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Last week, Daytime was filled with intrigue, mystery, humor, vampires, slapping and sex, from Taylor’s lingerie wearing on “B&B” to Chloe and Abigail’s catfight on “DOOL.” What more could we ask for?

B&B Breakdown:
All it took was Taylor in a teddy and Eric was at a loss for more than words. “Oh my!” Candace exclaimed. “Eric completely lost the run of himself after seeing Taylor in that lingerie – he professed his love and declared her to be the new Forrester matriarch! Brooke showing up and going crazy was amazing – such a showdown! Brooke’s never mentioned having any plans where Eric’s concerned, but they sure took root quickly when she spotted Taylor in that bedroom. These scenes were awesome, not least of all because Eric finally asserted himself. Obviously he’d had his intimacy ruined one too many times – Brooke interrupting was the last straw! Sheer entertainment – can’t wait for more.” Plus, Liam and Steffy forged ahead in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Abby had quite an eventful week, getting her blood all boiling over Chloe’s jabs and Cameron’s abs. “Abigail can climb on top of a half nude Austin but regresses to a bashful school girl when she sees Cam in his jockey’s?” Christine asked. “Cameron’s reaction was inline with hers – does this mean he’s a virgin too? I’m confused. Shouldn’t the show be taking on rainbow parties and shag band storylines? Let’s get into the 2000s at the very least.” Also, Nick tried to call the shots in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
They say you learn something new every day, and in Port Charles, everyone learned what an engineering genius Starr was when she tackled breaking down the chemical makeup of the Pickle-Lila. Huh? “Who knew Starr was such an engineering genius?” Hollie asked. “Certainly not anyone who watches ‘General Hospital.’ Thank goodness Michael was there to explain to all of us about all of the advanced classes she has been taking at the university, breaking down chemicals and whatnot. Watching her struggle to get through the ingredients in a carton of vanilla ice cream just a few minutes later rang a little truer. Thank goodness Ellie was in the lab to help her out.” Also, Caleb was overpowered in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Nick really seemed to think he had Will and his clan right where he wanted them last week in Salem. “William was in a tizzy after his cousin had cornered him for nearly killing EJ,” Matt said. “It was hard to know who was being the most naive. As a Brady-Horton dating the scion of a one percenter families, Will would never need to worry about facing justice. Plus, Sami shot EJ in the face and now she sits on it. If Will only shot him in the back, what could that possibly lead to?” Read more about Marlena’s loneliness around Salem in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
All kinds of storylines burned the screen last week, with plenty of passion to boot.  “Chelsea’s odd little team getting hired at Jabot is partly delicious – Glo back in Jack’s orbit and Chloe back in fashion – yay! Chelsea being an amazing designer and spending all her time whining about Adam after she dumped him – boo,” Candace said. “While I don’t mind the dynamic between Chelsea and Cane, it still seems out of the blue and concocted purely to free Lily up for an entanglement with Tyler. Anyway, amid their sexy scenes (Lily got Cane hot and ready at work!), their arguments are getting more intense and frequent – one of them will probably pull a ‘Lauren’ any day now.” And find out who is crushing on Dylan in the Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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