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Sami does her best to push her son into accepting help from their oldest enemy in order to deal with the newest one.

Eric encourages Nicole to try and open herself up more to Vargas.

Daniel finally manages to figure out what has been going on in Jenn’s head, but is it too late for him to fix things?



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  7 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    hoping daniel and jennifer can patch things up. chloe is not gonna be on the show much longer (according to what i have read). i wonder how they will end her storyline. will parker stay on? what about nancy?
    i think stefano would only make things worse (as far as will is concerned).
    and nicole and vargas. she sure does not need to be put with him.
    hated to see poor brady propose to kristen. just wish he would nwake up and realize how she is.

  2. From Michelle

    Kat if you see this… does your email address start with an “h”? For some reason the fields for “Name” and “Email” was filled out with Kat and h*******

    This is very weird…..

    Besides that…
    My school and work schedule has gotten more hectic, so i’m no longer able to go home to watch on my lunch. I can’t believe we have to deal with Dan and Jen for 4 straight days…. usually its 2, break, and another 2… but really? No break huh? Well I’m glad their story is picking up, I wish I understood why the writers ever began this story.
    I want to look forward to Ejami tomorrow and Friday… but I don’t think the writers are too worried about them right now. They are too busy with Dannifer…..

    Nicole is so annoying. Her constant attitude is grating on my nerves. She screw’s Chloe’s ex, but has the nerve to think Chloe has somehow done her wrong. uh no…. she has turned into a self-righteous hypocrite…. I wonder where she gets that from…. I won’t say any names.

  3. From Michelle

    Yes Michelle, that is me… Kat…
    Did you see all the posts on the other side…Go there and read them all…seems a lot are involved in the Name/E-Mail switcherooooooo… Like I said… Stefano must be doing it.. LOL
    Also, as you can see, now I got your Name …..LOL

    I agree about Nicole, she all of a sudden seems to think that she is better than Chloe… Not…
    Looking forward to seeing EJami again… they make my day…

  4. From Michelle

    Ok I’ll go check, haven’t been reading lately, looks like I’ve missed out on a lot lol

  5. From Michelle

    Michelle, this is Kat…. …
    this is getting funny…

  6. From Michelle

    Lol maybe this will give everyone a break from talking in circles, it gets tiresome after a while lol.
    Well I’m glad i chose the least embarrassing email address for this site lol.

  7. From Barb

    Michelle #6 it does get a little tiresome. Someone on the other page mentioned the same stuff being repeated
    over and over.
    A few of us have been having fun, though, lately and I’ve enjoyed that. Not such serious stuff about the show but rather taking a lighter look at it.
    I haven’t experienced any of the problems going on with switched names and e-mails but I guess I’ll head it off by taking a break until I see that it’s fixed. The other page is temporarily closed down anyway.

    jolie, if you’re reading, I’m with you on how great Brady looks, aside from his actions. He was so handsome in that purple-ish shirt he wore the other day. The one that pretty much matched Kristen’s dress.
    EJ can have his pink shirts. I’m into lavender on men, or any in that family of color. EJ may have worn lavender. I don’t
    Rafe’s my man on all counts but as far as looks, Brady comes in second!

    Temporarily closed until our IT can fix the ongoing issue of switched email addresses. ADMIN

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