Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 18-22.

Causing a stir.

Kristen finally gets what she wants. Brady drops down and asks her to be his lawfully wedded wife. She’s pleased as punch and the whole thing is like a punch in the gut to John.

Vargas settles into town and sets his sights on Nick and Gabi. Nick doesn’t notice that his old cell mate is in town because he’s busy brawling with Sonny.

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  1. From Samantha

    Go Sonnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Kick Nick’s ass.

  2. From Jenni

    Little scary to hear… Do you think Vargas will get in there and kill Nick as they are goin at it? Just hope Sonny doesn’t get caught with a bloody knife… the spoiler that states ‘he doesn’t notice his old cell mate’ makes me wonder…

  3. From jolie

    In Monday’s show, Sami was the best she has been in a long time. The most natural, even with that hideous streak in her hair, that she has been in a while. She and Lucas always were so good together. I am so happy that he doesn’t have to deal with it often! Funny that Rafe would remember the perfume but the sense of smell is amongst our strongest and one that we will remember and that will trigger memories. It will come back to him but no way could he ever put it together what was taken. The evidence room..I got very tickled that there were several shelves with just Sami and Lucas crimes then on to the Dimeras who appeared to have a wall or so. I guess Victor has one there as well or Bo cleaned it up before he left.

    Jennifer needs to slap Ann into next week. Who amongst us would put up with that in our faces, especially when we are already warmed up!!! I hoped Jennifer would grab her by the nose and twist it to get her out of the way. Too funny! I loved it.

    Chloe is just stupid to watch, almost painful. She will bomb and in a large way. And how many trips out of the apartment does she need to make in one night. Good thing Nancy is there or poor Parker would be surely left home alone at some point in her desperation. Not sure even Nancy will be able to pull her out of this one as it is so lame. Drugging someone… that is at least a kidnapping charge if not assault. And is there anyone else in Salem who thinks Daniel is worth fighting for? Nicole has finally figured it out that he is not and she is a hard sell when she gets an idea in her head.

    Stefano was too funny about the bullet holes in his walls being patched. And his shirt matched Brady’s gift. What was with that? Lovely none the less. Stranger still, Kristen runs off, leaving Brady there to fend with Stefano alone? Who does this? Kristen is nuts. She still has the hots for John or it seems that she does. Maybe she would fall for a tryst with him as a set up to get Brady off her. Too bad that Marlena will not be part of it so it might break up John and Marlena for good. Worse, it could be Marlena who walks in on it and not Brady and maybe she keeps her mouth shut again. John, still pouty at Marlena…wait a minute. He couldn’t see what Kristen was doing when Marlena was telling him, he couldn’t see what Kristen was doing when Marlena didn’t tell him, he thinks he sees Roman and Marlena in a sort of compromising situation. Oh my but his rose colored glasses need cleaning! It did appear that the more he kept quiet, the more Kristen said. So the less he does, the more it will drive her crazy.

  4. From jolie

    #2 Jenni, early days for Nick to die off. I think Vargas will torture him for a while and make him squirm before anything really big happens. Nick has been calling the shots. Now, someone else will be calling the shots and Nick will be the one sweating bullets. But the evidence against Will is now gone, if the cat burglers did a good job with their break in to the evidence room, who knows how quickly this thing will move. We have not heard that Nick will leave the show soon or maybe I just missed that part. Anyone?

  5. From Gus

    I’m kind of glad that they are ok with bringing storylines to a close way quicker than before. Chloe always salivating over a male salemnite is getting as predictable as Marlena’s hairdo.As far as Nick, I think he should have a shot to really redeem himself and stop being a loser. Will & Sonny need to have a shot to mature their relation and can’t wait until Katefano start scheming together or have Kate at it w/ Kristen at Casa DiMera. Nic & eric need to squash this pronto, its becoming unbeareable. And further more, where the hell are the damn kids? Are they filming an alternate soap we know nothing about?

  6. From mary

    Just read in spoilers that Chole’s contract is up in April. I had hoped she would be around awhile to get her hooks into Daniel or not. So where is this storyline headed? Love Sami and EJ together….Jennifer is boring….Also why are the spoilers so short in context lately?

  7. From Barb

    I voted as most did, that John will seduce Kristen.

    Tues.’s show, I wondered if Brady heard any of what Kristen said to Stefano at the end of today’s show but if he did, she must be able to explain it away since Brady proposes to her.
    I got such a kick out of the DiMera family circle, – Kristen, Brady, and Stefano. What a hoot!Strange interaction (practically none) between EJ and Stefano.

    No, Nancy, I really don’t think the Gods are smiling down on Chloe!! Not a chance!! There went Jen again today not letting Dan explain a thing. Wonder what that slap across Dan’s face did for his hangover/drug head?! lol! A WTF moment for Dan since he knows nothing about what has transpired! I thought his talk with Chloe was pretty plain, AGAIN, and straightforward, and is about all he can do at this point. But once he finds out why Jen is so mad, what then?! And will the bottle of pills play a role or are the writers just leading us on with that?
    Sami and Lucas were still funny together, and the way Sami was rolling her eyes at Lucas’ lame excuses to Rafe for being in the evidence room. Lucas was very comical on several levels. In the evidence room and when they were with EJ. Sami was quick to want to involve Rafe, and I think we all know, or should know, that EJ is wrong about Rafe. Loyal to his sister, yes, but he would hit the roof with Nick if he knew what Nick is doing to Will. IMO EJ wants to handle this with no involvement from Rafe for EJ’s own personal reasons. Rafe doesn’t want to make trouble for anyone, as was evidenced in him letting Sami and Lucas go. Even EJ was surprised they weren’t
    I’m not sure Sami is going to listen to EJ anymore than she does anyone else!

  8. From gerri

    While Jenn Is In A slapping mood,she needs to get Anne next,then Chloe,then Nancy,and then,herself,for being as Dumb,as Daniel has been,but In a different way.

    Maybe Brady,senses and heard enough,of the conservation between Kristen and Stefano,to start putting two and two together,but Is too soon,to figure everything out,or It wouldn’t have been neccessary to have him move In.

    Wonder what Stefano’s plan will be with his threat?(That he will not allow Sami to come between him and EJ).looks like some fun days ahead for her,and EJ will be forced Into a corner,we might see finally where his allegiance will be?

  9. From Nancy

    Curious when Jen is ever going to stop her Whine? It is old and immature!

    Brady Maybe ISSIE Will send him a message–HE SURE NEEDS A GOOD ONE!

    Sami and EJ argh—guess Corday got his way. Yet what role does Rafe have left.

    These storylines have been dragged on too long even Gabs and ABs have grown boring in their whines.

  10. From dc

    what i am wondering is what cameron’s “big secret” is. he delivered nicole’s baby and said it was dead or is the baby really dead??
    i read about chloe’s contract too. if they are gonna write chloe out i wonder how and will they keep parker on the show with daniel, and will nancy be gone to, she just got there.. lots of questions.
    i am still wanting to see peter reckell (aka bo) return. maybe with shawn, belle and claire or even with steve.
    has anyone heard if max and melanie are returning??..
    i would love to see brady come to his senses about kristen and side with his dad..

  11. From MAB

    I don’t blame EJ or anyone else not involving Rafe in this, as he was thrown Will under the bus before so he could make excuses for his sister. Even after he ‘supposedly’ made peace w/ Will, he was still trashing him all over town, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to involve him. He could go either way if they did, and support them against Nick, or turn on Will. He can’t be trusted w/ his wishy-washy attitude. And really, what would EJ gain by doing this for his own personal reasons? He already has what he wants, Sami. Also, EJ really isn’t handling this, it’s Sami. She is gonna go to any lengths to help Will, even if that means enlisting Stefano’s help. This scheme was all Sami’s idea, and she brought EJ in on it. He obviously went along because he has no qualms about crushing someone like Nick Fallon, and helping Will. Sami & EJ plotted, he made suggestions as to what they could do, and they even got Lucas to be a part of it. Looks like they all worked as a cohesive unit, and didn’t need anyone else’s help, least of all Rafe’s.

    EJ’s allegiance will NO doubt be w/ Sami. He isn’t gonna allow anyone, including Stefano, to come between him & Sami. He finally has what he’s always wanted, and he’ll fight tooth & nail to keep it!

  12. From jolie

    #5 Gus, I enjoyed your post. I know I laughed outloud at least twice. Thanks for that! Good ideas you have there too.
    #7 Barb, the pill bottle has Nancy’s name on it. Wonder what Dr Dan will think of that. He needed the swat. A lot and just for being so dense. And we know Elvis is wrong about Rafe but can’t wait for that to be dissected! This is the Sami I like…the one with Lucas. I forgot how funny they can be. And you are right, Sami is NOT going to listen to Elvis any more than she does anyone else. She is not geared that way.
    #8 gerri, I think Jennifer has been in this merry go round with Dr Orange for so long now that if she ever does lose control and start slapping in a large manner, she’ll not stop til even Cuz’s face if ringing red! And Brady, well, waiting for him to make a smart move, have the cows come home yet? Didn’t think so.

  13. From Frances

    Maybe I have been wrong about Nick being killed off maybe it’s Chloe being killed off and Jen will be arrest for the murder. It all sound interesting. I love Sami and Lucas when they are getting into trouble but I love her with EJ. I have always loved all the actors on Days and when we dislike people like Nick and Chloe and Stef they are really good actors to make us that hate them
    . I love days.

  14. From marie

    I hate EJ and Sami together. She and Rafe were such a great couple. Wish they would put them back together. Already sick of the Jenn/Daniel/Chloe triangle. Stop making Jenn look so stupid. Can’t anyone in Salem live happily everafter!!! Hope Beau and Mel come back. Miss them both.

  15. From Tee

    Hello all!

    I always enjoy Sami and Lucas scenes, Though I loved Samis Horton comment lol.So true.Either way it reminds me why they are such great friends and I like their chemistry like that.

    I also Like that Rafe let Them go, That was nice of him.

    As far as Ej not wanting to involve Rafe, Well I agree with You Mab and also want to add Rafe was never to keen on involving EJ while he was with Sami on anything either. I am sure most Men would not want to involve Their womans’ Ex Just as Sami would not be quick to want to involve Nicole. I think she meant well, and feels It may be her only way.I agree Rafe may be willing to help Will, but then again EJ has a point not long ago he was throwing in Samis face That she shot EJ.So in EJ’s mind he has rights to not trust Rafe.Sami has a right to trust him.She knows she cannot get back in the police station most likely anyway. I am sure They will get the evidence, I bet that is right up Stefanos alley.
    I loved Ej’s conversation with Stefano.It was a Glad you back but I want to have my own life, and also telling his father this time he is with Sami because they are honest and not scheming each other, like he did when he was with Stefano.I think EJ wants a relationship with him but wants to maintain his own freedom.
    Speaking of which it seems Kristen has taken EJ’s place. I felt sorry for her as she owes Stefano and You can tell she really cares for Brady.She should learn from EJ’s past mistakes.Though to her credit she did tell Brady she owed Stefano and She also told him It involves him.I cant remember her exact wording, After Brady left she was curled up with a pillow looking like her best friend just died. I don’t see her as evil as she was actually a good person before she lost the baby.If many can forgive Nicole so quickly certainly Kristen deserves some forgiveness as well.They have been doing great with showing She really dont want to lose or hurt Brady and Stefano saved her from that Island and she owes him.They have opened a door for redemption.

    To the poster that says Nick can be redeemed, yes he can, though It looks like there is none in sight. I am still waiting for Gabi to be redeemed.I think she will be redeemed over next few months.But first her secrets gotta come out.

    Jen is always jumping to conclusions, I actually watched the Dannifer/Chloe stuff today as sometimes I dont enjoy it and use that time to get a soda or bathroom break lol.I have been trying to root for those two Dannifer but I think they put too much angst there.They had Nicole and now Chloe.As I said before with both featured Abby fighting her mommys battles.

    Dan could always leave with Chloe when she leaves, but they were casting JJ jens son, and from casting call months ago It seems Dan is still in town. Though It is possible that story gets scratched, and Dan leaves with Chloe when she leaves.We have all known since Chloe returned it was a temp contract not to be renewed, so then It would be too easy If we knew all along he would never be with Chloe.Great stuff lately and Glad Stefano is back, gotta have some Evil in Salem.Nick may be bad and wrong and even crazy but he is not Evil.Just as EJ is not evil he is sweevil lol.

    All above is my opinion no spoilers only my specs.

    Hope everyone has been enjoying their day. I am feeling wonderful after being sick for a week.

    Wanted to add Mab you are right Lucas was included and EJ had no problems with it at all.

  16. From Leah

    Welcome home Stefano… now let the fun begin. I have to say I was laughing and smiling at the whole sitting on the couch polite conversation and hand holding between Stefano, Kristen and Brady. And then to top it off EJ walking in and taking a photo of it and saying this will have to be my new screen saver. Thanks Days for continuing to inject the humour into Days. I like it!
    This is how I like seeing Lucas and Sami best. Best friends (who co parent)helping each other. I love it when Lucas is in “friends only” zone cause he is not such a doofas. As straight shooting friends Lumi are good in any scene together. I enjoyed it!
    Chloe scene… not too good. Reminded me of Sami drugging Austin to set him up when Carrie came calling and then Sami moving onto raping him. In fact I’m bored with the whole Chloe/Dan/Jennifer storyline. Please move them on!

  17. From Tee

    Wanted to add Hope Kristian Alfonso did a interview and said she is ready for her character to move on.She misses Peter but it was his choice to leave and hears he is doing great snd she is happy for him.
    Bo will not be returning anytime soon.The position was left open to Peter Reckell if he shall want to return some day, but He has no plans to right now he is enjoying his life and family.So Hope will be moving on to a new Guy one day down the line.She said she would love it to be with someone she works with.She said she would also be open to someone who can relate to her being a single parent.She also said Bo has had many stories with out her as Hope has him.

    Nicole gets the hots for Vargas.

  18. From Leah

    I voted that John will attempt to seduce Kristen. Now that should be fun to watch… If this is how it pans out it will certainly open the door to Marlena and Roman again.

  19. From bobby

    Apparently Brady doesn’t hear what Kristen is whispering to Dear ole Dad if he asks her to marry him. She looked a little rough today.
    I thought Chloe worked. Where does she find all this time to stalk Jen and Dr. Dan. He comes with way to much baggage. Jen is fighting a losing battle. If she finally wins, There will probably be yet another woman (Chelsa? The list goes on) that shows up and decides they want him back. Jen-Check out Rafe. He’s got Kate’s stamp of approval and he’s still single.

  20. From patty

    Rafe has never thrown Will under the bus.
    Enjoyed Lucas in his little caper with Sami but loved when he told EJ it turned illegal since he’s been involved and that she’s all his, he’s done.
    It looks to me like Stephano is not on board the EJami train. His remark today and the look on his face when he said Samantha Brady will not get between him and his son, that is kind of forshadowing . Hilarious that Sami lets herself be talked out of trusting Rafe by EJ and then will be going to Stephano , whom she trusts (?!) with her children’s life, to enlist his help. I have a feeling that Stephano will use this to make sure Samantha Brady doesn’t come between him and his son. EJ telling Sami ,rather forcefully as Sami put it, not to trust Rafe, is a sure sign of EJ’s insecurities. He did tell Kristen he has to keep up a good front so Sami doesn’t turn back to Rafe. It seems he is still very threatened by him because Sami knows damn well that Rafe can be trusted more than anybody . The guy just let them walk out after catching them snooping in a police evidence room. Maybe he should have arrested them and find out what they were really there for.
    There is no redemption for Kristen Demira. She doesn’t want Brady, she wants John. It will be poetic justice if she ends up falling hard for Brady after using him in her revenge plans. It will be her punishment when he dumps her sorry butt and never looks back. As dumb and clueless as Brady has been, he doesn’t deserve being used like that and I hope he leaves her standing at the altar just like his father did.
    Chloe/Dan/Jen, I don’t know if I can take anymore of it.

  21. From Ninnie

    Well…I have been letting my husband watch GUNSMOKE and BONANZA for the past two months, ever since BRISTEN got started. Looks as if I will let him continue to watch while I watch YouTube episodes of I Dream of Jeanie. Maybe by this time next year things will be different and I can start watching again.

  22. From grandma to many

    I’m hoping Brady heard everything and his new plan is to leave Kristen at the altar like father like son . Will Gabi and Nick’s second try at a wedding end in another truth telling before the I now pronounce you man and wife ? I sure hope so , I think Gabi can be redeemed but Nick has gone way too far for redemption .

  23. From Richard

    No one can truly say with any confidence, that this is really Stefano.
    Ian was real smart and he may have Stefano locked up some where.
    This man could be the imposter that Ian put in Stefano’s place.
    Ian could be after the Dimera fortune, still.
    What if he did, in fact, intercept the transactions between Alice and Stefano and lied about him being behind the whole scheme.
    Ian was just too easily defeated and this Stefano was too willing to part with the coin, that he was willing to kill for.
    No one has requested a DNA test for either Stefano or EJ, to get at the truth.
    Ian made the statement that Madison was the key to his whole plan and with her dead, he would have to change his plan.
    He went after Brady, because he was in love with Madison and went after Kate, to break her and Stefano up.
    Sounds to me like this is Ian’s Stefano and Kristen wanting to use Brady to get back at John is something that Ian would plan.

  24. From gerri

    Well, Rafe has done It again,doing some underhanded,police work,and not arresting Sami and Lucas,and other times he would be called a dirty Cop,but In this case since he helped Sami out,his actions are forgiven this Is what has happened in his police work,risking his job,to help someone,and has been called bad names.but Go Rafe,you know when It’s the right thing to do.

  25. From D.Anne

    I am so happy to see someone else likes Sami with Rafe and hates Sami with EJ!!! I know we are in a minority but I can’t stand seeing Sami with EJ!! Also can’t take the Chloe storyline anymore. She si nauseating. Daniel can’t be that clueless.

  26. From Just_me

    I have always been a fan of Sami and Rafe, the truth about Nick will come to light and everything will be fine. With Stefano back in town EJ will be the true Demira once again and Sami will catch on AGAIN, or someone will tell her and she will believe them. Then she’ll end up with Rafe again…LOL Jenn still makes me sick with her holier than thou attitude…Daniel should just be single…Can’t wait for Nick to be torutred or tormented by Vargas…so looking forward to that…

  27. From Mar

    They should bring Frankie back for Jen. So things gets a bit stirred.
    That Nick is getting out of control, enough with the non sense. Let Vargas deal with him soon enough.

  28. From Leah

    Fans of Ericole… spoilers say Nicole is going to realise she still likes bad boys enter Vargas into her life. Corday did say Ericole fans may not be happy with the twists and turns in their storyline.
    Watching the scary music when Stefano declared “Sami will not come between me and my son.” Woe, watch out Sami looks like Stefano maybe coming after ya already. I like what a poster said in response to Stefanos declaration… Stefano YOU came between you and your son. You have no one else to blame but yourself. Hopefully EJ is gonna be on guard and switched onto his father. EJs been bitten many times by him so be wise EJ and don’t let your guard down around him.

