The Young And The Restless Spoilers March 12 – 14.

Threats and fears…

Avery refuses to drop her case – even though Nick tells her the police think it would be a good idea. He vows to protect her then makes something very clear to Wheeler. Nick warns if anything happens to Avery he’ll go after the congressman. Meanwhile, Dylan shares his theory with Avery… whoever tampered with her brakes is the same person who trashed her apartment. Avery shows Nick that she found an American Flag pin in her apartment. Nick heads out to talk to Victor, who warns his son not to do anything until they have solid proof that Wheeler is involved. Nick demands to know why Victor is dragging his feet and risking the life of the woman he loves.

Neil tries to reassure Leslie – just because her father called her cell it doesn’t mean he knows where she is. Leslie thinks it’s only a matter of time before her father finds out she’s in Genoa City. Neil suggests that Leslie go see her father to find out what he’s after. Tyler thinks Wheeler told Gus where they are. When Leslie tells Wheeler she’s going to see her father, the congressman appears pleased. Leslie and Tyler vow not to run again. Later, Leslie convinces Avery to go see Gus with her. Wheeler overhears and orders someone to go ahead with ‘the project’.

Meanwhile, Cane tells Lily that since it bothers her so much he won’t work with Chelsea anymore. In turn, Lily brings up Tyler and assures Cane that she would never cheat on him. She agrees not to work with Tyler either.

Phyllis may still be unsure about rekindling her relationship with Jack but romance has a way of changing one’s feelings. Jack knows exactly what Phyllis is trying to do and tells her it is going to stop right now.

Dylan cries as he goes through his father’s belongings. Across town, Chelsea tells Chloe that she didn’t tell Adam about the baby. Chloe urges Chelsea to find a hot guy and either sleep with him or lie about sleeping with him – all in the name of finding a new daddy to pin her pregnancy on. Chloe suggests that Chelsea target Cane. Later, Chelsea and Dylan’s time spent together takes an unexpected turn.

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