leave the show…
    And who wouldn’t want Nicole’s and EJ’s Son be alive… I am all for it.
    I don’t care who they are with, most children have two homes anyway, on the soap and in real life..
    All that matters, the Baby is alive, and both, Nicole and EJ, even Apart, will the Best parents to that boy..

    Interesting to find out, how did Stefano Do It, did he always know that Cameron is His Son…
    and most of All, why did our Stefano Do It…

    Can’t wait for Stefano to be baaaaaaaack..
    I love great SL’s….the mystery, the twists and turns.

  114. From Kat

    112 Clear, you just said it,
    most Men or Anybody ….are Stupid when they are drinking….
    Love it, and the Heat is on…

    Now I don’t care for Chloe anymore at all, since she treated Ann the way she did,
    and well, as for Jennifer, I am so sick and tired of that Lady,
    first with Nicole, now with Chloe,
    can she just give it a Rest, all she does
    is make things worse, every time she puts out another Demand or Ultimatum…All she is, is a Girlfriend,
    Not Dan’s Wife… or whatever..
    Let the Man work things out on His Own, and If He can’t do that,
    than Who would want Him anyway…

    I think, that Dr. Dan, has his own unresolved feelings about Chloe, now that He just found out, that Parker is indeed His and Chloe’s child… The child was conceived in Love, so give the Man some room to breath in.

    The last thing He needs right now, is Jenn Breathing down his Neck, about her own insecure Feelings all the time…

    All Jenn is doing, is make Chloe take more desperate measures…with the help of Nancy now…
    But that is the plan, because it is a soap, if things always went so smooth, we would not watch, and it would be so boring.

  115. From Vivian

    #111 Gerri. I wondered about that phone call that Cameron took…but I took it to be a reason for him to leave, and not make the speech, and therefore have Daniel to make the speech. Nicole’s baby was dead before she had the confrontation with Jennifer. However, I still think the baby she gave birth to in the clinic did not die and Dr. Baker sold it. Thought that from Day One…and when he got out of jail I figured it would come out. And I sm still holding onto my belief that all four of Sammi’s children belong to Lucas.

  116. From gerri

    I’m with you,I would look forward,to that S/L as well.
    Daniel Is way too Stupid,to be A Doctor.
    Lot’s of fun ahead,at the DiMera Mansion..
    and just think If Eric did leave the priesthood,and he and Nicole(yes she’s looking very pretty lately)became a couple and married,she would be Sami’s Sis-In law..Wonder how that would go over?.
    But I would rather she and Rafe, be a couple,they were funny and playful together,and were very good friends,and we know a good relationship needs these things.

  117. From gerri

    I’m hoping that Johnny for sure,will be Lucas’s son,I know twins can belong to 2 fathers,but It Is so very rare.Don’t know about Sydney tho..
    but also a baby can be given drugs,to make them appear lifeless,for a short time(In soap opera land).Me as well as my twin sister were nurses,and one night on her late night shift,a girl delivered a baby that appeared,to be still born,the baby was taken to,the emergency exit,for funeral home,to come get,when they rang the bell,notifing them,they were there,she went to unlock door,and sawthe baby’s blanket moving,she was picked up and rushed back to the nursery,where the nurses,started working with her,doctor came,baby was fine( a true mystery,that no one could explain)so crazy things happen all the time.

    I just can’t help but think,that Cameron,came to Salem,with a job waiting for him(and he just happened to be Celeste’s Son and Lexie’s brother,so I think there Is a DiMera connection…I might be wrong,but there Is a mystery here.

    and remember Nicole’s reg doctor just happened to be out of town,when she delivered,too many unanswered questions,but we’ll see. the writers can do anything,with the S/L’s.

  118. From Days fan


    Jennifer is the most annoying and bitchy character ever! I never liked her or jack (thankfully they got rid of him) now they need to off her. She keeps trying to run Daniels life, shed needs some confidence and stop STARTING arguements. She is the dumb one.

    Nick is an annoying piece of crap.

    Brady eh he is lucky he is hot (although he use to portray Patrick Lockhart)

    Eric and Nicole uhhhhh I wish she confess but then again the suspense keeps me wanting more! Just a creepy scence with his cousin Ciara :/

    Sami and ej pretty happy but I always Ben a Lucas Sami fan.