  29. From clara

    Wow1 Go on a 2 week ceuise ans nothing happens? Get rid of Chloe, Nancy , Dan. Jenn needs a good man! how about Rafe? Hope needs someone, too. If John falls for Kristen’s plots, Mrlena should get back with Roman! How long must he wait for a woman???Love having Stephano, back. HE CAN ACT!!

  30. From Leah

    I was watching a meet the Days of Our Lives actors get together last month. Seems alot of fans want Rafe and Nicole together. Maybe those fans should start writing and letting TPTB know or start voting for them as a non couple you would like to see paired together. Just a thought for those Rafe and Nicole fans!

  31. From patty

    Leah, Stephano also is the one who broke up his marriage to Kate by “testing” her and he got no one to blame but himself for being alone. I think this time it is Sami that is going to have to watch out for him, not EJ. Her going to him for help with Will is just the ammunition he’s going to need to play with her life and Will’s, possibly putting her small children at risk by moving in that house of horor yet again , to be used as pawns in Stephano’s sick games. All because of Sami’s stupidity and she’ll have no one to blame but herself. Moving children in a house with this madman and his lunatic daughter is asking for big trouble and it will come for Samantha. I’m hoping Mr Rogers is smart enough to know better than to go back there.
    As for the spoiler that Kate gets pregnant, I don’t even believe that it is even possible for a woman her age. I know this is a soap but really that is more far fetched than twins with different fathers or bringing people from the dead.
    Kate might be a youthful looking grandma but she is way past her child bearing years.
    I would also like to see Rafe and Nicole get together but I’m liking Ericole too.

  32. From bobby

    #26 Just_me Wouldn’t you be a little cautious if you were Jen? After all, she just went through the same thing with Nichole and Dr. Dan. I just can’t understand why she doesn’t move on. There are easier guys to love. Like Leah’s -29 – update on Nichole and Rafe. Mentioned a couple of times they were fun and easy together. Plus, he’s one of the few that stick by her and shows her a little respect.So very tired of Kristen and Brady. Storyline just drags and drags. I for one don’t care how it ends, just as long as it ends.

  33. From Barb

    patty #20 I sooo agree about EJ being insecure, even though he got the girl. I rememnber EJ saying that to Kristen, that he didn’t want to do anything that would show Rafe to be the better man, (which of course Rafe IS!!) and I believe EJ’s reasons for not wanting Rafe involved now have nothing to do with not trusting Rafe. Sami knows in her heart that she can. But EJ doesn’t want Rafe anywhere near Sami.
    Sami called EJ out on so sternly telling her not to involve Rafe. (Ha! And some said Rafe acted like her father!!) Sami mildly called EJ out this time and then let it pass, but I’m guessing it won’t be the last time she has to.
    Rafe never threw Will under the bus. And after they made their peace for what did happen, Rafe never trashed Will all over town, either. Rafe made that one remark to Caroline about protection, which was an appropriate thought and not anything that hadn’t crossed MY mind.
    patty I agree with all your remarks about Stefano, too.

    gerri #24, you’ve got it gal!

    D.Anne #25 I feel the same about Sami and EJ. And even some Ejami fans have found their love scenes lately to be a little too much.

    Bobby #19 a Rafe/Jen pairing seems far-fetched at first but I think it could work for me. Or Rafe with Hope, and I really like Rafe with Nicole. Rafe with most any woman works for me. I even find him and Kate fun for right now. Rafe is so darn handsome and sexy! I loved his love story with Sami at the time. Boy meets girl, his job is to protect her, they fall in love, – it was great and the first time Sami ever really had a love story like that. As other’s have posted in the past, there were no games or deception between them to win each other over, just pure love. But ultimately she ruined it!

  34. From jolie

    Gosh but did Kristen look rough and show her age in the last couple of days. That dress she wore at the beginning of the week didn’t do her justice. The stress might be getting to her. And Brady looked very good….well except he is more orange than Dr Dan and that ain’t good.
    #20 Patty, Lucas knows the score. Wasn’t he hilarious trying to come up with a story to tell Rafe. And Rafe was superb in not arresting their axxes right then. Of course we’ll have a round of how he breaks the law but what purpose would it have served if he arrested them. Trespass is all he could get them for and while no one else would figure it out, Nick would have. And yes, Kristen finally nailed it down. She wants John. Stefano just about swallowed his tongue on that one. John is stupid and will end his marriage to save Brady but he should be working with Marlena. I am about done with them. Strange that Sami won’t trust Rafe but will walk right into Stefano’s web. Go for it. She was funny with Lucas but I am like him…would not want her on my hands. Too high maintenance with little payoff. The Chloe/Dan/Jenn triangle…zzzzzzzzzzzz.
    #22 Grandma to many, hello there! Good to see you pop up here. I hope also that Brady will have a clue and take Kristen’s hope for revenge down himself but his Royal Orangeness doesn’t seem sharp enough to carry it off. I respectfully disagree that Nick can’t be redeemed. He is doing nothing more than many others have already done. Yes, it is happening to Will this time and Will is a sympathetic character BUT Will has done some blackmail himself. We’ll see though. I loved Nick when he was that smart, sweet, goofy guy. This one is good in his scenes but a bit of scary.
    #23 Hi Richard, love your theories as you don’t mind thinking out of the box. I can’t agree but love it. I think Ian was just so disliked as a character that he was taken out of the storyline early. Mr. Creepy!
    #24 gerri, bingo. And just in the last few days Sami whined that he wouldn’t risk his badge to help anyone but his sister. But you know he is still responsible for all the other things that go wrong in town. Or at least is blamed for them.
    #28 Leah, that is one pairing I’d rather not see. Nicole is just being desperate. I really don’t want to think about her with this creep Vargas when she was really making some headway with her own life. Please don’t let Nicole end up on drugs or something stupid that Eric has to rush in to save her. So not looking forward to it!
    #31 Patty, do you think that Kate could have a false pregnancy and that lead to the health scare that she was supposed to have? Not sure I want to see Rafe with Nicole as I like them as friends so much. But I am just along for the ride and not driving this wagon.
    #32 Bobby, Jennifer needs to wash her hands of the whole Dr Daniel debacle. A woman with half a brain would not go thru this same scenario and with the same man! Should have given up Dr Dan for Lent.#
    #33 Barb, I was a little surprised as well at how Elvis pounced on Sami for mentioning Rafe. I agree that Sami knows she can trust Rafe, she is just being Sami and saying whatever will further her cause. And you are right, Sami’s love story with Rafe was a good one and she ruined it and I am glad Rafe has moved on.

  35. From SandyGram

    34 jolie
    It does seem amazing that the writers would put Sami in cahoots with Stefano when he is the DiMera she fears most of all. And it sounds like EJ doesn’t want her to involve Stefano. What happened to the EJ speech the other day the he and Sami trust one another, believe in one another. It sounds like come hell or high water Sami is going to do it her way. For me, if she turns to Stefano and especially takes some deal from him to help Will….that doesn’t show much trust toward EJ. This whole story line of Brady moving into the DiMansion, and the possibility of Sami, EJ and kids also moving in to me plays right into the DiMera long time plan to destroy the Brady family. We can only hope that John is working his own plan, even if it means keeping it from Marlena.

  36. From jolie

    #35 Sandygram, good post as always. Sami has always been so against Stefano and now she makes a deal. This is how the booger man does it in real life. This is like meth. Just a little then it is making you a deal you can’t refuse. Like grabbing a live electrical line and it is killing you but you can’t let go. Alright, done with that. But yes, Sami will trudge ahead after that nice little speech from Elvis on how they are trusting and believing in each other. Will Elvis now feel undermined by her deal with Fatha if and when he finds out? Heck yes he will, he is a man after all, pink shirt and all. And Elvis will figure it out as he might be acting all bland and a bit twitterpated but he isn’t totally gone Sami-stupid. Elvis told her he’d handle it so not sure what happens that she doesn’t wait on him…I think it is just Sami that happens. So she will be doing the Old Scallywag’s doings and get Elvis back in the house to tow the family line for Fatha?? That would be my guess. And there is Brady as well. So do Sami and Brady look at each other across the breakfast table and each think how stupid the other is? They each have said as much. If John saves Brady, where does Sami fit into the plan? I thought she and Elvis were now here to stay as a couple (can’t believe I said that about a soap!). Maybe Elvis moves his kids out of the manse eventually and leaves Sami with Fatha since he didn’t make any deals! Ha!

  37. From Cougar

    The Samantha Jean we all know and love will make a deal with the devil to get what she wants, which is getting rid of Nick; in walks Stephano. Acually I think I could wnjoy seeing Steph with “All My Children” under his roof, the comedy and complications abound. After all Easter is coming and nothing like a Norman Rockwell from hell version of a dysfunctional family portrait at the Dimansion. Grandpa NoNo hiding solid gold Easter eggs for the kids, Sami & Kristen cat fighting with EJ & Brady pullng them off of each other. Mary & Harold serving dinner in bullet proof vests and Dr. Rolf making a surprise visit as the Easter bunny. Hot crossed buns anyone and pass the green bean cassarole.

  38. From Doris

    #36 Jolie the spoiler I read said that EJ knows that Sammi is making a deal with Stephano and asks her is she sure she knows what she is doing. I don’t believe it will be done behind his back.

  39. From jolie

    #37 Cougar, you have just described Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Easter! So funny. You included all the best parts!

  40. From jolie

    #38 Doris then it is doubly puzzling to me that Elvis would let her do it. He knows as well as anyone that Stefano will get the upper hand and will demand his payment. So if Elvis knows it, why is he allowing it? He can handle the problem but apparently he is taking his own sweet time. Sami is desparate because of Will. Elvis has to see what is driving her. But it will make for a good story and will get the clan together.

  41. From MsBoulderCO

    Gabi and Nick will marry and then she will find out what he did to Will. If you read spoilers Gabi is still talking about how Will will be part of the baby’s life. I don’t see why Sami would turn to Stefano, the family’s nemesis!
    I think Brady heard enough b/4 Kristen spotted him in the mirror and he’s going to play her, then dump her.

  42. From patty

    Lol! Cougar, I can just picture it now.
    As for today’s show, I am amazed that Brady didn’t catch on to what Kristen was telling her father about destroying John. Unless he did and is just letting on that he’s clueless, but one would have to be deaf not to have heard them. He was standing at the bottom of the stairs and it looked like he could overhear. I so hope he’s on to her and is playing her. I’m thinking maybe that is why he has a sudden change of heart and proposes, so he can dump her at the altar. I don’t know if we were supposed to be moved by Kristen’s fake tears when Brady was playing the piano, but I certainly wasn’t. Even though I was impressed with his playing, if that was really him.
    I am slowly losing respect for Will for wimping out yet again instead of fighting for his child. Time to kick it up Will before it’s too late and stop letting others fight your battles.
    Nancy got her pills back and Dr Dan is finally asleep, thank goodness. Is this night ever going to end?

  43. From Jenni

    #37 Jolie- Hilarious! I can see it now… Especially Mary & Harold in bullet proof vests! Too funny…

  44. From voiceofreason

    #24 Gerri, exactly. Apparantely, it’s ok for Rafe to bend the rules if Sami is involved.

    On another note, that whole thing had me scratching my head. I work at our Police department. We’re a relatively small town. People, I don’t care who they are, don’t just go walking around the PD, much less at night, and they certainly don’t get anywhere near the SECURED evidence area. I get that it’s a soap opera, but is it too much to ask to have a small bit of realism? The same thing happened with that Abby/Chloe fight. Are you trying to tell me that the PD is not going to at least try to get a story from both parties rather than taking just one at their word? Could none of the other 30 people hanging out 5 feet away not hear Chloe baiting her? Either the entire IQ of the Salem PD is less than a box of rocks or there are some serious writing problems going on.

  45. From jolie

    #41 MsBoulderCo, I think you are right. Gabi is still clueless as is Rafe on what Nick has done to Will. Kate as well at this point. Gabi is going to be wondering the Big Why did Will turn his rights over so easily. Or she would if she had a brain. And let’s hope Brady heard and put 2 and 2 together…all those little things Kristen has done that don’t really add up but that she lies her way out of. But then John will be working another angle and might seduce Kristen and get things too far and then Marlena will not want him back. Too bad so sad. He shouldn’t have acted like such as axx to her.
    #42 Patty, wouldn’t you like to see Brady actually come up with a plan and follow thru?? I love his character but if he isn’t in the throes of passion, ain’t much else to him, well except that body but that goes back to the throes of passion. I can’t wait for it all to come together and Kristen go all nutsy again. She is starting to wear thin with me right now. Same old same thing. Maybe since they are all congregating around Fatha, things will heat up a bit. I sort of wish Nancy had slipped Dr. Dan another handful of pills …no wait…slip them to me and keep me sedated this Chloe/Jennifer/DrDan storyline is over.

  46. From Natalie

    It’s getting real boring. I disagree with most of you. Jen was an investigative reported. Why is she so dumb? Rafe the brilliant agent–still doesn’t know what’s going on with Nick or what happened in prison or that Vargas is out and will be after Nick. How can doc Dan be so stupid. I remember hearing about the dumbing down of America. Days is a real good example. These writers are not very smart. The characters are not developed into interesting people. Chloe can sing but not act. Get a grip. It is so boring.

  47. From jolie

    #43 Jenni, I confess that hilarious post was not me but rather dear friend Cougar who has a fine way with words! I enjoyed it immensely as well.
    #44 Voiceofreason, exactly. We have discovered here that Rafe is very responsible for lots of stuff that goes on in Salem. But when Sami is involved and it benefits her…yep, all bets off. And you paint a nice little picture…but that isn’t Salem! I live in a small town as well and I know the chief takes things very seriously, especially anything that would make the local paper. But less than a box of rocks..yep, now that is the Salem PD that we all know and love. And we have some serious writing problems as well…double whammy.

  48. From Barb

    Kristen covered fast when she saw brady. Ooooo, she is good! But let’s hope not quite good enough in this case and some of you are right that Brady heard enough to brainstorm a plan of his own. Although right now Brady with a plan doesn’t quite
    ring true!
    Whatever Kristen’s plan is for John and Marlena, it definitely has Stefano grinning ear-to-ear and with big congrats to his daughter.
    Nice scene with John and Brady but it was spoiled knowing they won’t be patching things up anytime soon.
    Will was looking frazzled and sloppy , what with all the pressure he’s under. Huge mess is right, like he told Sonny, but even that is an understatement! In a way, I wish Will would just confess to shooting EJ and have what happens happen, but I was glad he didn’t tell
    Gabi today.
    Rafe was sweet and kinda comical with Gabi but, oh, if he only knew how justified his reservations about Nick are. Rafe is not onboard at all with her marrying Nick and much sooner than Rafe would like. But Hope sure is onboard with it, and offering the Horton House. Boy is her bubble going to burst! She is so emotionally invested in Nick that it’s going to be quite a shock to her when the truth comes out.

    NEWS FLASH!, Chloe told the “truth” today, such as it was. And only to cover her a&&. And there we have it, spoilers led us on about Nancy’s pills and nothing came of them being left in Dan’s room. I can’t stand Nancy but she was hilarious bustling around trying to look for the pills, and then that fake cough of hers. Totally not believable! Or if anyone ever did have a cough like that, call the paramedics QUICK!

    Cougar #37 hilarious Easter visual! Especially Mary and Harold serving dinner in bullet proof vests!
    I think Sami will pay dearly and be selling her soul if she gets Stefano involved in this Nick/Will mess.

    Anyone know if Brady (the actor) really is a pianist? Kristen turns me sooo completely off when she cries!

  49. From Leah

    #42 Patty I’m so thrilled you and I actually agree on something. I’m with you William is acting like a fool when it comes to this whole baby storyline. To be honest since he’s turned gay his whole character and demenia on the show has done a 180. I don’t like it. Wheres his fight and spunk gone? Wheres him standing up for himself etc gone? He seems happy just to plod along being blown whatever way the wind blows to keep the peace. William wake up… you are gunna be a father, you are gunna have a daughter who is going to need you!

  50. From Leah

    I TOTALLY understood EJs reaction to Samis comment about telling Rafe the truth so that maybe he could help with the Nick situation. EJ has finally got the man out of their lives so why oh why would you wanna open the door and invite him back in? And I CERTAINLY know if the shoe was on the other foot and EJ had said that about Nicole Sami would have reacted exactly the same thing! Because of their pasts Ejami are going to be sensitive and have insecurities in this area. It will take time, effort, honesty and trust for them to work through these insecurities. I happen to like the fact that Days is showing us this. Why? Because it is adding to and building upon their relationship. Ejami are gunna have plenty of struggles Rafe and Nicole just happen to be one of them.
    Now for the next issue… Sami and Stefano. Should we be surprised if Sami does a deal with Stefano? No way! Sami has demonstrated time and time again over the years and even said it out of her mouth “I will do anything to protect my son. I will do anything for my kids!” Cutting a deal with Stefano is just Sami being true to that. Obviously she doubts EJs ability to do it so shes gone to the top dog. Interesting! And it will be interesting to see how EJ reacts to it (whether he will be understanding or just plain peeved off) and interesting to see how Stefano uses this leverage. One thing I know for sure Stefano wants EJ and has clearly stated “Samantha will not come between him and his son.” Sami has played right into the cunning old mans hands. Silly girl!But then again isn’t that the Sami we know and love? Mmmmmmm….

  51. From Leah

    I’m with you about Nicole and Vargas…. yuck! But then again Nicole hasn’t had any in a while so its only obvious the next bloke good or bad that shows her the slightest bit of interest she is going to set her sights on. Poor Father Eric :(
    I actually do like Nicole with Eric, love her with Brady but also like her chemistry with Rafe. I think it’s there for all to see hence the fans wanting to see that explored. So many possiblities for dear Nicole for me just do not have her back in EJs orbit what so ever. Nicole with EJ lost herself. She was the continual victim, never good enough and was his convenient always there booty call. Never, ever, ever take her back there. I want more for her than that. With Cordays comments about Ericole (some fans may not be happy we are not going where they are thinking with them…. yet?) I do hope the Days powers to be don’t blow this pairing if in fact it is their intention of putting them together eventually. I’m sure at some stage they always had intended for Ejami to be together but bad decisions and writing stuffed it up for a long time. Hope they don’t do the same thing with Ericole. Sometimes Days you just have to go there and strike while the iron is hot and according to your fans Ericole is hot right now!

  52. From gerri

    You wrote an exciting Easter gathering,,,love It.
    I can close my eyes,and see all this unfolding…..too funny!!!!

    I was thinking,that Sami will do everything to protect her son,from whomever is out to hurt him and then Stefano voicing the same thing,not to allow Sami to come between him and his son..

