Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 25-29.

Trying to break it off.

It’s a hectic week for Rafe as he is taunted by one woman, slapped by another and then caught with his pants down. In spite of that embarrassment, he drops them again.

Just when she thinks her plans for the Blacks are going perfectly, Kristen ends up being blackmailed and doesn’t handle it well.

Someone new moves into the Kiriakis mansion.

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  1. From dc

    well, i am saying daniel moves into the kirakis mansion. maybe chloe will leave him alone (yea right).
    and kristen getting tables turned on her as well as chloe (from what i have read).
    i just wish brady and daniel were not so naive. (i thought only women were naive).

  2. From MsRobbieD

    Oops, I voted the wrong way. I think Daniel would be moving in then again, it could be this new lady character they have coming onto the show since it also says “Someone New” Chloe is almost out of the soap (April) so Daniel will have a month under Momma Maggie’s watchful eye to know what Chloe is up to.

    So who could be blackmailing Kristen? I say it might be John. Also, I’m so upset that he’s coming down on Marlena and being jealous of Roman all of a sudden. People should learn to keep doors closed or check around before blabbing out secrets. It happens all the time on this soap.

  3. From Jenni

    OMGosh! Who blackmails Kristen? And with what…??? Can’t wait to see her ‘not handle it well’ I think either Daniel or Gabi moves into the K mansion… Once she finds out how crazy her new hubby is.

  4. From bobby

    Will somebody please tell Brady to grow up. This show has turned him into a complete idiot. Guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. All that Marlena has gone through with him, (him and Hope going off to Italy because they were still married) standing by him when he was in a wheelchair, floating off with Hope in a submarine on their honeymoon. And this is how he treats her. And turning it on her talking to Roman.
    Think it will be Sami (1st choice)
    or John blackmailing Kristen.
    Wish the people on this show acted a little more like their age instead of teenagers.

  5. From patty

    I read that the thug Kristen paid for the fake mugging and to beat up Brady blabs to Marlena so I’m thinking it’s either this guy or Marlena who blackmails Kristen. It really doesn’t matter who does it, as long as she gets what’s coming to her. Can’t wait for Brady to wake up and kick her sorry butt to the curve. I just can’t believe how stupid he’s acting. John well there are no words, he deserves to lose both his son and his wife for being such an a$$.

  6. From Sueb

    I have a question. I must have missed something a long time ago. I thought that John and Stephano were brothers. If that is the case, then Brady and Kristen are first cousins. Uck!!! And if that is the case, then John is Kristen’s uncle. Sick, sick, sick. Can someone fill me in on the relationship of all these people? Thanks.

  7. From sharon

    would someone explain to me why John is treating Marlena so badly? Just doesn’t make sense.And have they ever explained Bo’s absence????????

  8. From Richard

    I’m not selling John Black, short, just yet. I think that he knows that most of Salem is a pipeline to the Dimeras, especially the HTC. That’s the place that he tells Marlena to leave him and his son alone, also when Roman is involved.
    It would make sense to me, if either Marlena or Cameron is the blackmailer.

  9. From Clear

    Richard, I hope you are right about John! Maybe it’s John that will take the blackmail threat to Kristen. Seeing Cameron with the envelope of money, I am wondering if he is already being blackmailed for something.

    Please stylists, get that monstrous bun off Abby!

    Jolie, I don’t see how anything so ugly could become a trend–at least I hope not. I figured the bun is an “In a hurry style” because of lack of time or planning maybe?

  10. From Katie

    Susan will blackmail Kristen.

  11. From Leah

    What going on here? I agree with some of the comments in regards to… how dumb is Days writing some of these clueless blokes. Dr Dan, Brady, William, Eric etc etc. I understand soaps are gunna have characters hoodwinked but there is just too many on this show at the moment. I don’t like it, I like my men to be just that. MEN, not wimps!
    PS: Can the John Black of 2008 please come back.