    Just venting but I am rooting for you Chloe! Loved that character since DAY 1

  119. From patty

    Brady tells John and Marlena that he is through with them for good. Marlena wants John to reveal his plan to her; Kristen tells Chloe to fight for Daniel; Cameron receives a mysterious phone call; Brady pops the question.
    Daniel and Jennifer have a heated argument(Oh no!)
    John begs his son to give him another chance; Nick drops a bombshell on Gabi.
    Daniel reveals the truth to Jennifer about what she saw; Sami urges Will to enlist Stefano’s help.(She’s finally lost what little she had left of her marbles) End of spoilers.
    Sami Brady and Brady Black are both idiots. Sami enlisting Stephano’s help, the man she hated and tried to keep her family from all these years. What a brainless dummy. This baby story is all about everybody else but the real parents or the child, it’s about EJami, Nick, and now Stephano who has no business in this whatsoever. So much like Sami to depend on men to fight what is not even her battle. And some think she’s more independant and she can be herself, well she is going back to her same old stupid self. I truly hope Nick outsmarts the whole lot of them , especially if Will is going to be too much of a wimp to fight for his child on his own. If he accepts Stephano’s help, he doesn’t deserve to raise this child either since he refused Sonny’s offer to get Justin to help. This is so going to end bad.
    I hope Cameron’s mysterious phone call has something to do with Nicole’s baby.
    Kristen telling Chloe to go after Daniel, some friend she is to Jennifer. Can these characters get any more vicious!!!
    Brady proposing, well, there are no words. They’ve made him into a real dumba$$.

  120. From Avery

    I’m really getting tired of Chloe looking weak, pining over a man who doesn’t want her. I love Chloe’s character. The writers need to make her more strong and independent. I would love to see her flirty w/ someone else and have Daniel start wanting her back. Now that’s a storyline. As for Jen, she needs to take Abigail, and move away.

  121. From Rhonda

    I’m wondering if maybe Nick was raped in prison and that’s why he is so against gays. That would make sense wouldn’t it???

  122. From Kat

    116, thank you for the info..
    Sounds like things will get good and hot,
    I like that, that’s why I am watching, never a dull moment….
    Writers, keep it up, finally interesting stuff to watch, not boring drag on stories…

    Can’t wait for Stefano, things should really come alive with him in the Mix…

    Jenn, you have become so annoying, but that’s how the writers want you.
    Everything you say or do anymore, is like shooting yourself in your own foot….
    It’s time for you to get another man,
    Dr. Love does not know who/what he wants,,, he never has known that…

    Maybe Chelsea needs to come back, that could liven things up, even though she is Abby’s age… so what. If it works for Kate and Rafe, why not the same in reverse. It’s a sopa, anything goes…

    On Cameron, I guess I can wait to find out what’s up with him… not into him and Abby. However, that could change, if there is really more to the good Doc…and he gets a SL of his own… never mind Abby..

    Sami going to Stefano, wow .. that could get very interesting, can’t wait to watch that…You just got to love the character of Sami, she has been Great for over 20 years..

    Some Characters and the way they are played by the Actor, are just so great, they have staying power, and fans like myself just enjoy watching them..and of course IMO they are after all, THE MOST Talked about characters … always, just read these Posts…even Fans, that don’t like them, can’t stop talking about them…that is IMO a great compliment to the actors playing the characters…
    EJ/Sami/Nicole and now Nick… great job…
    All My opinions….

  123. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Someone had asked last week If Will is going to bust out Gabis secrets at wedding and I dont know I posted what I think may happen, because I do know the secrets are going to come out soon, I just dont know when.I did give a spoiler about Sami moving into the mansion and yes that is true and of course is now in the spooilers as of last night I believe. Thanks Leah I think it was who also brought over the new spoiler saying It is not Ejs idea, I will also add Sami finds out Stefano is in town and wonders why she did not go to him for help. Sami initates this one, and of course Stefano gives her his deal, and it will be up to her to take it.

    Someone commented on Ej changing but Sami being Sami.Well Sami was like this before EJ came to Salem this is the real Sami.Just as the actress Alison said this is the Sami she knows, the real Sami.Yes Ej accepts and loves her for what she really is, nothing wrong with that.

    I don’t blame Rafe for what Nick does at all, Rafe said some thigs to Sami I did not think was great and also was hypocritical but that was a while back, Right now Rafe is in the dark on some things, and should get to investigating a bit more. Rafe is not to blame for what Nick is doing either.
    On a note I dont get why some are upset when a poster called Rafe Malarky or whatever, since Some sit around and even talk about a sex scene they claimed to fast foward through.Well we are allowed to character bash here, so to each are own. I certainly get where some feel the hate for Sami is because she is with EJ though some just dont like Sami no matter who she is with. I recall once a link posted showing Ejamis real chemistry and It was Safe lol but weeks latter same poster hates Sami and now says Rafe is too good for her.We all are entitled to change our opinion anytime, I guess.But that may be why some think People now dont like her because she is with EJ. I guess that is what it looks like.Not all have done that and some as I say just dont like her just as some have even been more open to EJ and I respect that. My question is to people who hate Sami How can you also hate EJ and use every last crime he did on her if You dont like Sami.For example, I love Stefano because he brings alot to the show, I dont root for him though in fact I think he is evil, and I rarely have been on his side in a story line, even though I love when he is on screen.Many here feel the same way, that he is evil and justify what people do to him because they dont like him.So If you dont like Sami or EJ I guess that logic would not fit there.Sami and EJ are more alike then many want to admit, Is my point, and as we see Sami has always been a schemer and manipulator even before EJ came to Salem.He is just the man who accepts her for who she is.So yes they deserve each other, much how I liked Kate with Stefano. Sure I enjoyed some of her scenes with Rafe but I in no way think she and Rafe could work because Sami and Kate are too much alike.I think Kate works better with Stefano, I never thought there would ever be a woman for that Evil man lol but Kate is as close as it gets for him and a good fit. I never disliked Rafe because he was with Sami,I just dont think they are a good match.He did things while with her that he now throws in her face, and perhaps he would not have done that perhaps it is out of his character, I dont know.Sami also tried to be what she was not.Lucas was a good match for her, but they moved to the friend zone years ago. I think Rafe and Carrie could have been a good match I dont know still hoping to someday see a great Rafe pairing that suits his character and that neither have to compromise who they are.

