The Young And The Restless Spoilers March 15 – 18.

Prison visits and threats…

Leslie arrives at the prison with Avery and Neil to see her father. Once alone with Leslie, Gus apologizes to his daughter, but all Leslie wants to know is why he killed her mother. She saw him standing over her mother’s body, shaking her! Gus knew his wife was having an affair. He was jealous, but he didn’t kill her. Gus claims he was trying to save Leslie’s mother.

Victor returns Adam’s wedding gift, and their latest argument contains no storage of threats. Adam brings up the dead hooker, but Victor reminds his son that he got rid of the body. Adam doesn’t think Victor can prove it. Victor disagrees and warns that he just might do so after the wedding.

From across the room, Nick watches as Wheeler tells one of his men not to forget about the endgame, Victor Newman. Victoria notices that Nick is preoccupied and calls him on it. Nick shares his suspicions about Victor and Wheeler being up to no good. He thinks the congressman might have something on their father. Victoria wonders if it has anything to do with Wheeler’s dead daughter.

Dylan and Chelsea take their kiss to the next level and have sex. Afterwards, Dylan admits that he’s not ‘one of those guys’ but there’s no denying that he wanted her. Chelsea understands. She knows what their romp was – and wasn’t. Things turn awkward until Dylan reminds Chelsea that they were at the right place at the right time for each other. Chelsea kisses Dylan goodbye then leaves. Later, Dylan runs into Chelsea at Crimson Lights and reveals that he’s probably going back to Chicago. Chelsea tells Dylan he’s a good guy. Chloe approaches Chelsea and privately makes it clear she knows she had sex.

Come Monday… Jack looks over his trip itinerary and hollers if Phyllis is ready to go. Ashley appears and wonders what Jack is talking about, considering she just got there. Wheeler’s henchman assures him that everything is in place, and Billy surprises Victor with a guest.

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