    Sami is too young for dementia,but she has lost some brain cells somewhere,wasn’t so long ago,that she didn’t want her children anywhere near that mansion,and now she Is going to team up with Stefano,,,Crazy Girl.

    If Brady was actually playing the Piano he did a great job.Kristen Is so sickening,I hope Brady did hear enough of the conversation with Stefano,to know what she’s up to,and he will play along,and leave her at the Altar before she has the chance to dump him,(you know the saying like father like son)and we will get a repeat of when John jilted her.

    Jenn needs to go to see Marlena,and learn to let go of Daniel,as someone said,she had to go through this with Nicole,and now Chloe,what would Gran Horton tell her to do?.
    She would say ‘”Jennifer Rose” kick him to the curb and move on,no happiness will be found In that relationship…..

  53. From SandyGram

    Ummmm….Today’s Episode I venture to title “The Truth Shall Set You Free or NOT!”

    Will and Sonny….the Truth that needs to be told here is what Sonny knows about Gabi. Will and Gabi are actually in the same boat, they have done something criminal that they need to atone for, someone else is holding the cards when it comes to that truth, but for me both truths need to be told before they can be good parents. And the telling of these two truths will get rid of the Nickster.

    Daniel and Jennifer they are both oblivious to the real truth of what happened in the Kristen now Daniel’s Hotel Room. We know Nadia (Chloe) is leaving the show in April, so depending on how she leaves with or without Parker and all that has happened between Dr. Dan and Jenn through the Nicole fiasco and now the Chloe daysaster….have the writers taken it so far there can be no reconciliation for them as a couple? Even Chloe’s somewhat telling the truth today will not reverse’s Daniel being ‘whacked’ in the face by Jenn or the hurt and disgusted she showed toward him. In this case, with or without the truth, I’m going with it’s time for them to move on. Who knows maybe even Ann will start to feel a little bad about her participation in the undoing of Dr. Dan and Jenn…Or Not!

    Did Brady hear what Kristen was saying to Stefano? I am definitely for ‘yes’ he did. How many others have we seen stand in that same place at the bottom of the stairs and over hear a conversation. Do I think Brady will now turn the table on Kristen, or has been playing her all along…it would be so easy for the writers if they haven’t already planned to do so, to go this route. The only problem I would have with them do so, is Brady sure did enjoy a lot of sex to get Kristen out of his families life. The truth here will be a shocker for sure!

    John’s offer of considering to understand and accept Brady’s relationship with Kristen. Another definitely for me here! Definitely John has to tell Brady the truth of how Kristen has come on to him in so many ways and if he has lingering feelings for her they have to be exposed and he has to come to grips with them. OR, if his plan, the one he is keeping from Marlena so as not to involve her, the one she didn’t trust him to execute to get Kristen out of their lives involves having a physical relationship with Kristen then I’m disappointed. Kristen having any kind of win and being physical with either of these men, would be a win for her because it could drive a wedge between them, their family’s and loved one’s which is her goal.

    Finally, Hopes truth, which I am anxiously waiting for, is the day she realizes Nick is still the manipulative, abusive, hostile and now homophobic young man he has always been.

    With all that said, just maybe the title for Today’s show should be “Truth and Consequences”.

  54. From Richard

    It should dawn on someone, that if Nancy was at Dan’s at the same time that Chloe was at Jen’s, where was Parker? – “out for a stroll in the HTC?”

  55. From Clear

    Chloe had her evil henchwoman watch Parker, remember her griping about it & then saying it was for a good cause?

    Dan is so wishy washy. He should not let Chloe or her Mom into his room, and if Jenn won’t talk he could have left a message! Can he truly not figure out Chloe doped him up?

    I don’t think Brady has a clue yet, but he will probably find out in the worst way what a vixen he has at the manse. He is such a victim!

  56. From Clear

    I get it now, Richard. For that to happen, Jenn and Dan would have to actually look at the timeline of the night’s events. Dan is too stupid, and she is emotionally distracted. Dan should have moved in with Jenn, and kept Chloe outside the door!

  57. From bobby

    #53 Richard Good call on timeline, but no surprise. Sami and E.J’s kids are missing all the time. Dool has a new version going on of Home Alone. #41 MsBoulderCO-I hope you’re right about Brady overhearing more of that conversation than he let on. Sadly, I don’t think he’s that smart. Spoilers have him at odds with John again in the near future, so I’m not sure what the plan is. To be honest, don’t care. This storyline (I’m repeating myself) is a real time waster.

  58. From jolie

    #47 Barb, Stefano was most certainly entertained by Kristen’s plan and that it would ruin things for John/Marlena forever. I almost felt sorry for the Old Scallywag that his life is boiled down to the revenge his nutty adopted daughter is trying to exact on his half-brother, her adopted uncle. Icky is all I can think right now but then that has been his mantra for years…revenge at any cost. I agree that Will is looking slightly disheveled of late. And Sonny continues to lose those extra pounds and looked most wonderful. A handsome lad for sure. I wonder if Hope being so invested in Nick then having that rug jerked from under her is the impetus that gets her a new storyline going?? She will certainly have to rethink some decisions and loyalties when she finds out about Nick’s vicious plan. And I hope the Horton clan rally around the right side and not split over Nick/Will. Nancy is a hoot. I didn’t like her the first time she was on as Dr Wesley’s wife then she grew on me as they were slightly rehab-ed as a couple. Now I am enjoying her because while she is devious, she is at least telling Chloe some of the truth. But Chloe is not much of a sponge and doesn’t absorb real facts well. And if Kristen was supposed to be sincere in her little crocodile tears, sorry but not buying it.
    #49 Leah, we don’t agree on the Rafe situation but we do on the hornet’s nest that Sami is going to kick! It will be interesting in how Sami’s relationship works out with Stefano and how poor Elvis has to be the ref in the middle. Harold or Mary…a bullet proof vest for Elvis as well please.
    #50 Leah, I do agree with you on Elvis and Nicole. I just love Nicole with all her warts and sometimes stupidity. I would not like to see her back in Elvis’ orbit unless they were only friends and on even footing..that would be her in a sound relationship with someone else. Oh dear..that would not be this Vargas dude. I do not like the way the writers drag poor Nicole thru the mud and brambles but the actress is up to it. Not many could do all the scenes this one has and still have more to give. She is great. But I am with you…I want more for her. If it is Eric in the end, why do we need to go down the Vargas path?? Well this is a soap, that’s why.
    #51 gerri, Sami is the most perfect enigma. She doesn’t realize it herself. Tastes great, less filling doesn’t even cover it for her. But maybe that perfume she wears is clouding her brain cells and mimicking dementia. Who walks into the enemy camp and lays it all down? Why doesn’t she wait for Elvis to act? Or is she trying to keep Elvis’ hands clean and is using Stefano for her dirty deeds? Nope, I can’t buy my own theory because Sami doesn’t think ahead…just does and wonders why about the fall out. Or waits for Rafe or Lucas to clean it up for her. Jennifer needs to get a grip. What man would be worth this kind of crap in your life? Dust yourself off gal and hold your head up while you still can. I think Alice would kick her tail for putting up with this trash. Jenn needs to think…what would she tell Abigail over a situation like this??
    #52 Sandygram, well, you simmered it down to a fine sauce there. Will and Gabi are actually the same in that they have a crime they need to atone for. Not sure some here will agree because they see Gabi’s but not so much Wills’ but that really says it all. Those two need to be alone and lay the cards out on the table for this little baby they created. And it would take the wind out of Nick’s sails for sure. I think he would become a bit surly or even dangerous when his plans and future crumble but if he overstepped himself…back to the pokey. And I was so hoping Chloe would be different because I felt for the character with what Quinn did to her but now, I am a bit disgusted with her. If Chloe were to have a relapse and need surgery for whatever reason, well, we know Daniel will fall right back in love with her. So will they ride off together with Parker and Nancy in tow? Or maybe Chloe will finally succumb to her illness and pass in Daniel’s arms. Either way, Jennifer..get out yesterday! And John’s offer sounds so suspicious to me. But for the life of me…why does everyone use the HTS as their family room?? John sitting there icing his knee. All I could think was that he’d pull his shoes off next and clip his toenails. I had to rewind it to listen to what they were saying I was so intrigued by his icing his body parts in public. I think John’s plan will eventually cause a big riff between he and Marlena because he didn’t give her enough credit before and when he needs some credit, his account will be empty with her. Perhaps the character is leaving the show after all. This might become interesting if not drug out indefinitely. Then someone will have to pick up the pieces of this family.
    #56 Bobby, I remember that spoiler as well, Brady at odds with John and Marlena. If John has a plan to seduce Kristen, might be that is what backfires with Brady. It will backfire with Marlena too. I am with you, not really invested in this right now. Move it forward please.

  59. From Kat

    The way I remember it, Parker was never left alone..
    somebody was always there…
    Nancy, Chloe, Ann,
    they always crossed path at the apartment.

  60. From SandyGram

    Michael Fairman has a great new interview out with Lauren Koslow (Kate)and Galen Gerring (Rafe). Michael always gets the best from the actors and in this case Lauren and Galen were as open and honest as their characters relations with each other are being portrayed right now. The one thing that caught my eye was Galen’s remark about Rafe not knowing anything about EJ or Stefano before he met Sami at the Safe House. Like some of us have speculated thinking Rafe’s hate for the DiMera’s was so deep that he may of had something on them before meeting Sami, Galen has now confirmed otherwise. The interview included how Lauren and Galen found out they would be doing the sex scene’s, interesting Alison (Sami) told Galen (Rafe) and James (EJ) told Lauren. I guess that tells us who has pull with TPTB if Alison and James knew about the upcoming storyline before Lauren and Galen. And I loved Galen’s description of the first sex scene with Lauren….first one up in the morning (which he doesn’t care to be), going right to tape and no rehearsal time. He’s not one for going back and looking at scene’s he has taped so he really doesn’t know what part ended up on the cutting room floor and which part went to the screen. Lauren like it all. A interview worth ready….catch it at Michael Fairman Soaps:

  61. From Chocolite

    Can someone help me. I missed a part of yesterday (Wed.’s) show. Did Chloe’s messy mom find the sleeping pill/powder that Chloe in Daniel’s apartment?

  62. From Cougar

    OH Jolie you are too, too funny. I closed my eyes and saw John clippping his toenails and snipping nose hair in the HTS. The visual is too much, my eye, my eyes!

  63. From Barb

    kat #59 you are correct about Parker, as far as I remember. And this last time Anne came to stay with him while Chloe went to see Jen and Nancy went to Dan’s room to hunt for
    her pills.
    jolie #58 what a chuckle I had over the visual you presented of John clipping his toenails in the Town Square! The Salemites do become rather uninhibited there. Just hope no one ever moves there from the DiMera couch and chessboard!! But the way sex abounds on the show right now, and whenever the mood happens to strike . . . .
    I agree about Nicole and sure don’t want any s/l coupling her and Vargas!

  64. From Barb

    OMG the nose hair! Cougar, what a riot! Wonder if the moderators on this site are reading and laughing. . . . or shaking their heads at us?!

  65. From jolie

    #61 Cougar, what a terrible thing I did to you! Sorry for the visual but I am glad you got a laugh. Always room for that.
    #62 Barb, poor Brady can’t take Kristen to Titan to use his office like he and Madison did. And Kristen doesn’t have an office. They have to use what is available. Kristen just hasn’t thought about the HTS couch or she’d have been all over it with Brady. John would have sat right where they…never mind!

    Something that occurred to me but I might have missed what caused the reference. Stefano was rolling his eyes and saying something about the use of his chessboard table so he knew Brady and Kristen had their way with his table. Yes, John came to the door at the time but they grabbed clothes and Kristen even pulled her dress back off her arm…rather sleazily to be sure. Kristen laughed it off when Stefano mentioned it. How did he know? Or does he ask for all the details and she provides?? I hope not that. But then that Old Scallywag knows all so I should not be surprised!

  66. From MAB

    I’m sure Nick will be redeemed, but for me, it won’t change my opinion of him. He’s a psycho. I don’t like him, never did, never will, whether he’s redeemed or not.

    Sick of Jen jumping to conclusions, sick of Daniel’s cluelessness, sick Chloe’s desperation, and sick of Nancy & Ann’s interference.

    I know Eric Martsolf (Brady) is musically talented. He sings, and I believe he does play the piano. I don’t see how Brady didn’t hear some of what Kristen was saying to Stefano. And it looks like John’s plan is starting. He’s clever, I mean he is Stefano’s pawn after all, he learned from the best. So I’m excited to see what John has up his sleeve. Not surprised he’s keeping Doc in the dark. There has to be a riff between them in order to keep them interesting as a couple.

    Yep, Rafe blaming Will for everything that’s happened since Gabi got pregnant, and blaming him for the abortion thing is throwing him under the bus. The abortion thing was Gabi’s idea, and her idea alone, not Will’s, and he was ready to sacrifice everything for Gabi in the beginning. But instead of Rafe talking to Will and seeing BOTH sides to the baby situation, he decided Will was to blame, and his sister was free of any wrongdoing in all of this. He threw Will under the bus, blamed him for everything, and eventually moved on to Sami.

    Sami will do anything for her kids, and she is willing to do anything at this point to help Will, and if that means making a deal w/ Stefano, she’ll do it. She doesn’t keep anything from EJ. Once EJ tells her Stefano is back, she gets angry, but it’s not what you think. She’s actually angry because she wishes she could have turned to Stefano for help with Nick sooner. So EJ warns her that there will be stipulations for accepting Stefano’s help, so ultimately it’s her decision in the end. EJ doesn’t treat Sami like a child the way Rafe did, he actually lets her make her own decisions. As far as telling Rafe, some insist she isn’t listening to EJ anyway, so then if she trusted Rafe at all, she would’ve told him already. But the fact remains, Rafe can’t be trusted, EJ knows it, and deep down Sami knows it. EJ wasn’t acting like her father when he told her not to involve Rafe…yes she called him on it, but she knows EJ isn’t steering her wrong. He just reminds her of the right way to approach things w/o tipping her hand, which she usually does. Also, if EJ was so insecure of Rafe, he wouldn’t have told Sami he was ok w/ HIS children having a relationship w/ Rafe. EJ isn’t insecure, no reason to be, he doesn’t trust Rafe, and w/ GOOD reason. Why allow Rafe to interfere in their lives again? EJ isn’t stupid. After everything Rafe did and said to and about Sami & Will, he can’t be trusted, even tho now he’s playing nice w/ them. EJ isn’t about to let anyone come between him & Sami. I don’t call that insecure, I call that being smart.

    Fans and even the actors were appalled at this SL that Stefano & EJ weren’t real father & son. The writers finally realized what a mistake Ian was, which is why he’s gone, and Stefano is back. No purpose would be served in bringing in a fake Stefano.

    I believe EJ wants a relationship with Stefano, but wants to maintain his own freedom, so he & Sami can have a life. Of course, Stefano has already voiced that he is against EJ & Sami…no surprise, as is her own family. As we EJami’s have predicted from the beginning, we knew this would happen, and it will be a struggle for them to overcome both of their family’s disapproval. But I have faith in them this time around. I think they will both fight the odds to be together, and stay together. This is classic soap opera story telling. If there wasn’t some kind of turmoil in their lives, there would be no SL, and nothing interesting to watch.

    I certainly am not excusing Rafe for not arresting Sami & Lucas. Although they probably would’ve been let go, he should’ve done his job. But, as usual, he uses the law as a front and decides whether he thinks it applies or not. That is not being a real cop. If he was a real cop, he would’ve arrested them. That is why he can’t be respected as a cop. He disregards the rules regularly, and uses it to his advantage for the most part. It’s true Sami & Lucas should’ve never got that far to get into the evidence room, but it was still fun to watch. And as for the Chloe & Abby fight, which Rafe was also assigned to, he basically dropped the ball there too. He took Chloe’s statement, assumed her lies were the truth because she wasn’t gonna press charges, then gave Abby a warning. He didn’t interview everyone to find out what really happened, and didn’t even try. Wow, great detective work there bub. Which is why the term ‘village idiots’ seems so fitting.

    Hmm, I haven’t seen any EJami fans who thought their love scenes were too much. And what’s the difference than what we’ve seen out of every other couple on the show. Nothing.

    If I were a Rafe fan, I wouldn’t claim his tryst w/ Kate as ‘moving on’. I don’t call that moving on, in fact he is still in the same place he’s always been. It’s time Rafe get a new outlook on life, and stop trying to run everyone else’s. Find someone he’s compatible with, and give him a SL of his own for a change.

    Gabi, Rafe & Kate may be clueless as to what Nick has done, but that is because they are allowing themselves to be fooled by him. If they haven’t seen the signs, they are stupider than I thought. Gabi, not surprised at her, as she is apparently blinded by love, but Rafe & Kate?? No reason for them not to be on to him. Rafe is a cop (and I use that term loosely) and Kate is the most devious person around. She hated Nick until she hopped in the sack w/ Rafe, and now she’s trying to be all nice to them, which makes my stomach turn. Where is the real Kate who would know before anyone else what Nick is up to? If they weren’t so preoccupied w/ their afternoon delight, and he wasn’t busy blaming other people, then maybe they’d both see what is staring them right in their faces.

    Sick of Will being a weakling. You’d think he wasn’t the product of Sami & Lucas, or that he ever worked for EJ. Where is his spunk????

    Again, why is it always Sami & EJ’s kids that are brought up about being missing? What about all the other kids on the show? Actually we see Sami’s kids more than anyone else’s. And fact is, these kids can only be used so much. That is the reality of a child actor. They get limited air time.

  67. From MAB

    Kat – you’re right, Parker was never left alone. Nancy was there the whole time, until she galavanted over to Daniel’s, then Chloe called in Ann to stay there while she went to Jen’s.

  68. From MAB

    Galen didn’t have to confirm Rafe knew nothing about the DiMeras until coming to Salem. I figured this all along, as many of us did, which proves the point many of us tried to make from day one. His hatred for the DiMeras was based of Sami, nothing more, nothing less. He went along w/ trying to keep a man’s child from him that he knew nothing about, other than what he had been told. He had no history w/ them, but made it his business to take them on, and he found out the hard way what a mistake that was to do.

  69. From Cougar

    Jolie I caught that Stephano eye roll too and wondered if there are stil some hidden surveyance cameras in the Dimansion.

    Oh, and um, that terrible thing youdid to me no such thing to apologize for. The most terrible thing that happend to me was that I laughed my butt off so hard I’m still looking for it!

