Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 14 & 15.

Getting crowded.

Elvis makes Sami furious when he finally tips her off that his father is back in town. The fury is not for the reasons that he was expecting though. Samanther is actually angry because she wishes she could have turned to her family’s old arch enemy for help with Nick sooner. EJ explains that there is only one thing that will guarantee his father’s help.

Over at Casa DiMera, Brady admits to Kristen that he thinks his father has lingering feelings for her. But, whatever they are, they might be a long way from love.

And Nicole isn’t happy to learn another man will be moving into her territory. But once she sets her eyes on him, she may change her mind.

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  1. From LittleMo

    To save Will and get rid of Nick? Absolutely Sami is going to team with Stefano. Whatever else Stefano may be or may hae done, if he saves Will Sami will gladly forget it all.

  2. From dc

    well, sami will turn to stefano and he will probably help but with what consequences.. her soul, maybe even her getting ej to move back in dimera mansion with her and the kids. (just a thought)..

  3. From betsybee

    Steohano looks thinner and older than he really is…must be the hair colouring…
    I hope EJ does not let him interfere with he and Sami… EJ is smarter than Stephano remembers AND CAN HOPEFULLY OUTSMART THE OLD BOY !!!!!

    Sami and EJ can keep this DOOL on the right track if allowed and written for in a proper manner.

    Chloe and Nick have got to go….

    Daniel has become pathetic.

    Kristen needs to go back toY&R.

    Hve a nice day everyone.

  4. From Leah

    Sami and Stefano. Should we be surprised if Sami does a deal with Stefano? No way! Sami has demonstrated time and time again over the years and even said it out of her mouth “I will do anything to protect my son. I will do anything for my kids!” Cutting a deal with Stefano is just Sami being true to that. Obviously she doubts EJs ability to do it so shes gone to the top dog. Interesting! And it will be interesting to see how EJ reacts to it (whether he will be understanding or just plain peeved off) and interesting to see how Stefano uses this leverage. One thing I know for sure Stefano wants EJ and has clearly stated “Samantha will not come between him and his son.” Sami has played right into the cunning old mans hands. Silly girl! But then again isn’t that the Sami we know and love? Mmmmmmm….
    PS: Who knows, Sami could actually outwit, smart and play Stefano. After all she has the upper hand this time. EJ is on her side and she has what Stefano wants. EJ and his grandchildren. Sami might actually end up having the win :) Just a thought! I thinks it’s gunna get all rather interesting.

  5. From SandyGram

    #3 Leah
    Really like your post, although Sami having the upper hand because she has what Stefano wants….this is definitely an intriguing wait and see. Equally as an anxious to see moment will be EJ’s reaction to Sami wanting to go to Stefano for help. For me this breaks those profound vows to be open, honest and trusting, the one’s that brought them back together leading to all those tender moments with one another. Like everyone is telling Will “there is consequence to your actions” for now I will speculated it is Samantha Gene that is cruisin’ for the bruisin’. She is about to learn what it means to not trust in EJ’s ability to help Will and for that matter keeping Rafe out of the picture just because of EJ’s insecurities after all Rafe has done in the past to help her conceal her unlawful ways.

  6. From Michelle

    I’ll will so disappointed if later on in this Bristen storyline, Brady does not reveal that he knew what Kristen was up to, I mean…. he had to hear what she was talking about, she wasn’t exactly quiet, and stefano? has he ever attempted to whisper before? but why would he? He’s in his own home.
    It’s Wednesday already and still NO CHAD, what the hell?

  7. From Leah

    I’m with you Michelle… I like Chad. Why are we not seeing more of him? I did notice the actor himself said he hadn’t been working much. I do not like him with Gabi but surely they could start to stick their heads together and think of a storyline for him. I think hes being under used like some others… Lucas being one of them. Writers give them some storylines of their own. That is for Chad… something apart from Abigail, maybe something more Dimera and for Lucas something outside the fringes of Sami. Yes Lucas should be there for his son but his character and the actor needs more than that and is capable of more than that.

  8. From Leah

    Sorry I just reread my post… it should have been I do not like Chad with Abigail.

  9. From Delores

    Love days but please, hurry and put Jennifer back someplace where she is not controlling and wimped and whine all the time get her with some Guy who has balls which is not Daniel.he has nothing and he falls in Love with every single woman on the show

  10. From Michelle

    There’s so much potential for both Chad and Lucas, i will keep the faith and say that they will be involved in some meaty story lines soon. Leah did you sere that picture Ali tweeted of her and Casey? I would love to see the sibling in law dynamic between Sami and Chad. I’m still hoping Lucas is the one that gets shot, that gives him so much room for growth. I can’t believe how much i LOVE days right now. Also, did you guys see the picture Eileen tweeted of her and Greg? Makes me wonder how Kristen and Eric become involved in a storyline. She has fallen in live with a priest before, will she do it again? Where are they going with this? I should be asleep, its two in the morninglol. Night

  11. From Leah

    Yes Michelle I saw the picture Alison tweeted of her and Casey. It was a good one. I am liking the whole Dimera dynamics at the moment particularily now Sami is involved with them. Sami has always been more Dimera like than Brady. BUT I do miss Lexie. I loved, loved, loved her and EJs relationship. They were close and she was his confident. Yes they had their ups and downs as any siblings do but when it came to the crunch she was always there for him. Lexie would listen to him but would also tell EJ the truth whether he liked it or not, whether he wanted to hear it or not. I think it was a HUGE mistake to have her character die. They should have just recast it. I miss her and their relationship. It was endearing to watch. Kristen has wiggled her way into EJs life but I have a feeling with Kristen its all about her. She will do what suits and benefits her. Just take the scenes from the 3rd January. EJ asked her if she thought of the impact her and Bradys relationship would have on him and Sami. To which she answered yes but at the end of the day she said either handle the heat or get out. Mmmm… I think with Kristen its her 1st, her 2nd and her 3rd. No wonder she’s still single – LOL

  12. From Dmitri

    I hope Stefano destroys Sami. I’m tired of watching that fickle, hypocritical slut ruin the show. EJami is so boring. Sami keeps trying to change EJ, just like Taylor did. We want the Bad EJ, not this wimpy, lipstick-twirling one!

  13. From Brenda

    what’s with all those cougars. I agree the young ones are silly but when the old ones undress they are still wrinkley. 20 years older than your lover is gross.

  14. From Linda

    Wrinkly??!! I don’t think so my dear Brenda! And if you are referring to Rafe and Kate on age, if Rafe were the older, would age matter?

  15. From Linda

    Same about Brady. There are a lot of things wrong with that relationship other than age, but would age matter if he was older than Kristen?!

  16. From Mildred

    since Jen and Daniel are both single why don’t they elope?
    Chloe should stop chasing Dr. Dan and make him run after her. The first guy Parker starts calling Daddy, we know someone will be jealous.
    I think something will happen so Will and Sonny end up with Will’s daughter. It is the least complicated way for a gay couple to have a child.
    too many of the people on this show are boring these days. Maybe they should work at the jobs we never see them doing.

  17. From Kathy

    I think Marlena needs to screen Sami for Adult ADD. There’s a lot of jumping from man to man and job to job and drama.

  18. From fanny

    I agree with you Linda. There seems to be a double standard when it comes to age. It’s funny that nobody was bothered by the fact that Stefano was so much older than Kate(24 years to be exact). If it’s OK for an older man, then it should be OK for an older woman.

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