Days Of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler Video: For The Baby.

This week in Salem…

Nick tells Will why he hates him so much.

Take a look at what’s ahead this week and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

Find out who the actress who plays Anne thinks her character should jump in bed with in our Interview With Meredith Lynn Scott.

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  1. From Miselemeas

    Nick and Rafe are making the baby story very watchable,I was mesmerized
    by Nick’s performance on Friday,he stole the show as I’ve said all along,
    he is a fabulous actor. Have not watched today’s show yet,I’m sure it will not disappoint.Rafe is acing the caring brother part to Gabi, but then
    he is a caring soul,to all people.You are the best Rafe,BRING IT.Slainte

  2. From Miselemeas

    By the way,I have never liked nor
    trusted the new Cameron,in fact I
    find him positively evil,I would believe anything that comes out of
    his story,in the future.As pretty as
    Abby is and as handsome as Chad is,I believe they belong together.But who listens to me?.Rafe, I’m afraid,you are hooked on that witch Sami,hope she does not hurt you again,no matter
    what you say to the contrary,actions’
    do not lie.Nicole stick with Eric;Slainte

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