  70. From gerri

    We Know the writers,are the ones In charge,and can change S/L’s
    whenever they wish to,and we watch what they write,some of It Is very unbelieveable,even for a soap(like Jenn’s getting her heart cut out,and remaining on the ventilator,for what reason?the vent doesn’t give you heartbeats)until Dr.Dan could retrieve and put back in)this was one of the craziest S/L’s ever.
    In saying this,anything and everything Is possible.
    EJ could become Mr.Rogers,and he and Sami could live happily ever after.
    Stefano has come back from his death,many,many times.
    Babies thought dead,have shown up In S/L’S.
    The DiMera mansion,will not become the Waltons,even tho I loved that show,I’m expecting fireworks,when everyone gets settled In.And of course,there will more of Stefano’s children showing up
    I’m Thinking Cameron will be one.Oh some fun days ahead….

    Jolie,too funny(the toenail clipping)…and I’m still laughing at Cougar’s post,about Mary and Harold wearing bullet proof vests.

  71. From Barb

    gerri #70 no not the Walton’s. There was Chad’s hysterical remark today about what?-sitting around the Dimansion fireplace talking about who to wack next!! So funny!

  72. From jolie

    #69 Cougar, oh dear, if Brady and Kristen christen all the rooms and the lawn, no telling what Stefano will see, his eyes will roll out of his head. And I am so glad you got a good laugh. That makes my day! And I laughed right back at your Easter Dinner. I think they started the meal with Razor Blade Soup.
    #70 Gerri, the writers are surely in charge and they have come up with stuff that really stretches the imagination. Yep, Jennifer’s heart getting cut out then sewed right back and she hasn’t missed a beat yet. Except when Chloe opened the door to Daniel’s hotel room and I know her heart stopped just for a second then. I like you sense of fantasy in that Elvis and Sami can live happily ever after but then he has changed into Mr Rogers so yes, it can happen. Old Scallywag has just come back from a vacation after being shot and presumed dead by any and all of Salem’s finest and citizens. I think we’ll see fireworks if Cameron becomes a son and moves in at the same time Chad does. That would be most fun. I wish Chad would go ahead and move it but not sure if Kristen and Brady will be a good influence and you know they have used his bed and bathroom for unthinkable things! He will be so pissed. I thought it was funny that Brady commented that the Dimera mausoleum was so much bigger than the Kirakis mausoleum. I meant home of course. And Gerri, don’t be surprised if you see poor Mary shellacking that chess table any day now. Harold just gave it a good grinding so it is ready now for paint.

    OK, now I am thinking about the new Dimera spruce up. Yes it looks a bit brighter and about time. So I wonder if they cleaned the windows. That has always bothered me. The dirty windows in that place. But then Mary has to babysit and can’t do it all. I wonder too if Kristen tried to donate that well saturated couch to Good Will? Maybe she tried to give it to Eric for his outreach center. Oh dear. I don’t think there is enough 409 Upholstery Cleaner to do the job. The Salem PoPo should take it and run DNA on all the spots on the thing. It will give them some practice and something to do.

  73. From Kat

    66 MAB, enjoyed everything word, great post, and I so agree … do I don’t have to write and repeat myself.

    I read this somewhere, forgot already where, but I wrote it down…
    “If you are Not prepared or willing to accept Soaps… For what They are…It is Hard to watch them, but We All make Choices”.

    So True, I think…

    You had to love Rafe’s Statement today,
    Kate isn’t at all what Sami had told him she was…
    What, when did “Pot Kate” turn white… I had a good laugh about that Statement…

  74. From jolie

    #71 Barb, now that is why I like Chad. He adds a nice note to the family and he can carry his own in the fireside chats. If not the Waltons, most definitely the Addams, they’re spooky.

  75. From Richard

    I did not say that Parker was ever left alone. I merely stated that if Dan and Jen ever got together and a timeline was determined, that placed Chloe at Jen’s house and Nancy at Dan’s, one of them may wonder who was watching Parker, and if it got out that Anne was watching him, then either Dan or Jen could put two and two together and deduce what was going on.

  76. From Mouse Fan

    #72 Jolie: I got a good laugh out of running the DNA on the Dimera couch! That thing must GLOW under a blacklight with all of the bodily fluids it has on it! Too funny!

    And Bad Rafe! Bad, bad, bad!
    No redemption for you! EVER!
    EVER! Do you hear me?! Not even for the stuff you know nothing about!! EVER!! LOL!! :)

  77. From Barb

    Loved seeing Chad today. He came to Dimansion armed with some one line zingers that were really funny, but he’s longing for family and seems open to consider moving in there.
    Well, whadda know, Kristen and Brady were dressed to match! She looked much better today than she has been. I think the idea of John and Brady having breakfast together was good but then Brady mucked it up by inviting Kristen to join them “after a while”. Wouldn’t you know she would crash in on the two-some way before expected!
    Have to say I did have to laugh at EJ today and his double take and looks of astonishment that Sami wants to involve Stefano in Will’s mess. But then EJ, after objecting strongly and laying out all the possible pitfalls of that senario, even chasing her down to reason with her, he ends-up suggesting he, she, and the kids all move into Dimansion as a way to ensure Stefano might help her. Gotta love the comedy relief!!
    Will, so you NOW know what kind of person you are dealing with in Nick?! The kind of person you can NOT deal with!! I loved it when Will told Nick he’s an SOB and then some, but I wanted more . . . . so much more!!

    Sweet beautiful earrings Kate gave Gabi, and I think Kate is sincere in her concern for Rafe, that Stefano wouldn’t want her with anyone else, even though he doesn’t seem to want her himself . . . . Ah, yes, Rafe does KNOW what Stefano is capable of!!

  78. From Barb

    jolie #72 the Dimansion does look a little better. Brighter, as you said. Pretty color on the foyer walls and I noticed it went with Kristen and Brady’s color co-ordinated outfits today. (I’m into color but not the pink in Sami’s hair!) Beautiful new couch but it’s a shame, I predict it’s doomed to the same fate as the other one!!
    Richard #74 gotcha. But Dan and Jen putting two and two together, I don’t know about that!
    Mouse Fan #75 you got it, no hope for Rafe. He’s as scum as they come!!

  79. From fanny

    I voted for John seducing Kristen but NEVER will I accept Marlena with this “cowboy” version of Roman. Yikes! They have zero chemistry.

  80. From bobby

    #61 Chocolite-Yes, Nancy found the bottle of pills and had her butt up in the air half under the bed when Dan walked in. She told him it was some other kind of medication. I know he was drunk, but wouldn’t a Dr. realize it was more than a hangover and he’d been drugged? And what are all these people running around in the middle of the night? What the heck is wrong with Chloe drugging a doctor that will be working in a hospital the next day? Glad he wasn’t scheduled to operate on me. Where is Sami’s head? She’s turning to the men that hid Rafe for months and sent a killer to live with her and her children? How soon we forget. What’t wrong with talking confidentionaly to her own father?

  81. From gerri

    thinking how everyone will say goodnightat the DiMansion(like the Waltons)
    will take awhile.
    Goodnight Chad….Goodnight EJ
    Goodnight Kristen….Goodnight Sami
    Goodnight Brady….Goodnight Johnny
    Goodnight Allie….Goodnight Sydney
    and everyone together “”GOODNIGHT

    Did I leave anyone out?
    Harold and Mary will be too tired,
    after taking care of this Tribe,to utter their goodnight,even tho they are thankful,that another day has ended…..

  82. From Cougar

    Good night Gerri! lol

  83. From Marilyn

    The Rafe/Kate storyline has zero credibility. Rafe would not fall into bed with some woman, and certainly not Kate. He’s probably one of the few decent characters, and to do this to him is really not believable.

  84. From Clear

    Doesn’t the manse have a lot of surveillance cameras? Do I remember a room with monitors? Stef’s MO to surveil! Maybe Brady could find the room and find out Kristen’s plan. Eavesdropping is a bit over done on this show!

  85. From Cassie

    People are saying Dan and Jenn are boring, I think their SL is exciting. EJ and Sami are the boring ones, nothing exciting. EJ is dead as a door knob.

  86. From cassie

    Bobby #19 I agree somewhat. I think that Rafe and Nicole should have been paired a long time ago. their chemistry is awesome. Kate and Rafe, heck no, no, and no. Rafe and Jenn, no, no, and no. Rafe and Hope, yes. If Bo is not coming back and they kill him off, they have good chemistry. But Nicole is number one. Sami, no way, too much of a psycho. Too much baggage for a single man.

  87. From cassie

    I am confused. Why is Rafe scum number 78? Others have raped, murdered, buried folks alive and Rafe is scum? Give me a break

  88. From Leah

    Sami is SO IN THE ZONE of “I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my son” that she doesn’t realise what she is prepared to do is like leading a lamb to the slaughter. Oh Sami, Sami! That is the headstrong girl I love but she really does need to stop and listen to EJ. EJ is RELUCTANT! EJ has warning lights and alarm bells going off in his head left, right and centre. First thing EJ said to Sami “Please do not tell me your thinking about going to my father? Have you forgotten who you are dealing with? If you go to Stefano and ask him for something he will want something in return. I don’t think you realise what your saying. You really haven’t thought this through have you? I don’t want to get dragged back into my fathers world.” BUT Sami being Sami just kept pushing and pushing. Sami said “Unless Wills back is against wall I won’t BUT I WILL go to Stefano and ask him for a favour if it changes.” Well EJ you said you knew life with Sami wasn’t going to be tedicous or boring so here we go son… looks like Sami is prepared to cut a deal with the old devil and you are gonna end up back in the Dimera mansion. Lets just hope Sami stays true to her word and looks out for you so you don’t get fully sucked back in by Stefano.
    Personally I’m with you EJ…

  89. From Linda

    jolie, cougar, Barb, and gerri – you gals are too funny and were on a roll. I really had to laugh!

    #78 bobby, excellent points.

    #82 Leah, also a good one.

    #75 Mouse Fan, I agree, no hope for Rafe at all. Blamed for stuff he doesn’t even know about yet, because he’s SUPPOSED to know about it! LOL! And your comment about the DiMera couch glowing under a blacklight was very funny.

    Will’s day is coming. I just know it. Sonny is so sensible but he isn’t the one going through it so he can stand back and see things more clearly.

  90. From Maryl

    Hi! everyone!
    Mab, I agree Rafe should have arrested Lucas and Sami. The writers missed a chance to make Rafe look more like a real cop (for once) instead of the undisciplined cop who makes up and plays by his own rules. It would also have been fun to see EJ getting them out of jail.

    IMO Sami and EJ are doing just fine in their relationship! Please writers never write them to be docile and boring. They need to have their disagreements and battles to fight. I’m sure we will see plenty of that sort of stuff happening, especially now that Stefano is back in their lives–so, bring it on!!

    Speaking of relationships, I cannot understand why, all of a sudden, Rafe has developed all this “fondness” for Kate. He thinks she’s OK! Maybe he is so in love with the “great-grandmother sex” she is dishing out to him that he is simply compelled to overlook her sordid past.

    You need to wake up, Rafe–Stefano is back in town and we may not be seeing you around for a while. Instead, we may be seeing a Charlie Chaplin lookalike walking the streets of Salem who has this strange memory of once being a cop that liked having sex with great-grandmothers! I’m sure Stefano is still in the cloning business.

    Maybe when Rafe decides he has had enough of Kate and breaks things up with her, she will be the one he needs to watch–remember Rafe never eat any of her brownies! Kate does not like to get dumped, so be careful!

    Kate said Rafe was either the
    most courageous or most stupid man she knew–he has already proven the stupid part to some of us—the courageous still remains to be seen. lol!

    I would love for Days to bring back Rolf! I miss having him around. I loved the episodes when John took over the mansion and made Rolf his manservant. Rolf was so funny with Sami’s and EJ’s babies—he made a good nanny!!
    I love when Days incorporates the comedy into the episodes!

    I agree with everyone on filling the DiMera mansion to the brim with people! That’s where all the excitement is. Without the DiMera’s drama, we would be bored!
    So, here’s hoping Chad, EJ, Sami and the kids move in soon! We already have Brady living there but we need to fill more of those vacant rooms! My instincts tell me that Kate will be returning one day also!
    Now, it’s back to work for me!

  91. From jolie

    #75 Richard, I think some of us caught on to what you were saying about the timeline but then you are working with two dull knives in Jenn and Dan..5 if you add Nancy, Chloe, Ann…so we cannot expect them to actually sit and have a fact based conversation and add that 2 and 2 and come up with an answer they know how to apply. Even with a calculator, I would not put my money on Jennifer and Dr Dan. I did enjoy it when she slapped him soundly but he acted like a baby complaining about it. Man up, Dr Orange.
    #76 MouseFan, glow! You know it does. Can we blame Rafe for any of that??
    #77 Barb, well, I did not give Elvis credit in earlier posts on why he would not try to stop Sami..he did. But as we have seen time and again, she doesn’t listen to anyone…the Sami Express. So is Stefano going to exact that same fee in return for helping Sami…move into the manse or even marry and move in? Hard to say that he would really want her there. Elvis seems to think that will give them the upper hand, to move in and then just complain and Stefano will handle. Stefano knows what Sami is about and knows that she’ll always be trouble. He has done away with people for much less but Mr Rogers…I mean Elvis…is in LOVE. So we’ll see how this one plays out but looks like Mary needs to buy the 25 lb ham for Easter Dinner rather than the 12 lb. We’ll need that leaf in the table and soon. Get some Chinette while you’re at it. Kate has really softened with her tryst with Rafe. Good, gives her character a little more dimension and it was needed. Stefano’s reaction will be interesting to see. I think he would throw a fit but we won’t get to see that part.
    #78 Barb, well, there you go…messing up the new couch already. I wonder if the kids will get red Kool-Aid to drink while they sit there with No-No? It will look good spotted on the new couch and you won’t be able to tell it from blood.
    #80 Bobby, a normal person would likely know they were feeling a bit more but this guy is almost so dumb that you would think he only plays a dr on TV, wouldn’t you? Ha! And I thought the same many trips in and out can a person make in a night. My coat would be worn out just pulling it on and off. Sami’s head…in the Sami Cloud of CottonCandy that is Sami flavored. She doesn’t go to Roman because he will not offer to handle her problems for her and make dirty deals. Where would the fun be in that? And while yes, Stefano and Elvis did do that to Rafe…it was probably Rafe’s fault all along. We are finding him more and more culpable each day!
    #81 Gerri, good scenario there. You left out Lurch. And Mary and Harold were changing the litter box in the lion and tiger cages next to the coliseum.
    #84 Clear, if you have cameras, you probably have a vault of footage! How clever are you? But then if we expect Brady to pull his head out of his, I mean, Kristen’s, I mean, think about it…we are in for a long wait.
    #88 Leah, Sami could do anything but go where she is going. How can she not listen to Elvis when she knows he is right?? I think it is the pink shirt. Stefano wears those power colors of dark vibrant purple and burgundy. Pink is pale in comparison, Ok, that got me to giggling. But Old Scallywag just looks powerful so we are all afraid of him and think he is smart and powerful, like the Wizard of Oz. Sami thinks she can handle him. Elvis is asking her not to do this as he knows it lays the power at Stefano’s feet. Sami you dunderhead, listen!

  92. From voiceofreason

    I love how certain people say that Rafe isn’t a real cop or can’t be respected as a cop because he bends the rules at times, yet these same people are huge Bo fans. Bo has bent the rules so many times it’s not even funny. At least be consistent in your opinions. If you’re not, it just makes you look like a Rafe hater.

    If they’re going to do anything with Roman and Marlena, PLEASE pretend that the Alex North thing never happened and bring back Wayne Northrop. I have never been able to buy Chris Kositchek as Roman. What happened to the days of people coming back from the dead or kidnapping all the time? That never seems to happen anymore. It’s at least as realistic as the Salem PD and their lack of knowledge of anything related to Police matters.

  93. From Barb

    jolie #91 Oooo not being able to tell the Kool-Aid from blood. I think Chad would see the humor in that one!
    I agree about Kate and I like her softer side showing right now. She might be smarter than Sami has been, too, and wants to befriend Gabi, the mother of her great-grandchild. You know, like Lucas told Sami to do! Of course Kate doesn’t know yet what Nick has done to Will! Yes, what Sami wants to do will give Stefano all the power, as EJ knows all too well. And over EJ as well as Sami!

  94. From Barb

    voiceofreason #92, so agree with what you wrote about Rafe and Bo and the fans.

    And I think Bo would not have arrested Sami and Lucas, either! Would have been a waste of time, since the arrest would have gone nowhere.

  95. From jolie

    #90 Hello friend Maryl, yes, Rafe should have arrested Sami and Lucas so he could then be roasted over hot coals here as a scoundrel and only doing it because he was mad at Sami and not out of his police-y duties. Boy I am so glad he didn’t go there. And he likely knew Sami had Lucas convinced to do that stupid thing so why drag him down. But was Lucas not the funniest thing ever trying to explain himself then just handing himself up to be cuffed? That was too funny. Lucas can deliver if he’d ever get some story I do believe. As for Rafe’s fondness for Kate…better that than still thinking she is a shark, a black widow spider, a constricting snake when you are sleeping with her. Look at Brady, he started out keeping an eye on Kristen for John and now he is ready to marry her. Who’d have seen that coming…well Marlena but we –John- didn’t listen to her while she was telling it. I do worry how Stefano will take Kate and Rafe and what he will do but when you play, there is normally some payment and especially in Salem. And dare I go here…if Sami and Elvis can overlook their pasts and be in LOVE then anyone can overcome the past and go for it and at least find some like if not love. And doesn’t doing courageous actions mostly look like the most stupid thing to do but sometimes turn out differently? Well, for this one, not sure which it is for Rafe. I think it just feels good so he is all in! Thinking about what Stefano might think…we can do that tomorrow. I agree with you that some of Rolf’s best scenes were comedic and oh, the nanny diaries he must have written. I hope Chad does move back in. I like Chad and while his family is kooky and spooky and mostly is his family and he needs some family love lately.

  96. From Kat

    Yes Bo has gone outside the law, and I never liked that, period,
    but I liked the character of Bo anyway…
    Also Bo, never has covered up shooting somebody in the head, or like Gaby, being an accomplice in kidnapping a person, and then also do great damage and harm to people and a city….

    Wish “Bo” and Hope would find out, since they were the cops on the Case…a case Still Not solved…

    Yes, I for the most part do not like Rafe, (however I would not use Your words, “RafeHater”…
    Rafe annoys me, so that’s it…and all EJ/Ejami DisLikers… out there should be the very first to understand that. Fair enough.