  12. From Leah

    PPS: Even though I don’t like Dr Dan and Jennifer together… I just hate what they have done to Chloes character since bringing her back. I would have much rather they left Parker as Philips and hadn’t bothered.

  13. From Barb

    Rafe gets caught with his pants down?!
    Just let me know the day and my DVR will be set!!
    So Marlena is the scape goat for the problems between John and Brady. She should let both of them really have it. But if the spoiler is right and the guy Kristen hired for the fake mugging blabs to Marlena, maybe she will be the one to have a plan to end
    all this.
    But I also agree with Richard that John may know exactly what’s he’s doing, too, to bring
    down Kristen.
    Kristen and EJ, I think either one would turn on the other if it suited them. Fun days ahead at the mansion!
    Somebody tell EJ he doesn’t have to use the WHOLE TUBE of gel on his hair. A little goes a long way! Appears greasy onscreen.

    I agree they shouldn’t have bothered to bring Chloe back, or Nancy. Seems like a filler instead of a serious attempt at another Jen and Dan break-up s/l. But we have to ask, did we really NEED another Jen and Dan break-up s/l?!

  14. From jolie

    #4 Bobby, the writers have turned Brady into an idiot. But like another poster wrote on last week’s edition, there is also Daniel and John and so many others who can’t close a door, can’t decide who’s on first, can’t see thru the smoke, thinking with their knees(teehee). These men are all being portrayed as idiots. Elvis as well. Not a pretty picture as the women no longer have to be smart either. And would that not be great if Sami blackmailed Kristen?? That would show some imagination in the writers. And Marlena needs to smack the xxxx out of John. I mean just lay him out and wipe her feet of him. But no, now she’ll mope around HTS bemoaning her marriage. Marlena of old would not have taken John’s abuse. And I call it abuse in the sense of his being totally oblivious and heaping the blame on Marlena for all that has happened. Man up you dunce.
    #5 Patty, so if Marlena finds out about Kristen paying the guy, she should a)wash her hands of the whole stupid crowd, b) tell someone who would listen to her…oops, back to (a), c) help Roman get the goods on Kristen and have her arrested. I hope it is the guy who beat Brady up or maybe Sami as Bobby proposed. Maybe Sami finds out and uses it somehow. I am not believing that as I write it. Sami has enough on her plate with ruining Will’s life, ruining Elvis’ life, ruining her other children’s lives, trying to ruin Lucas’ life with her hair brain schemes. If only Brady had a brain. If only John had a brain. Well, you can’t have it all.
    #7 Richard, as always an interesting angle to think about. John needs some support so I am glad you are the one who can still tolerate him for a while longer. Just shows that you have a strong constitution. You are right about HTC..and think of the tunnels still underneath, just waiting for another rumble to collapse. And Cameron is an innovative twist as the blackmailer and he does need the cash. I think I would pass out if it was Cameron and the writers came up with something that novel.
    #8 Leah, you are speaking volumes there. And my biggest problem with the John/Brady/Kristen saga going on now is how does Kristen leaving Brady at the altar hurt John. Yes, no one wants their child to hurt or maybe this is going to spin Brady off into another trip to the bottom of the nearest drug house but he didn’t do that when Madison died so there is no way to know what he might do in response. So does she think that John will come to her to seduce her and she’ll make sure Brady sees them together so that she drives a wedge between John/Brady/Marlena forever? I am just not sure what the end plan really is but then does Kristen know. Just isn’t ringing true or making any sense at all. If John is the target and she has come between he and Brady and Marlena already, looks like some of the sting is gone. But maybe I am not looking at this in the right way. Bad thing…I am starting not to care much at all. It has been too long and too stupidly played. So I can’t wait for Kristen to go right off the deep end.
    #9 Leah, I am with you on that one as well. I was really glad that Nicole didn’t end up with Daniel as I like Nicole and haven’t cared for Daniel in a long..maybe never. I am now starting to like Jennifer more than Chloe (I had hopes of Chloe’s character being a bit more noble in her return instead of psycho) and rooting for Jennifer to slam the door on the Dr Love episode of her life. He is slimy. Maggie, he is your son but he is a tart at best and he acts so long suffering. I don’t see the attraction nor feel any sympathy for his character. Parker should have been left as Phillip’s and have a more stable life than what the little fellow has in front of him now.

