March Days Of Our Lives Comings And Goings.

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According to Nadia Bjorlin’s rep, her final air date as Chloe should be April 20. Her contract was only for three months.

Look for Ken Colquitt to appear as Seth Burns starting in April.

Eileen Davidson (Kristen) will be pulling double duty. While staying in Salem, the actress will also return to Genoa City. Read the Y&R Comings & Going for more.

Patrika Darbo is back as Nancy Wesley on March 5.

According to Soap Opera Digest, the show is currently casting a character by the name of Melinda Trask. She is reportedly a special prosecutor between the ages of 35 and 50. The first material for the character will be shot in early March.

“DOOL” is currently casting for a series of small roles including a Caucasian prisoner, age 29-40. He will air in March. They are also casting for a heavy drinking woman in her 20′s to 30. She will appear in March. Also heading to Salem will be a male between the ages of 35 to 40′s to play a gun salesman. To air in March. And two Caucasian actors as a pair of shady 17 years old. They will air in April or May.

A casting call has been released for a new character. According to Soap Opera Digest, “Keara Baldwin” will be a 25 to 30-year-old Caucasian physical therapist who, “hides herself behind plain hairstyles and glasses as well as a dark secret about the last few years of her life.” The new character will start shooting material in February.

Ken Colquitt will appear as Seth Burns in April.

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  24 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    never liked the nancy character (i guess because she was kin to chloe). just like the kristen character, maybe her character on young and restless will cause her to leave days, just hoping so..
    here we go, trying to bring in “new” folks when there are so many actors/actresses they could bring back, just thinking out loud.

  2. From From NOVA

    Long long time viewer, dislike Kristin, Chloe, nick. Get rid of them and bring Bo back!

  3. From cn

    Will be glad when the storylines with Chloe-Daniel-Jennifer and Will-Gabbi-Nick are finish, ready for Chloe and Nick to be gone!

  4. From Bella

    Kristen and Chloe need to go and Bo needs to come back.

  5. From Bella

    Kristen and Chloe need to go and Bo needs to come back

  6. From NS

    looking forward to seeing Ken Colquitt as a new face. Ready for Chole and Nick to go.

  7. From Susan

    Would love to say goodbye to Jennifer, Abby, Gabby, Chloe and Nick. Nancy can do a you turn, I never liked her. I loved and miss Melanie…the way she was. When she was impish, giggling and not so much a Maggie clone.

  8. From jenn

    Wow…I love that Kristen is back. I do not like Nick on the show but I don’t want him to leave. Because Nick is making me so mad, I think Blake Berris is doing a fantastic job! I just wish Bo was back and I do miss Lexie.

  9. From James

    To all the Kristen haters, you have to have a bad guy and I LOVE her. She makes me laugh!!! I’m hoping she reprises the role of Susan too…maybe just for a couple episodes. I’m glad Chloe is back too. Nick is a douche though. Hopefully he will get the axe!!!

  10. From cm

    I’m liking Nick…he’s putting everyone in their place and not taking any BS. Of course, Days is making him “the bigot” so we know he’ll either end up dead or back in prison in the end. On Days, you’re either 100% pro-gay or you’re a villain apparently. Will ED be playing “Susan” at any point? I hope so.

  11. From from mdm

    I can’t wait for Nick to get payback for what he is doing to Will.

  12. From Sm

    Ready for Nick to get payback and ready for Chloe to get found out for her mischief. Both are interesting stories but I can’t stand what Nick is doing to Will and that Gabi is too stupid to see what is happening…really is she a bigot also?

    Brady and Kristen can have each other don’t really care for either of them.

    I want Stephano and Bo back.

  13. From dc

    well, if chloe’s last date is 4/20 (from above reading) then is her character leaving and how? if this is true nancy will no longer be needed. it would be nice if kristen was gone too, after all she is going to be playing a character on young and restless that is being revived..

  14. From dc

    would love to see bo back (peter reckell) plus steve, melanie, max, shawn, belle, claire. alot of hoping but i can dream, can’t i??

  15. From King Wilson

    April 20th is on a Saturday.