    Just giving my opinion to the points made by VOR

    I enjoy, that Casa DiMera, is once again open for business.
    Plenty of vacancies, pick your room, and join in… It’s like in the old movies, maybe they all will start wearing Tuxedos and Gowns…
    and then we might even someday have a “Who Done it” again…

  97. From jolie

    #92 Voiceofreason, we have been claiming that one for Rafe forever but the naysayers don’t see the patterns. Rafe has many characteristics in common with Bo. Bo was a rule bender if not breaker. He could be so dense about things(arresting family members over trumped up evidence) then fly off on a tangent that would completely go against all law and order. Didn’t he break his wife outta the pen and go on the run? And that was really the thing to do since it was all so corrupt but a crime anyway. And that was likely the least of his crimes over the years. But then we all know it is all Rafe’s fault. All of it. I like the Roman we have now and would not want to see him go. I do want him to have a woman but not sure I am convinced that Marlena would commit to him. Anyway, I’ll wait them out on this one.
    #93 Barb, Lucas very well did tell Sami to befriend Gabi but that would require effort on Sami’s part that didn’t involve how great she is and the focus on another. Didn’t work. Kate seems to be in earnest with her efforts. It might be because she sees a new side to herself thru her time with Rafe and that it is in her g-g-baby’s benefit. I think that Gabi and the baby stand a better chance coming out of all of this alive, Will too for that matter, with Rafe and Kate being allies and seeing up close hopefully what Nick is up to. Kate will flip out when she finds out that Will has given up rights to the baby. Marlena will try to analyze him for it then say it is OK. Kate won’t be so happy over it.

  98. From Cougar

    I though to my self when Gabbi asked Rafe if they were friends now or something and he said yeah something like that; all I could think of was “friends with bennefits.”

    I think we may see EJ heading to the rescue. Headstrong Sami is definately headed toward making a Faustian deal with Stephano. He is the master, always one step ahead in the chess game. She may pull things off from time to time but she is still no match for Stephano. He will squash her like a bug.

  99. From jolie

    #97 Cougar, Sami may be playing Elvis right back into Stefano’s orbit. Once there it is difficult to extract oneself as Elvis has seen. Yes, he thinks they should move back into the mansion but maybe he wants to do it as a good will gesture and then Fatha will do them a favor by saving Will’s axx and taking care of Nick. But in Sami’s scenario, the price might be that they move into the manse but it will be on Stefano’s terms. Or then again, maybe none of this at all. After all it is Friday afternoon and we are barreling, yes, barreling toward Miller Time and folks, I’ll be waiting on the porch for you. Cooler is full, the dog will want to sit in your lap but that is just him.

    I may have posted one twice but the strangest thing…I didn’t type in the captcha but submitted and I think it might have posted anyway. Or maybe not and I just need that Miller more than I can understand!

  100. From MAB

    #73 Kat – I know when Rafe made the statement that Kate wasn’t as bad as Sami made her out to be, I had to pause my DVR from laughing so hard. What a load of garbage that is coming from the ‘respected’ lawman Rafe Hernandez! Sami doesn’t have to make Kate out to be bad, anyone in Salem can tell Rafe who Kate really is. But as usual, Rafe is ok w/ anyone as long as they are in his corner, or in his bed.

    Finally, EJ & Sami back on screen! They make the show SO much better. They were cute & comical today. As expected, Sami will do anything for her kids, and she proved that by wanting Stefano’s help. EJ doesn’t want Stefano in their lives, and even tho I think she feels the same way, she will make a deal w/ him if she has to if it will help Will. Will should know what sacrifice his mother is willing to make for him since he can’t be man enough to stand up for himself against psycho Nick. He just has no guts whatsoever. As EJ’s proven, he can still be the ruthless man when he wants to be, but he wants to led his own life w/ Sami & the kids and not get sucked back into Stefano’s world. And it’s not about what they are capable of, because as EJ said, he would do anything for Sami. This is about not letting Stefano run his life, and ruin his relationship w/ Sami. I just hope Sami keeps her promise and doesn’t allow Stefano to come between her & EJ. I know EJ won’t if he can help it. But I’m looking forward to what part everyone will play in this intriguing SL. The more drama, the better.

    Something has been bugging me about Will’s situation. When this all went down back then (when Will shot EJ), Lucas took the wrap, told no one, sent Will off to live w/ Austin & Carrie, and went to jail. Now years later we found out EJ knew (to use for his own purposes), but until Nick found out, still no one else knew except Lucas & Will. So how can Nick claim Roman, Bo & Hope could get in trouble? They didn’t know the truth back then, and still don’t from what I gather. They didn’t cover for anyone, so how can anyone other than Will & Lucas be held accountable for anything. And really the only thing they could be held accountable for is committing perjury.

    Well, John is as cool as a cat! He no doubt has something good up his sleeve for Kristen, and I can’t wait to find out what that is. Although Kristen’s plan must be pretty darn good too if Stefano is that impressed.

    Great to see Chad show up at the mansion. I like he’s considering giving his family another chance, since that is all he really has left. Liked his comical & honest remarks he made to Kristen & Stefano.

    The DiMera mansion has surveillance cameras but are only utilized when it benefits the SL.

    EJ is also blamed for everything and even things he doesn’t even know about yet. And in Rafe’s case, I say if the shoe fits…

    Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! I am a huge Bo fan, and as I’ve always said, “in consistency”, Rafe can’t lick the boots of Bo Brady! Yes, Bo bent the rules, but he never totally disregarded them like Rafe. I don’t recall Bo ever trying to steal another’s man child, nor hid the fact his wife was guilty of attempted murder. Bo even had to arrest his own wife for trying to kill him. Now that is a REAL cop!

    #90 Maryl – as usual we EJ fans always get lumped together as to what we all think. Not everyone is giving Rafe a pass (as it was indicted). Like us, we think Rafe should’ve done his job and arrested Sami & Lucas. Just like the REAL cops used to do on this show. Abe, Bo, Roman…they used to follow the rules. I remember those guys even having to arrest family members. But not Rafe, he makes it up as he goes along…never has followed any rules whatsoever. And how gullible can he be, just like now he thinks Kate is OK, when her past speaks for itself. I agree w/ you about EJ & Sami. I think they are doing just fine, and giving us great stuff! I hope it continues, and I’ll keep enjoy their love making and their struggles. That is what a soap opera couple’s relationship is all about. I also agree about everyone moving in the mansion. I think it will be a hoot, and very interesting for all of their SL’s. It certainly won’t be the Walton’s, more like the Corleone family! And I know which one I’d rather watch!

  101. From MAB

    #97 Cougar – you said Sami may pull things off from time to time but she is still no match for Stefano and he will squash her like a bug. I agree, BUT she has EJ on her side this time, so I think things will be different this time around. But even w/ EJ on Sami’s side, she knows the consequences of what she is about to do, but she is still willing to sacrifice going to Stefano for Will’s sake because she knows Stefano CAN squash Nick.

  102. From MAB

    EJ doesn’t think they should move back into the mansion. He said moving back in would ensure Stefano would help them go after Nick. Big difference.

  103. From Cougar

    Jolie cant wait for Miller time on the porch; Ill bring the pretzels. Oh, and I love dogs and don”t mind a little dog hair mingling with my cat hair!

  104. From Cougar

    One thing about living in the Dimansion IT IS a mansion. We have had this discussion before, where would the kids chose to live if given the choice Rafe’s loft or the mansion. What kid wouldn’t want to live there. Heated indoor pool, servants and doting Grampa NoNo to grant your every wish. The only problem (darn, there’s always a catch) is avoiding Stephano’s tentacles.

  105. From jolie

    #101 Cougar, thing about the Dimanse is that it has so many secrets. But if the kids spend some time there in their formative years and they are anything like their mother, sticking their little noses where they don’t belong, Stefano will not have a secret left that will be worth keeping! So yep, they’ll enjoy living there. It is the adults that have to worry about what NoNo has up his sleeve.

  106. From Kat

    101 Cougar, wow, you almost had me …. at a quick look I saw “avoiding Stefano’s “Te.tacles…”
    then I read again, and of course got it….
    I thought.. what, she is talking about the Kids, well, you gave me a good laugh.

    Now I have to go and look up the word, “tentacles”, because I don’t know, what it means…and not ashamed to admit it…

  107. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Mab #66 wonderful post well said.

    I also don’t see why EJ would need to be a Mr. Rogers to work out with Sami. I dont’t think she minds EJ being who he is, what hurt them is they were always hurting each other .With them taking aore honest approach on things, and obviously EJ wont be playing any crazy schemes on her nor her on him.That was the big thing with Them.EJ can still be EJ.The real EJ always wanted to be with Sami and his kids, and would always do anything to have that.Nothing has changed in his wants.Sure he is hesitant in wanting Sami to seek his fathas help and why not he knows His fathas plans were always things that caused them trouble.
    I am also glad that people who doubted EJ wanting to be his own person can see he truly does.We are seeing him show how hesitant he is to let Sami seek out his fathas help, and evenn his conversation with Stefano said it all.EJ knows Stefano is his fatha and has a huge pull on him.Sami has taken it upon herself to say I will not let him lure you in, I iwll make sure he cant.He is not dumb he knows in the end she is going to do what she wants to do, and He allows her to.From many conversations with them a few months back we learned Sami likes that.She specifically said she does not want to be judged or demanded upon in such a way The relationship could change or be put in Jeopardy, Just as Alison said in her interview in SOD.with EJ she knows they can disagree and fight and no matter what it is not going to change they will be fine afterwards.Many of Samis relationships were full with demands and ultimatums, and some of her choices caused huge strains on her relationships.EJ is worried what Sami could be indebted to Stefano over it, and he knows she is most likely going to seek Stefanos help anyway.Just as Sami could very well tell Rafe if she wanted to.I also agree with a few posters that Rafe did put much blame on Will in the beginning.He could have asked him and heard both sides.I also dont feel I need to explain why I said i Feel it was nice of Rafe to let them go.I said it because it is true.He could have been vindictive, and could have arrested them but did not.I was nodding in Rafes direction as being a bigger man there.I do wonder if it would be the same outcome if it had been EJ there instead of Lucas but none the less, Rafe did a nice gesture and I condone him for it.It has nothing to do with Sami.It is more about him being a bigger person in the situation.
    Mnay have seen me even show much respect for those who have said EJ has changed.I give a nod of respect to those who can say yep EJ has shown he wants to be his won person.

    What I dont understand is why some complain that EJ is so evil and will never change then when he makes many leaps and strides they cll him Mr.Rogers. Do you want him to be evil?Or do you want him to be a better man?I will also say as a member of the most popular EJami forum I have not seen a single Ejami say there is too much sexual scenes.I have also not seen any of them Call him a Mr.Rogers.In fact we understand his character very well, and know That if you take out all his crimes against Sami what do you really have left???Take out all the things he and Sami did to one another, and what do you have left? EJ is not as evil as Stefano, he has always just wanted Sami and his kids a real family, sure we will see him scheme and plot right along with Sami,Sami is doing a great job of that now without EJ just as she did before she met him.

    The thing about Gabi is Nick is going to tell her He pushed Will into giving up his rights, and Gabi then tells Will he can be a part of his daughters life and Nick will be fine with it.What does she need to be told, If spoilers are right Nick flat out tells her and she still thinks things are gonna be hunky dory.I dont know I cant feel much compassion for her ignorance.

    Cougar I loved your comment about the Dimera mansion and how it would be lol.

    To be honest I would love to see EJ up against Stefano, and It probably will happen.EJ has what he wants and he is not going to let fatha take that from him.Stefano groomed him and Student can overtake master.

  108. From Tee

    A cold beer on the porch count me in.I dont mind the dog either my dog weighs probably as much as me and sits on my lap she thinks she is a lap dog lol

  109. From MAB

    #106 Kat – you are so cute to admit you don’t know the meaning of tentacles! You have no shame, and that’s the way it should be. It’s always a delight to read your comments, and thanks for always saying something to make me smile!

  110. From Tee

    Sorry for a 3rd post lol. I wanted to add Mab you are right, Rafe should have done his job, and I actually would have loved to see EJ come bail them out of jail. I did however say it was nice of Rafe to let them go. In the defense of Sami and Lucas What could they really do, they could invent many things on why they were there, and nothing was found on them anyway.But I like to try to find something nice to say about Rafe and so I found one, I think it was nice of him to let them go and not arrest them. I am however certain if EJ was there they would have been arrested so fast their heads would spin.I think in light of all that has gone on with them Rafe was nice and it was just that a nod to his niceness from me anyway, not sure how others feel or why they made whatever comments they did.Much as I also think It was nice of EJ to not care if his children had a relationship with Rafe and even nice of him to Let Nicole hear Sydneys voice on Christmas, and his understanding that she was a part of Sydneys life.Speaking of that Jenn needs to take some of that advice herself, I was disgusted when she demanded Dan seize all contact and use a go between.Don’t she know she should show more confidence in Dans feelings for her,that is how she is going to really get to Chloe.Instead she is opening all these weaknesses that make it easy for Chloe to exploit.Sure she has a right to want Dan to have minimal involment after what Chloe has done, with Chloe. I understand that to a extent, but they share a child, and Jenn is just all over the place, with her lack of trust, her accusations,and demands.She should have looked at Chloe and said You are no threat I am not worried, and I know my man would not have slept with you.Instead she did not even believe Chloe at first.I am not a fan of that whole story line but lately I have been trying to watch some of it and give it another try.I have been enjoying most of the show lately though It has gotten good.

  111. From gerri

    Ill bring some “Corona Light”,with Lime slices(my favorite)and I love dogs as well.Boy If some of us could meet,would we ever have so much to talk about,I would love It.!!

    I guess Lurch must be underground,or up In the Attic,haven’t thought about him for a long time,but what the Heck,”Goodnight Lurch.”

    I didn’t think the wedding would actually happen,but I was fooled.
    The Inmate,didn’t look bad at all,with his shirt off,so unless Rafe can be paired with Nicole,I can see her going this way.she can identify past actions he has,because she has been there too.

    Sami for a short span of time,looked like she was very irritated at EJ,for acting like her Daddy,telling her what she could and could not do,(telling Rafe,and about the move to the Mansion),and loved,loved,her thinking about being Kristen’s servant…too funny!!!…

  112. From Mouse Fan

    I’m wayyyyy ready for Miller Time too!! Had to have my beloved baby boy put down last month, Jolie, so your ‘lap dog’ can sit on my lap all night long!! Someone please pass the pretzels!! :)

    And Rafe, you don’t seem to be listening!! No redemption for you, EVER!! NEVER, EVER, EVER!!
    You are a despicable character and a horrible policeman!! You can’t do ANYTHING right!! NEVER, EVER, EVER!! Now, go get you some Granny!! LOL!! :)

  113. From Penny. AZ

    I agree I am getting so tired of Jenn Miss Goodey Goodey she needs to get a grip she acts worse than her daughter grow up already.
    I am sick of seeing Will & Sonny kissing and laying in bed together it seems like thats all you see anymore is everyone in bed with one another. WHERE THE HELL IS STORY LINE’S ANYMORE.keep this crappy story line up and you will be off the air. I have watched this program for decades with Tom and Alice when there was a plot and not seeing everyone sucking face and laying in bed.
    Will is making me sick he is as bad as Jenn he never looks in the person’s face he is talking to. always down or away. He needs to go to Europe.

  114. From Richard

    What if Stefano is using stem cells? (Georgia/Chelsea, Kristen’s baby, Marlena’s babies(Don/Alex), Zack, Nicole’s baby(twice), Sami/Eric(kidnapped by Stefano) and Johnny/Sydney.Does he need stem cells to survive.

    What if Gabi’s baby is a Dimera(A La Lexie, Chad, Bengy, Cameron?, Elvis and Johnny/Sydney)?

    What if Nick is unwillingly working for Stefano and was threatened to change Johnny’s paternity and to exclude the real father from Gaby’s baby’s life. After declaring that Sami/Lucas were the parents of both twins, was Nick threatened by the Dimeras to change the results for Johnny? This would ensure their dominance over Sami, because Johnny would be considered a Dimera.

  115. From Cougar

    Mab 100 I agree John is looking like the cat that ate the canary. He definately has something uphis sleeve.

    Oh Kat 106 you made laught when you misunderstood my tentacle remark. I thnk it would be kind of funny to see him take it in the you know whats! Nothing wrong in not knowing every word in the dictionary; many a good person learns a new word a day!

    Gerri! Corona & lime is my favorite, too. Olay!

    Mouse Fan 112 too funny, go ge some granny! The sound youare not hering is me laughing.

    I have to say I though it was rather sporting of him not to throw Sami & Lucas in jail considereing how mad he was at her a few weeks ago. He must be either too wore out from knock boots with Kate ar he is still wrapped up in the afterglow from their last work out. I think it would have bee funny to see Sami getting bailed out by EJ.

    I am really loving the writing they are giving EJ lately (and Sami too). Finally becoming his own man after hearing him say that was what he wants but never quite getting there. While at the same time not making him too “good.” That just won’t do. I don’t really see it as a redemption of the character but correcting bad writing and poor choices on the path that storylines took. I know that while others see him as totally and unrepentantly evil I look at and say “Eh, it’s a soap.”
    I think it was Gerri in an earier post who pointed out rightly that it is as so fantasy. Dead characters resurected, character traits from good to bad and vice versa.

  116. From Cougar

    Loved the little dream squence of Sami being Kristins little martini slave, I noticed shaken not stirred.

    I am really interested in the turn that Corday says they are supposedly taking Nicole that we wont see coming. The only thing new that , that could possably be is to have become a nun. Loved it When Chloe quipped to Nicole her about her typo if the incorrect use of the letter “e” and typed sex instead of six, “guess who isn’t getting any!” I would really like to see a career choice that comes out of now where with Nicole like social worker (face it that girl would never be a nun). To see her go from abused child forced to do porn and resident bad girl . . . I don’t know there is just something about that that clicks for me. Street wise do-gooder; God bless them there are a lot of them out there thatmake a difference in their little corner of the world.

  117. From grandma to many

    It seems that some fun is going on again on this site ! I hadn’t peeked in much for a while because it was getting a little too abrasive glad to see we can get along . I’ve got spring fever and am ready for some new s/l’s how about we wrap up this Jen , Dan ,Nancy and Chloe fiasco and find out where Bo’s at or maybe even check in on how Caroline or Abe and Theo are doing ? Cold beer , salty pretzels and a warm dog sounds good to me ! You’re a mean one Mr. Rafe nooooo redemption for you !

  118. From Mouse Fan

    #116, G to M: LOL!! :)

  119. From patty

    Yeah, what you all said! It’s all Rafe’s fault and he’s mean, mean, mean and he can’t do anything right ever, ever. But he’s sizzling hot, hot ,hot! Lucky Great Grandma Kate, no wonder she looks so happy , content and satisfied these days.
    Still laughing at picturing Rolph as the Easter bunny. Looking forward for a Bud on jolie’s porch and I hope I get to pet the dog at least.

  120. From gerri

    You,think down the same lines as I do.I always have said,that Johnny was most likely Lucas’s child,and Stefano was involved,with the DNA switch,my reasoning,Is what greater,revenge could there take a Brady child from his family,and raise him as a DiMera.
    Stefano may call the shots,but he has to have other people,to help pull off his evil Nick would fit right In with his plan.

