The Bold And The Beautiful Summary For March 4-8.

Taylor takes over.

Brooke was not happy to learn that Taylor and Eric were up to bedroom antics. Bill urged her to still fight for her piece of Forrester, especially since Taylor was on the warpath. At that moment, Eric was asking the shrink to move in and crowing her the new matriarch. He sent the shipping department off to get her stuff. Thomas and Steffy were startled to discover their mom shacking up so fast. Brooke stormed over to Forrester to rail at Taylor. She accused the shrink of taking advantage of Eric and Taylor shot back that Brooke was getting too close to Bill. Eric ended the fight and stood up for his new lady.

Bill took the day off to spend it in bed with his wife. Katie was unenthusiastic and only interested in tending to the baby. Brooke showed up to moan to him about Taylor. He changed the topic, suggesting she relaunch Brooke’s bedroom. She showed off her lingerie. He was impressed and soon admitted that he couldn’t shake the feelings he developed for her in Aspen. After she left, he accused Katie of not wanting him anymore. Meanwhile, Brooke filled Donna in about Taylor and Eric. Donna was appalled. Pam overheard the conversation and was furious. She went straight to the mansion to confront them.

Hope told Liam to marry Steffy before the baby was born. He agreed. Brooke showed up and encouraged her daughter to try again with Liam. Hope refused. Meanwhile, Liam puttered home to start making wedding plans with Steffy.

Marcus introduced Carter to Rick and suggested he hire him. Rick was a bit distracted by memories of Maya. Caroline called for a date but he turned her down so he could do ‘charity work’. He went to Dayzee’s and flirted with Maya some more. Caroline showed up and had a tantrum at him for backing out of another date. She stomped off and he continued flirting with Maya.

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