    Not too interested in the Chloe/Dannifer stuff.Which sucks cause I used to enjoy Chloe last time she was on.Maybe when she leaves Dan will ride off into the sunset with her.I think they ahve made too much angst for them, It is boring me to tears now lol.First it was Nicole, now Chloe, and both times they threw in Abby to fight her mamas battles.

    I was laughing at Eric taking down the Popes picture comment.So true, but They do film 3-4 months in Advance so I am guessing May or June.Unless they alter the scene I guess.

    I do wish Ericole thing would move a bit quicker, but Corday did say fans would not be happy with how slow they are going to take it.I understand why too because theis is a priest and He should show a huge struggle with this.It makes it more realistic, unfortunately It has got Nicole in a limbo.

    Looking forward to seeing Sonny confront Nick,

    Someone said mny would be in trouble for keeping Gabis secrets and they are wrong.It is called hearsay.Hearsay is not admissable in court, and cannot be used either.So the only ones who are obligated is Chad who has signed a illegal contract, which could get Justin in trouble for allowing it.Rafe who Gabi confessed to herself.Nick who Gabi confessed to herself I believe.Ej, Sonny would both be hearsay.If Gabi confessed to Nick and he told Maggie Maggie would fall under hearsay for example because she would have to say to the court I heard it from Nick who heard it from Gabi.So yes some could be in trouble but It would only be Gabi.Nick,Justin and perhaps Chad though Chad was forced into a illegal agreement so he will be excused because of that, and Rafe.Nick will not have to testify against his wife, and Rafe is a officer of law so yes he could be in real trouble.If Rafe was ever to get in trouble for this they would need to bring in a special prosecutor for it, since he is employed by the Government.Oh wait Days is bringing one in lol.I dont know if the show is going to go that route with Rafe, surely there is also the matter of Will shooting EJ but a confession and one that matches the details as his did would mean the police were not obligated to investigate anymore as Lucas pointed out. But those are my guesses on the special prosecutor. I will say since Sami and Lucas are removing the evidence and it is not Roman who catches them It looks like it is leaning towards the Special Pros being about Gabis crimes though I dont know yet.There is a few new faces about to show up in Salem, and I think one of those may be the person Cameron is talking to I think he is there undercover for the Hospital Administration who is about to show up in Salem soon.

    Nicoles baby was shown on screen and handed to Nicole dead, and her real doctor was there as well.

  124. From bobby

    With Cameron gettin sneaky with Abbey, is this where Chad becomes her hero again and gets back in good graces with everybody? Hope so. Will be interesting to see what Rafe does when he learns Sami and Lucas are in the evidence room. Hopefully, they all work for protecting his sister and Will from Nick. I’m not sure why Kristen is getting involved with Chloe and Dr. Dan. He should have stuck to his plan and ran from Salem while he still could.

  125. From Kat

    I posted 6 hrs. ago, why…
    let me know, if I should not even bother anymore… that would be the fair thing to do… IMO
    I just do not understand….
    and I mean that very respectfully….Help

    Some posts are moderated automatically and some sit pending, waiting for someone to manually moderate. We do not work 24/7 so there can be a delay from time to time. If you or anyone finds they are awaiting posts to be moderated, don’t repost or worry. They’ll show up when somebody has the time to moderate them unless from time to time there is an issue with the post. Please share this with others if they ask. Admin

  126. From gerri

    Sami might like that she is getting to be herself,like she used to be,well my thinking Is,once you become a parent,your children should be front and center,not yourself,and what makes you feel good.I will say for sure Sami and EJ deserve each other,and I hope Rafe will get a good S/L,and a partner who deserves him.
    sooner than later.

    as far as Nicoles’s baby,we saw what the writers,wanted us to see.
    Billies’s baby was born very premature,and In a bad place,and supposedly buried there,only to turn up years later,as Chelsea.
    so we will see where this S/L ends.’It’s been strange to me,that the writers would make Nicole to lose not one,but both her babies,so I firmly believe this S/L
    Is far from over.

  127. From Frances

    I still think someone is getting murdered and that is what the prosecutor is all about. Who will be charged is either Will, Sonny, or Sami. Since Sami has had one murder trial it will be Will probably. I don’t think anyone else feels this way as I have posted this before.