  121. From Leah

    Just watched Fridays episode… have to say today is the first day I have seen Rafe happy and relaxed around Ejami. He didn’t look like he could have cared less and Rafes whole demenia was one of accepting Ejami are now together and that he is finally moving on. Bravo Rafe… I liked it and am happy for you. It opens the whole door wide open for him, to SO many possiblities :)
    Well we might not all like this cougar Kate/Rafe situation but Kate must have some kind of power over men. They all seem to dig her once getting involved with her. All power to you Kate!
    I loved Ejamis open and honest talk and that sexual desire and tension was still there with all the hands over each other, up in each others faces and smooching. Love Ejami. I agree with you Cougar Sami was hilarious thinking about the whole Kristen and the Martini business.

  122. From gerri

    I’ve been watching days,since the start(which was long ago)I said goodnight to Lurch,I don’t remember
    him,on Days,but the Addam’s family
    had a Lurch,right?But If I’m wrong,correct me…..

    Going out of town tommorrow for A family Re-union(our family was pretty close,to being like the Waltons)8 children,benches on each side of the table,not enough chairs,nor space to put them we all had chores,went to church twice TV until I was fifteen.Times are different
    now…Reflecting Back…Those were indeed the “Good Days”

  123. From Vivian

    Well Nick got hit on the head and suffered from amnesia before he was able to tell Sammi that both twins belonged to Lucas…guess it will take another hit to the head and have him remember it…if so, mabe then he will return to the nerdy, fun-loving Nick he was before. That would be a nice story. Hate to see a Horton be really bad….

  124. From steffie

    They are trying to make EJ and Sami a supercouple I heard. A little too late to be a supercouple. They are looking like a joke to me. Lubby dubby crap and they have basically destroyed one another. Would anyone tell their daughter or sister to be with a man that have abused and humiliated them like EJ has done to Sami and Sami shot him in the head? No! So for me, this EJami reunion is a thumbs down for me. And, no, I am not a Rafe and Sami fan.

  125. From steffie

    #120 Leah, I agree, Rafe seem cool with seeing Scami and EJ together. About time. May I add he looked hot today. Maybe Kate is making him happy. He is not in love with her but darn, I think this is more sex that Rafe has had since he started on the show. ROFL!!!

  126. From Lacey

    Yes Rafe did look nice today. He is by far the best looking guy on the show with Eric coming in second! And yes he was spot on when he said Sami was worse than Kate. Sami was with EJ for what 1 week before she basically asked him to kill Nick. They deserve each other and I am so glad Sami is stuck with the greasy haired Brit!

  127. From Leah

    I already thought Ejami were a supercouple Steffie – ha, ha ;)
    I mean after bad writing and decisions over Ejami storylines you could see the Days powers to be were hesitant in putting Ejami together. Thus how long it took. But the simple fact of the matter is while sidekicks were found for Sami and EJ their fans never went away or waned. In fact Ejamis popularity grew as new viewers discovered them and their relationship. I think finally Days realised their huge fanbase was not going anywhere so they were going to have to work this out. Which they have by deciding to finally put them together to continue to tell their forbidden lovestory.
    To my knowledge the ONLY reason Safe was re-explored briefly was because when the new writers took over Galen voiced his dissatisfaction at the way the previous writers ended Safe. Galen said he didn’t like that Sami and Rafe marriage was just over and they never saw each other again and very rarely spoke. So the new writers went back there to give Safe clarity and this we now have. I am happy Rafe is moving on. I just wish they would introduce us to Emily… NOW I reckon she was the love of his life. Characters on Days come and go… Emily needs to come I reckon. As for me I’m an Ejami fan so its all good with me at long last.

  128. From tina

    Wish days would hire Mackenzie Wesymore to play a love interest for Rafe. They had real chemistry together when they played Luis and Sheridan on Passions. They could take days to a whole new level of romance.

  129. From patty

    Leah, Rafe is a lot more relaxed around EJami than they are around him. They are suspicious of him and blame him for no reasons much like on here. Sami’s instincts are to trust him and tell him about Nick because she knows he is trustworthy but EJ with his insecurities won’t let her. He is obviously jealous of Rafe and threatened by him. Rafe is moving on just fine and looks happier than he’s ever been. He has his doubts about Nick but has no way of knowing what he’s up to unless someone tells him, cop or not. He has been over all his files and has looked into his past and knows what he did but like everyone else except the ones Nick played his hand to, he doesn’t know what’s going on. Sami trying to pretend she knew all along is bull, she was pimping him right up to the wedding, after that she just accused anybody and everybody.

  130. From Barb

    The burning question that’s been keeping me awake nights is why the writers have put Rafe with a tainted person like Kate, while they have moved Sami on with pure-as-the-driven-snow EJ?! How could that happen?! lol! I’m kidding of course!
    Just interesting how some are trashing the Rafe/Kate pairing but yet are fine with Sami/EJ. I think Lauren is doing a great job with the softer side of Kate, as James is with a softer EJ. As for age difference, and Kate about to be a great-grandma, Linda on the other page asks a good question, – if Rafe was the older would age matter?

    Leah #120 and Steffie #124 agree with both of you about Rafe yesterday. First off, he looked hot, (and I agree with Lacey #125 Rafe’s the best looking man on the show, and EJ’s hair has been looking a bit greasy lately). Secondly, Rafe was not the least bit moved by finding Ejami. Rafe was cool and he and EJ had a good exchange. I think Rafe was cool with Sami and Lucas, too, when he didn’t arrest them. Why cause a big uproar when an arrest wouldn’t have gone anywhere?! So he laid back and let them go. I think it’s true what someone posted, that if he had arrested them, there would have been some who found fault with that and said he was just sticking it to Sami. I think it’s a good sign that Rafe didn’t go that route.
    I do wish Sami could tell Rafe what Nick is doing to Will. She was right yesterday when she said Rafe has a right to know and what kind of guy his sister is marrying. Rafe has serious reservations about Nick, hence his conversation with Hope, but he would have no way of even imagining what Nick is really up to. No one would, unless they were in that room that day Nick laid it all out.
    Nick’s little speech to Rafe before the ceremony was sickening!!

    John sure has Kristen wondering what he’s up to. He’s playing it right and I guess Marlena has figured it out. But apparently it all goes south because spoilers tell us Brady “fires” John and Marlena.
    Speaking of good looking guys, Vargas is sure put together!! Must be what Nicole notices!! Maybe she’ll decide Eric’s outreach program isn’t so bad after all!! But I hope there won’t be a romantic connection between her and Vargas.
    They are still giving us signs of Caroline’s Alzheimers, when she called Nicole “Chloe”. Y & R is going that route, too, with Katherine Chanceler. And Nikki Newman has just been diagnosed with MS. Good to bring these issues to light, I think, if handled well.

  131. From Barb

    patty #128 I have always thought of EJ as being insecure and he still is. He just can’t seem to get Rafe out of his head. Maybe with Stefano as EJ’s father and EJ always feeling unable to measure up. Sami has showed a couple of times, now, that she has no quams about telling Rafe what’s going on. She actually seems to have a more settled feeling about Rafe right now than EJ does.

  132. From gilw6

    I hate that Brady is portrayed as a complete idiot. I was hoping that him and John would secretly ban together to get Kristen, while Kristen thinks she has a handle on it – then it would be great to see her have a nervous breakdown. The Jen/Daniel/Chloe storyline is old – why keep repeating the same boring stuff – ugh! Rafe and Kate together is a joke – that almost made me stop watching. I like the Sami/EJ thing going on – those two together are great.

  133. From barb

    Mouse Fan #112, I feel for you about having your dog put down. It’s such a difficult decision for any of us pet owners to have to make, and then the grief after losing a pet, no matter how it comes about, is heart wrenching. And it is for a long time after. As with any grief.
    So here’s to you with the drink of your choice!! For myself, I’m into ice cold Heineken! I chill the mug in the freezer first until it gets frosty. The best!

  134. From Kat

    Nick’s Wedding ring on his finger,,,
    and then Vargas puts a Ring, looking like a wedding ring on his finger…
    What does/could that mean…

  135. From mike

    it would be pretty cool if varges was nicks real biological father.

  136. From trina

    #27–I just had the same thought about Jen & Frankie last week. I can’t stand Daniel, he deserves Chloe (or Ann)
    I like Rafe & Kate together for now. Maybe new woman later after he finally gets Sami out of his system. Sami & E J should stay together.

  137. From Debbie

    Although I’ve always liked Bo, Hope and Rafe well enough, none of them were ever favorites of mine, and all of them have bent or broken the rules many times in their detective occupations. Wasn’t it just last year that Bo and Hope broke into that computer in some doctor’s office? Yes, I know it was just sitting out there on the desk but they still broke into it. And I think Bo should’ve served some hefty time in the slammer when he deliberately crashed his motorcycle through the church window to rescue Hope from marrying Larry Welch. So many people, both the characters in the story and the fans, saw it as being sooo romantic but I just saw red at the time. It was one of my first exposures to the character of Bo and I wasn’t too impressed. Even for a fictional story, Bo could’ve killed many innocent people in the church, including his great love Hope, and his own loved ones. Not to mention destruction of church property. I don’t remember what, if any, punishment Bo received for this, but I remember not finding his actions as being romantic as much as others seemed to.

    Rogue cops are the norm in Salem and need to be in order to play against the real villains of the show. The DiMeras and the Salem popo have legitimate cases against each other that can be brought up legally but they don’t because we’d have no show otherwise. The villains and rogue cops are both very grey and it’s the way they play against each other that creates the tensions we always see. It makes for great storytelling in the fictional town of Salem and the soap world in general, so I don’t mind Rafe or the others being not quite good all the time.

  138. From Leah

    You maybe right Patty but to be honest I don’t really care. I am just glad that the Days powers to be are giving Rafe some Sami/EJ and Ejami breathing space. I’ve always said give Rafe his own storyline etc etc. Where he is front and centre and the major player. I’ve always said I reckon I could warm to his character if they did this. I’ve always believed there is more to the boy than being the third spoke in an Ejami wheel. Fingers crossed, hopefully we are going to see that. My ultimate wishlist for Rafe would be the re-introduction of Emily into his life. I REALLY think she was the love of his life. I would love to hear that story and see some of his past opened up. Not that I’m searching for anything dark but just simply looking for his charcter to be opened up more. Thus giving us more insight into him. What makes him tick and why. It would also give Days more to play with with him in the way of potential storylines. Go for it Days… give us more with Rafe :)

  139. From Leah

    #127 Tina totally agree with you. I wasn’t much of a Passions fan but I do remember the chemistry between Luis and Sheridan.

  140. From bobby

    Love Hope giving Jen advice on getting her man when apparently she’s not even looking for hers. Glad to hear the Chloe and Kristen stories are going to be wrapping up soon. Still don’t understand why Sami doesn’t turn to her own father to help out with Nick vs. Will. I think he could help “off the record” one more time. And I think he should get back together with Kate. One big happy family.

  141. From Barb

    Drink yer beer green and enjoy!

  142. From Clear

    Thanks for the greetings of the holiday on here. My ancestors fought with William of Orange, but I never get pinched.

    I got the feeling Hope knows or thinks she knows where Bo is, but I am one of the ones who would like to see his character back. I would prefer the same actor, but oh well!

  143. From MAB

    Tee – I agree, one minute its EJ is evil, and the next minute he’s Mr. Rogers. I say pick one and stick w/ it. But no matter what anyone says about him, he isn’t either! Just more misconception from those who have never understood the EJ character, and never will. He is the same man he’s always been, just improved! The only ‘difference’ in then and now is that he’s w/ Sami for real now. He isn’t gonna change his ruthless side, even Sami doesn’t want that to change. Finally they don’t have to pretend w/ each other, and be someone they aren’t. They love each other, and always have. They belong together, and I think their happier than either one of them have ever been. It shows! Their relationship is a breath of fresh air…love, honesty, passion, respect. And no deception, demands, bullying, or controlling. All EJ wants is to be Stefano-free, and to live his own life w/ Sami & the kids.

    I cannot say how much I LOVED EJ & Sami Friday!!! And their kiss before he left for his meeting, OMG!!! How sexy was that??? I don’t know how she managed to even talk after that! Whew! Ali & James seem to really enjoy working together, romantically. I haven’t seen either one of them act that comfortable w/ anyone else…their chemistry is just off the charts! I haven’t seen this much greatness between a couple since Bo & Hope! And I love how they can talk openly, they can agree, disagree, bicker, but still be romantic and so in love, and just be themselves. SO refreshing!

    About the Sami & Lucas situation, I still say Rafe should’ve arrested them, but I guess he was feeling generous and let them go. But if it were EJ there w/ Sami instead, Rafe wouldn’t have hesitated and arrested them for sure. Apparently tho since Rafe started sleeping w/ Granny Kate, his frustrations are being released on another level, and he is actually calmed down a bit. Does this mean he’s finally moved on? I hope so, and hopefully Friday’s show was an indication of that, especially when he actually talked to EJ & Sami like human beings talk to other people. I was a little taken aback by his calm demeanor. Now maybe since he’s acting normal, EJ & Sami don’t have to be on guard around him anymore since HE is the one always blaming them for everything, and not the other way around. Anyway, I hope (dare I say) this new, calmer Rafe lasts??? We’ll see…

    Cougar – great idea about Nicole working as a social worker. She would be good w/ abused women & children after everything she’s been thru.

    I hope this rumor about Nicole’s last baby she lost being alive is false. Nicole needs a new, fresh start w/ no ties to her past, and none of her past baggage to haunt her. I’d like to eventually see her & Eric start a life together, and they have a child togehter.

    Sami is in NO way worse than Kate. Kate has done WAY more horrific than Sami. History speaks for itself. But to my recollection, that is not what Rafe said…he said Kate wasn’t as bad as Sami made her out to be. And even tho that’s a load of crap, that’s what I recall him saying.

    The only reason Sami wanted to tell Rafe is because she was desperate to help Will. I agree Rafe does need to know who is sister is marrying, but Sami knows she can’t fully trust Rafe anymore, not after how he treated Will and her up until Gabi’s release from the hospital. EJ reminded her of that, and she knows he’s right. There is no way of them knowing how Rafe would react if they told him, or whose side he’d take once he found out. My bet is he wouldn’t believe them and blame EJ & Sami for trying to start trouble. So now Nick has Gabi where he wants her. Now that they are married, he’ll start being even more controlling of her. Apparently he tells her more about his time in prison, and conveniently tells he Will has given up his rights to his daughter. And they didn’t see this coming??? I don’t buy it! Does anyone in the Hernandez family know how to trust their instincts??? Gabi & Rafe have both been suspicious of him, but they don’t question it??? Apparently Rafe didn’t look hard enough into Nick’s past or he would found something that would’ve made him stop this wedding.

    Leah – I agree, to me, you and many others, EJ & Sami are already a supercouple! Also, I agree about Rafe needing his own SL instead of playing second fiddle to EJami. Many of us having been saying this for a while now, and if I were a fan of his, I’d be praying for this to happen! I do think the reintroducing Emily would be a good SL. There is way too much we don’t know about his character, and in fact he himself just said to Hope that all he has is Gabi (he didn’t even mention his Mom). Why was he raised by nuns and not his Mom? What really happened between him & Emily? I would think by now the writers would have already started exploring his past. It’s way overdue.

    Spoilers say Nick calls Sonny the F word (rhymes w/ gag), and Sonny slugs him! Then it says Nick has to suck it up because he’s still on parole. Ok, so what is the difference in what Sonny does and what Chad did? How can Chad be held accountable for kicking Nick’s @$$, but not Sonny??? With that said, I can’t wait to see Sonny knock the snot out of Nick! That is something Will should’ve done LONG ago.

    Hmm, so now EJ’s hair is now greasy? Really, well what about Rafe’s hair? Apparently he shares the same ‘grease’ w/ EJ, as his hair is full of it too.

    There have been SO many men who have graced the screen from Days who are incredibly handsome & attractive! Bo, Steve, John, Philip, just to name a few off the top of my head. But as for the current cast of men on the show, well we EJ fans certainly know who the hottest & best looking man is, EJ, the man who won the Adonis award now too many times to count! Then for me, I would say second goes to Brady & Eric…both of them are so handsome that I’d have to rank them equal. Then there’s Daniel, attractive, Chad, cute, and Lucas, also cute. I still think John is still nice looking as well. Cameron’s ok, Sonny & Will, cute young boys, and even ol’ Stefano & Victor are still attractive for their age. But I guess that’s about it. Hmm, did I leave anyone out? Naw, no one else worth mentioning.

    I think for the first time in a long time Corday and the writers are on the right track. If they read this stuff, I say kudos to them and keep up the good work. I’m enjoying the show immensely! Best thing they ever did was produce EJami finally!

  144. From pattypat

    Kat, I am glad I was not the only one who noticed they zoomed in on Vargus putting a wedding ring on his right hand. Interesting. I can’t remember way back when Nick was in prison, but do you think that Nick was being raped and or to be raped and Vargas took hom in for protection. Just a thought.

  145. From Kat

    143 pattypat,
    I wrote about that “Wedding ring” already last Friday, but two of my posts did not show up…
    Something is going on there… with Nick and Vargas.
    Maybe Our Nick is Already “Married” to Mr. Vargas… couldn’t that get interesting..
    Maybe that is why our Nick is so Phobic…. I have the same feeling as you, Nick most likely was raped in prison… and that, and etc. ect.. will be Nick’s way out of the “Bad Persona” and Redemption will come his way… Of course I am just guessing, not even sure if I want that… but we”ll see..

  146. From Jeff

    Lets hope Nick —

    We removed almost your entire post due to gay bashing, which is not allowed on this website. ADMIN

  147. From voiceofreason

    #137, Debbie, stop trying to make sense. lol Anyone trying to argue that Bo is some kind of by-the-book cop, in order to justify their argument of Rafe being a bad cop, either haven’t been watching the show for the last 30 years or they simply don’t like Rafe. They have no argument. Bo has bent rules, in the name of family, numerous times. He withheld information, again in the name of those he loves, numerous times. He’s no different than Rafe.

    They’re both flawed characters with, for the most part, noble intentions. To say otherwise either shows a lack of understanding about what the writers are trying to portray, or a close-minded dislike of the character.

    Maybe Nick and Vargas got married in prison and that’s why Nick never wants to talk about it, and why he is so against Will’s sexuality. Classic case of projection. :)

    Why are Daniel and Brady so clueless? A trained monkey could see that they’re getting played. Here’s an idea Daniel: If you don’t want Chloe or her mom in your room, kick them out! As much as I dislike Jennifer at times, she’s absolutely right about his inability to put two braincells together when it comes to what’s going on around him.

    I’m not sure what John is planning. He’s painted into a corner. If he seduces Kristen, that would most likely screw up his relationship with Brady. His best bet is just to keep ignoring her and feigning acceptance of the relationship. That would force her hand of either going through with whatever she’s doing or ending it. Either way, the outcome would be better for father and son than John persuing anything with Kristen. I don’t know exactly where they’re going with that storyline which I guess is a good thing.