    Could it be JJ that moves into the Kiriakis manse? He is coming to town and maybe he moves in with Aunt Maggie?? Maybe he is too young for a move like that, not sure what age he is coming back to. But then he has lived in Europe on his own for a while now so he must be resourceful.

  15. From jolie

    #10 Barb, I can’t wait for Rafe’s pants to fall as well. Seems like Rafe is in for an exciting week and he keeps on keeping on. Let’s hope he doesn’t join the ranks of John, Brady, Daniel, Will, Elvis, Lucas, Nick as clueless of what is happening around him and sort of smoked up acting. Don’t you think Marlena needs to get some of her spunk back? Where is the gal that stuck Old Scallywag with an injection that paralyzed him for messing with her family? She needs to quit the blinking of the eyes and start blacking Kristen’s eyes…John’s too for that matter. Right now, I am pulling for Roman to come to her rescue and then become her partner again. John Who?? But you are right in that Richard may have something and we might not give up on John yet. I just don’t see causing the hurt he is causing for the little bit of payoff. Brady will be alright in the end…Kristen is a loony and Brady will love it or list it. And I agree, Kristen and Elvis act all family like but either will turn on a dime when the need arises. Fatha will turn on either as well. And poor Chad and the kids are going to be thrown into that cauldron! Alert: Elvis ruined his pink shirt with hair gel! As for ANOTHER Jenn and Dan breakup…when have they actually ever been together? Yes, they smooched twice this year but really have they been together and I missed it??

  16. From MAB

    It still seems to me it’s the same posts that go thru automatically, while others are held back or not posted at all. I feel like I’m wasting my time, especially when my post are actually talking about the show and not what hair product someone is using in their hair. There’s nothing new or interesting to read on here anymore because the same mantra is being repeated over & over.

    You may have missed our reply to you yesterday. Please read that and note that nothing is going to change. We’re not going to continue to allow these posts through when we’ve already made ourselves clear on what is happening. ADMIN

  17. From Barb

    jolie #12,No, Jen and Dan not really what you would call “together”. I wanted to crash into the TV yesterday and yank those words out of Jen’s mouth. Did you sleep with Chloe?! Drives me nuts when Jen and Dan are talking about 2 different things and dance around each other, which seems to be the whole premise of their relationship. He was talking about the kiss, she the image of him half naked in bed, and they got nowhere, except to distance themselves further from each other. But, alas, they must straighten it out eventually, leading to that “hot and heavy” at the cabin spoilers tell us about. But will they be stopped mid. . . . whatever, by another lame scheme
    of Chloe’s?!
    I loved that s/l when Marlena injected Stefano!! Bring her back!! Will we ever see her and John kissy face over strawberries and cream again??!! But, then, that got to be old for me, too!

  18. From Richard

    John would have to be sure that everyone, with listening devices, was able to hear his disagreement with Marlena, to protect her and make Kristen believe that her plan is working.
    It’s just like EJ told Kristen, “there’s not much that goes on around Salem, that I don’t know about”.
    Feeling the way that I do about Roman(that he is working for Stefano), I think that he was privy to the fact that John was back in Salem and he was instructed to verify the situation between John and Marlena. I think that every time that he shows up, it’s a warning to the Dimeras that something is not right.(ie warning to Kristen that Marlena was wearing a bug.)
    The only way(I mean the only way!) that EJ would know that Will shot him would be from Roman’s files(we all know that he claims to go strictly by the book and he always lets somebody else investigate the Dimeras and only comes in for the arrest, most of the time the evidence is misplaced, stolen or destroyed and the Dimeras walk.)
    Other people get hurt(Bo), but Roman is hardly touched. He is conveniently out of town, when something Dimera goes down.
    He fired Rafe, his daughter’s husband, when Rafe got too close to Dimeras dealings and Bo was getting too close to Dimera drug dealings and had to be sidelined.
    Roman never followed up on either case (I guess he forgot how he used to go undercover, when he was a real cop).

