The Young And The Restless Spoilers March 19 – 21.

A future war and new details about someone’s past…

Adam fills Jack in on Victor’s plans to wage war right after he marries Nikki. Jack realizes Victor’s wrath will begin very soon and suggests it’s time for him and Adam to go on the offensive.

Phyllis takes offense to Ashley’s comments about her and Jack’s relationship. She warns that Jack doesn’t need a bodyguard, but Ashley doesn’t think Phyllis has Jack’s best interests at heart. She doesn’t believe that Phyllis really loves Jack and fears her brother will fall apart once he realizes it. Though Phyllis tells Jack that maybe he should listen to his sister, he convinces her to go away with him.

Sharon arrives at the ranch uninvited. Victoria wonders if she’s there to commit another arson and tries to get rid of her. Try as she may, Nikki appears and sees Sharon at her door. Sharon is simply there to pick up Faith and leaves after Nick hands over her tired daughter. Meanwhile, everyone celebrates the newly married couple. When Nikki throws her bouquet it hits Avery on the head. Just as Victor and Nikki are about to cut their cake, Adam crashes their wedding celebration and wants to make a toast. He has a few words to say about his father.

Dylan is still a man full of mystery, and Sharon learns a bit more about his past. Dylan opens up about a family he met in Afghanistan, as well as his life in Chicago. Sharon hopes for his sake that he’s not going to run away from his past.

Leslie tries to tell Tyler that their father is not guilty. Tyler has a hard time believing it and storms off. Later, Leslie admits the same thing to Wheeler. The congressman wonders if Tyler thinks their father is innocent as well.

Wait, there’s more… Katherine realizes she missed Nikki’s wedding. Carmine invites Lauren back into his bed, and Kyle and Summer are caught in a comprising position.

Please note: “The Young And The Restless” will not be seen on Thursday March 21 and Friday March 22 due to NCAA basketball on CBS.

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