Days Of Our Lives Video: Tonight?

“The bowels of Hell.”

Maxine and Kayla plot a Dannifer reunion and Victor is depressed that Brady is moving out.

Take this look back at Thursday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

Be sure to have a sneak peek at who attends JR’s funeral on Dallas.

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  1. From dc

    can’t really understand why they brought nancy back. in my opinion she never did anything with her character when she was on the show before, why bring her back? chloe and ann seem to be doing ok with trying to trick daniel, whatever..
    daniel left his id badge at his apartment (something will transpire from this error)..

  2. From dc

    todays show (3/8)
    glad to see john back. and we should see stefano next week although it was good to see his face today.
    poor daniel. maybe everyone does not like him with jennifer but with chloe (please).
    love maxine. and ya know i think that phone call cameron took may have been from stefano. i have read somewhere that nicole’s baby did not really die (cameron delivered it). but where is the baby now? and does stefano have an agenda?

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