General Hospital Weekly Summary For March 18-22.

Grabbing Lulu.

Laura accepted Scotty’s latest proposal. Meanwhile, Luke and Lulu worried about her mysterious gifts and what Scotty was up to. Scotty and Laura joined them, as did Dante and Olivia, just as another gift arrived. Olivia noticed it was ticking. After much fuss, it turned out to be a clock. When Lulu was left alone with her dad, she tipped him off about why her mom was really marrying Scotty. Meanwhile, Olivia had passed out from the ticking. Her son got her checked out at the hospital but she was sure the clock was trouble. Over at the bar, Lucy pushed Scotty to keep mum about Luke’s single status and get Laura down the aisle fast. They ran off to get a license and had to threaten the mayor into making it happen. She looped Kevin into being the best man, much to his chagrin. Laura was reluctant to rush into it but soon changed her mind. After Lulu was called and told about this, Luke came running and the clock began ringing. Luke stopped the wedding and declared that Scotty wasn’t the man for Laura. He got a call that Lulu had collapsed so they all ran off. Dante found her unconscious before being knocked out himself. Then someone snatched her. Everyone panicked when they found out. Bobbie arrived as the police were called in to start the search.

AJ didn’t want to go along with Carly’s plan to make Todd think they were dating. Todd showed up and revealed that Mr. Bunny had been recording them the whole time and he knew it was a ruse. AJ was relieved. Todd and Carly made out. He wanted to take her to bed but she wanted to talk about her feelings. This led to her saying that whatever they had was now over. Meanwhile, AJ rushed over to Liz and poured his heart about how much she meant to him. Felix cried. AJ begged for another chance and Liz offered him one if he would perform with her at the ball.

After sex with Michael, Starr got a call and informed him that she was leaving town. Todd showed up and argued with her. She declared that she was going to LA and kissed Michael goodbye before she and Todd jetted off. Across town, Alexis broke the news to John that he didn’t meet the requirements to be Rafe’s foster father. Everyone was sad. Sam gave John a kiss and they decided it was for the best that they didn’t get involved. He got a new assignment from the bureau. Anna offered to keep an eye on Sam for him. He left town.

Spinelli and Ellie discussed children. He wanted them. She didn’t. Meanwhile, Frisco paid Maxie a visit to discuss Spinelli. He encouraged her not to give her baby up and then they discussed Georgie. Over at the Floating Rib, Mac and Duke discussed their love lives. They worried that there were nothing but memories left. Felecia showed up and admitted to Mac that she’d seen Frisco. When he showed up, Mac punched him. And Britt was angry to discover that Sabrina was graduating. She and Epiphany had words about it. Britt hobbled off to see her mother, Dr. Obrecht. Meanwhile, Patrick avoided Sabrina as Liz bothered him to go and see her.

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