General Hospital Poll: Who Should Run ELQ?

Battle for control.

Tracy and AJ have been going to great lengths to win majority control of ELQ. The key could lie in the Pickle-Lila relish recipe or Franco’s long lost daughter’s shares of the company. If Franco even has a child.

The latest development has Ellie undergoing hypnotherapy in order to retrieve the secret ingredient she came up with, but Spinelli swallowed. Regardless of the outcome, who do you want to see running ELQ? Vote and comment below.

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  7 responses so far...

  1. From missy

    go aj

  2. From missy

    go aj

  3. From missy

    go aj kick tracy out & ava my vote is aj

  4. From missy

    sorry tracy & ava but aj wins the company of the elq

  5. From missy

    aj is the best actor & love for him to run elq not tracy or ava, let go kate connie, leave this wk, w out the storyline of betraying of sonny, please ? & also for sonny to leave to fm gh

  6. From missy

    please change tracy out fm elq & ava sometime this wk & kate connie too not for her to betray soony, pleaze

  7. From missy


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