  19. From jolie

    #13 Barb, they are driving me nuts as well. I have decided they do most definitely NOT belong together. This is the most hit and miss couple on TV and that includes Sami/Elvis because there was real crime like rape, kidnapping, cloning, shooting going on there so they had a reason to do the two step. Well, if you stretch your imagination anyway. But then we do have yet to endure the Horton Cabin calamity which will have Chloe right in the middle. Oh dear, you don’t suppose Chloe will need an emergency brainpan scrapping or something while they are at the cabin?? Jennifer has had enough surgery lately in strange places that she can assist. Daniel will scrap all the clingy goop outta Chloe’s noggin and she’ll get over herself. Or a gal can hope I guess. And yes, where is that strong Marlena who was tired of being victimized. I think living with this wacko version of John in Europe for years has sent her scampering away. Bring back that tough version of Hope as well, that wicked gun toting gal who was not afraid to set fire to her two-timing, heartbreaking husband. Then Kristen, prepare for a well deserved butt kicking!

  20. From jolie

    #14 Richard, your explanation of John’s actions make sense…much more sense than what he is doing. And Elvis did indeed tell Kristen that he always knew what was going on and I wondered a big why and what he actually knew about some things when he said it. It was bantered around some at the beginnings of Kristen’s current reign of terror that she had an accomplice and speculated by some of us that it was indeed Roman. I think I even brought up at the time that it gave weight to your published theory that Roman was a Dimera operative (for a better word). Roman has been convenient if nothing else for the Dimeras. And I agree, no way Elvis could have known that Will shot him so something was up. If only the writers could think like this…it would be one good story twist!

  21. From AJ

    Love the Roman theory LOL.

  22. From MAB

    Well since my post from yesterday was omitted, I’ll try again:
    If all there is to Cameron’s secret is giving a low life money for something underhanded he’s done, I say whatever, boring! But if it leads to Abby getting back with Chad, then I’ll wait.

    I’ve said from the beginning John knows what he’s doing, and I still think that. Marlena needs to suck it up and let John get his & Isabella’s son back (too bad Isabella isn’t alive). Marlena should know John well enough by now to not have to question his motives. Marlena will survive. It isn’t gonna hurt her to let John handle this on his own w/o her interference, and apparently after what happened yesterday, he doesn’t need her help. Also, I still wonder if Brady is on to Kristen, especially after how he’s acted the last few days. One minute he acts like he’s clueless, and the next he acts like he’s on to her. Who knows, maybe they are working together, or their minds are just thinking alike. Maybe it’ll turn out to be like father, like son.

    Although the exchange turned bad, the scene between John & Brady yesterday rocked! And even tho Brady was disrespectful to them both, I loved when he shouted ‘quiet’ at Marlena.

    EJ looked as handsome as ever yesterday! Keep on using that grease, EJ, just like the real Elvis! Real men know what looks good. At least he takes a comb to his, and not look like someone ran over his head w/ a lawnmower (Rafe – thanks to Maryl for that). Good talk between EJ & Kristen…nice to see characters who aren’t fake about who they are, and honest in their exchanges instead of beating around the bush. Kristen is guarded tho because of her true feelings for Brady. Too bad her revenge against John & Marlena is more important than what’s staring her right in the face.

    It’s time someone takes down Ann! She is the most disgusting person, going around ranting because she is jealous of the Horton’s & Brady’s. She is nothing, a nobody, who is nothing but mouth! What I don’t get is why she still has a job at the hospital. Why hasn’t anyone fired the b!tch??? Abby may have done some ranting of her own to Chloe, but they way she and her friend are acting, I don’t blame Abby if she knocks both of their lights out!