  16. From cs

    I love the way Nick is approaching the situation. He is so cool. I just wish Will would see that the custody problems are ALL Sami’s fault and not that NIck is anti-gay. I know he said that’s the reason, but if Sami had stayed out of it, he might not have dug to get info on Will shooting EJ.
    And Jennifer – oh Lord, get her off there! She has always been a thorn in my side. I haven’t ever liekd her and absolutely can’t stand her now. Im tired of the Kristen/Brady thing too.
    And Daniel – geez. Even my husband says that he has had some dumb friends but none of them have been as dumb as Daniel. I love that Chloe is “attacking” Jennifer and have no problem with her and Daniel getting back together, especially to wrong Jen, but he’s so stupid. And he can do surgery? He is just lacking in common sense. Not too crazy about Abbi or Gabi either but am really liking Nicole again. Kate swore to Godif he saved Philip’s life, she would change. I have a big problem with this. Love Victor and his one liners. I watch when he’s on but fast forward through Jen and am geting close to start fast forwarding through Kate, Kristen, and Sami. I don’t like that Sami is working on deleting the evidence on Will. That’s another thing I have a problem with. One more thing – I’m not anti-gay but enough already. Bring back the old Days when it was fun to watch.

  17. From Gus

    It truly feels the C & G section have really taken a beat in recent years. Gun salesperson? Really? I think the last time I couldn’t get away from Days were during the Vendetta letter months. That’s the kind of writing that makes it all worthwhile. As far as the current storylines, I almost feel the actors stand with arms crossed @ the Salem Square set reading out loud thinking ” So, what kind of BS storyline we are pushing now?”

  18. From El'

    Love Sami and EJ together. But also like Sami and Lucas. I agree to bring back the old characters. Wish Shaun could be resurrected for Caroline. Now there’s a storyline for ya. Been watching from the beginning. Wonder if John has x-ray vision because his long glances are lasting a little longer. Maybe he can see new storylines.

  19. From Krissy

    So tired of Chloe/Jennifer/Daniel…Chloe needs to go.
    So tired of Will/Gabi/Nick…Nick is HORRIBLE!! Didn’t like him when he was around the first time and he’s WORSE now!! Gabi is a bad actress too!!
    Please go!!

  20. From Dana

    Prefect storie would john tries to kill kristan but ej gets it instead poor grieving samantha ends up in stephenos arms. Chloe gets back together with lucas kate n rafe leave salem kristan n john end up together roman n marlena rekindle old flame along with nicole n brady , jenn and daniel , and mel comes back to chad jus sayin what i think would be good

  21. From CM

    John is acting like a jerk…talk about hot or cold…either he’s basically slobbering all over Marlena or he’s acting like she kicked his puppy into a busy highway. This is shades of Bizarro John from 3-4 years ago…and that’s NOT a good thing. Also tired of the Nick-Gabi-Will thing. Tired of Days being one long gay public service announcement. Tired of Daniel-Jennifer-Chloe. Tired of Brady being as dense as concrete. Geez…not sure why I’m even watching anymore…out of habit I guess. No Bo/Hope, no Steve/Kayla, no Shane/Kim, and a pale shade of John/Marlena. Sad.

  22. From DT

    I’m amazed that Iagree with at least 90% of what’s been said here.
    I want to see Marlena gone also. And please no more Doug and Julie visits.Bring back Melanie and some of the other younger people and send these people to work. Nobody works in Salem. My biggest gripe with the show is allthe self=rightious Brady’s who can shoot people, steel files, etc. but make the DiMera’s always look bad.Too many hypocrites. Also, the scenery needs updating. That rectory is hideous.Trying to hang in there.

  23. From MK

    Hate Hate the Rafe/Kate connection. Sick to death of Daniel/Jennifer story. Sick of Brady/Kristen and EJ/Sami. Need some new storylines or will loose viewers

  24. From Michelle

    @ CS…loved the part of your post about Jennifer & Daniel. Daniel & Chloe are hot & have chemistry…Daniel and Jen are so freaking boring!!! I fastforward through all the scenes…and Jen’s husband has been dead like 5 minutes & she’s already with Daniel. I can’t believe Chloe is going already…she’s the most exciting character that has been on Days for a long time, and I had some hope that there would finally be a steamy couple. Jennifer & Daniel…ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

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