  128. From patty

    Frances, I think you could be right. Sami or Will are either going to be framed or accused of something. I certainly don’t think that Rafe is the one the prosecuters are brought in for. Of all the crimes that have been committed on the show, it would be totally ludicrous to go after Rafe for protecting his sister while others get away with attempted murder and all kinds of other crimes. Right now Sami is willing to plot murder, steal evidence and enlist Stephano to cover Will’s crime, now cahnces are these things are going to make her look guilty if somebody ends up dead.

  129. From Leah

    IF… and thats a mighty BIG IF… IF the Days powers to be eventually give Nicole a child, in my opinion it is far better to be a grown up one. One that will connect her to either Eric, Brady, Lucas or Victor (for a laugh!). My preference would be either Eric or Brady though. Why? Because these two men are the ones who have genuinely loved her and made her their number 1. It would certainly add spice to the Ericole match up and me personally… I’ve always liked her with Brady. So either of those two would be my pick for her.
    I CERTAINLY DO NOT want a Ejole baby to resurface. They were not good together – full stop! Nicole was always desperate and clingy with EJ and always on the back foot with him. Nicole knew EJ loved Sami and that she was his booty call, was EJs second, third rung down the ladder choice. EJ even favoured her sister Taylor over her. Ejole was not destined to be so a child thrown in the mix will have Nicole begging for crumbs and scraps around the EJ table again. NO THANKS! As a Nicole fan I don’t want her to revisit the last 5 years of misery I want Nicole to move onto bigger and better things. I’m rooting for Eric or Brady match up. I am still really astounded at how quickly Days fans have jumped on this Eric and Nicole bandwagon. Just goes to show you can’t overlook Days history. Eric was Nicoles first genuine love and vice versa. Bring them on!
    PS: Maybe a grown up Ericole child might be the final nail in the coffin to Eric leaving the priesthood. Who knows?

  130. From Leah

    How boring is this Chloe Daniel storyline? I loved the idea of Parker being Philips. She was always better with him than anyone else they paired her with.

  131. From Pansy

    They will pull baby Ejole out when they need ratings to go up.As a majority of us Ejoles stopped with Days.Trying getting two babies dead for a couple you like.One thing Days can’t take away from us is Ejole helped Days win an Emmy.

  132. From gerri

    If TPTB did decide to reunite,one of Nicole’s babies with her,I would rather that Brady be the father,don’t need any more DiMeras.
    don’t know that Eric,was In the picture either time,but we’ll see.

    I also hate the Chloe/Daniel S/L.
    and again,unless DNA Is done,without her knowing,to prove once and for all,that Parker Is Daniels,we can suspect Chloe ,might have fixed a DNA In
    Chicago to make Daniel the dad,so she could bounce back Into Salem,with her nastiness,to pay him, back for kicking her to the curb……..who knows where this S/L will end up?

  133. From Debbie

    Well, I guess I don’t get to see the show today because our illustrious (Not!) former mayor of Detroit was found guilty on 24 counts of various corruption crimes during his mayoral reign. It sounds a lot like Salem with all the scandal and corruption from its citizens over the years. Justice prevails today, at least in the real world. I’ll just wait to read what y’all post about the show later.

  134. From jolie

    #102 Barb, you never know where the story will head and Ann may just get tired of Chloe’s demands. I know I am. Ann may well turn on Chloe. Nicole is ready to forget their friendship as she sees how nasty it is. Nancy has indeed been a schemer from way back and good at it. As for the spoiler that says they were sloppy about drugging Dr Orange…wait, can you imagine drugging the man you are trying to get to love you again. Yes, I know that Sami did it but that doesn’t make it SOP. Anyway, there were 3 drugs in the bottle and one was aspirin. Maybe Dr Dan gets the aspirin rather than sleeping pills or roofies. Cameron is a puzzle. He took a call that seemed to take him out of earshot of any who could hear but that included us…strange. He was nice to Abigail but then so was Chad. I like Chad and wish his love life …well maybe his life in general..was better. Kristen was so slutty when John arrived. Brady should have been so embarrassed that he just fell thru the floor. His problem is that he thinks he is right. I just love it when someone knows they are right and rails against any and all who love them and contradict them. Big fall looming in their near future. Roman and Marlena…lots of history there. Kids as well, just like Elvis and Sami so maybe there is still a spark. A woman will take only so much and John would have already crossed my line. But I am sure Marlena is more reasonable than I would be. Kristen looking like she had eaten something sour…priceless.
    #117 gerri, the daughter of a friend –a nurse- saved a man’s life in the same scenario. He came to the hospital by ambulance..was flat lined and after a while was pronounced. She just kept taking his pulse and kept looking at him and saw a sign and he was revived. I am NOT a nurse so I can’t give the particulars but it did happen. The guy was able to go back to work and to his family. As for Cameron, there are as many unanswered questions about him as there are about Rafe. Time will tell.
    #119 Patty, it is called selling your soul. Sami has finally crossed the line. I was thinking that if she was not with Elvis, she’d have already crossed Nick off the Salem Parole Office list by practicing her lead poisoning skills..shooting him in the noggin. Since she is with Elvis, she’ll just have him do her dirty work. Or sell Will’s soul to Stefano. I am just not sure where all of this is going and why Elvis just doesn’t take care of it…oh yeah..that lukewarm thing again. Kristen must have a motive about going against Jennifer..I am not seeing it. But maybe she is actually doing Jennifer a service! Brady, he is dumber than the plaques John is stealing off gondolas in Venice.