    I get Maggie’s concern for Daniel & Jen, but she just needs to butt out. It’s getting old…although I LOVED her telling Chloe off, and dismissing Nancy the way she did!

    I don’t care who Parker’s father is, my wish is to have Philip back on the show! And I wouldn’t shed a tear if they got rid of Daniel to do it (same for Bo, get rid of Rafe and bring him back). Bring back some characters w/ some kind of substance. And glad Chloe & Nancy will be gone soon, they were a waste of time.

    I get Maggie’s concern for Daniel & Jen, but she just needs to butt out. It’s getting old…although I LOVED her telling Chloe off, and dismissing Nancy yesterday!

    Rafe has always been clueless. He probably gave tips to some of the others he hangs out w/ on occasion, like Brady & Daniel. No wonder they act like they do. Rafe rambles around Salem w/ no direction, does his job half @ss, hides crimes, keeps another man’s kids from him, bullies, manhandles, and sleeps w/ a granny who he now thinks is “not as bad as Sami made her out to be”. Yes, if you wanna learn how to be a man who walks around Salem being clueless, Rafe’s your guy!

  23. From Ninnie

    I havent watched in MONTHS because of this whole BR-ISTEN thing as well as a few other things. But I still like to keep up with things because I do so want this story line out of the way and on to other issues and BR-ISTEN end once and for all and Brady hang his head between his legs like a scaleded dog and run in the corner and hide, while every one stand around him singing I TOLD YOU SO………

  24. From Betty

    @#6Sueb: Kristen Blake DiMera and her brother Peter Blake DiMera was adopted by Stefano years ago, so her and Brady are cousians by adoption only…Her Brother Peter was also married to Jennifer at one point and had an affair with Hope. All this back in the early years.

  25. From jolie

    #17 Barb, did I fail to mention that we can always lay the blame to Rafe who’s hair will no doubt look really cool and who will not be wearing a pink shirt? I am not sure but I am thinking that if Rafe gets slapped by a gal…let it be Jennifer as she has good wrist action. Taunted, well he is taunted enough right here getting all the blame for the town’s woes so not sure I want to see him taunted on the show. But embarassed at being caught with his drawers down..I am all for it. He is a big boy and will live to recover from embarassment. And it might be fun!

  26. From jolie

    #23 Ninnie, that is too funny about the singing. I could picture Marlena throwing him a birthday party and John paddling his butt for the way he has acted. I am trying to get behind Richard’s notion that John has things under somewhat control or as much control as you can garner in Salem where things can roll out from under you in a hurry. So jump back in and watch. You can at least be happy Brady and Kristen are not coming to your house for supper anytime soon. That should make you smile. And while Brady doesn’t have much in the way of manners with how he has acted to his parents lately (well, Marlena is a step), he is looking fine and his hair isn’t greasy.

  27. From patty

    Excellent theory Richard. Now if only the writers could be half as creative, this show might really become interesting.
    I thought Kristen’s and EJ’s conversation yesterday was just a waste of time. This chummy brother and sister act sucks big time. That is the woman who tried to steal him as a baby. Everything Kristen does is so fake, absolutely don’t buy the concerned big sister routine. Don’t buy EJ’s either, he’s just being cautious because he’ knows what a loon she is.
    Setting the DVR for Rafe getting caught with his pants down and his disheveled hair. No need for hair grease for what he’s doing. :)

  28. From MAB

    I don’t see how Roman’s files would have anything remotely indicating Will shot EJ. All that information should indicate Lucas shot EJ. As I stated before, no one other than Will & Lucas knew the truth (other than EJ for obvious reasons which didn’t come to light until recently). Originally, Lucas confessed, sent Will off to live with Austin & Carrie, and went to jail. They never told anyone, not Roman, Bo, or Hope. Which leads me back to my question from last week, how can Nick blackmail Will by saying his family (Roman, Bo & Hope) would get trouble for hiding a crime they know nothing about? To my knowledge, they still don’t know Will shot EJ.

