Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 7 & 8.

Nurse of the Year.

Everyone is thrilled to be attending the party honoring Maxine as Salem’s Nurse of the Year. The honoree herself still manages to find time to team up with Kayla so that they try and push for a Dannifer reunion. Anne gets wind of this and runs off to warn Chloe. However, it winds up being Nancy who nixes the Dannifer nookie.

And, noticing that Abby is upset, Chad tries to comfort her but gets little comfort of his own when Cameron shows up to whisk her away for a date.

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  1. From Leah

    Personally I think its about time Days had a bi- racial couple so I’m all for Abigail and Cameron. But I do think the actress had more chemsitry with the original actor who played Cameron than this one.

  2. From dc

    personally i always liked abby with chad, that’s just my opinion. but i liked the “old” cameron better than the one on the show now.
    on todays show i was getting nauseated seeing the scenes between sami and ej (just to much). she is manipulating him like some other women on the show.
    i feel sorry for will. but this prisoner that is gonna be released is going to be a thorn in nick’s side, hopefully he won’t harm gabi or her baby.

  3. From Michelle

    Yes, I think old cam and abby had buckets of chemistry. They clicked for me, Nathan (new cam) is just a pretty face right now. Soon they will give him something to do.

  4. From Stacey

    #2 DC – I was really captivated (not in a creepy porn way) by Sammi and EJ’s activities … I thought it was so realistic – honestly it’s the first time in a long time I can remember watching a love scene on a soap where it didn’t look uncomfortable – lol. When John kisses Marlena it looks so forced and gross- Kristin and Brady look like they just don’t match when they kiss – but EJ and Sammi’s scenes …well that looked real to me. I enjoyed seeing them happy.

  5. From MAB

    I like the new Cameron better than the old one. I just don’t think (either) Cameron & Abby have any chemistry. She has it w/ Chad tho, and I can’t wait until he’s back in the mix!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing bi-racial couple either, just not Cameron & Abby. Give Abe a woman already!

  6. From Kat

    4 Stacey, I so agree with you about EJam’s Love scenes, so natural, having fun, and enjoying each other so much.
    And having little conversations in between, good or bad, whatever… but that’s what couples that are comfortable with each other do….
    They are Not just in Heat… they are also in LOVE.

    5 MAB, I would like to see a bi-racial couple too, why not Abe and Maxine, they are age appropriate, I think Maxine is even younger than Abe…
    Abby and Cameron have No chemistry IMO, she is better with Chad

  7. From patty

    Huh Kat, Abe and Maxine are not a bi-racial couple. Cameron and Abby are and I think they have a lot of potential, not to mention he is hot. I prefer him to the old Cam. Chad dumped her for Melanie, she’s better off without him. Plus, the Demira mansion will have a full house as it is.
    Stacey, what is realistic about plotting murder during sex? Nothing about that scene looked fun or comfortable and it was creepy in every way. Even die hard fans of theirs are saying it was over the top and strange.

  8. From Leah

    My personal opinion… they need to bring Mia back for Chad. It was his parents (mother mainly) that separated them but Chad made it very clear he never stopped loving her. Abigail… I think she should be sent away to college or something and not come back for a while!
    As for Ejami lovescenes Stacey I TOTALLY AGREE! They were hot and you can see James and Alison are enjoying it and are comfortable with each other which all adds up to it looking natural. I think James and Alison both recognise they have chemistry together so I think it takes little effort to act upon. SO passionate and naughty Ejami don’t mind it a bit rough hey… ha, ha. Well EJ and Sami are both the MASTERS OF SEDUCTION so really we shouldn’t be surprised. Sami certainly seems to be enjoying herself, she finally has a man who can meet her EVERY NEED. And EJ is happy to accommodate and make up for lost time. EJ is living the dream – lol.

  9. From Barb

    Some don’t like Kate and Rafe but I think they are a Class Act compared to Kristen-Brady and Sami-EJ!
    I liked the first Cameron better.
    I think that’s a good idea to bring back Mia for Chad.

  10. From Jenni

    MAB- Yes! Give Abe a woman already!

  11. From Leah

    PS: You gotta know Ejami scenes were HOT when even the other Days actors are talking and tweeting about it! The actor who plays Nick said to Ejami “I didn’t realise I was such an aphrodisiac for you.”

  12. From Jenni

    About Abe again: They should bring back Brandon too, his son with Faye Walker… Nicole’s bro… Fun!

  13. From MAB

    #4 Stacey – you are entitled to your opinion about EJ & Sami, and there are MANY who agree with you, including me! As I mentioned to another poster, we just get it EJami so just ignore the questions from those who don’t.