  135. From patty

    Kristen is at her most nasty self when she goes to see John with the plaque he gave Brady and tells him his game plan won’t work and he’s not getting his son back.
    Cranky Stephano is back and gives Brady a warning not to hurt his daughter, like she has a heart or something.
    John has the gall to act like the jealous husband when he sees Marlena with John but is still his old stuborn, pigheaded self and is not ready to work things out with his wife.
    I don’t know why anybody would think that Rafe would go along with Nick’s plan for blackmailing Will to sign away his rights but even Lucas seems surprised that Rafe knows nothing about it. Then he and pink ponytail Samantha set about going to search the evidence room at the police station to destroy evidence of Will shooting EJ. Something stinks for Rafe after he goes into the room and gets a whiff of Sami’s familiar smell.
    After putting the moves on drunk Daniel and being rejected finally Chloe drugs him and for the fifteenth time answers the door to Jennifer, but this time with a shirtless Daniel asleep in bed. Now on to another bitching match I imagine.

  136. From jolie

    #135 Patty, Kristen just isn’t getting what she needs from Brady..and John..that feeling of revenge that she loves so well. Oh yeah, it’s in the blood. Well she isn’t blood but might as well be now I guess. Stefano telling Brady not to hurt his daughter. Oh my good grief, and he knows what is going on and that her plan is working or she thinks it is on track. This was just posturing on his part..that male dog thing. They could have each peed on a sofa leg and it would have been all the same. Of course we do see a glimmer once in a sparse while that nutsy Kristen, mean-mean-mean, is falling for that Brady charm. I think it is like when a guy falls for his life sized blow up doll. Or when you grow up and marry your childhood best friend…only to find out he was imaginary. I digress but was on a roll…hard to stop. Rafe smelling Sami. Now that is rich. She must have skipped the shower that goes with afternoon..never mind.
    Jennifer, why would you let anyone talk you into going to Daniel’s den? Your better judgment said not to go. You went anyway. Got your eyes full of Chloe in his room. Take it for what it is not but will be sooner or later. Now go home, get out the chocolate fudge ice cream and eat your fill. You will feel better tonight, tomorrow, and everytime you see Daniel and know you are out of his range.

  137. From Debbie

    Well, this is funny, as NBC starting airing today’s show at 2pm instead of showing it tomorrow (pre-empted at 1pm due to local news) so I did get to see the first half before it got pre-empted again. So not only is John continuing to torture Marlena because she did not reveal what she knew of Brady’s involvement with Kristen, but now he’s actually jealous of her friendship with Roman? He should know better than that as they share two children and grandchildren together, and Roman has always been on John’s side, even stepping back after Marlena chose John over him at the end.

    I missed the rest of the show after Stephano’s arrival but I really don’t care as I was too distracted between Jennifer’s foot long earrings and Sami wanting to emulate Kate with the new red streak in her ponytail.

    No big deal as I was too distracted between Jennifer’s foot long earrings and Sami wanting to emulate Kate with the new red streak in her ponytail.

  138. From Barb

    Guess I never noticed Jen’s great arms before but I was noticing today. Melissa Reeves, the actress, must work out. She sure got an eyeful when she opened the door to Dan’s room, . . . . but then there’s that pill bottle Chloe dropped on the floor. Must be the being “sloppy” one spoiler was talking about.
    I’m thinking Anne would wear a slap on her face
    really well!!
    I thought Sami looked cute today, although I could do without the pink in her ponytail. But hey, those pastel hair streaks look really cute on the 15 yr. old girl who lives next door to us!!!!
    Good idea Sami had, bringing gloves for her and Lucas, but the amoma of her perfume, or whatever, rings a bell with Rafe and must be what gets them caught.
    Stefano is back. Well, I can’t say that excites me. The actor is terrific but I’m kind of bored with the character. He is so . . . . always the same. Brady came off as a real bimbo to me during his talk with Stefano. Kristen’s suggestion they do something to change the place is a good one. I noticed last week when the camera did a full shot of that front room, the set looks very tired. But, then, the couch is about worn out!!!! Maybe they’ll
    patty #135 I feel the same about Kristen and that she was especially ugly to John today. I was so touched with John’s story about Isabella and the gondola that Kristen’s put down even hurt my OWN feelings! But maybe John deserved it after the way he treated Marlena.

