The Young And The Restless Spoilers March 1 – 4.

Temptation and promises…

With her home life a mess, Lauren continues to fantasize about a shirtless Carmine moving in close and taking her dress off. Lauren heads down to the bar for a glass of wine. She tells Carmine she doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship by complicating things. Later, when Carmine appears in her room, Lauren finally gives in to temptation and kisses him passionately. They have sex!

Fen returns home and tells Michael he’s ready to talk. He’s sorry for bullying Jamie and plans to make things right. Fen also blames himself for Lauren leaving. Michael won’t allow Fen to take the blame for that.

Chelsea informs Cane that she’s leaving town, due to Sharon moving in with Adam. Cane reminds Chelsea how he fought for her with Neil and suggests she concentrate on her work at Jabot and move on from Adam. Meanwhile, Lily and Cane don’t see eye to eye in regards to Tyler and Chelsea, and the tension between them continues to grow. Lily prepares for a romantic evening alone with Cane. Tyler arrives at their place for Lily’s signature and mentions seeing Cane with Chelsea. Lily becomes irritated that Cane is late and invites Tyler to stay – she’ll work late too! When Cane arrives home, Tyler leaves. An argument ensues, and Lily walks out on Cane.

Dylan promises Sharon that he’ll go after Faith. She begs him to find her. It starts to get dark, so Sharon calls Nick. Nick arrives, as does the Newman security team, just as Dylan finds Faith sleeping by a rock. Nick and Sharon thank Dylan. After, Avery asks Dylan to take her to rent a car, claiming she needs to go to Milwaukee.

Come Monday… Cane questions Lily’s whereabouts and wonders if she was with Tyler. Lauren appears upset, as Carmine tells her she’s beautiful, and Billy wonders if Jack is with Phyllis to forget about Nikki.

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