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The crazy got crazier last week on Daytime. Todd had a spy bunny delivered to Carly so he could peek on her and AJ on “GH” while Nick’s smug satisfaction grew to epic proportions on “Days.” Hope asked Steffy to leave Forrester on “B&B” and on “Y&R,” Phyllis just seemed to have lost her edge.

B&B Breakdown:
Bill and Brooke continued to push the boundaries of what constituted an appropriate relationship between the two. “Surprise, it worked,” Candace said. “Bill got Brooke’s clothes off and they are flirting with disaster by embracing while she’s in lingerie. As for Katie not ‘being available’ for her man – I think she’d better listen to Donna! Things were looking pretty hot backstage after the Brooke’s Bedroom relaunch!” Find out how Maya reacted to Rick’s reveal in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Brady continued to prove he was not much more than a pretty face as Kristen and Stefano totally conspired right underneath his nose. “Kristen was speaking to Stefano about her plans for Brady, John, and Marlena out in the open – not in the secret room, where they’d at least have some privacy,” Christine said. “Brady eavesdropped yet he’s so daft that he seemed to hear nothing. Or maybe he did hear the whole thing and is considering his options? Nah, he’s clueless.” Find out if Nick and Gabi tied the knot without incident in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
If they fit any more one liners into the show last week they would have had to put out a jar to collect tips.  “The scenes with Carly, Todd and AJ at the Metro Court were not only vintage Carly, but they played to the very best of Todd and reinforced the fact that AJ is one funny guy,” Hollie said. “It will be great if we get to see Todd and AJ play more off of each other in the future because funny men like this are totally worth watching. Todd totally called Carly and AJ on their ‘Desperate and unconvincing’ act, and the barbs kept coming as he called AJ everything but his own name – BJ, OJ and LL Cool J were a few favorites.” See what Todd did to keep tabs on Carly in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
If they can’t be married, they might as well be partners in crime. “Lucas and Sami, working together just like old times, have demonstrated that they may be older but they are certainly not wiser,” Matt said. “Not that the latter matters much when you have to deal with the Salem PD. After stealing a pass key and breaking into the evidence room, they searched for what felt like an eternity. Once they narrowed it down from the vast number of boxes which contained evidence implicating them in one crime or another, they located the box they sought. Lucas tried to lift her up, but ever since she started going out with EJ, she’s been using the new DiMera ass inflating drugs they’ve been creating.” And read if Nancy’s bottle of sleeping pills got Chloe in trouble in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
While some couples burned hot in Genoa City, Candace was less than thrilled with the Phyllis and Jack pairing. “Jack may feel he and Phyllis deserve a romantic getaway, but viewers deserve better than this lukewarm pairing – so been there, done that, and so ‘friendzone,’” she said. “It’s also been a letdown to watch Phyllis dragging her bottom lip all over town calling herself ‘toxic’. In what world would Phyllis have gone to Kevin Fisher to ask his opinion on anything, let alone if she was date-able?” And Lauren continued to keep Michael at arm’s length in the Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

Emily started to sweat as Eli decided he wasn’t going anywhere in’s Revenge Recap: Illumination.

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