  139. From jolie

    #137 Debbie, John must be suffering a brain fart or something. He needs to leave off the old song and dance on what she knew about Brady’s involvement with Kristen. I am sick of hearing that and it makes no sense so I am sure Doc is tired of it and John too if his noggin weren’t slightly bashed in on the sides from several go rounds with his elder bro and his thugs. Jealous of Roman..I’d think he’d have kept his axx at home instead of running across Europe and not calling his wife. Oh yeah, he just went to Europe last year with his wife Hope and stayed in the same hotel room and Marlena was supposed to be pleased with that. Now I know why everyone was interested in the COIN that Stefano has half of. Apparently it allows you to see only one side and be satisfied with it. Well these gents have that down to an art so no need for the coin mystery anymore. Funny about Jennifer’s earrings but hilarious about the Kate streak in Sami’s hair. Well it was til I realized my 6 year old granddaughter had one in her hair about a month ago. Isn’t this just a bit overdone?? Maybe next they can get a feather braided in or is that now passé as well…let’s hope so.

  140. From Dmitri

    The show is so boring now. It’s either the EJami Show or the Days of Dannifer. Both storylines are horrific, and EJami are so boring, overused and a horrible couple. Dannifer was great last time around, but this storyline sucks for them.

  141. From bobby

    Sami’s hair was cute today, if she wasn’t on the verge of becoming a grandmother. Although Kate had the purple extention for months.
    I think John wants everybody, including Marlena, to think they are done so Kristen makes a move on him and Brady will see and overhear what she’s up to. Still like Lucas and Sami together. Reminds me of Jack and Jen years ago when they worked for the paper.Chloe/Jen/Dr. Dan storyline is like being back in highschool. Just time consuming nonsense.

  142. From gerri

    I kept looking today for John Travolta to pop In,as Sami looked,like she was playing Sandy today,with black jacket,and Pony tail with the pink streak.she looked like a teenager,not a grandmother to be.

    Yes the perfume has given her away
    please writers end this stupid S/L
    with Chloe and Daniel,way too boring.I agree that Stefano,is by now so predictable,same old repeated actions.
    Marlena really needs to dump John,as quickly as possible,she has put up with enough of his nonsense,jealous of Roman,John are you for real?

  143. From Barb

    I mistyped and meant to say in #138, “when Chloe opened the door to Dan’s room”. Hated that smug look she had on her face as she stepped aside so Jen could get a full view of Dan. One knocked out guy wasn’t he?! But he’s been acting knocked out all along in this s/l!

  144. From SandyGram

    Episode Monday March 11th:
    Great fun on today’s show, even Stefano added to the smile on my face when he said with a deep sigh ‘he wouldn’t even asked what happened to his Chest Board’. Kristen’s whole voice changed to like a little girl when Father came through the door. And how astute of the Props crew to have the color of the wrapping paper on Brady’s present to Kristen match Stefano’s tie and hanky. I think Stefano and Brady got the boundary’s between them clear. But talk is cheap when it comes to common understandings on Days.

    Kristen first trying to convince Brady the plaque John gave him may be a ploy to get on his good side. Careful Missy Kristen it’s not nice to try to come between a son and his mothers memories. Then following John to further rub it in she has Brady and she’s not giving him back. Why didn’t she just get naked and dance on the table even that wouldn’t have interested John.

    Jen Jen….so concerned Ann would try to drive drunk and it would be her responsibility for letting her drive that way. Ann has got to go, since she has been on the show she has not done one positive or likable thing. Knock, Knock who’s there….of course it would be Chloe; of course Chloe would return and put drugs in his drink; and of course Jen Jen would show up to see Daniel laying 1/2 naked in the bed and a messed up Chloe answering the door….where is the writers imagination for these three.

    And finally our pair of Super Snopes. How fun it was to watch Sami and Lucas in the evidence room. And of course Rafe would have to go to the evidence room for some reason…now here the writers were very cleaver to have Rafe detect a smell that was familiar to him. I can’t wait until he puts smell and smell together and realize it was Sami.

  145. From Leah

    I have to say I’ve always loved John and Marlena BUT… if the powers to be are going to have their marriage in trouble and Roman circling around her again THEN I say bring on John and Kristen. I am seeing that spark there again. No wonder Brady is jealous.
    While I like the twists and turns Kristen and Brady together storyline causes I have to say unless they are in bed doing it (which seems never ending), they as a couple really have very little else left to offer. As a couple pairing they are very shallow. I reckon Nicole was spot on when she said “When it comes to woman Brady is clueless.” I think its about time Nicole stepped back into his life in a big way.

  146. From Leah

    If spoilers turn out to be correct… Am I the only one to believe Kate getting pregnant with Rafes child at her stage of life is GROSS? Particularily when she just found out she is going to be a great grandmother. And even worse still when the father of her child is the Uncle of her great grandchild. Eek!
    Well I suppose I could get all bent out of shape but… apparently she loses the child anyway. Suppose we’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out!