    Also, Roman fired Rafe because he broke the rules, and leaked information to Carrie about the investigation against John.

    Of course EJ knows what’s going on, which is why he knew Will shot him. That’s what DiMeras do, they find out people’s secrets in case they need it later to use against someone. Stefano taught EJ well!

  29. From MAB

    #16 – duly noted admin.

  30. From MAB

    To my knowledge, Hope never had an affair w/ Peter Blake. Hope had an affair w/ Patrick Lockhart.

  31. From voiceofreason

    MAB and I do agree on the fact that Anne should have been fired long ago. On what planet can an employee bad mouth both customers and superiors and get away with it, especially when she does it ALL the time? In the real world, she would have been fired for insubordination. That’s just stupid.

    Who cares how greasy or messed up Rafe and EJs hair is? Really, that just shows how petty that debate has gotten. They’re both boring anyway. I want Richard’s theory to come to fruition. It has been Robo Roman all along. Wayne Northrop comes back to town having been in a Dimera dungeon for years.To me, he’s the best actor that show ever had. I want to pretend the Alex North thing never happened, although he played that part well too.

    I’m so sick of Daniel and Brady at this point. For a doctor, they are writing Daniel’s character as a complete nitwit. Come to think of it, other than his doctoring skills, I’m not sure that they’ve ever portrayed him as that bright. I think they should put him back with Chloe. The combined intelligence would rival that of the Salem PD.

  32. From voiceofreason

    “my post are actually talking about the show and not what hair product someone is using in their hair.”

    “At least he takes a comb to his, and not look like someone ran over his head w/ a lawnmower (Rafe – thanks to Maryl for that”

    ?I’m confused

  33. From Kat

    Jenn and Dr. Dan,,,
    please, that ship sailed a long time ago, I don’t think, that ship ever was in the docks….
    It is getting painful to watch.. and all the make up sex, ect. is not going to do it for me… they just don’t have it.
    They both have so much baggage, and I just don’t see, that great Love between them…something is missing. IMO
    Well, Ann, she is good comic relieve with a mouth and of course, Ms. Horton, is off again,just coming and going from her job as she pleases… Don’t some of Us wish, we could have a job like that…
    Enjoyed Nicole today, acting like Mother Superior, putting down Chloe…
    but I guess, it takes ONE to know ONE.

    Nice stuff MAB
    and I do agree with VOR, # 30, the debates have gotten pretty petty as of late, and I include myself in having been a problem…
    want to get back to the plots, turning page by page and see what happens next, and enjoy..

  34. From MAB

    If Roman is a fake, and real Roman has been hidden away for years, then that is the same SL they did years ago when John was brought in as Roman w/ reconstructive surgery, and Roman was being held prisinor by Stefano for years. My only question is how would they explain the difference in the looks of this Roman and Wayne Northrup’s Roman?

    About the hair, I don’t care either way. I just know EJ looks good period. My comparison Rafe’s hair wasn’t petty, just an observation because his hair is certainly nothing to brag about. I’m not making fun of him, like EJ is being made fun of for his pink shirt, ears & hair. Funny nothing is said about the other guys, like Daniel & Brady, who both have worn pink shirts as well. Like I said, real men know what looks good. Elvis Presley used grease in his hair, and also wore pink, and believe me, no one did it better than him!!! I think it’s fitting EJ can pull off the same looks as The King! Not many men can.

  35. From MAB

    There was a point being made there that obviously got missed. So to reiterate, I asked why my post was omitted when it was about the show and not talking about EJ’s hair, while others to that affect were allowed.

    Maryl made reference to Rafe’s hair, and I agreed. I think agreeing w/ someone is acceptable on here last time I checked.

    Still confused, oh well, not my problem.

