General Hospital Weekly Summary For March 4 – 8.

Reconciliations, sabotage and freedom.

Sabrina learned she wasn’t on the list for graduation because she was accused of cheating, thanks to an anonymous tip. She pled innocence and convinced Epiphany to let her retake the test. If she got even one question wrong she would accept the decision.

As Olivia and Steve were about to be pronounced man and wife, Memphis cops came to arrest Steve for his patient’s death after new evidence was found. Despite Liz and Olivia urging him to fight, Steve chose to take his punishment.

To avoid public backlash after Sam hailed McBain, Rafe and Lucy as heroes on the news, the mayor dropped the charges against them. Lucy still worried about Caleb, so Anna took her to the morgue. Lucy saw his dead body, but panicked when she noticed his ring was gone. After they left, the mortician, who looked like Caleb from behind, pulled out the ring, put it on his finger and walked out. Meanwhile, Rafe met with a social worker about finding a place to live. Elsewhere, Lucy reconciled with Kevin.

The DA let Heather know if she testified against Todd at his trial, they would go easy on her. She ran into Todd at the police station before she was transferred to the facility for the criminally insane. In an attempt to atone for her sins, she promised Todd she wouldn’t implicate him. Todd still worried about Johnny’s goon who witnessed him helping Heather switch the babies. However, at the trial, the goon followed Heather’s lead and changed his story. Todd was released from custody and made a beeline for Carly.

Sonny and Kate made up and made love. As they slept, Kate was woken by Connie’s voice, who took back control. Although, as vengeance for Sonny cheating on her with Kate, she pretended to still be her alter.

Spinelli tried to quit his job with Tracy to find the relish when he learned Ellie was working on the recipe for AJ. Tracy informed him she owned his building so if he didn’t find it for her she would evict him. Spinelli reluctantly went to the lab and stole the recipe Ellie just finalized.

Felicia agreed to meet with Frisco, who wanted her back. She told him to leave town. He gave her a necklace inscribed with “Lady of My Heart.”

In other news, Tracy set Duke up with counterfeit money, Laura thought Anna was cheating on Luke and Anna broke it off with Duke.

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