  147. From Michelle

    Spoilers say John blames Marlena for the situation Brady’s in, and while they are all adults who make their own decisions, Marlena the head shrink lost it before Kristen really had a plan. Marlena encouraged Brady to help her against Kristen, and that’s how Brady became a “someone” in Kristen’s life. And then you have Marlena withholding what she knew about Kristen and Brady because of her own insecurities… yea.. John has a right to hold a grudge on her. It makes sense that he’s not forthcoming about his plans for Kristen, Marlena has already proven that she cannot handle going against her. Marlena is the weak link.
    Where is Grandma Marlena? Why isn’t she being there for Will? She’s so sad.
    When does Will come back? I’d like to see his demeanor now that he KNOWS Nick is not on his side. Will he be strong-with-a-spine Will, or victimized Will trying to fight?
    We saw Sami and Lucas today, they were a riot. Like brother and sister fighting against a common enemy. I wonder how they get themselves out of this bind, I’m sure they will not spend anytime behind bars. I suspect Lucas will find a feasible excuse to give Rafe.
    Anne was so funny with Jennifer today, I loved it!
    I can’t believe Kristen kissed John’s neck…. so intimate…. and John’s reaction… I rally don’t know what to say about it.
    I FF’d thru Dan and Chloe’s scenes, so I really don’t know how I feel about them. I’m just glad we finally have an end date for Chloe’s departure (April 20th)She should move back to Chicago with Parker. I really don’t want Jen raising that little boy. She’ll probably ship him off to London as soon as he starts talking.
    So EJ and Chad both talk to Stefano tomorrow, I can’t wait for those scenes. I miss Chad, he’s so underutilized. And I’d like to see EJ with Papa for the first time in almost a year interact without each other and try to forgive what has happened between them. EJ should put up a fight, which I’m sure he will. He has the love of Sami and his children, so he will survive.

  148. From Debbie

    #141 bobby, I like your theory about John’s behavior towards Marlena being a ploy to have Kristen think he’s over Marlena so that he can get the goods on Kristen. He doesn’t want to pull Marlena into his scheme so this way he protects her by not getting her involved. I like that thinking but then if it turns out to be true, then he must be feeling somewhat guilty for hurting her all this time even though she admitted her insecurities to him concerning Kristen. Let’s hope his plan works out, if it’s real.

    #147 Michelle, very good points you brought up regarding John’s feelings towards Marlena…that’s why I think bobby’s theory is a good one to explain all this away.

    #142 Gerri, your Grease references regarding Sami today made me laugh out loud. I always enjoy reading your posts and, of course, I always think of you when ‘Shirley’ appears on the telly.

  149. From Clear

    So is John willing to do the deed and have Brady catch them? What if Kristen’s the one who end up PG? Who’s the daddy again?

    Kate spoiler saying she gets prego! Not another miscarriage please! I will be surprised if Sami isn’t because every time EJ touched her before she got pregnant.

    Chloe looked so hurt when Dan threw her out. He is such an easy mark! He did not have sense enough to shut the door after her and go sleep it off! Like I said before, I hope Chloe and her mother get caught for taking advantage of the clueless doc. Jennifer should be smart enough to see immediately he was set up. Duh!

  150. From Barb

    A “Future Spoiler” on DaysCafe says
    “Kristen thinks she can have it all. So does Chloe. But they’re both wrong as time will tell. . . .

    A “Spoiler Spoiler” says
    “In the coming months, the D.A.’s office will be involved in a big case”!
    (But I guess we have all guessed that, since spoilers have said they are bringing a special prosecutor on the show.)

    Another DaysCafe spoiler says “Dan and Jen get hot and heavy at the cabin. Will Chloe
    make mischief?!
    (I say “DUH” to that!)

  151. From Kat

    Well, all my posts did show up, just delayed….
    Thank you…

  152. From gerri

    I’ll try again,1st post didn’t go through.
    I hope everyone’s right,about John setting Kristen up.She needs to match up with someone,who acts and does bad things,as she does.

    Kate should have gone through Menopause already,so shouldn’t be a pregnancy(of course we know unbelieveable things happen In Soap Opera Land)
    Chloe should pack up and head back,to Chicago,and If DNA was fixed In her favor re-Parker,being
    Daniel’s child,this needs to be cleared up once and for all,and have one done,(without her knowing)
    I think,all this was done so she could return and mess up Daniel’s life,but he has been so dumb,he will get what he deserves.

    Debbie,I enjoy your posts as well.
    Surprised that you remembered,my look a like person’s name(Shirley McClain) from way back,when some of us were posting,whom we were told we looked like,to kinda put a face with our name.

  153. From MAB

    Well, the show has been pretty much dullsville w/o EJami the past couple of days. Not too much to say about Friday’s show, but at least Monday’s was better, mainly because Stefano returned and Sami & Lucas were a riot breaking in the rooms at the police station.

    What a delight seeing Stefano finally back at home in the DiMera mansion where he belongs! Just his presence improves the show and any scene he is in. He also has his comical side, like Victor, which is so refreshing, like his comment about the chessboard. Then when Brady waltzed in w/ Kristen’s gift, Stefano said ‘for me’? Love it! Brady said his peace and thought that was it, but Stefano had something to say to him and made it clear he better not hurt Kristen, but I think it was more of a warning as to what will happen if Brady (or anyone else) crosses him. So they better start getting used to how things roll around there, since it’s THEIR CHOICE to live there. You just don’t walk into the DiMera mansion and think you’re gonna rule the roost…that is Stefano’s job, his territory, his domain!