    What I find confusing is someone always dissecting & questioning others comments.

  36. From Kat

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    Admin. you better check things out…

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  38. From MAB

    Why are my posts coming under MAB’s name….Kat

    I know, must be EJ or Stefano,

    all kidding aside, I am Kat, but it shows under MAB

  39. From MAB

    I didn’t post #37, I assume that was Kat???

  40. From Kat

    Dear MAB, when did we do the Body switch, LOL… so funny,
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  41. From MAB

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  44. From Kat

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    MAB and I are really are Two different people, even though we think so much alike…
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    I am still laughing, MAB, wish I could “talk” to you….! we have a lot in common…

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  52. From Kat

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    it’s always him or EJ…

  53. From Linda

    Elvis Prestley lived in a different era when guys even used Vaseline on their hair. Don’t think EJ ought to
    go there!!
    I don’t really care about EJ’s hair because I don’t really care about him but it is a change for him to have his hair slicked down like that and people have noticed it and that’s why it’s been mentioned. Then some EJ fans took offense and started in on Rafe’s hair.

    voiceofreason #32 good catch!!

  54. From SandyGram

    Episode Wednesday March 20th:
    It actually seemed like Kristen was genuinely happy over her proposal from Brady today. Especially when she went to Jenn’s house to give her the good news and ran into Daniel. Her telling Daniel about Chloe also seem like it was from the heart over her concern for Jenn. I think she likes having a friend. Now or at best extremely minimal snaky faces at the end of these scene’s. Could there be a, Oh dare I say it, nice Kristen there somewhere.

    I didn’t understand why Nancy was so ‘bitchy’ toward Nicole. Up until recently Nicole and Chloe were friends, Nancy’s attack seemed out of place.

    It looks like Gabi may be seeing the light that something is not quite right with her new Hubby. And that Vargas coming across like such a convert, saying he wanted to do better and was so thankful for the chance the Outreach Program is giving him. Totally believable if the spoilers hadn’t already spoiled he’s not such a nice guy.

    Working on the Family Tree, I talked to 2 80+ year old 2nd cousins today, what a treat and what memories for the past. My hubby is all the way to Prussia 1821.But I still can’t get out of Mississippi and Louisiana.

  55. From Kat

    This Is Gerri,but Kat’s name and e-mail Is showing up in my space.
    just wanted to say,Richard I think ytour theory,about Roman makes perfect sense,once I think back on how things have been over the years,since he returned.
    I wondered If It could be,that Roman is John,and John Is In fact Roman,you know Stefano could have both of their memories erased,and given their new identity….

    hope this adm problem gets fixed.
    wonder If my name and e-mail is floating around,someplace.
    this is too strange……

  56. From gerri

    will try to post again,to let you know,my correct name and e-mail address was on this post..not to worry your e-mail address has gone away……hope It is fixed…..

  57. From sharon

    I never seem to get an answer when I ask anything. Does anyone know where Bo is supposedly supposed to be???

  58. From Kat

    56 gerri, this is Kat, real me,

    I got SandGrams Name and e-mail,
    and MAB’s etc…
    and you got mine…well, I am sure your read all the posts above.
    Admin. think they know the problem and it should be fixed..
    LOL, Stefano must be involved in all that..

  59. From Adele

    I had Kat’s name and email address come up automatically when I went to the comment section. I don’t think it is fixed.

  60. From Tee

    hello all!!

    I guess it seems there is a issue on here which is a odd one at best, but So I guess I am going to say I am Tee.
    Just wanted to let everyone know That jJ is coming as I spoiled months back.I am sure It is going to cause problems with Dannifer as JJ is none to happy his mama moved on so quick after his fathers death.

