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They say timing is everything, and last week that was never more true as Abby spied a shady transaction at the hospital on “DOOL,” Katie caught Brooke and Bill rolling around on “B&B,” Victor and Nikki gave it another go on “Y&R,” and Lucy pulled together a wedding in record time on “GH.”

B&B Breakdown:
Katie couldn’t have come to her senses at a better time – right when Brooke was rolling around with Dollar Bill in her lingerie. Amazing! “The Katie versus Brooke scenes were the most entertaining of the week – so intense and outrageous, with Brooke trying to tell Katie how to treat her own husband and Katie coming back at her, guns blazing,” Candace said. “Even if Brooke’s right, it’s so typically nerve-y of her. Delicious. It’s also a good bet that Taylor’s prediction will turn out to be true despite everyone she talks to about Brooke and Bill accusing her of being off her rocker. Of course she’s disproportionately concerned with Brooke’s business…but it’s also true she knows her enemy.” Find out what condition Dayzee put on Maya in the Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Cameron proved that anyone can have a secret in Salem but Christine was reserving judgement before she decided if it was a good one. “It was good to see Abigail stay out of Cameron’s business after witnessing that huge money exchange between him and… who…Dr. Baker’s old bookie?” she asked. “It’s not as though Abby knows Cam enough to ask him what was going on. Who was that guy and why is Cam paying him off? Which recycled storyline do you think the writers will choose? Gambling or something to do with body parts?” Find out who Nick sparred with in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
The “OLTL” crew left town, for a bit at least, and they weren’t the only ones who made it an emotional week in Port Charles. “Frisco is scoring daddy and maybe granddaddy points,” Violette said. “Hope he doesn’t screw it up before the clock runs out on his game because if he isn’t there to help Maxie when the truth about the baby breaks Lulu’s heart it will be an epic fail. Mark my words, the truth about that baby will come out. If you can call what Ellie and Spinelli have as love, the news of each others’ expectations over procreating was a forced implication that the game is over for the two of them.” And things really heated up with Luke, Laura and Scott in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
While everyone else was busy moving into the DiMera mansion, Marlena was trying to figure out John’s motives for keeping her at arm’s length. “Full of worries of her own, Marlena kept trying to talk to John about talking,” Matt said. “He couldn’t talk about it. Roman frequently intruded on these meta-conversations, inflaming John’s eyebrows until they begin communicating in a language all their own. Since she wouldn’t stop prying into his brain, he finally let her in on the fact that he wasn’t coming around to Kristen at all… it was all a ruse. Brady conveniently walked in on this and had a tantrum. With family like Jarlena, marrying into the DiMeras didn’t look so bad after all. He ran to Kristen and asked her to marry him.” Meanwhile, Eric remained clueless about quite a bit in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
Despite the short week there was still plenty of drama in Genoa City. “What’s with Nick scowling at everyone and everything these days – quite the curmudgeon,” Candace said. “His latest dislike was Abby flirting with Alex – gimme a break. Worse, he was still asking Avery to drop the Rogan case – proving he doesn’t ‘get’ her at all – right before talking about their future together.” And Lauren continued her fling in the Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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