    I have to mention how awesome Brady looked yesterday. He just keeps on getting better looking each day, just like EJ. Youza!!

    Sami & Lucas were so funny. Nice to see them scheming together once again, and sacrifice themselves for their son. I love the shots they took at one another, from the time they hit Hope’s office all the way thru to them in the evidence room. It’s like their brother & sister! Lucas was amused Sami brought ‘equipment’ in flashlights & gloves, you know, the necessities needed to steal evidence from an evidence room. Lucas was funny saying they needed a code word, then coughed we’re going to jail. Then he knocked her weight while holding her up, and she remarked it must be because he stopped working out. Great scenes w/ those two, loved it all!

    How many people have to talk Jen into going to see Daniel? Why can’t Jen do anything w/o someone behind her shoving her? She is so weak. And why didn’t Jen just slap the snot out of Ann? Or better yet, dragged her back in the pub and made an example out of her in front of all the hospital folk. Then there’s desperate Chloe barking orders to Ann & her mother, and chasing a man who doesn’t love her, as he made VERY clear to her when she left his room the first time. And last but not least, dumbbell Daniel…him stumbling around after having 2 or 3 shots of liquor. You’d think by the way he was acting, he drank the whole bottle! Why didn’t Daniel just lay down after he shoved Chloe out the door and sleep it off? No he goes looking for ice. Really??? This SL is insulting my intelligence.

    I don’t believe Nancy had 3 different drugs in one prescription bottle. That makes no sense. She said they were her sleeping pills, so I’m sure that was all that was in that bottle. And Chloe used them to drug Daniel. The sloppy part was Chloe droping them, and will apparently leave behind until someone finds them and prove what she did…eventually.

    Kristen took the plague thing w/ her and tossed it to John. Why didn’t John just get up and go back to the mansion and show Brady what she had done?

    As for how John is treating Marlena, I think it’s part of his plan so to not tip anyone off as to what he has in store for Kristen, and to not involve Marlena. John knows Marlena & Roman are just friends (well on her part anyway). He is not that insecure to be jealous over Marlena hugging Roman. John is much smarter than people give him credit for. I’m looking forward to see what he has up his sleeve. The only way I don’t see John coming out on top is if the rumor is true that he’s leaving the show.

    I don’t see the big deal about a woman putting a streak in her hair. Who cares? Kate’s was blue, and it symbolized something personal for her. She talked about it in an interview once and said she asked the show if it was ok for her to have it, and they were fine w/ it. So maybe well be seeing more of this for all the Days’ gals. A lot of adult woman (mostly celebrities & models) use these types of things for various reasons – colored hair pieces & extensions, or just streaking their own hair. Either way it’s neither weird nor unattractive that Sami did it, and I for one thought her hair was adorable yesterday, pink streak or not.

  154. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Leah very interesting about Kate as I predicted months ago that she would be prego. I kep asking of anyone knew if she was able to have babies still lol.They just dont pair people together like that for nothing IE Gabi and Will.

    Samis pink in her hair well To any Ejamis who were present on FL for Alison and James interview will remember she told us of that.
    On a note about why they do it, It could mean many things, for exmple maybe it is in support of Breast Cancer, The show also did a shoot where they wore al purple months ago I believe in support of Peoples rights to be with who they want to be.I dont find it tasteless, and I don’t care if her hair is blue. I personally know 2 older ladies not related much older then Kate and Sami who have Pink Hair.Because they wanted it like that.One is in her 70′s and One is in her 60′s. I do know one did it to support Cancer the other her hair turned Pink on accident once and she just kinda liked it.The two dont even know each other.So see no big deal.

    Patty we may not agree on everything but I enjoyed your comments above about the whole Dannifer and Chloe story line, and That is how I feel about it too.

  155. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday March 12th:
    Another good day for Sami and Lucas, they have really good delivery timing together. Loved when Rafe caught them. I guess the writers are never going to change, this would of been a great opportunity for them to do something Police worthy by having Rafe handcuff our two super snoops. I would of loved to see Sami explain to Roman what they were up to and how they could have jeopardized every case in there (even though they were old) with them being in the evidence room. Wishful thinking!

    Did Chloe get the message. Probably not! I’m with Mab on how many others have to tell Jen to go be with Dan. Why don’t they all just get together and everyone show up at his door. Enough is Enough…put Jen and Dan together or not, just bring this story to an end.

    Nice seeing Stefano back in action. I can only imagine that Brady didn’t hear what she was saying to her Father about John and how she is going to get revenge on him. I’ve thought all along John was up to something to get the goods on Kristen. Keeping it away from Marlena so as not to involve her. But will he go as far as to seduce Kristen to accomplish a plan to keep her out of his family’s life? Only the writers know for sure.

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