General Hospital Weekly Summary For March 11 – 15.

Desperate measures, rejection, and regrets.

After learning she passed the re-test for the nurses’ exam, Sabrina finally confessed her crush to Patrick. Unfortunately, he told her he didn’t think of her that way.

In order to not betray Ellie, Spinelli swallowed the relish recipe he stole in front of Tracy. He went to Ellie and told her what he did and she suggested they put a scope down his throat to retrieve it. That didn’t work, so they enlisted Kevin to hypnotize Ellie so she could remember the recipe.

Todd tried to win Carly back at the Metro Court, but she pretended to have moved on. When Todd didn’t believe her, she kissed the first man she saw, AJ, and declared they were together. Elizabeth, who showed up for her date with AJ, witnessed the kiss and ran off. AJ went along with the ruse in hopes that Carly would give him the name of the ELQ heir in exchange. Todd didn’t believe they were a couple so he sent Josslyn an Easter bunny in Jax’s name with a hidden camera inside. As Todd watched Carly at the house, AJ showed up. Todd overheard as AJ and Carly discussed their fake relationship.

At the Love in Maine book launch, Connie announced she was back in charge. TJ and Molly showed up demanding Connie credit the real author: Molly. She complied by announcing that Molly wrote it, except for the dirty parts. She then confronted Sonny about sleeping with Kate. He admitted he loved both of them and encouraged Connie to truly integrate her personalities.

Dante and Lulu stood by as Maxie had her first sonogram. Maxie became emotional as she continued to pass her baby off as Dante and Lulu’s. It got even worse when Spinelli accidentally ran into the room and talked about future Maxies and Spinellis running around.

In other news, Lucy produced a check from an anonymous source for the Nurses’ Ball and Rafe ran away from the group home to John’s place.

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