    Looks like this will be a decent week on Days.Rafe fans get to see some action and perhaps a shirtless Rafe,Kristen Haters get to watch her be blackmailed,Chloe haters can soonn see Kate with a perhaps upperhand about something, And Will finally wises up soon and realizes he needs help dealing with Nick.
    My specs and opinions next
    I think EJ was really wanting to know If his sister cared for Brady or was using him in some scheme.She has never really told him much about that, and I don’t blame him her actions reflect on others.
    Kristen is most likely going to lose Brady in the end, and as some have said is revenge worth it, and What exactly is Stefano holding over her head, as we know he saved her from the island and so she is sorta doing his bidding, Which really sucks.Kristen was not a bad girl before, she just lost control after losing her baby, Kristen now is doing her fathers bidding because as she said she owes him.You can tell she has It too, She is stuck with defying Stefano and getting what she wants, which is Brady so it seems right now.

    Chloe/Dannifer I guess will be ending soon since Chloe leaves in April, but will he stuff air for another 3 months after that?They do film 3 months or more in advance.

    Cams secret seems like more he owes someone money and is being maybe blackmailed perhaps.Interesting, we will see how It turns out.I do like that the Chad/Cam/Abby triangle is about to start picking up soon.I like Chad with Abby better then her with Cam.I just don’t see much chemistry there yet.

    As far as Ann and the hospital go, I would dare to say what hospital just lets random people call and ask for doctors and non employees to go behind the desk and even in Stock room, They should not even be telling non workers a Doctor is in a stock room.Ann being able to talk how she wants is nothing compared to how Salems hospital is run anyway.Just like the pub employing a minor, or anyone under 21 It is not allowed really but this is Salem.
    Vargas and Nicole huh well guess I am thinking Eric will save her in the end and they will kiss and admit their feelings.Just my guess something is going to happen to Nicole when she gets all mixed up with him, and Eric to the rescue.

    My guess is that Sami and Nicole argue over Eric.Sami has every right to not like Nicole, just as Rafe has every right not to like EJ now.Nicole did some awful things to her and EJ to Rafe.But I do agree Sami should let her brother make his choices just as he and others should let her make hers.But I do like Sami and Nicole confrontations they are usually really good.

    My guess is John is going to have Sami keep a eye or help in the Brady situation.

    I really can’t feel sorry for Nick with Vragas right now.So nothing really to say on that.

  61. From gerri

    Kat,It had to be Stefano or could have been Rafe who caused the problem,I’m sure the blames lies with one of them…LOL

  62. From Tee

    Sharon On Bo the show has not addressed where he is really But They told the actor they would leave it open for him to come back one day.He has no plans to though so It seems Bo will most likely be gone from the show.I will add Hope is getting a story very soon, and It will most likely be addressed then where he is

  63. From Tee

    Hi Tee, this is Kat…
    strange things are going on here….
    seems like so many posters are showing up in my Name/E-Mail space… over 5 now….
    My E-mail must be all over by now, and I am not to happy about it…
    The admin. says, they are working on it.

  64. From Tee

    This is like, Who is who anymore…Kat

  65. From Tee

    I see Kat you are showing up as me now. I am thinking because when I usually login the eamil spot is blank and It now shows a email in it.It does show mine so that is good atleast Hope It posts as me.This is Tee of course. I think It may be the last posters email is showing up for the next type thing

    Admins can you please post something here letting us Know what is going on with this.I would email but It seems since so may are having problems It may be easier to post A fix or fesults of issue here Thanks

  66. From Teecat

    Why is everyone quivering over who moves into the K house. Didn’t Nick ask Gabi to move in today because he has to stay there until he is off probation?

    I think John is plotting to seduce Kristen away from Brady, and then to dump her. That could be why he is trying to distance himself from Marlena. If I was Marlena, I would dump them all. Why would she put up with such abuse?

    I think we need new writers. One’s that don’t have to rely on eavesdropping all the time. That get’s on my last nerve.

    Writer’s please hurry up and end the Daniel/Jennifer/and Chloe storyline. I’m sick of it.

    By the way, Tee, your email came up when I logged on.

    This thread is being closed due to these login issues. We will re-open once it has been fixed. ADMIN

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