  148. From voiceofreason

    Oh, and let me add Eric to the ever-expanding list of braniac guys in Salem. I know you’re a priest and all, but dude, how clueless do you have to be to not see that Nicole has the hots for you? I’m beginning to appreciate EJ and Sonny more and more as they at least have something going on between the ears most of the time. I don’t know what the writers are doing with the rest of the guys in Salem. It’s no thinktank, that’s for sure.

  149. From jolie

    #144 voiceofreason, well there you go again, being the voice of reason. And hilarious to boot. But we seem to have Rafe to blame for it all so let’s get crackin’. And I thought too that Nick and Vargas have some kind of pact or understanding or just plain old common law prison issue arranged marriage when Vargas slipped on the ring. Spooky! And Daniel and Brady don’t have enough sense to pool their resources and rub the result together. And Brady jumps to conclusions like it is an Olympic sport. He thinks Dad is not over Kristen..well, OK, some of us all probably think that as well but we aren’t sleeping with Kristen. And we won’t because we have better taste. The problem with the storyline as you described it is that the writers might not have much more insight into where the story is going and is NOT a good thing. Anyway, blame it on Rafe.

  150. From jolie

    #137 Debbie, you certainly wrote the truth but that won’t wash here. We are blaming Rafe since Bo is a saint and has moved out of town. But I am with you…crashing a motorcycle into the Church. Not too romantic in my book and what did the Big Guy think about His window being broken? And yes Bo and Hope did steal info from someone’s computer when they were investigating Alice’s bank transfers. But we never learned the end of that sordid little tale. Maybe Bo will someday ride back in on his patched up bike and spill those beans. Til then Rafe will have to shoulder the blame. Too bad dear Roman doesn’t get much air time as we could also blame him.

  151. From patsy

    D o we have to have Brady@ Kristen on every day ? How about MORE EJami and a LOT less of B@K A .little of them goes a long way. I,m sure I am not the only one who feels this way OTHER THAN that DAYS is great

  152. From Ron Treat

    The show would be better with Honey boo boo than John Black. What a stupid, worthless character. Somebody please kill John Black and give us a break from his stupidity.

  153. From MAB

    To be able to actually see the difference in Bo and Rafe shows true understanding of the characters w/ an open mind. And there is no argument to be justified because fact is, Rafe can never measure up to Bo in anyway. Their history speaks for itself, and so does the facts, no changing that no matter what kind of spin you wanna put on it. By watching this show for more than 30 years, I know exactly what kind of cop Bo was and what kind of cop Rafe is. Bo was rogue, bent the rules, but mostly did those things to try to make things better, not hurt other people in the process, and let others suffer. Bo’s intentions right or wrong were noble for the most part. Rafe, well he doesn’t know the meaning of that word. And Bo NEVER stooped to the level of breaking the law that Rafe has…keeping kids from their father, covering up an attempted murder, hiding crimes that got people kidnapped and hurt, among other things. There’s your ‘difference’.

  154. From jolie

    #140 Bobby, so far all Hope has done for Jennifer is push her into bad decisions. Hard to imagine thinking Hope’s advice was worth following but then it was all Jennifer had since Alice’s picture was not giving any up. And Sami doesn’t go near Roman for help as he will tell her to stick to the facts and stay out of it. She rather become beholding to the local Don who has snuffed a plenty and held the rest in his dungeon. Makes much better sense, yes?? And yes, I would love to see Roman back with Katie.. they were good together. Rafe has her all happy happy happy now so it is a good time for Roman to move right in!
    Mouse Fan, I have had to put down an older dog and it was terrible. A much loved friend. My heart goes out to you.

    #117 Grandma to many, we are missing you so good to see you hear. Your line to Rafe sounded a bit like Dr Seuss’ line to the Grinch! I love it.
    #119 Patty, we had great weather for porch sitting on Saturday…we had to hose the kids off outside as they were filthy. When it got a little cool after the last rays of sun, we moved to the yard and a fire barrel. The dog is 97 lbs of love and sits on my lap til my legs are numb. He wants to keep the kids out of my lap I think. Well, it makes someone else do the beer-wench service and hand them out. And Rafe has been good for Kate. She is looking at things in a new light. I don’t think they’ll ever have a romantic relationship but if they remain friends, it can only be a good thing.
    #120 Gerri, I have often wondered about Johnny and the DNA snafu and we recently saw and are still feeling the outcome of such a debacle. Stefano wanted to destroy the Brady’s and to take a child from them and raise it as a Dimera…it would certainly fit his MO. I don’t like it when they mess with the kids in a hurtful way but this is a soap and they’ll do it anyway. Time will tell. And yes Lurch was the big and gruesome butler on Addams family. He was too funny…never really said a word, just grimaced and growled. And your family reunion sounds like fun…the good old days for sure.
    #130 Barb, John has us all wondering what he is about. He sometimes acts as dense as Brady so not putting too much hope into his plan yet. His squinting is very excellent though and no one can touch him on that.

  155. From MAB

    And might I add, at least Bo had the decency to leave the force since he wanted to do things his way, outside the law, instead of blatantly just breaking the law to serve his own purposes, and hiding behind a shield to do it. Well, maybe Rafe should do the same, leave the force, and better yet, leave town! Then there would be room for Bo to come back. I’d much rather see Bo ‘bending the rules’ and being noble about it, than what kind of crackhead detective work we get from Rafe.

  156. From jolie

    #145 Voiceofreason, Eric is more clueless than Brady or Daniel at times. He is so in earnest about wanting to talk to Nicole about what is bothering her then jumps up and runs out the door and just frustrates Nicole and me so much. But you hit the nail square on the head. These guys all heard rain and ran for cover when brains were being passed around. Sonny does use his noodle and seems to have a little brainwave activity. If Elvis had not gone toward the light that was bouncing off the top of Sami’s noggin, I might agree with you on his smarts but he is just smashing himself against the porch light cover like Rafe was doing previously and Lucas before that. Hopeless.

  157. From Kat

    Question… Did Bo and his Son Shawn, both, drive the motorcycle through the Church window…
    I do NOT remember Bo doing it, but Shawn did it, I believe when Belle married Philip…????????

    Don’t ever remember Bo covering up attempted Murders….and Kidnappings… Like Rafe did….
    Bo turned in his own Wife…and always when it really counted, Bo was an honest cop, Rule bender, yes, going out on limb, yes… but in the end, honest, and then HE TOOK HIS PUNISHMENTS….
    And that is, Why I liked Bo….

    Bo, by any means was not a Saint…or an by the book cop,
    but He had Charm and Charisma, something .. something, IMO, Rafe is sorely missing.
    Rafe is very handsome, but he is so Flat… he slurps around, always has that shifty smirk on his face, ok, maybe he was born that way, but it does Not help. He has no ranges of emotions…I just can’t get into him.. so blame it on me…

    Jenn and Dan, oh please, save me….I’ve had it… boring….
    at least Chloe and Nancy are giving us some comic relieve…

    Why did Marlena and John and etc. have to get involved in Brady’s life in the first place…
    Brady is a grown man, leave His LoveLife alone,
    Mind your own business, and let the Loving Fool find out for himself…sooner or later…
    but again, it’s a soap, and we need all the busybody drama and interference from Everybody.

    To ever compare Rafe and his character to Our Bo Brady… the character he played for so many years… is so way out, I would never, ever go there, because there was and still is always just One Bo Brady… IMO….
    I guess one could say, Rafe is a “Knock off” Bo, But Never the Real thing…. So, please, this is just My Opinion, Thanks….

  158. From bobby

    Confusion is setting in with John/Kristen deal. Can’t decide what Brady is doing. One minute he looks like he’s in on his Dad’s secret plan to set Kristen up, the next-he’s acting all clueless again. So, Cameron is in debt to some loan shark. Great Abbie. You just keep picking them. Wonder if the Vargas is going to collect when he gets out. If Vargas ended up doing more time than he should have, thanks to Nick-sounds more like he ratted on him. And, oh look! Here comes round 17 of Jen and Dr. Dan. They spat worse that teenagers.

  159. From Debbie

    I thought today’s show was a snoozefest except for Marlena getting John to open up to her. Good for her and I love that blue jacket on her too. Good color for her.

    But the icing on the cake was hearing Parker actually speaking lines with Daniel today! I just wish we get to hear Allie talk more other than the random words she gets to say. Still, her best vocal performance was when she let out that blood-curdling scream at the apartment when EJ was sitting on the couch some years ago. That little gal sure’s got a set of lungs on her.

  160. From Barb

    voiceofreason #147 your post is so insightful and good. To me, after watching the show for plus 30 years, Rafe came along and all I could think of was how much like Bo he was/is. Same kind of knock-out handsome rougue cop – doing the questionables for the good of somebody else. Being noble and for the greater good, as they say.

    I didn’t find much in today’s show. Looks like we’re beginning the s/l on Cameron. Again, how much did Brady hear of what was being said, this time between John and Marlena? Maybe he heard it all, since he’s supposed to “fire” both of them. Chloe and Nancy were boring, although Nancy does seem to see that Chloe is fighting an uphill battle to win Dan, and without any success. And there we have Kristen giving Jen advice once again. As for Dan, I couldn’t stand it if my Mother was all in on my business like Maggie is. I know she loves both Jen and Dan but COME ON!!
    But at the end of all of it, we have Rafe to blame!! lol

  161. From Barb

    P.S. Eileen Davidson looked lovely on Y & R today. Much MUCH better than she’s been looking on Days lately. So it must be this is the way they want her to look on Days.

  162. From Kat

    143 MAB,,, what a great analysis, wrote, you make my day…. I so agree with you. Wow,.. you are a very smart Lady, and you see things so clearly, and impartial… Wow,am I allowed to say this on here, guess we’ll find out…
    153 MAB ,, I also agree, with your opinions.

    My opinion, if Bo/Peter wanted to come back, but it hinges on money,,,, I rather have Bo than Rafe,
    but then again…… I rather have both,because I never want anybody to loose their Jobs, because of “ME. Just a Fan”…that should Never ever happen. I want all actors to keep their jobs, like their characters, or not….
    Those characters, for The Most Part… are only as good as the Writers material given to them… but of course, we have to be honest,sometimes, the best material given, does not mean it helps some bad actors…Just talking in generality now of course.
    Chloe, if you only could have played it sweet, innocent and cool, understanding and helpful with Parker,,, Wonderful Mommy… etc.
    Dr. Dan, the Man that loved you so much, and learned what was done to You and Him by mean people out there, like Vivian and Kate…
    and All The DNA Forgers… LOL,
    might just have realized, that maybe, just maybe, he might really want to make a life with you and Parker…

    Same Decision Jennifer made for herself, Jack and her Children (even one has been missing in action since he went to London, Age 1…
    I just can Not see Jennifer as Parker’s “StepMom”,, lordy .. she has never been a Mom to JJ…LOL

  163. From voiceofreason

    “Rafe is very handsome, but he is so Flat… he slurps around, always has that shifty smirk on his face, ok, maybe he was born that way, but it does Not help. He has no ranges of emotions…I just can’t get into him.. so blame it on me…”

    How does this have anything to do with what kind of cop he is? If anything, it shows that you have a personal bias against Rafe already. That’s your right and it’s your opinion. I have no problem with that. In fact, I would rather people say that than try to justify their dislike of a character by spinning stuff about other characters in ways to try and make that character look worse. I’m pretty sure, based on what I know about good guys and bad guys, that Rafe is written to be a “good guy” just like Bo.

    Also, another post (just to show that it’s not personal, I won’t mention the number or name) shows it perfectly. Does anyone actually believe that Rafe wants to hurt people and make them suffer? The wording though is that Bo “mostly” tried to make things better and that he was in fact, a rogue cop. Sorry, but a rogue cop is a rogue cop. If the storyline has one rogue activity being breaking into a computer or riding a motorcyle through a church window, potentially killing people, and another has someone hiding evidence or HELPING Nicole hide the parentage of a baby because he cares deeply about that baby and it’s mom, that’s just how the story is written. Rafe and Bo are both written as “good guys” and no amount of “spin” is going to make Bo look like a better person or make Rafe look like a bad guy in comparison to a Dimera. It might help the case if every other paragraph in certain posts didn’t end up being a Rafe vs. EJ contest. Just a thought.

  164. From Mouse Fan

    I haven’t been privy to watching DOOL for 30 years, but didn’t Bo cheat on Hope with a couple of different people (Billie/Carly)?
    Or were they on a break? I’m trying to keep an open mind, but over the years, Bo just hasn’t seemed to be a Saint to me! IMO!
    Maybe I’m confusing some of Bo’s actions with those of that horrible, horrible Rafe character?! (The key word there is ‘character’!)
    But there is no comparison! Rafe, you’re still not listening!! No redemption for you!! 

    As for Kate… I think she’s lucky she has Rafe to fall back on… if you know what I mean!
    She’s single, beautiful, and shameless! You go girl!! The extra ‘exercise’ has put quite a glow on both of your faces!

    VOR: I agree! No matter how you look at it, Rafe and EJ are a lot alike! At least when I weigh the facts!

    Hopefully John won’t take the Kristen train to Divorce-ville!
    Sleeping with Kristen to expose her little plan would be the end of his relationship with Brady, and his marriage to Marlena! No matter what his reasons are!

    Thank you for your kind words, Barb and Jolie! I’m helping my grief by adopting a rescue puppy, 8 weeks old! His name is Emmett and I pick him up this evening! I’m sooooo excited! I need the love!! LOL!! :)

  165. From Mouse Fan

    Oh, did I say Rafe and EJ?! OOPS, I meant Rafe and Bo!! Hmmmm… works either way!! :)

  166. From SandyGram

    Very busy working on my Ancestors and Family Tree but I did have chance to watch the show today during lunch. My only comments about today’s show is all around Brady and John. The writers are sure making them into clueless ‘dunnder heads’, or what I’m hoping for are smart insightfull wizards, planning and working their magic to bring down madam Kristacia. But like I mentioned before “if it does pan out Brady does have brain in the gorgeous head”, he is also getting more than his share of gratuities hitting the sack with Kristacia as often as he does. After todays performance I would say the writers have put then both in the mold of the ‘apple not falling far from the tree’ when it comes to having insight into a woman’s plan….OR Not!

    Now back to the Ancestors, they seem to be calling my name…I just wish more of their kids and grandkids would answer their phones or call back like they said they would. This takes a great deal of patience.

  167. From Bevie

    Why doesn’t Will call Nicks bluff? He apparently loves hope too and it would hurt her just as much if he exposed Will. He would also go to jail because he is on parole and blackmail is a felony and he would also lose Gabby because she would be furious if she knew what he did! And don’t he think that while everything was going down, Gabby’s secret could come out? And long would Chad be in jail if he told what Gabby had done. Probably none since Stefano is back and he would never let Chad be in jail for too long.

  168. From Kat

    I do not have a personal bias against Rafe, LOL he is a fictional character…
    to me He is bland, period…
    and I do not think he is a great and honest Cop.. period…
    and VOR, thank you for not having a problem with my opinions..

    Give the guy some real SL’s .. something to sink his teeth in,,, maybe to show that he can be a more diverse character..
    All I have ever said, please give the Guy.. Rafe.. some better SL’s…
    that is much better than some of the EJ/Ejami dislikers, knocking them.. I have always asked for better for Rafe….
    So again. … once and for all, I am not against Rafe, just please give the Guy more to work with…. to show us, thaat he can do it. I am willing to wait…
    but just hopping into the Sack with Salem’s absolute worst Witch, Kate the Snake.. is Not going to do it for Me.

    Let’s remember, Not only Rafe is A Character,,,,
    so are EJ, Sami, Stefano, Kristin, etc…lol
    I still have the same opinion… Rafe will never be a Bo…
    never the real thing, only a “knock off” of the Original Bo…

    Also, what is so great, by talking about another poster, but saying, “I am not going to mention a Name..”and then talk about it…….
    I rather have an honest, with names involved discussion here any day, than implying things and talking about another poster…
    Be a big and honest person, mention a name, be brave and out on the open… IMO… but prob. honesty, will be removed again.. I give up.

    Again, you may have missed reading Voice of reason’s post. There is no reason for you to give a rebuttal to her (and provide two opposing thoughts) since she said: “How does this have anything to do with what kind of cop he is? If anything, it shows that you have a personal bias against Rafe already. That’s your right and it’s your opinion. I have no problem with that. In fact, I would rather people say that than try to justify their dislike of a character by spinning stuff about other characters in ways to try and make that character look worse. I’m pretty sure, based on what I know about good guys and bad guys, that Rafe is written to be a “good guy” just like Bo”.

    Please take care to read each post thoroughly before you post as your post above could cause an argument. In that post she clearly stated she had no problem with your opinion. ADMIN

  169. From Kat

    162 Voice of Reason….
    you say I have a personal bias against Rafe…..”the Character” I presume…
    of course, it’s personal… it’s .. my personal opinion about the character, and it also has a lot to do with the kind of cop he is, and has been…
    I think I have talked about that enough in the past.
    Anything I say on here in my posts… Is my personal opinion… what else is new….
    May I ask, who’s opinions are you given… are they yours, or somebody who’s,, confused…

    I always thought that if anybody on here gives their opinions,
    they were their personal opinions about the characters and the SL’s…

    Still an open question of mine…
    Did Bo and his Son Shawn both, crash a motorcycle through St. Luke’s, the church’s window….

    You may have missed reading Voice of reason’s post. There is no reason for you to give a rebuttal to her since she said: “How does this have anything to do with what kind of cop he is? If anything, it shows that you have a personal bias against Rafe already. That’s your right and it’s your opinion. I have no problem with that. In fact, I would rather people say that than try to justify their dislike of a character by spinning stuff about other characters in ways to try and make that character look worse. I’m pretty sure, based on what I know about good guys and bad guys, that Rafe is written to be a “good guy” just like Bo”.

    Please take care to read each post thoroughly before you post as your post above could cause an argument. In that post she clearly stated she had no problem with your opinion. ADMIN

  170. From Clear

    Ron, I was thinking about John character, and he is so wimpy and gets beaten at every turn! He didn’t used to be like that! I really hate that Brady hears him and Marlena! More eavesdropping from the writers again–so lame, and how could he hear that well through the door? Whatever John was planning is a bust again! I want my SuperJohn back with or without Marlena!

    Hairstylists on Days lose the bump its and the buns. Kristen’s bump it wasn’t so bad and only made her look like Cleopatra on the barge. Abby’s bun was almost as bad on her as it was on Sami! Worse has been done to Sami, Nicole, and Jennifer in the hair department. I didn’t like Gabi’s wedding hair either. That one
    day when Nicole’s hair was loose and fluffy was great!

    Daniel, Eric, and Brady are so clueless they need to be tested for some ET brain eating parasite! If the writers gave them brains, the show would be better and more interesting.