    #6 Kat – unlike someone else, I understood what you were trying to say. If not a bi-racial relationship for Abe, then why not hook him up w/ Maxine? And no doubt Abby has more chemistry w/ Chad…and no doubt Chad will win out in the end. He is a DiMera after all.

    #8 Leah – ugh I never liked Mia. She was dull. I even like Gabi better than her and that’s not saying much. If they did bring back Mia tho, she would probably recast her because the actress who plays her has a permanent role on ‘Melissa & Joey’. I was a fan of Chad & Abby’s from the beginning and didn’t like when he dumped her for Melanie, so I’m all for them getting back together. As for EJami, everything you said was right on the money! No doubt James & Ali are thoroughly enjoying this, and they not only recognize their chemistry and how comfortable & natural it comes for them, but all their fans recognize it too, and all that they envelope as a couple.

  14. From TerriK

    Chad didnt dump Abby for Melanie. They both mutually agreed the relationship wasn’t working. And if I remember correctly that’s when she was developing her “thing” for Austin.

  15. From MAB

    TerriK – in a way, Chad did dump Abby as he was already moving on w/ Melanie. He was the reason they stopped seeing each other. She was hurt & mad for quite some time at both of them over it, until she got infatuated w/ Austin, then she was ok w/ them being together.

  16. From AC in PA

    Abby needs to get back together with Chad, and Abe and Kayla should get together – like they were hinting at before. A Horton with a Dimera? Yes please. :-)

    I haven’t kept up with the show for about a month though, because all of the storylines are so incredibly boring. I despise Nick and Kristen. I don’t even “love to hate” them as villains; they just need to go.

  17. From Kat

    13 MAB, thanks my friend, you are so right… my thoughts wandered, and I tried to agree about a bi racial couple, and then with Maxine having been on, I thought of her and Abe.
    That’s why you and I have no problems, because……
    I could see Ann with Roman, but then again he so way to old for her…
    but look at Rafe and Kate…
    poor Rafe .. really had to go to the Bottom of the Barrel to fish out Kate.

    And Rafe complains, having been with Big Bad Sami… he must like them Bad….because they can’t get any worse than Kate.
    And they did not really plot Nick’s Murder, LOL… only how to get rid of him… and that does not have to be by killing him… LOL

  18. From SandyGram

    How many times did EJ have to say “and what if there is no other option”…..what could that have meant? Bring Nick over for a family dinner and talk calm, logically and like adults. For me, it was clear what ever it takes to get rid of Nick is the plan. Unfortunately like always what ever the plan turns out to be the writers will make sure there is as much collateral damage as possible and someone that should never of been suspected of harm to Nick will get the blame and have to fight for his/her life.

  19. From Kat

    IMO, bringing Nick over for Dinner and talk to him calm, logically and like adults..
    that is going to make Nick any less Homophobic….
    and who are the Adults that will be at the Dinner table… Will and Sonny and who else…
    That would be very nice, if it would work, but we are talking about Nick, he is Not all there, so logic would do nothing for him.
    His Hate for Will/Sonny and what they are, is to strong…
    So we will have great stuff to watch, maybe even a trial, long overdue.
    Used to love those court room scenes, when Mickey would defend the of course “innocent” defendant…

  20. From Elaine

    Well, here goes nothin.I watched Days faithfully for several yrs. until they kept messing with two of my favorite characters,Kayla and Steve. That was it for me. I have started watching again a few months ago and not a lot has changed. I know I missed a lot about the characters I used to know. I guess I am also in the minority as I really like Daniel and Jenn together and of course they are messing up their relationship with the two and now witches,Chloe, Nancy and Anne who would have been fired long ago at the hospital I worked in because of her attitude. I hope someone who cares will soon find out what Chloe and etc. are up to as it is obvious that Dan has no clue. I agree that they are making him pretty stupid. That was a pretty hot scene between Sami and E.J. and I am sure we are in for more of that. I just think Dan and Jenn should have a good “roll in the hay” They look much better together than Chloe and he do. Just my opinion and lets get John and Marlena back together. It’s not just Dr.Dan who is clueless as so is Brady.He is headed for a big fall I fear. That is the world of a soap and we all have the option of not watching. I guess that is all for now.

  21. From Leah

    I’m enjoying this bad *#! Nick. He certainly has spiced up the show. I hope they are not going to kill him off! What a waste that would be. I reckon he could get up to so much more trouble and up and in a few more faces.

  22. From Trey

    Why do I get a feeling the writers are going to have cameron have a secret or something he dont want abby to know?

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