Interview With Days Of Our Lives’ Meredith Lynn Scott.

“You are popping my ‘Days of our Lives’ interview cherry.”

Our sister site,, just did an interview with Meredith Lynn Scott (Anne), Salem’s resident Jenn hater and Chloe’s only ally in mischief. She talks about her rewarding experience working on Daytime and what kind of future she hopes her character will have.

Here’s a sampling:

“So Anne’s mission in life, for now, is to destroy Jennifer in any way she can, other than hurt her physically. Which, I don’t know, she might be open to that too.”

For more from the actress, read the entire Interview With Meredith Lynn Scott.

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  1. From pattypat

    Believe it or not I am kind of glad to see a new chaacter come on Days’. It breaks up the old story lines that are going on forever. I loved yesterrday when Rafe said he remembered a smell and it must have been Sami in the evidense room. do not like Chole and her Mom. will keep watching.

  2. From Judith

    It sure does seem that most of the strong women are bad women who manipulate and want to ruin others lives. The other women are easily manipulated and pathetic.
    All the nice people come across as weak and easily manipulated. Ex; Jennifer, her daughter, Daniels daughter (before she left the show, Gabby (who was evil at one time) And..even Jennifer, who has values, is lying and it’s suppose to be she’s noble.Why can’t some of the nice people be strong and interesting? Even the men…Daniel, Will, Wills dad and Sonny, all come across as weak and without any backbone.Is there not a way to show strong people who are fascinating and have character?

  3. From Robyn

    I guess Meredith Lynn Scott must be one heck of an actress, because it’s been a long time since I have despised a character quite so much.

  4. From Diane

    I am really getting tired of the story lines. I know you are suppose to have those that you love and those that you hate, but, it is starting to get disgusting. It is the same thing everyday. I use to schedule everything around this story. Now I can wait 2 weeks and catch up in one episode. It didn’t use to be this way. I am 50 plus years and do not waste my time watching everyday. It is hard to believe I feel this way. The writers better change things or they are going to start losing alot of viewers from what I am reading. Better step it up, or risk losing your ratings.

  5. From kay

    I just want Days to bring Bo back. If he wanted to leave the show then get someone to play his part like the other one that did it one time. Ciera and Hope need him and it is not days w/o bo and Hope.

  6. From Miselemeas

    Take all my private info.
    off the bottom of other people’s
    comments list.

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