Days Of Our Lives Video: Chloe’s Package.

Paper trail.

Chloe has a new test in her plot to snare Daniel back from Jenn.

Take this look back at Monday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

Halloween disguises provide the perfect opportunity for mayhem. Find out how in our Revenge Spoilers: Masquerade.

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  1. From Miselemeas

    Chloe you look so beautiful above,I
    d’ont know why you would chase that doofus Daniel, when you could have
    any man. You and your Mom Nancy add such comic relief to the show,I hate
    to see you leave,so soon,wish you both
    the best, if you go soon.Looks like Cameron is going to show his true colour’s now ca’nt wait to be proven correct. Rafe you look gorgeous as usual above,Happy St.Patrick’s day to you,[albeit belated] wish I liked Guinness, would raise a glass to you
    but it will have to be Mead next time
    I’m at Bunratty Castle.Slainte

  2. From Miselemeas

    How dare the actress[ Alison Sweeney]
    who plays Sami,if it’s true,to broadcast or brag on a national magazine, that she and the guy who plays her “fancy man”, knew what role Mr. Gering was going to play, before he did. It was the most outrageous breach of trust in a fellow actor, if true, that I have ever encountered.

  3. From Miselemeas

    Hi there, are you guys ever going
    to get these sites fixed, easier said
    than done,I know;Anyway you are giving us some beautiful morsel’s,to whet our appetite,I hear.I will be quite happy to watch Rafe all day
    long in his jeans,sans much else,bring it Rafe,you are the man who can;Some women who shall be nameless,do not know when they have
    it good,but time is a great eye-opener;;Slainte

    Do you mean the comments? We are still working on this. So far it appears it’s working for every section except for the Days Of Our Lives spoiler pages. So sorry for the delays. Admin

  4. From Miselemeas

    Thank you Admin. for your response. I can wait until you get it right; in fact,if I never read some people’s blog’s again,I would be a happy camper;;Slainte

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