General Hospital Spoilers For March 22 – 26.

A confrontation, a search and a discovery.

As the cops search for Lulu, Maxie dreams that she has learned the truth about the baby. Upon being confronted in the dream, Maxie says Spinelli’s name as The Jackal enters. Back at the loft where the search for Lulu is being orchestrated, Bobbie shows up.

Elizabeth accuses Patrick of hiding from Sabrina. He admits he was taken aback by Sabrina’s declaration, but he didn’t mean to hurt her. Patrick later sees Robin’s recorded message from before her death and then tries to tell Sabrina how he feels about her.

Epiphany hires Spinelli to investigate how Sabrina was framed for cheating on the nurses’ exam. Apparently he is led to Britt, as Epiphany confronts her. Britt of course denies everything.

In other news, someone is shot and Scotty is unhappy to see Luke by Laura’s side in her time of need.

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