The Bold And The Beautiful Summary For March 11-15.

Rick’s slip-up.

Pam shocked Eric and Taylor when she burst into their room with what looked like a knife. It was really a spatula. She made them lemon bars and congratulated them. The next day, Eric went around the office, asking people if they were okay with him being with Taylor. The shrink, Brooke and their families showed up for work. They began going over the disappointing first quarter numbers and realized Rick was nowhere to be seen.

Anthony urged Rick to tell Maya who he really was. The Forrester wasn’t in a hurry. He gave Caroline the brush off again and hung out with Maya some more. She invited him to her place and offered him her couch and some soup. They kissed. In the morning, she told him about her daughter. They went window shopping and dropped by the FC boutique. He got her to try on some gowns. The clerk outed him as the CEO. Maya was shocked and ran. He chased after her, explaining that he just wanted her to like him for him. All the while, Caroline ran around Forrester, ranting about how badly Rick was treating her.

Hope told Steffy that seeing her at work every day was torture. She asked her to leave the company. Steffy wasn’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, Carter discovered that Forrester rip-offs were being sold online. He filled Marcus in about the company’s serious issues. Taylor and Thomas discussed wresting the company back from Brooke and her clan. Down the hall, Bill was trying to help out the blond. He suggested that she launch Brooke’s Bedroom again. It wasn’t long before she was showing him her lingerie and they were getting close. Later, Rick finally showed up to work. Everyone was gathered to discuss the crummy quarterly numbers. Bill and Brooke explained that they had an answer. As Thomas began a presentation to trash Rick’s tenure as CEO, Brooke and Bill interrupted to reveal the relaunch of Brooke’s Bedroom. Across town, Donna thought that Katie should be a little more worried about her sister and her husband but Katie refused to see it.

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