  171. From michele

    Crimes Committed
    Helped Roman escape from jail
    Was the River Front Raider
    Entrapment (J.L. King)
    Withholding the truth about Chelsea being the one who accidentally caused Zack’s death
    Conspired to smuggle money to Shawn and Belle (who had kidnapped Claire)
    Concealed evidence that incriminated Phillip in Paul Hollingworth’s disappearance (August 2008)
    Helped Hope escape from Statesville Prison (December 2010)
    Held Imposter Rafe captive in an adandoned building (May – June 2011)
    Concealed evidence that incriminated Brady in E.J. DiMera’s assault and conspired with others to do the same (June 2011-August 2011)

    Custodial interference- Forged Grace’s birth certificates and adoption records so that no one would know that Sami gave birth to Grace (January 2009)
    Assaulted Dr. Baker’s lawyer at gun point (July 2009)
    Stole Nicole’s cell phone (August 2009)
    Blackmailed Caliope into wearing a wire to try to get a confession out of Anna (May 2010)
    Obstruction of Justice; provided false information to police pertaining to E.J.’s shooting and Arianna’s hit-and-run (October 2010)
    Tried to install a virus onto Nicole’s computer (November 2010)
    Kidnapping; Held Arnold Finegan (Imposter Rafe) captive in an adandoned building (May – June 2011)
    Assualt; punched Austin in the face and accused him of getting Rafe fired (October 2011)
    Cheated on Sami with Carrie (kissed) (2012)
    Custodial interference- Claimed that he was the father of Nicole’s baby (E.J. was the real father) and conspired with Nicole and Daniel to hide the paternity of Nicole’s baby (February 2012 – October 2012)

    Crimes and Misdeeds
    Bigamy (married Victor while still wed to Curtis)
    Conspiracy to commit murder
    Covered up Lucas’ role in Franco’s death
    Drugged Sami and tried to kill her
    Along with Vincent Moroni, hired hit men to kill Victor, which resulted in the death of Brandon Walker’s wife Angela, Moroni’s daughter (and led to Moroni’s suicide)
    Tried to kill Victor with a poker
    Almost killed her son Lucas when she set the mansion on fire
    Forged a codicil in Victor’s will to give her everything
    Attempted to blackmail Victor into giving her money
    Drugged Brandon and Sami to destroy Lucas and Sami’s wedding
    Attempted to change hospital records to make it look like Philip was Claire’s father
    Bribed Nick into changing the paternity tests to make it look like E.J. was the father of Sami’s twins
    Destroyed tape recording evidence that incriminated Philip in Paul Hollingsworth’s disappearance (July 2008)
    Attempted to kill Chloe (by poisonin her) and frame Daniel for the crime (August 2009)
    Held Daniel hostage at the Valentine Motel (September 2009)
    Broke into Maddeline Wood’s safe deposit box. (June 2010)
    Hired Quinn Hudson to blackmail Chloe into prostitution (May 2011- not shown on screen)
    Corporate Espionage- hired Sami from Mad World and ordered her to share secrets from her old job(January 2012)
    Adultry- Slept with Ian while married to Stefano (April 2012)

    Crimes and Misdeeds Committed
    Brainwashed and tortured Steve Johnson (shown in flashbacks)
    Believed to be behind the “Black Glove” crimes, including switching Belle and Mimi’s eggs, but the storyline was dropped [Nov 2006]
    Shot and attempted to kill John Black [Dec 2006]
    Forced Sami Brady to submit to his sexual advances to save Lucas Roberts’ life [Dec 2006]
    Bribed a immigration official to pretend that his visa was still in question so that Sami wouldn’t file for a divorce [Aug 2008]
    Helped bribe Judge Fitzpatrick to be on John’s side in his drug case and Ava’s murder case [Aug 2008]
    Accessory to illegal diamond trafficking [December 2008]
    Ordered Brady Black’s beating [Apr 2009]
    Accessory to Philip Kiriakis’ attempted murder; Philip was shot [Apr 2009]
    Accessory to Philip Kiriakis’ attempted murder; Philip was drugged [May 2009]
    Paid Owen to kidnap Stephanie Johnson [May 2009]
    Custodial interference; staged Sydney’s kidnapping and faked her death [Dec 2009 to Mar 2010)
    Breaking and entering; broke into Rafe and Sami's apartment to search for Arianna's proof [Nov 2010]
    Used the tape of her confession to blackmail Sami into giving him full custody of their children [Dec 2010]
    Consipired with Stefano to kidnapp Rafe, erase his memories, and replace him with a look-alike imposter [Jan 2011]
    Accessory to rape; the Rafe imposter slept with Sami [Jan to May 2011]
    Accessory to murder; the Rafe imposter killed Fay Walker [April 2011]
    Committed adultery with Taylor [June 2011]
    Framed John Black for embezzlement- cloned John’s cell phone, made wire transfers on John’s behalf, paid someone to manipulate the data, paid off everyone at John’s Swiss hospital [Summer 2011- not shown on screen]
    Got the mayoral debate questions ahead of time [February 2012]
    Blackmailed Will Horton into working for him [May 2012]
    Removed his ankle monitor and fled Salem while he was out on bail [July 2012]

    Crimes Committed
    Various lies and misdeeds
    Kidnapped her baby sister, Belle
    Changed paternity test results on Belle
    Drugged and raped Austin
    Blackmailed Kate
    Stole Austin’s car (twice)
    Shot Alan Harris and castrated him to avenge her rape
    Lied about paternity of Will
    Lied about Lucas abusing Will
    Charged, convicted, sentenced for murder of fiancé Franco Kelly (lethal injection)
    Pulled a gun on Kate and Lucas to get them to tell the truth about killing Franco
    Fleeing the police with ex-husband Austin
    Blackmailed Victor into transferring Austin to Hawaii
    Seduced a mailman in order to steal the package with the tape (mail fraud)
    Broke into Victor’s desk to get the tape of her confession
    Tampered with the results of Lexie’s paternity test for Theo
    Blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that any children she had with Austin would have genetic defects
    Helped sneak fugitive E.J. passed a police road block and out of Salem (December 2006)
    Custodial interference; lied about Grace being adopted using forged birth certificates and adoption papers (February 2009)
    Shot E.J. in the head (September 2010)
    Assault; threw Arianna her into a table (October 2010)
    Obstruction of Justice; provided false information to police pertaining to E.J.’s shooting and Arianna’s hit-and-run (October 2010)
    Breaking and entering; broke into Arianna’s appartment to search for a video camera (October 2010)
    Assault; pushed Nicole into the side of the counter, knocking her unconscious on the floor(November 2010)
    Held Imposter Rafe captive in an abandoned building (May – June 2011)
    Committed adultry- slept with E.J. while married to Rafe (December 2011)
    Corporate Espionage- took a job with Countess W to sabatoge their ad campaigns and feed information back to Mad World (January 2012)
    Helped E.J. jump bail and flee Salem (August 2012)

    Hope this helps your debates

  172. From Teecat

    I’M SO SICK OF THE EAVESDROPPING. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP IT ALREADY. Speaking of eavesdropping, why does everyone else find out the truth about whats going on around them except for Brady? Couldn’t he see that Kristen could see him through the mirror! And now, he eaves dropped on John and Marlena. And whats her name eavesdropped on Cameron. Stop, Please.

  173. From Linda

    #168, Bo and Rafe look like a couple of choir boys compared to all the rest!!

    But a few posters seem so biased against Rafe and bias cannot be reasoned with.

    I am one who Rafe has always reminded me of Bo. Guess that’s why I wouldn’t really want a Rafe/Hope romantic pairing. I think they would be good together but what I really want is for Hope to have a complete change in her life.

  174. From jolie

    #158 bobby, seems like Brady and John might be back on the outs since these people can’t begin to push a door shut anywhere in town and all have taken eavesdropping to an art. And if Brady can be outside a hotel suite and hear thru a partially opened door what John and Marlena were saying about John not trusting Kristen, why couldn’t Bionic Ears Brady hear Kristen telling Fatha her plans while standing outside an open double door in the foyer about 3 feet away?? Doesn’t quite ring true. So we are still waiting for other shoe to drop or the inevitable door to be left open for more eavesdropping. Maybe some name dropping as well. And wonder what Cameron is in for?? Drugs, gambling, education loans??
    #159 Debbie, I was surprised when Parker was actually having a sort of back and forth conversation with Daniel. He made the most sense of anyone Daniel has talked to in the past 3 months and that includes Daniel talking to himself as well. One thing I have thought about as Chloe waxes it on when telling ‘Little Man’ that she will get his daddy back and will do anything to get his daddy back, blah, blah. Surely the child is like a sponge and will eventually tell it to Daniel.. Mommy and G-Nancy said they were going to kill your preppy slut girlfriend and we’re going to all live happily ever after…or something like that. Kids tell it all.
    #160 Barb, a good way to put the comparison of Rafe and Bo. They are so much alike even though I think I like Rafe’s character a little more. I guess the last Carly go-round, even though it was Hope who pushed Bo away, did me in with Bo a bit. But it was all Rafe’s fault anyway.
    #162 VOR, well, this post shows why you are the voice of reason. Well said.
    #163 Mouse Fan, congrats on the new bundle of love. Emmett is a lucky little fellow to come into your life. You’ll both fill the bill. Neither Bo nor Hope have been saints and true to their marriage vows over the years…sometimes it was a Dimera plot, sometimes a stupid storyline, sometimes both, sometimes it was without a doubt..Rafe’s fault. Kate is indeed glowing and growing her persona since her association with Rafe. It is good for her character and it has expanded her horizons. Well most of it has been horizontal anyway. John is acting like a jackaxx. Not sure what his plan was but seems like Brady walking thru that requisite open door slams shut the door to John’s plan. Back to the drawing board.
    #165 Sandygram, always a pleasure when you drop by. Keep up the good work with the ancestors. It will be interesting for your family on where it goes. Marlena needs to go visit the Wizard of Oz and ask for a brain for John and a, well, one for Brady as well. What the heck kind of dumb butts are these guys. And that Marlena told Roman to back off..I felt that was terrible. He has always been a friend to John and Marlena. John, not sure what to say to help you but you are an idiot.
    #167 Clear, is the bun a new trend? Or are DOOL stylists trying to start a trend so just do it and sit back and laugh at who jumps on board??
    #168 Michele, that was impressive and most likely took a lot of time. I think most of those crimes can be pinned on Rafe if we really look hard enough.

  175. From Linda

    Having posted thoughts about Hope in #169, I was happy to read this in The Salem Spectator just now:

    “Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) says that Hope has an interesting new solo storyline coming up for her.”

  176. From Jenni

    Love the picture of Rafe in the St. Patty’s Day getup! Doesn’t look like he’s too impressed tho ;)
    And cute Kate is in the three leaf clover…

  177. From MAB

    The latest casting news is a daytime newcomer playing Jack & Jen’s teenage son, Jack Jr., who will go by the name JJ. The show is keeping a tight lid on the actor’s identity. However, it will be revealed soon, since JJ begins airing in April. Nadia/Chloe & Patrika/Nancy’s stint will soon be coming to an end. They are set to leave in mid-April.

  178. From Barb

    Jenni #176 thanks. I didn’t even notice Kate in the clover until you mentioned it.
    Maybe Rafe isn’t too impressed with the hat! lol I must say it makes my heart flutter to see him at the end of my rainbow the past few days!!
    Bevie #167 I like all of that!

  179. From Barb

    Mouse Fan #164 good luck to you and Emmett. How wonderful that you adopted a rescue dog! You need each other right now and that’s the beginning of your bond.

  180. From jolie

    #175 Linda, about time for Hope to get her story. And solo…wonder what that is about. Are the powers that be still pinning the future of Hope on the chance Bo will return? I think he took his chances when he left. Give her something she can sink her teeth into.
    #176 Jenni, I totally missed Kate in the shamrock. How funny. And he sort of looks like he took a page from Dr Dan’s book and hoisted a few too many. He does look good in the green.

  181. From Cougars

    Jolie #154 I seem to only remember 1 Lurch line, “You raang?” when he answered the door. But other than that I too recall the incoeherents moans and groans like Frnakenstein.

    Mouse fan I recall putting sown a beloved pet cat of 19 years, devastating. I feel your pain.

  182. From Cougar

    Jennie & Barb Galen G. looks about as happy as one of those cats dressed up in ridiculous outfits for cat lover posters and calanders that you see at Spencer gifts. Galen hang inthere kitty.

  183. From Cougar

    Good Lord Michele you REALLY are a fan of DOOL. How in the world did you ever compile such a list?

  184. From jolie

    #171 Michele, I am voting for your history here as the Best History of Soap Crimes award. You don’t have a Dimera computer at home, do you, that you might have scammed some history off of? One of those that Rolf sold on Ebay perhaps??

  185. From Jenni

    This website is also from our very own SoapOperaFan site in History and Fun Facts… it’s not completely up to date… But you can re-cap what happened between John and Kristen all those years ago…

    Enjoy! I did :D

  186. From MAB

    Kat – OOPS, my mistake, I got that all backwards, sorry! It was only Shawn D who crashed thru the glass at St Lukes, not Bo. Bo was trying to get to Hope in the church when she was set to marry Larry, but he came thru the door…and they rode off on a police motorcycle.

  187. From MAB

    Admin – I understand your need to moderate the posts, but why aren’t all posts moderated and posted in order? Why do some get held back, while others are allowed to go thru automatically? By the time you read one, another has been posted prior to the one you’re already reading.

    Most go through automatically. Some don’t ever show up and we apologize for that. They get stuck in the system. Some we don’t allow through if we feel they have guideline infractions in them. It depends on how much time we have. The comments section, as you can imagine, are a small fraction of the work that we do and often our other work takes precedence over comments. Please pass this on to others if necessary. Thank-you. Admin.

  188. From Kat

    186 MAB, no problem, I just wanted to make sure, if I did not remember correctly…
    could have been, that Father and Son both crashed through the Church window..
    Great to see, we can help each other with our Memories… LOL

    I think that Maggie needs to take a break, constantly taking it upon herself to meddle in “Grown Dr. Dan’s” Love Life.
    Did not like her outfit today,
    reminded me of a TV Evangelist…or something…
    I know people don’t like Ann, but Abby does have A Mouth .. no getting around that.
    And “SOME” of the things Ann said, I think are true, IMO, both of them have acted badly…

    No Matter what, John got caught in some Big Lies by his Son….
    Their Looks.. John and Marlena’s…. Priceless.. when Brady called them both out.

    Enjoyed EJ and Kristin’s Talk…
    must be strange for EJ, when talking to his “Sister”, it’s like looking at His Mother. Only on a soap…. you’ve got to like it….
    Dan was trying to spend time with his son, before going away, but Jennifer had to insist on talking right then and there… again her timetable, her rules, her demands.
    I am not saying that I agree with what Chloe is doing… but Jennifer, she makes it very hard these days, to like her.
    Chloe had a point, Dan and Jenn had problems long before she came back to town.
    There was this whole Nicole thing…and Dan was willing to give up his life in Salem for Nicole and EJ’s Baby….
    Seems that Jenn, never really is NO. 1 with Dr. Dan…sort of like Nicole was never No.1 with EJ…
    Maybe they should bring back Frankie for Jenn, sure she would be No.1 with him..

  189. From Maryl

    Wow! Has Stefano started cloning again?? Rafe is now a leprechaun?
    How suitable is that! Rafe is definitely leprechaun material–green hat and all! Oh, and EJ, please give Rafe some of that “Brit grease” you are using on your hair as some viewers have noted because Rafe really needs to do something with his. It’s always bushy and disheveled–appears that he got his head caught in a lawnmower. Maybe he could then look a bit better when he stands besides that tall handsome Brit, EJ DiMera!!! lol!

    I thought leprechauns were Irish, but apparently they have them in Mexico too. Lucky Charms Hernandez! lol!

  190. From Linda

    I rest my case about not being able to reason with bias!!

    I felt sorry for John and Marlena today. Especially Marlena not that John is laying all this at her feet.

  191. From patty

    I totally hear you Linda! That being said, I think Rafe’s the best looking Leprachaun I ever saw, Irish or not.

    As for John, Marlena and Brady, the person I really feel sorry for is Brady for being so dense. He’s either pulling one on all of them or he’s dummer than a box of rocks.

  192. From Linda

    I meant NOW that John is laying all this at her feet.

  193. From patty

    Oh yes Linda, John putting all the blame on Marlena and Brady accusing her of coming between him and his father, how stupid is that? If I was Marlena I would kick them both where it hurts. Time for her to fight back, I think she may be the one who will blackmail Kristen. I read that the guy Kristen hired to beat Brady rats her out to Marlena. Now wouldn’t that be sweet. :)

  194. From Cougar

    I’m betting on Marlene to blackmail Kristen. John & Brady have been comming off as too dim witted to out smart an amebia. You can fix ugly but you can’t fix stupidity.

  195. From Cougar

    Are we going down the path of gambling addiction and paying off bookys with Cameron. That was the same problem Dr. Dick had as he tried to handle paying for alimony on and lousy luck betting. I still miss Dr. Dick.

  196. From Leah

    What going on here? I agree with some of the comments in regards to… how dumb is Days writing some of these clueless blokes. Dr Dan, Brady, William, Eric etc etc. I understand soaps are gunna have characters hoodwinked but there is just too many on this show at the moment. I don’t like it, I like my men to be just that. MEN, not wimps!

  197. From JudyJudyJudy

    Chloe and Nancy are boring and add nothing. None of the current story lines have any plausibility, so it will be good when the writers figure that out and create some believable story lines to create drama and viewer interest. Back in the day, Tom and Alice anchored the program. Now there are no anchors or believable relationships. All are very trite, small, and boring.

  198. From gerri

    #197 Judy,Judy,Judy,
    you are so correct,with comments,on how Days has changed..
    I’ve watched the show,since the start,and I know changes will be part of It,but The writers over the years,has really pushed the envelope,more so now than ever.
    we really did have an all we have Is sex,crime,breakups,I don’t think It’s impossible to have” One couple”who has a strong and stable relationship.

    I also hate the Chloe/Nancy Storyline,they really add nothing to the show,I guess Jennifer’s job as well as Dr.Dan’s Is on auto
    pilot,since they are never there.

  199. From gerri

    This date Is the only page that would open a space to log in and comment.Kirstie,#32 on last page up,you hit It right on.I’ve watched from the start,and the whole show has taken such a drastic turn,I know there will always be messed up people In Salem,get that,but what the show was actually based on,has flown right out the window,no happiness,for anyone,no get togethers,no dining,wining,romance(even tho some may think Sami/EJ,has It(,I’ve only seen the sex part)most of the show is so predictable,as I said before,sex,crime(all kinds)breakups,I’m almost to the point,I just want to stop watching.I’ve lost any hope,of having “One” happy family there.Is this too much to ask for???
    hope this post,on these older dates.

    It’s way past time,to give Nicole some happiness,with someone….
    put her with Rafe,they have a special bond…..

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