General Hospital Weekly Summary For February 25 – March 1.

A botched wedding, a couple of stabbings and a serious threat.

At Olivia and Steve’s, Kate railed at Sonny for letting Connie take Trey off life support. She also had some choice words about him sleeping with her alter. After they left, Heather showed up wielding a knife. She cut Olivia and accidentally stabbed Steve when he came home. Steve survived, but just as he and Olivia decided to have a bedside wedding, the cops came to arrest him for his crimes in Memphis.

John, Lucy and Rafe went to Wyndemere in search of Caleb and Sam. After Caleb bit Sam twice on the neck, the trio showed up. Caleb hid with Sam, leaving Danny alone in the main room. Rafe stayed behind to watch Danny, as Lucy and John found Caleb about to bite a tied up Sam for a third time. While Lucy and John took down Caleb by stabbing him, Heather found Rafe and Danny. She wanted to take the baby, but after hearing how messed up Rafe was regarding his mother, Heather had a change of heart. She worried for her possibly dying son and decided to turn herself in to the cops. Meanwhile, John determined Caleb had no pulse and pulled off his fake fangs to prove to Lucy he wasn’t really a vampire. Lucy stayed behind to try to wrap her head around things, as John left with Sam. She couldn’t believe Caleb was mortal, but decided not to waste any more time on him. She walked away as Caleb’s ring flickered.

Britt hobbled into the hospital on crutches as Sabrina learned she was cleared of all wrongdoing in the death of the cop and could resume her duties at GH. Later, Britt ran into Frisco, whose smugness made her assume he caused her accident. Britt assured him she was backing off Maxie, but he reminded her there was still the issue of Sabrina. Britt returned to Sabrina in time to observe her learn she wasn’t included on the list of graduating nurses. Elsewhere, Frisco beelined it to The Floating Rib to ask out Felicia, as Mac secretly listened in.

In other news, a mystery person watched Michael and Starr, Elizabeth accepted a date with AJ and Duke stole the last Pickle-Lila jar from Tracy.

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